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Understanding anthocyanin: Researcher and educator Dr. Ron Wrolstad (Aug 2017)
Effects of rapid temperature fluctuations prior to breeding on reproductive efficiency in replacement gilts (Aug 2017)
Genetic analysis of soft white wheat end-use quality traits in a club by common wheat cross (Aug 2017)
Investigation of the influence of leaf thickness on canopy reflectance and physiological traits in upland and Pima cotton populations (Aug 2017)
Evaluation of seashore paspalum germplasm for resistance to dollar spot disease (Aug 2017)
Measurements of soil carbon by neutron-gamma analysis in static and scanning modes (Aug 2017)
First Report of Root Rot of Cowpea Caused by Fusarium equiseti in Georgia in the United States (Aug 2017)
Projected climate change impacts in rainfall erosivity over Brazil (Aug 2017)
Are herbicides a once in a century method of weed control? (Aug 2017)
Postharvest fumigation of California table grapes with ozone to control Western black widow spider (Araneae: Theridiidae) (Aug 2017)
Effects of feeding alfalfa stemlage or wheat straw for dietary energy dilution on nutrient intake and digestibility, growth performance and feeding behavior of holstein dairy heifers (Aug 2017)
Comparative genomics of two super-shedder isolates of Escherichia coli O157:H7 (Aug 2017)
Windblown sediment transport and loss in a desert–oasis ecotone in the Tarim Basin (Aug 2017)
Characterizing the gut (Gallus gallus) microbiota following the consumption of an iron biofortified Rwandan cream seeded carioca (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) bean-based diet (Aug 2017)
A review of phosphorus removal structures: How to assess and compare their performance (Aug 2017)
Application of a micro-aerosolized disinfectant to clear Mycoplasma gallisepticum from contaminated facilities (Aug 2017)
Primary expectations of secondary metabolites (Aug 2017)
What We Eat In America Food Categories and changes between survey cycles (Aug 2017)
Minimum information about a single amplified genome (MISAG) and a metagenome-assembled genome (MIMAG) of bacteria and archaea (Aug 2017)
Comparison of hydrocarbon yields in cotton from field grown vs. greenhouse grown plants (Aug 2017)
Thermal inactivation of avian influenza virus in poultry litter as a method to decontaminate poultry houses (Aug 2017)
Using activated carbon to limit herbicide effects to seeded bunchgrass when revegetating annual grass-invaded rangelands (Aug 2017)
Electrochemical evaluation of sweet sorghum fermentable sugar bioenergy feedstock (Aug 2017)
The influence of soil color on seedbed microclimate and seedling demographics of a perennial bunchgrass (Aug 2017)
Identification of SNPs associated with muscle yield and quality traits using allelic-imbalance analysis analyses in of pooled RNA-Seq samples in rainbow trout (Aug 2017)
Echinococcus canadensis (Cestoda: Taeniidae) is a valid species consisting of the mitochondrial genotypes G6, G7, G8 and G10 (Aug 2017)
Performance and gastroinstestinal nematode control when meat-goat kids grazed chicory, birdsfoot trefoil, or red clover pasutures (Aug 2017)
Open transverse-slot substrate-integrated waveguide sensor for biomass permittivity determination (Aug 2017)
Impacts of hydraulic redistribution on grass-tree competition versus facilitation in a semiarid savanna (Aug 2017)
Farm-scale testing of soybean peroxidase and calcium peroxide for surficial swine manure treatment and mitigation of odorous VOCs, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide (Aug 2017)
The effects of monensin in diets fed to finishing beef steers and heifers on growth performance and fecal shedding of Escherichia coli O157:H7 (Aug 2017)
Zilpaterol hydrochloride affects cellular muscle metabolism and lipid components of ten different muscles in feedlot heifers (Aug 2017)
The porcine translational research database: A manually curated, genomics and proteomics-based research resource (Aug 2017)
An HPLC-MS analysis of phenolic antioxidants in banana peel (Aug 2017)
HLB-associated preharvest fruit abscission is mediated by jasmonate/ethylene signaling triggered by secondary fungal infection (Aug 2017)
Cross-reaction between Termite Proteins and Cockroach Allergens (Aug 2017)
Using sheep genomes from diverse U.S. breeds to identify missense variants in genes affecting fecundity (Aug 2017)
Optimization of spatial frequency domain imaging technique for estimating optical properties of food and biological materials (Aug 2017)
Effect of delayed wrapping and wrapping source on nitrogen balance and blood urea nitrogen in gestating sheep offered alfalfa silage (Aug 2017)
Exploring ecological careers – A new Frontiers series (Aug 2017)
On the null distribution of Bayes factors in linear regression (Aug 2017)
Listeria Occurrence in Poultry Flocks: Detection and Potential Implications (Aug 2017)
Are dispersal mechanisms changing the host-parasite relationship and increasing the virulence of Varroa destructor [Acari:Varroidae] in managed honey bee [Hymenoptera: Apidae] colonies? (Aug 2017)
Genome-wide associations for water-soluble carbohydrate concentration and relative maturity in wheat using SNP and DArT marker arrays (Aug 2017)
Interspecific hybrids between pembagrass and St. Augustinegrass (Aug 2017)
Production of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone 2 receptor knockdown (GnRHR2 KD) swine line (Aug 2017)
Polymorphism in the intron 20 of porcine O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase (Aug 2017)
Impediments to hybridization between Napiergrass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.) and other Pennisetum species (Aug 2017)
Registration of seed sterile, perennial Sorghum spp. [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench x S. halepense (L.) Pers.] hybrid 'PSH09TX15' (Aug 2017)
Genomic evaluation of age at first calving (Aug 2017)
Imaging a soil fragipan using a high-frequency multi-channel analysis of surface wave method (Aug 2017)
Physical and physiological factors influence behavioral responses of Cochliomyia macellaria (Diptera: Calliphoridae) to synthetic attractants (Aug 2017)
Problems, control, and opportunity of starch in the large scale processing of sugarcane and sweet sorghum (Aug 2017)
Efficient propagation of citrus rootstocks by stem cuttings (Aug 2017)
Identification of genotyping-by-sequencing sequence tags associated with milling performance and end-use quality traits in hard red spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Aug 2017)
Nitrification gene ratio and free ammonia explain nitrite and nitrous oxide production in urea-amended soils (Aug 2017)
Tetrabothriidea Baer, 1954 (Aug 2017)
Degradation and metabolite formation of estrogen conjugates in soil (Aug 2017)
