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Stored Grain Advisor
v.  3.04; 

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What is Stored Grain Advisor?

Stored Grain Advisor (SGA) is a decision support system for the managemement of insect pests of farm-stored wheat. SGA predicts the likelihood of insect infestation, and recommends preventative and remedial action. It also provides advice on how to sample and identify insect pests of stored wheat.

Computer models of insect population growth allow SGA to predict future insect populations in the grain bin, as well as the breakdown of insecticides, the effects of fumigation, and cooling the wheat with aeration. The ability of Stored Grain Advisor to graphically show insect population trends makes it a powerful educational tool.


Version 3.04 runs under Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, and 32 bit Vista.



Run Stored Grain Advisor 3.04 from the program menu.

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