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Protection of North American ash against emerald ash borer with biological control: ecological premises and progress toward success (Feb 2023)
Effects of full-fat high-oleic soybean meal in layer diets on nutrient digestibility and egg quality parameters of a white laying hen strain (Feb 2023)
Efficacy of Bt toxins and foliar insecticides against bollworm, Helicoverpa zea (Boddie), in dried flower corollas of cotton. (Feb 2023)
RNA virus discoveries in the electric ant, Wasmannia auropunctata (Feb 2023)
A comparison of two firmness-testing machines for measuring blueberry firmness and size (Feb 2023)
Intestinal location- and age-specific variation of intraepithelial T lymphocytes and mucosal microbiota in pigs (Feb 2023)
South Texas Water Resource Mental Models: A Systems Thinking, Multi-stakeholder Case Study (Feb 2023)
Mix species cover crop biomass estimation using planet imagery (Jan 2023)
Comparing three collection methods for pollinating insects within electric transmission rights-of-ways (Jan 2023)
Optimization of tannin-containing sorghum bran addition to gluten-free bread (Jan 2023)
Leveraging Federal Programs for Population-Level Diabetes Prevention and Control: Recommendations from the National Clinical Care Commission (Jan 2023)
The national clinical care commission report to congress: recommendations to better leverage federal policies and programs to prevent and control diabetes (Jan 2023)
The NCCC Report to Congress: Prevention in People with Prediabetes (Jan 2023)
Unmanned aerial vehicle based tree canopy characteristics measurement for precision spray applications (Jan 2023)
Simulated impacts of winter rye cover crop on continuous maize yield and soil parameters (Jan 2023)
Bibliographic mapping of heat tolerance in farm animals (Jan 2023)
High quality genome assembly of Pima-S6 (Gossypium barbadense L) and its insight composition (Jan 2023)
Tsuga ‘Traveler’ and ‘Crossroad’ – the first adelgid-resistant interspecific hemlock hybrids (Jan 2023)
Biofertilizing effect of putative plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in vitro and in tomatillo seedlings (Physalis ixocarpa Brot.) (Jan 2023)
Sida golden mosaic virus, an emerging pathogen of snap beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in the southeastern United States (Jan 2023)
Developing an image processing pipeline to improve the position accuracy of single UAV images (Jan 2023)
Core genome sequencing analysis of E. coli O157:H7 unravelling genetic relatedness among strains from cattle, beef and humans in Bishoftu, Ethiopia (Jan 2023)
Fetal hepatic lipidome is more greatly affected by maternal rate of gain compared with vitamin and mineral supplementation at day 83 of gestation (Jan 2023)
Effects of hive entrance orientation on honey bee colony activity (Jan 2023)
High-throughput sequencing application in the detection and discovery of viruses associated with the regulated citrus leprosis disease complex (Jan 2023)
Repeatability of commercially available visible and near infrared proximal soil sensors (Jan 2023)
Development of a diagnostic SNP panel for identifying geographic origins of Cochliomyia hominivorax, the New World screwworm (Jan 2023)
Biochemical validation of a self-administered carotenoid intake screener to assess carotenoid intake in non-obese adults (Jan 2023)
Influence of flue gas desulfurization gypsum on phosphorus loss in pine bark substrates (Jan 2023)
A screening for virus infections among wild Eurasian tundra reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) in Iceland, 2017-2019 (Jan 2023)
Prospective placebo-controlled assessment of spore-based probiotic supplementation on sebum production, skin barrier function and acne (Jan 2023)
Genome-wide characterization of sugarcane catalase gene family identifies a ScCAT1 gene associated disease resistance (Jan 2023)
Modeling quality changes and Salmonella Typhimurium growth in storage for eggs pasteurized by radio frequency treatments (Jan 2023)
Effect of bran particle size on rheology properties and baking quality of whole wheat flour from four different varieties (Jan 2023)
The effect of a synthetic scent on cheetah behaviour (Jan 2023)
Quantifying the aerodynamic power required for flight and testing for adaptive wind drift in passion-vine butterflies Heliconius sara (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) (Jan 2023)
Effect of growth stage, cultivar, and root wounding on disease development in cotton caused by Fusarium wilt race 4 (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum) (Jan 2023)