Attraction, oviposition preferences, and olfactory responses of corn-infesting Ulidiidae (Diptera) to various host-based substrates (Aug 2017)
Impact of temperature and relative humidity on the near infrared spectroscopy measurements of cotton fiber micronaire (Jul 2017)
Demonstration that a Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae isolated from an insect (Nezara viridula) harbors a functional plasmid-borne type IV secretion system (Jul 2017)
Effects of Industrial Cashew Nut Processing on Anacardic Acid Content and Allergen Recognition by IgE (Jul 2017)
Alternatives to antibiotics: why and how (Jul 2017)
Microbial communities in the cysts of soybean cyst nematode affected by tillage and biocide in a suppressive soil (Jul 2017)
Nondestructive determination of dry matter and soluble solids content in dehydrator onions and garlics using a handheld visible and near infrared instrument (Jul 2017)
Regional analysis of bin aeration as an alternative to insecticidal control for post-harvest management of Sitophilus oryzae (L.) and Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (Jul 2017)
Crop parameters for modeling sugarcane under rainfed conditions in Mexico (Jul 2017)
Genomic basis for the pest status of two Helicoverpa species (Jul 2017)
Combined effects of Chinese medicine feed and ginger extract bath on co-infection of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis and Dactylogyrus ctenopharyngodonid in grass carp (Jul 2017)
Flavored milk consumers drank more milk and had a higher prevalence of meeting calcium recommendation than nonconsumers (Jul 2017)
Effect of erythritol formulation on the mortality, fecundity and physiological excretion in Drosophila suzukii (Jul 2017)
Microbial community structure is affected by cropping sequences and poultry litter under long-term no-tillage (Jul 2017)
Evaluation of lure combinations containing essential oils and volatile spiroketals for detection of host-seeking Xyleborus glabratus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) (Jul 2017)
Functional characterization of transcriptional regulatory elements of three highly expressed constitutive genes in the jewel wasp, Nasonia vitripennis (Jul 2017)
Halyomorpha halys (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) egg surface chemicals inhibit North American Telenomus and Trissolcus (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) parasitism (Jul 2017)
Simplified three microphone acoustic test method (Jul 2017)
Citrus genebank collections: International collaboration opportunities between the U.S. and Russia (Jul 2017)
The effects of different dry roast parameters on peanut quality using an industrial, belt roaster simulator (Jul 2017)
Urban outdoor water use and response to drought assessed through mobile energy balance and vegetation greenness measurements (Jul 2017)
Chondriotin sulfate disaccharides as a bioactive compound modified the murine gut microbiome under healthy and stressed conditions (Jul 2017)
Vulnerability of grazing and confined livestock in the Northern Great Plains to projected mid- and late- 21st century climate (Jul 2017)
The transcriptome of estrogen-independent mammary growth reveals that not all mammary glands are created equally (Jul 2017)
Markers Linked to Wheat Stem Rust Resistance Gene Sr11 Effective to Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Race TKTTF (Jul 2017)
Cytochrome P450 genes from the aquatic midge Chironomus tentans: Atrazine-induced up-regulation of CtCYP6EX3 contributing to oxidative activation of chlorpyrifos (Jul 2017)
Development of a multichannel hyperspectral imaging probe for property and quality assessment of horticultural products (Jul 2017)
Confirmation of independent introductions of an exotic plant pathogen of Cornus species, Discula destructiva, on the east and west coasts of North America and subsequent population bottlenecks (Jul 2017)
Inhibition of Tulane Virus replication via exposure to Lowbush Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) fractional components (Jul 2017)
Escherichia coli O157:H7 acid sensitivity correlates with flocculation phenotype during nutrient limitation (Jul 2017)
Chemical composition, in vitro antioxidant, antimicrobial and insecticidal activities of essential oil from Cladanthus arabicus (Jul 2017)
Correlation of cellular factors and differential scrapie prion permissiveness in ovine microglia (Jul 2017)
History of fatty acids (Jul 2017)
Naturally occurring fatty acids: Source, chemistry, and uses (Jul 2017)
Microbial inoculants for optimized plant nutrients use in integrated pest and input management systems (Jul 2017)
Stability of sodium chlorate residues in frozen tomato and cantaloupe homogenates (Jul 2017)
Utilization of high performance liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry for characterization of 8-O-methylbostrycoidin production by species of the fungus Fusarium (Jul 2017)
Comparative analysis of the Flavobacterium columnare genomovar I and II genomes (Jul 2017)
Robust manipulations of pest insect behavior using repellents and practical application for integrated pest management (Jul 2017)
Engineering resistance against viroid (Jul 2017)
Effectiveness of the ZeroFly® storage bag fabric against stored-product insects (Jul 2017)
Root rot symptoms in sugar beet lines caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. betae (Jul 2017)
Nutritional regulation of phenotypic plasticity in a solitary bee (Jul 2017)
Downscaling soil moisture over regions that include multiple coarse-resolution grid cells (Jul 2017)
Effects of precipitation changes on aboveground net primary production and soil respiration in a switchgrass field (Jul 2017)
Reoccurrence of H5Nx clade highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses in wild birds during 2016 (Jul 2017)
Influence of maternal immunity on vaccine efficacy and susceptibility of commercial broilers against highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (Jul 2017)
A temporal stable isotopic (d18O, dD, d-excess) comparison in glacier meltwater streams, Taylor Valley, Antarctica (Jul 2017)
Postprandial energy metabolism and substrate oxidation in response to the inclusion of a sugar- or non-nutritive sweetened beverage with meals differing in protein content (Jul 2017)
Characterization of a new bacteria, Ochrobactrum sp., as a co-infectant with Newcastle disease virus in chickens experiencing high mortality (Jul 2017)
Transient changes in milk production efficiency and bacterial community composition resulting from near-total exchange of ruminal contents between high- and low-efficiency Holstein cows (Jul 2017)
(-) Epicatechin regulates blood lipids and attenuates hepatic steatosis in rats fed high fat diet (Jul 2017)
Intra-amniotic administration (Gallus gallus) of cicer arietinum and lens culinaris prebiotics extracts and duck egg white peptides affects calcium status and intestinal functionality (Jul 2017)
