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DECI, Decision Evaluator for the Cattle Industry

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DECI represents decision support software (DSS) created for the beef industry. Use of the DSS provides managers with a tool to evaluate strategic decisions affecting productivity and profitability through multiple marketing endpoints for an individual herd of breeding females. The herd is defined as a group of females that are managed as a single unit through a production year. The software is composed of a friendly graphical user interface for information input required for parameterizing a deterministic simulation model and presentation of results. User input information describing animal genetic resources, feed resources, feed resource allocation and strategic management practices parameterize the herd level model. Predicted productivity is reported in either graphical of tabular format. Application of the DSS is initiated through establishment of a baseline herd that is accomplished by setting the model parameters to the current production practices for the herd. Once established, the effect of single strategic management decisions on future herd productivity and the enterprises financial position can be evaluated. At present, the definition of historical and future productivity and financial information are consistent with the guidelines of the Standardized Performance Analyses established by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. Production information from simulations of various management scenarios can be output for applying alternative software packages.

Instructions for downloading the DECI program file (Windows Only)
The installation files for the DECI program are in a self extracting executable file name "DECI.EXE" which is about 6.5 MB. You will need a minimum of a 56 Kb modem connection to download this file, but you may be able to do it with a 28.8 Kb modem connection. If your connection is really slow or you experience other problems in downloading the file, send email to or to request a copy on a Compact Disc.

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Last Modified: 5/2/2016
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