Washable antimicrobial wipes fabricated from a blend of nanocomposite raw cotton fiber (Jan 2023)
Small RNA deep sequencing revealed microRNAs’ involvement in modulating cellular senescence and immortalization state (Jan 2023)
Mixture toxic effects of thiacloprid and cyproconazole on honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) (Jan 2023)
Campylobacter colonization and diversity in young turkeys in the context of gastrointestinal distress and antimicrobial treatment (Jan 2023)
Differential identification of Mannheimia haemolytica genotypes 1 and 2 using colorimetric loop-mediated isothermal amplification (Jan 2023)
Transcriptome analysis of Pacific white shrimp (Liptopenaeus vannamei) after exposure to recombinant Vibrio parahaemolyticus PirA and PirB proteins (Jan 2023)
Habitat type and host grazing regimen influence the soil microbial diversity and communities within potential biting midge larval habitats (Jan 2023)
Flame resistant cotton lines generated by synergistic epistasis in a MAGIC population (Jan 2023)
Mixture toxicities of tetrachlorantraniliprole and tebuconazole to honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) and the potential mechanism¿ (Jan 2023)
Chicken production and human clinical Escherichia coli isolates differ in their carriage of antimicrobial resistance and virulence factors (Jan 2023)
Gene expression differences related to pre-harvest sprouting uncovered in related wheat varieties by RNAseq analysis (Jan 2023)
Climate change impacts agricultural productivity and food security (Jan 2023)
Flavor wheel for sensory analysis of fish raised in recirculating aquaculture systems (Jan 2023)
Importance of plants for mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change (Jan 2023)
Microbial inactivation models of Salmonella Typhimurium in radio frequency treated eggs (Jan 2023)
The need for plant genetic resource collections in a climate change context (Jan 2023)
Climate change affects plant interactions with pollinators, pathogens and pests (Jan 2023)
Climate change impacts management of genebanks and botanic gardens (Jan 2023)
Climate adaptation planning for plant collections and conservation (Jan 2023)
Microbes vs. Nematodes: Insights into Biocontrol through Antagonistic Organisms to control Root-Knot Nematodes (Jan 2023)
FW1-resistant varieties with Fusarium wilt in Oxnard, CA (Jan 2023)
Association of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids with incident chronic kidney disease: Pooled analysis of 19 cohorts (Jan 2023)
A global database of methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia emission factors for livestock housing and outdoor storage of manure (Jan 2023)
Association between multimorbidity and rate of falls: a 3-year 5-country prospective study in generally healthy and active community-dwelling adults aged 70+ (Jan 2023)
Differential paired stage-specific expression of Babesia bovis cysteine-rich GCC2/GCC3 domain family proteins (BboGDP) during development within Rhipicephalus microplus (Jan 2023)
Effect of crimson clover on the critical period of weed control in conservation tillage corn (Jan 2023)
Activity of cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase (APX) from panicum virgatum against ascorbate and phenylpropanoids (Jan 2023)
Assembly and annotation of the Gossypium barbadense L. 'Pima-S6' genome raise questions about the chromosome structure and gene content of Gossypium barbadense genomes (Jan 2023)
Upscaling dryland carbon and water fluxes with artificial neural networks of optical, thermal, and microwave satellite remote sensing (Jan 2023)
Genetic engineering of lipid biosynthesis contributes to the modification of primary metabolism in oat (Avena sativa) (Jan 2023)
Registration of S16-11644C soybean cultivar with high-yielding performance and broad disease resistance (Jan 2023)
Using zoos as sentinels for re-emerging arboviruses: Vector surveillance during an outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease at the Minnesota Zoo (Jan 2023)
How much phosphorus uptake is required for achieving maximum maize grain yield? Part 2: Impact of phosphorus uptake on grain quality and partitioning of nutrients (Jan 2023)
Molecular targets of insecticides and herbicides – are there useful overlaps? (Jan 2023)
Engineering nitrogen storage capacity to improve drought tolerance in plants (Jan 2023)
Putative core transcription factors affecting virulence in Aspergillus flavus during infection of maize (Jan 2023)