Cranberry plant and pest degree-days: July 20, 2017 (Jul 2017)
Insulin sensitivity across the lifespan from obese adolescents to obese adults with impaired glucose tolerance: Who is worse off? (Jul 2017)
Design and construction of phosphorus removal structures for improving water quality (Jul 2017)
Effects of single and combined applications of entomopathogenic fungi and nematodes against Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier) (Jul 2017)
Novel technology for measuring animal movement on rangelands (Jul 2017)
Vulnerability of grazing and confined livestock in the Northern Great Plains to projected mid- and late- 21st century climate (Jul 2017)
Finite element simulation of light transfer in turbid media under structured illumination (Jul 2017)
Nondestructive measurement of tomato postharvest quality using a multichannel hyperspectral imaging probe (Jul 2017)
Changes in leaf epicuticular wax load and its effect on leaf temperature and physiological traits in wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) exposed to high temperatures during anthesis (Jul 2017)
Phenolic content, anthocyanins and antiradical capacity of diverse purple bran rice genotypes as compared to other bran colors (Jul 2017)
Irrigated sugarbeet sucrose content in relation to growing season climatic conditions in the northwest U.S. (Jul 2017)
Complete genome sequence of Campylobacter concisus ATCC 33237T and draft genome sequences for an additional eight well-characterized C. concisus strains (Jul 2017)
Genetic variation and associations involving Fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol accumulation in cultivated oat (Avena sativa L.) (Jul 2017)
Southern phosphorus indices, water quality data, and modeling (APEX, APLE, and TBET) results: A comparison (Jul 2017)
Comparative analysis of signature genes in PRRSV-infected porcine monocyte-derived cells at differential activation statuses (Jul 2017)
Mating interference of glassy-winged sharpshooters, Homalodisca vitripennis (Jul 2017)
Evidence for sex pheromones and inbreeding avoidance in select North America yellowjacket species (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) (Jul 2017)
Glycosylation of Binucleate cells in Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) shows features of both Giraffidae and Bovidae (Jul 2017)
Extra soil fertilization of mother plants increases botanical seed yield but not long-term germination in wild Solanum (potato) species (Jul 2017)
Transcriptional profiling of mechanically and genetically sink-limited soybeans (Jul 2017)
Integrative functional analyses using rainbow trout selected for tolerance to plant diets reveal nutrigenomic signatures for soy utilization without the concurrence of enteritis (Jul 2017)
Application of AnnAGNPS to model an agricultural watershed in East-Central Mississippi for the evaluation of an on-farm water storage (OFWS) system (Jul 2017)
Reinforcement of latex rubber by the incorporation of amphiphilic particles (Jul 2017)
Incidence of viruses in fescue (Festuca sp.) seed production fields in the Willamette Valley in 2016 (Jul 2017)
Effect of winter feeding frequency on growth, survival, and fatty acid metabolism of juvenile bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) and hybrid bluegill (L.cyanellus ×L. macrochirus) (Jul 2017)
The minipig as an animal model to study Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and natural transmission (Jul 2017)
Genetic analysis of virulence in the Pyrenophora teres f. teres population BB25 x FGOH04Ptt021 (Jul 2017)
Cotton gin drying systems–patterns in fuel energy use (Jul 2017)
University of Florida potato variety trials spotlight: 'Peter Wilcox' (Jul 2017)
Determining the effects of early gestation in utero heat stress on postnatal fasting heat production and circulating biomarkers associated with metabolism in growing pigs (Jul 2017)
Distribution, pest status, and fungal associates of Euwallacea nr. fornicatus in Florida avocado groves. (Jul 2017)
Behavioral assays for evaluating host preferences of Euwallacea nr. fornicatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae). (Jul 2017)
Uncovering the genetic architecture of seed weight and size in intermediate wheatgrass through linkage and association mapping (Jul 2017)
The complete mitochondrial genome of Anoplocnemis curvipes F. (Coreinea, Coreidae, Heteroptera), a pest of fresh cowpea pods (Jul 2017)
Better detection of pest Euwallacea nr. fornicatus in Florida avocado groves using a two-component lure containing a-copaene and quercivorol. (Jul 2017)
University of Florida potato variety trials spotlight: 'Harley Blackwell' (Jul 2017)
Evaluating a push-pull strategy for management of Drosophila suzukii Matsumura in red raspberry (Jul 2017)
Xyleborus bispinatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) reared on artificial media using sawdust from avocado or silkbay in presence or absence of the laurel wilt pathogen (Raffaelea lauricola). (Jul 2017)
Vertical distribution and daily flight periodicity of ambrosia beetles associated with laurel wilt affected avocado orchards. (Jul 2017)
Natural field infestation of Mangifera casturi and M.lalijiwa by oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae) (Jul 2017)
Freeze-thaw method improves the detection of volatile compounds in insects using Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction (HS-SPME) (Jul 2017)
Development of a Newcastle disease virus vector expressing a foreign gene through an internal ribosomal entry site provides direct proof for a sequential transcription mechanism (Jul 2017)
Better almond water stress monitoring using fractional-order moments of non-normalized difference vegetation index (Jul 2017)
Genome-wide association studies reveal similar genetic architecture with shared and unique QTL for Bacterial Cold Water Disease resistance in two rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) breeding populations (Jul 2017)
Identification of environmental factors related to Claviceps purpurea ascospore production in perennial ryegrass seed fields and development of predictive models (Jul 2017)
The uncertainty of crop yield projections is reduced by improved temperature response functions (Jul 2017)
Row and forage crop rotation effects on maize mineral nutrition and yield (Jul 2017)
Current reclamation practices after oil and gas development do not speed up succession or plant community recovery in big sagebrush ecosystems in Wyoming (Jul 2017)
Genetic characterization of the maize lipoxygenase gene family in relation to aflatoxin accumuation resistance. (Jul 2017)
Analysis of the spatial pattern of strawberry angular leaf spot in California nursery production (Jul 2017)
Distribution and frequency of Bru1, a major brown rust resistance gene, in the Sugarcane World Collection (Jul 2017)
Does differential growth affect the distribution and recovery of Listeria spp. in pasture-raised broiler farm soils? (Jul 2017)
A tale of two pectins: Diverse fine structures can result from identical processive PME treatments on similar high DM subtrates (Jul 2017)
Expression of immune genes in systemic and mucosal immune tissues of channel catfish vaccinated with live theronts of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Jul 2017)
Effects of phosphorus-containing additives on soy and cottonseed protein as wood adhesives (Jul 2017)
Pectic oligosaccharide structure-function relationships: prebiotics, inhibitors of Escherichia coli O157:H7 adhesion and reduction of Shiga toxin cytotoxicity in HT29 cells (Jul 2017)
Identification of the molecular species of acylglycerols containing hydroxy fatty acids in wild edible mushroom Ganoderma lucidum (Jul 2017)
Formula diet driven microbiota shifts tryptophan metabolism from serotonin to tryptamine in neonatal porcine colon (Jul 2017)
Multitrophic Cry-protein flow in Bt-cotton (Jul 2017)
The 2017 Plasma Roadmap: Low temperature plasma science and technology (Jul 2017)
Pesticide Dose - A Parameter with Many Implications (Jul 2017)
Rooting characteristics of Solanum chacoense and Solanum tuberosum in vitro (Jul 2017)
Genome-wide association study of soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines Ichinohe) HG type 2.5.7 (race 1) resistance in wild soybean (Glycine soja Sieb. & Zucc.) (Jul 2017)
Management practices to control premature senescence in bt cotton (Jul 2017)
Simulating evapotranspiration (ET) yield response of selected corn varieties under full and limited irrigation in the Texas High Plains using DSSAT-CERES-Maize (Jul 2017)
Herbicide-mediated hormesis (Jul 2017)
New technologies for managing cotton modules (Jul 2017)
Ginning Research (Jul 2017)
Discontinued Codes in The USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (Jul 2017)
Portable six-port reflectometer for determining moisture content of biomass material (Jul 2017)
p22 of Tomato chlorosis virus, an RNA silencing suppressor, is naturally expressed in the infected plant (Jul 2017)
Registration of 'Sunshine' Hard White Winter Wheat (Jul 2017)
Comparative gut physiology symposium: The microbe-gut-brain axis (Jul 2017)
Maternal obesity and gestational weight gain are modestly associated with umbilical cord DNA methylation (Jul 2017)
Relationships between inflammation- and immunity-related transcript abundance in the rumen and jejunum of beef steers with divergent average daily gain (Jul 2017)
Effects of tillage and irrigation management on sugarbeet production (Jul 2017)
Analysis of the gut bacterial communities in beef cattle and their association with feed intake, growth, and efficiency (Jul 2017)
Effect of deficit irrigation timing on sugarbeet (Jul 2017)
Relationships between the genes expressed in the mesenteric adipose tissue of beef cattle and feed intake and gain (Jul 2017)
First report of a new, unnamed lesion nematode Pratylenchus sp. infecting soybean in North Dakota (Jul 2017)
First Report of the new root-lesion nematode Pratylenchus sp. on soybean in North Dakota (Jul 2017)
Beet curly top virus strains associated with sugar beet in Idaho, Oregon, and a Western U.S. collection (Jul 2017)
Temporal nitrous oxide emissions from beef cattle feedlot manure following a simulated rainfall event (Jul 2017)
A comparison of second order derivative based models for time domain reflectometry wave form analysis (Jul 2017)
Feed withdrawal and transportation effects on Salmonella enterica levels in market weight pigs (Jul 2017)
Effects of zilpaterol hydrochloride on methane production, total body oxygen consumption, and blood metabolites in finishing beef steers (Jul 2017)
Poultry litter placement effects on cotton seedling emergence and early growth stage (Jul 2017)
Antioxidant effect of olive leaf powder on fresh Atlantic horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) minced muscle (Jul 2017)
The ECF sigma factor, PSPTO_1043, in Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 is induced by oxidative stress and regulates genes involved in oxidative stress response (Jul 2017)
Unravling Key metabolomic alterations of embryos derived from water-imbibed seeds of two wheat cultivars contrasting with contrasting dormancy status (Jul 2017)
Modeled changes in U.S. sodium intake from reducing sodium concentrations of commercially-processed and prepared foods to meet voluntary standards established in North America: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (Jul 2017)
Co-digestion of agricultural and municipal waste to produce energy and soil amendment (Jul 2017)
A transcriptome analysis of two grapevine populations segregating for tendril phyllotaxy (Jul 2017)
Defining a dryland grain sorghum production function for the Central Great Plains (Jul 2017)
Assessing the efficacy of the SWAT auto-irrigation function to simulate Irrigation, evapotranspiration and crop response to irrigation management strategies of the Texas High Plains (Jul 2017)
Identification of QTL with large effect on seed weight in a selective population of soybean with genome-wide association and fixation index analyses (Jul 2017)
Patterns of genomic and phenomic diversity in wine and table grapes (Jul 2017)
Multi-modal sensor system for plant water stress assessment (Jul 2017)
H NMR analyses of Citrus macrophylla subjected to Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama) feeding (Jul 2017)
A robust and efficient method for the extraction of plant extracellular surface lipids as applied to the analysis of silks and seedling leaves of maize (Jul 2017)
An insect anti-antiaphrodisiac (Jul 2017)
Parameters affecting plant defense pathway mediated recruitment of entomopathogenic nematodes (Jul 2017)
Maize YABBY genes drooping leaf1 and drooping leaf2 affect agronomic traits by regulating leaf architecture (Jul 2017)
Survey of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, polychlorinated dibenzofurans, and non-orthopolychlorinated biphenyls in U.S. meat and poultry from 2012-2013: Toxic equivalency levels, patterns, temporal trends, and implication (Jul 2017)
The chemotaxis regulator pilG of Xylella fastidiosa is required for virulence in Vitis vinifera grapevines (Jul 2017)
Variation in DNA methylation is not consistently reflected by CpG depletion or sociality in Hymenoptera (Jul 2017)
Phylloquinone (vitamin K1): occurrence, biosynthesis and functions (Jul 2017)
Added sugars: Definition and estimation in the USDA Food Patterns Equivalents Databases (Jul 2017)
Antimicrobial activity and inactivation mechanism of lactonic and free acid sophorolipids against Escherichia coli O157:H7 (Jul 2017)
Philippogalla, a new genus for Philipposcopus modestus (Baker) from Philippines, and a new species of Philiposcopus (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Idiocerinae) from China (Jul 2017)
Assessment of a liquid larval diet for rearing Dacus and Bactrocera species (Diptera:Tephritidae), in Western Africa (Jul 2017)
Challenges of developing a valid Dietary Glucosinolate database (Jul 2017)
Adapting to Mother Nature's changing climatic conditions: Flexible stocking for enhancing profitability of Wyoming ranchers (Jul 2017)
Poop and pedometers: What cattle really do on the range (Jul 2017)
Effects of apple (Malus x domestica) rootstocks on scion performance and hormone concentration (Jul 2017)
Quantification of betaglucans, lipid and protein contents in whole oat groats (Avena sativa L.) using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (Jul 2017)
Regulation of fetuin A gene expression in the neonatal pig liver (Jul 2017)
Dredging effects on selected nutrient concentrations and ecoenzymatic activity in two drainage ditch sediments in the lower Mississippi River Valley (Jul 2017)
Effects of a Parallel Arm Randomized Controlled Weight Loss Pilot Study on Biological and Psychosocial Parameters of Overweight and Obese Breast Cancer Survivors (Jul 2017)
Surface interactions between gold nanoparticles and biochar (Jul 2017)
Effect of Fopius arisanus Sonan oviposition experience on parasitization of Bactrocera dorsalis Hendel (Jul 2017)
Seed development and hydroxy fatty acid biosynthesis in physaria lindheimeri (Jul 2017)
Influence of water use and environmental parameters on proso millet yield (Jul 2017)
Two Bombyx mori acetylcholinesterase genes influence motor control and development in different ways (Jul 2017)
Cranberry plant and pest degree days - July 10, 2017 (Jul 2017)
The bias of a 2D view: Comparing 2D and 3D mesophyll surface area estimates using non-invasive imaging (Jul 2017)
Detection of pit fragments in fresh cherries using near infrared spectroscopy (Jul 2017)
Variation and correlation of protein molecular weight distribution and semolina quality parameters for durum genotypes grown in North Dakota (Jul 2017)
Variation of free asparagine concentration and association with quality parameters for hard red spring wheat grown in North Dakota (Jul 2017)
A dairy calf DNA biobank for the discovery of new recessive genetic disorders (Jul 2017)
Comparison of diet selection by Raramuri criollo and Angus crossbreds in the Chihuahuan Desert (Jul 2017)
Exploiting crop diversity for linkage and association mapping of resistance in common bean to the globally important Race 6 of the halo blight pathogen (Jul 2017)
Cranberry plant and pest degree-days: July 6, 2017 (Jul 2017)
Analysis of various quality attributes of sunflower and soybean plants by near infra-red reflectance spectroscopy: Development and validation of calibration models (Jul 2017)
Spatial variability analysis of within-field winter wheat nitrogen and grain quality using canopy fluorescence sensor measurements (Jul 2017)
Bioavailability of transgenic microRNAs in genetically modified plants (Jul 2017)
Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) management program for ornamental plants (Jul 2017)
Beta-resorcylic acid, a phytophenolic compound, reduces Campylobacter jejuni in post-harvest poultry (Jul 2017)
Mapping and genotypic analysis of NK-lysin gene in chicken (Jul 2017)
Determination of nitrogen balance in agroecosystems (Jul 2017)
Descriptive texture analyses of cooked broiler breast fillets with the wooden condition after fresh and frozen storage (Jul 2017)
Biophysical response of young pomegranate trees to surface and sub-surface drip irrigation and deficit irrigation (Jul 2017)
Rediscovering digitules in Aphidomorpha and the question of homology among Sternorrhyncha (Insecta: Hemiptera) (Jul 2017)
Evaluating and improving rootstocks for apple cultivation (Jul 2017)
Optimized reverse primer for 16S-RFLP analysis and genomovar assignment of Flavobacterium columnare (Jul 2017)
Environmental factors impact Passalora sequoiae conidia counts from Leyland Cypress (Jul 2017)
Down-regulation of aminopeptidase N and ABC transporter subfamily G transcripts in Cry1Ab and Cry1Ac resistant Asian corn borer, Ostrina furnacalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) (Jul 2017)
Oleocanthal-rich extra virgin olive oil demonstrates acute anti-platelet effects in healthy men in a randomized trial (Jul 2017)
Development and characterization of mouse monoclonal antibody reactive with chicken IL-8 (Jul 2017)
A Combined 16S Microbiome and Culture-Based Analysis of Foodborne Pathogens Throughout the Entire Lifecycle of A Single Pastured-Raised Broiler Flock (Jul 2017)
First report of tomato chlorotic spot virus in sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) and purslane (Portulaca oleracea) in Florida (Jul 2017)
Know your community: evapotranspiration measurement and modeling (Jul 2017)
Tomato chlorotic spot virus Identified in Marsdenia floribunda in Florida (Jul 2017)
Aligning land use with land potential (Jul 2017)
Can acceptable quality angel food cakes be made using pasteurized shell eggs? The effects of processing factors on functional properties of angel food cakes (Jul 2017)
Tyrosine-610 in the receptor kinase BAK1 does not play a major role in brassinosteroid signaling or innate immunity (Jul 2017)
A first report and complete genome sequence of alfalfa enamovirus from Sudan (Jul 2017)
21st century toolkit for optimizing population health through precision nutrition (Jul 2017)
Ablation of arginase II spares arginine and albolishes the arginine and abolishes the arginine requirement for growth in male mice (Jul 2017)
The spitting image of plant defenses: effects of plant secondary chemistry on the efficiency of caterpillar regurgitant as an anti-predator defense (Jul 2017)
Dynamic changes in the rice blast population in the USA over six decades (Jul 2017)
Serological evidence of Hobi-like virus circulation in Argentinean water buffalo (Jul 2017)
High rates of gasified rice hull biochar affect geranium and tomato growth in a soilless substrate (Jul 2017)
Performance of Geneva® apple rootstock selections with ‘Brookfield Gala’ and ‘Cripps Pink’ on a tall spindle system (Jul 2017)
Quantitative trait loci analysis for net ginning energy requirements in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) (Jul 2017)
Development of a distributed hydrologic model to facilitate watershed management (Jul 2017)
Field measurements and modeling to resolve m2 to km2 CH4 emissions for a complex urban source: An Indiana landfill study (Jul 2017)
Bio-oil hydrodeoxygenation catalysts produced using strong electrostatic adsorption (Jul 2017)
Applying Monte-Carlo simulations to optimize an inelastic neutron scattering system for soil carbon analysis (Jul 2017)
IsoBank – Stable isotope ecology in the age of ‘Big Data’ (Jul 2017)
Utah lotus: North American legume for rangeland revegetation in southern Great Basin and Colorado Plateau (Jul 2017)
Mass rearing and augmentative biological control of Rhynocoris fuscipes (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) against multiple pests of cotton (Jul 2017)
Effect of calcium hydroxide application to feedlot pen surface material on ammonia, odor, and greenhouse gas emissions (Jul 2017)
Data analysis protocol for using resistivity array as an early-warning wastewater pond leak detector (Jul 2017)
The pigments of sorghum pericarp are associated with the contents of cartenoids and pro-vitamin A (Jul 2017)
Curlyleaf pondweed control using copper-ethylenediamine alone and in combination with endothall (Jul 2017)
Dose-Dependent Responses of I3C and DIM on T-Cell Activation in the Human T Lymphocyte Jurkat Cell Line (Jul 2017)
Bidirectional brain-gut interactions and chronic pathological changes after traumatic brain injury in mice (Jul 2017)
Maternal low protein diet decreases brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression in the brains of the neonatal rat offspring (Jul 2017)
Lipid metabolism and mitochondrial energy production are key pathways involved in adipose tissue of cows transitioning from feed restriction to ad libitum diets (Jul 2017)
Effector gene suites in some soil isolates of Fusarium oxysporum are not sufficient predictors of vascular wilt in tomato (Jul 2017)
Alternatives to current fumigation practices in western states raspberry (Jul 2017)
Gastrointestinal toxicity, systemic inflammation, and liver biochemistry in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (Jul 2017)
Phylogenetic study of recombinant strains of Potato virus Y (Jul 2017)
TECHNICAL NOTE: Effect of bait delivery interval in an automated head-chamber system on respiration gas estimates when cattle are grazing rangeland (Jul 2017)
Progress in Development of Reniform Resistant Germplasm Developed from BARBREN-713 (Jul 2017)
Structured-illumination reflectance imaging as a new modality for food quality detection (Jul 2017)
Developmental dynamics of Globodera ellingtonae in field-grown potato (Jul 2017)
Evaluating the efficacy of granular copper and triclopyr alone and in combination for control of flowering rush Butomus umbellatus (Jul 2017)
Prediction of sand transport over immobile gravel from supply limited to capacity conditions. (Jul 2017)
Addressing information gaps in wild-caught foods in the US: Brook trout nutritional analysis for inclusion into the USDA national nutrient database for standard reference (Jul 2017)
Assessing carbon footprints of dairy production systems (Jul 2017)
Lasting retinal injury in a mouse model of blast-induced trauma (Jul 2017)
Impact of six lignocellulosic biochars on C and N dynamics of two contrasting soils (Jul 2017)
(Z)-11-hexadecenal attracts male Hecatera dysodea (Denis and Schiffermüller) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). (Jul 2017)
Impacts of feral horse use on riparian vegetation within the sagebrush steppe (Jul 2017)
Comparison of supplemental cobalt form on fibre digestion and cobalamin concentrations in cattle (Jul 2017)
Rump and shoulder muscles from grass and linseed fed cattle as important sources of n-3 fatty acids for beef consumers (Jul 2017)
Alternatives to atrazine for weed management in processing sweet corn (Jul 2017)
Foot-and-mouth disease virus receptors: multiple gateways to initiate infection (Jul 2017)
Influence of limiting and regulating factors on populations of Asian citrus psyllid and the risk of insect and disease outbreaks (Jul 2017)
A possible trade-off between clean air and clean water (Jul 2017)
Evaluation of pathogen-specific biomarkers for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) (Jul 2017)
Climate change impacts on runoff, sediment, and nutrient loads in an agricultural watershed in the Lower Mississippi River Basin (Jul 2017)
Accessions of perennial Glycine species with resistance to multiple types of soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) (Jul 2017)
Effectiveness of an image-based sorter to select for kernel color within early segregating hard winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) populations (Jul 2017)
Mouthpart structure and elemental composition of the mandibles in the coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampei (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) (Jul 2017)
Comparing the impact of homogenization and heat processing on the properties and in vitro digestion of milk from organic and conventional dairy herds (Jul 2017)
Fire and season of post-fire defoliation effects on biomass, composition and cover in mixed-grass prairie (Jul 2017)
Changes in feed intake, growth, feed efficiency, and body composition of beef cattle fed forage then concentrate diets (Jul 2017)
Maternal nutrition during the first 50 days of gestation alters bovine fetal hepatic metabolic transcriptome (Jul 2017)
Genes in skeletal muscle associated with gain and intake identified in a multi-season study of crossbred beef steers (Jul 2017)
Liver metabolomics analysis associated with feed efficiency on steers (Jul 2017)
Metabolic profile in multiple tissues associated with feed efficiency on steers (Jul 2017)
Analysis strategies for calculating intake for cattle with plant waxes (Jul 2017)
Alteration in gene expression in the jejunum mucosa of Angus steers with divergent ADG (Jul 2017)
High pressure processing's potential to inactivate norovirus and other fooodborne viruses (Jul 2017)
Survival and feeding rates of four aphid species (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on various sucrose concentrations in diets (Jul 2017)
Validation and scaling of soil moisture in a semi-arid environment: SMAP Validation Experiment 2015 (SMAPVEX15) (Jul 2017)
NMR analysis of compositional heterogeneity in polysaccharides (Jul 2017)
Plasma agriculture and innovative food cycles (Jul 2017)
Deltamethrin-incorporated nets as an integrated pest management tool for the invasive Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) (Jul 2017)
Genetic diversity in Gossypium hirsutum L. for cotton leaf curl disease in association with agronomic and fiber traits (Jul 2017)
Turfgrass and climate change (Jul 2017)
The application of flexible unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing for field-based crop phenotyping: Current status and perspectives (Jun 2017)
Effects of the dissolved organic carbon of treated municipal wastewater on soil infiltration as related to sodium adsorption ratio and pH (Jun 2017)
Adaptation to partial resistance to powdery mildew in the hop cultivar Cascade by Podosphaera macularis (Jun 2017)
Modified centroid for estimating sand, silt, and clay from soil texture class (Jun 2017)
Advances in control of wheat rusts (Jun 2017)
Hydrologic connectivity and threshold behavior of hillslopes with fragipans and soil pipe networks (Jun 2017)
Greenhouse gas emissions from an irrigated dairy forage rotation as influenced by fertilizer and manure applications (Jun 2017)
Effects of blueberries on inflammation, motor performance and cognitive function (Jun 2017)
Methyl (E)-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)acryloyl)tryptophanate can suppress MCP-1 expression by inhibiting p38 MAP kinase and NF-kB in LPS-stimulated differentiated THP-1 cells (Jun 2017)
Advances in cold-resistant wheat varieties (Jun 2017)
Patterns and drivers of fungal community depth stratification in Sphagnum peat (Jun 2017)
Protein kinase inhibitory properties of extracts derived from Bocconia frutescens and Gomphocarpus physocarpus (Jun 2017)
First report of the Soybean Cyst Nematode, Heterodera glycines, in New York (Jun 2017)
Conservation agriculture in high tunnels: soil health and profit enhancement (Jun 2017)
USDA gin lab updates (Jun 2017)
Analysis of the ZAR1 immune complex reveals determinants for immunity and molecular interactions (Jun 2017)
Vitamin B12 deficiency (Jun 2017)
Registration of Elizabeth Thlaspi arvense L. (Pennycress) with improved nondormant traits (Jun 2017)
Identification of single-nucleotide polymorphic loci associated with biomass yield under water deficit in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) using genome-wide sequencing and association mapping (Jun 2017)
Nutritional chemistry of the peanut (Arachis hypogaea) (Jun 2017)
Activity level in the lab: Overlap with shyness indicates it is more than pure motoric activity (Jun 2017)
Chemical Contamination of Red Meat (Jun 2017)
A process-based model for cattle manure compost windrows: Model description (Jun 2017)
A process-based model for cattle manure compost windrows: Model performance and application (Jun 2017)
Sand transport and abrasion within simulated standing vegetation (Jun 2017)
An RNA-Seq study reveals genetic responses of diverse wild soybean accessions to increased ozone levels (Jun 2017)
A practical examination of RNA isolation methods for European pear (Pyrus communis) (Jun 2017)
Whole genome structural analysis of Caribbean hair sheep reveals quantitative link to west african ancestry (Jun 2017)
Fine mapping, transcriptome analysis, and marker development for Y2, the gene that conditions beta-carotene accumulation in carrot (Daucus carota L.) (Jun 2017)
Rerouting of carbon flux in a glycogen mutant of cyanobacteria assessed via isotopically non-stationary 13C metabolic flux analysis (Jun 2017)
'USDA-FORAGECREST', a new crested wheatgrass cultivar with improved seedling establishment and forage production on semiarid western U.S. rangelands (Jun 2017)
CRISPR/Cas9 editing of the codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) CpomOR1 gene affects egg production and viability (Jun 2017)
Slope-Velocity-Equilibrium and evolution of surface roughness on a stony hillslope (Jun 2017)
Improving adaptation to drought stress in white pea bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L): genotypic effects on grain yield, yield components and pod harvest index (Jun 2017)
Characterizing the Pyrenophora teres f. maculata – barley interaction using pathogen genetics (Jun 2017)
Reactive oxidative species formation and unregulated particulate emissions from blended diesel and biodiesel light-duty engine emissions (Jun 2017)
Reactive oxidative species formation and unregulated particulate emissions from blended diesel and biodiesel light-duty engine emissions (Jun 2017)
Raspberry mosaic disease complex (Jun 2017)
Raspberry leaf curl virus (Jun 2017)
Raspberry latent virus (Jun 2017)
Cucumber mosaic virus (Jun 2017)
Cherry leaf roll virus (Jun 2017)
Apple mosaic virus (Jun 2017)
Blackberry yellow vein disease (Jun 2017)
Rubus stunt (Jun 2017)
Other viruses and viruslike agents (Jun 2017)
Impact of added nutrients in sweet sorghum syrup fermentation to produce ethanol (Jun 2017)
Grasshopper species composition shifts following a severe rangeland grasshopper outbreak (Jun 2017)
Neofusicoccum parvum colonization of the grapevine woody stem triggers asynchronous host responses at the site of infection and in the leaves (Jun 2017)
The history and current status of glyphosate (Jun 2017)
Early postnatal diets affect the bioregional small intestine microbiome and ileal metabolome in neonatal piglets (Jun 2017)
Circulating microRNAs in serum from cattle challenged with Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (Jun 2017)
Eavesdropping on Plant-Insect-Microbe Chemical Communications in Agricultural Ecology: A Virtual Issue on Semiochemicals (Jun 2017)
A new framework for UAV-based remote sensing data processing and its application in almond water stress quantification (Jun 2017)
Bio-based production of methacrylic acid (Jun 2017)
Multi-locus mixed model analysis of stem rust resistance in a worldwide collection of winter wheat (Jun 2017)
Minimal enteral nutrition to improve adaptation after intestinal resection in piglets and infants (Jun 2017)
Phenotypic diversity of anthocyanins in sorghum accessions with various pericarp pigments (Jun 2017)
Using ruthenium sawhorse based decarboxylation to produce industrial materials from oleic acid (Jun 2017)
Honey bee gut dysbiosis: A novel context for disease ecology (Jun 2017)
Taxonomic review of and natural history notes on the genus Ecclisister Reichensperger (Coleoptera: Histeridae: Haeteriinae) (Jun 2017)
Functional Analysis of All Salmonid Genomes (FAASG): an international initiative supporting future salmonid research, conservation and aquaculture (Jun 2017)
Isolation and characterization of a novel cervid adenovirus from white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) fawns in a captive herd (Jun 2017)
Use of peracetic acid to disinfect water: toxicity to fish (Jun 2017)
Collection of salivary proteins of psyllids (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) (Jun 2017)
Rathayibacter toxicus and bacterial head blight diseases of grasses (Jun 2017)
Deficit irrigation practices may alter Vitis vinifera L. resistance to cold injury: Empirical evidence from the field (Jun 2017)
First report of pecan bacterial leaf scorch caused by Xylella fastidiosa in pecan (Carya illinoinensis) in Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas (Jun 2017)
Distribution of virulent Aeromonas hydrophila in channel catfish tissues following waterborne exposure (Jun 2017)
Genome instability in Novel Lolium multiflorum x L. arundinaceum hybrids (Jun 2017)
Thiazolidine peracetates: Novel carbohydrate derivatives that assign cis-2,3- from trans-2,3- monosaccharides by GC/MS analysis (Jun 2017)
Assessing the impacts of climate change on discharge and nutrient losses from a karstic agricultural sub-basin in the Upper Chesapeake Bay watershed (Jun 2017)
Evaluation of yield and quality of photoperiod sensitive sorghum and sorghum sudangrass (Jun 2017)
Effect of limit feeding and genomic residual feed intake on bred dairy heifer performance (Jun 2017)
Effect of diet energy level and genomic residual feed intake on pre-bred dairy heifer feed intake and growth (Jun 2017)
Effects of irrigation on sorghum forage yield and quality in the central sands region of Wisconsin (Jun 2017)
Nitrogen fertilization effects on sorghum forage yield and quality (Jun 2017)
Effects of nitrogen fertilization on the nutritive value of oat forages (Jun 2017)
Effects of straw processing and pen stocking density on holstein dairy heifers: i) growth and sorting characteristics (Jun 2017)
Effects of straw processing and pen stocking density on holstein dairy heifers: ii) behavior and hygiene (Jun 2017)
Genome-wide detection of genetic loci associated with soybean aphid resistance in soybean germplasm PI 603712 (Jun 2017)
Improved method for reliable HMW-GS identification by RP-HPLC and SDS-PAGE in common wheat cultivars (Jun 2017)
Genetic trends from single-step GBLUP and traditional BLUP for production traits in US Holstein (Jun 2017)
SSGP: SNP-set based genomic prediction to incorporate biological information (Jun 2017)
A high-quality annotated transcriptome of swine peripheral blood (Jun 2017)
Bull fertility evaluations for Angus service sires bred to Holstein cows (Jun 2017)
Development of genomic evaluations for direct measures of health in U.S. Holsteins and their correlations with fitness traits (Jun 2017)
Possibilities in an age of genomics: The future of the breeding index (Jun 2017)
Discovery of a haplotype affecting fertility in Ayrshire dairy dattle and identification of a putative causal variant (Jun 2017)
Preliminary genomic predictions of feed saved for 1.4 million Holsteins (Jun 2017)
Genomic predictions for crossbreds from all-breed data (Jun 2017)
Genetic evaluation of gestation length as a trait of the service sire (Jun 2017)
Determination of quantitative trait variants by concordance via application of the a posteriori granddaughter design to the U.S. Holstein population (Jun 2017)
Assessment of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) genotypes for response to bacterial canker disease (Jun 2017)
Ecosystem-based incorporation of nectar-producing plants for stink bug parasitoids (Jun 2017)
3 new species in a proposed new genus Deltaflexivirus and new family Deltaflexiviridae in the order Tymovirales (Jun 2017)
Potassium fertigation in highbush blueberry increases availability of K and other nutrients in the root zone (Jun 2017)
Achieving lower nitrogen balance and higher nitrogen recovery efficiency reduces nitrous oxide emissions in North America’s maize cropping systems (Jun 2017)
Cranberry plant and pest degree-days: June 22, 2017 (Jun 2017)
Report on corrections and future considerations for Appendices II–VIII of the International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants (Jun 2017)
Proposals to conserve Botryodiplodia theobromae (Lasiodiplodia theobromae) against Sphaeria glandicola, .....Ramularia brunnea against Sphaerella tussilaginis (Mycosphaerella tussilaginis) (Ascomycota: Dothideomycetes) (Jun 2017)
Proposals to conserve the names Balansia claviceps against Ephelis mexicana,……,and Tolypocladium inflatum against Cordyceps subsessilis (Ascomycota: Sordariomycetes: Hypocreales) (Jun 2017)
Translational errors in expression of Shiga toxin from pathogenic Escherichia coli as measured by MALDI-TOF-TOF and Orbitrap mass spectrometry (Jun 2017)
Bacterial diseases affecting apple (Jun 2017)
Time dependent genetic analysis links field and controlled environment phenotypes in the model C4 grass Setaria (Jun 2017)
New contributions to the knowledge of Chinese flea beetle fauna (I); Gansuapteris new genus and Primulavorus new genus (Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae; Galerucinae) (Jun 2017)
Elimination of interference from water in KBr disk FT-IR spectra of solid biomaterials by chemometrics solved with kinetic modeling (Jun 2017)
Use of a novel oleaginous microorganism as a potential source of lipids in weanling pigs (Jun 2017)
Chemical Interruption of Flowering to Improve Harvested Peanut Maturity (Jun 2017)
Global rainfall erosivity assessment based on high-temporal resolution rainfall records (Jun 2017)
Limiting microbial degradation in Louisiana sugarcane mills: Are biocides effective? (Jun 2017)
Generation of the membrane potential and its impact on the motility, ATP production and growth in Campylobacter jejuni (Jun 2017)
Phenotypic, physiological and malt quality analyses of US barley varieties subjected to short periods of heat and drought stress (Jun 2017)
Two new species of Cyphotes Burmeister, 1835 (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Darninae) (Jun 2017)
Unmanned aircraft system-derived crop height and normalized difference vegetation index metrics for sorghum yield and aphid stress assessment (Jun 2017)
Two new species of unusual Ceresini (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Smiliinae) (Jun 2017)
Assessment of Parasitic Fungi for Reducing Soybean Cyst Nematode with Suppressive Soil in Soybean Fields of Northeast China (Jun 2017)
Integrated crop-livestock management effects on soil quality dynamics in a semiarid region: A typology of soil change over time (Jun 2017)
The first use of a HPLC system at a Louisiana Sugarcane Factory: What it can do for you (Jun 2017)
Protein and amino acid nutrition (Jun 2017)
Mechanism of removal of undesirable residual amylase, insoluble starch, and select colorants from refinery streams by powdered activated carbons (Jun 2017)
Detecting adulterated commercial sweet sorghum syrups with ion chromatography oligosaccharide fingerprint profiles (Jun 2017)
How the quality and processing attributes of commercial sweet sorghum hybrids and cultivar compare for biorefining (Jun 2017)
Starch in sweet sorghum and sugarcane: Problems, opportunities, and control (Jun 2017)
Use of inexpensive vegetable oils to ensure the long-term stability of sweet sorghum syrups for the manufacture of bioproducts (Jun 2017)
The new large-scale sweet sorghum industry in the USA (Jun 2017)
On the evolutionary arms-race between Utetheisa ornatrix moth and its Florida host, Crotalaria pumila: chemical attraction, and mechanical defense (Jun 2017)
Differential replication of foot-and-mouth disease viruses in mice determine lethality (Jun 2017)
Heterodimerization of Arabidopsis calcium/proton exchangers contributes to regulation of guard cell dynamics and plant defense responses (Jun 2017)
Navigating dietary small RNAs (Jun 2017)

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