A Macromolecular Complex of CFTR, NHERF2, and LPA2 in Intestinal Epithelium and Its Role in the Pathological Process of Secretory Diarrhea (Jan 2023)
Yield, fiber quality and textile outcomes from in-field blending of cotton seed at planting (Jan 2023)
Plant phenology of high elevation meadows: assessing spectral response of grazed meadows (Jan 2023)
Initial formulation of novel peanut butter-like products from glandless cottonseed (Jan 2023)
Evaluation of pulsed light treatment for inactivation of Salmonella in packaged cherry tomato and impact on background microbiota and quality (Jan 2023)
Determination of verification parameters for using the manual sampling device for fresh raw beef trim (Jan 2023)
Spatial optimization of conservation practices for sediment load reduction in ungauged agricultural watersheds (Jan 2023)
Matching beef cattle breeds to the environment for desired outcomes in a changing climate: A systematic review (Jan 2023)
Section 3: Choice of biological material to be preserved (Jan 2023)
Section 6: Collection and cryopreservation of germplasm and tissues (Jan 2023)
Oleogels made with binary and ternary mixed wax systems with improved firmness, melting, and rheological properties (Jan 2023)
Sensory properties of 6- and 18-month-stored wines made with pectinase-producing non-Saccharomyces yeasts (Jan 2023)
A framework for the targeted recruitment of crop-beneficial soil taxa based on network analysis of metagenomics data (Jan 2023)
Risk assessment of Hass avocado and Mexican Lauraceae for attack by redbay ambrosia beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) (Jan 2023)
Exploration and genetic analysis of stress tolerance in underutilize wheat wild relative Aegilops umbellulata (Jan 2023)
Spliceostatin C, a component of a microbial bioherbicide, is a potent phytotoxin that inhibits the spliceosome (Jan 2023)
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) differentially modifies the in vitro gut microbiota in an age-dependent manner. (Jan 2023)
No-till imparts yield stability and greater cumulative yield under variable weather conditions in the southeastern USA Piedmont (Jan 2023)
Analysis of the mitochondrial genome sequences of Diaporthe longicolla (syn. Phomopsis longicolla) isolates causing Phomopsis seed decay in soybean (Jan 2023)
Extrusion plastometry processing of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)/ground wool fiber blends (Jan 2023)
Errors in soil maps: The need for better on-site estimates and soil map predictions (Jan 2023)
Validation of the Entrainment Signal Regularity Index and associations with children's changes in BMI (Jan 2023)
Influence of corn supplementation to beef cows during mid- to late-gestation: Supplementation decreases placental microvascular surface density but does not alter uterine blood flow or neonatal performance (Jan 2023)
Biochemical properties of Acyl-CoA-dependent and Acyl-CoA-independent avocado acyltransferases positively influence oleic acid content in nonseed triacylglycerols (Jan 2023)
Co-occurrence probabilities between mosquito vectors of West Nile and Eastern equine encephalitis viruses using conditional Markov Random Fields (MRFcov) (Jan 2023)
Twenty years of conservation effects assessment in the St. Joseph River watershed, Indiana (Jan 2023)
Quick-cooking laminated white salted noodle development (Jan 2023)
Cheatgrass inhibits wild potato (Solanum jamesii) tuber sprouts (Jan 2023)
Evaluating soil moisture content under maize coverage using UAV multimodal data by machine learning algorithms (Jan 2023)
Passive separation of waste ice cream (Jan 2023)
Simulation approaches and potential improvements of ephemeral gully erosion prediction in the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Model (Jan 2023)
Spatiotemporal distribution of the glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca vitripennis (Hemiptera: Cicdellidae) in a southeastern agroecosystem (Jan 2023)
Climate change, plant traits, and invasion in natural and agricultural ecosystems (Jan 2023)
Multiple mosquito AMPs are needed to potentiate their antifungal effect against fungal entomopathogens (Jan 2023)
Optimizing date palm leaf and pistachio shell biochar properties for antibiotic adsorption by varying pyrolysis temperature (Jan 2023)
Wounding rapidly alters transcription factor expression, hormonal signaling, and phenolic compound metabolism in harvested sugarbeet roots (Jan 2023)
Novel microsatellite markers for Osmia lignaria (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae), a North American pollinator of agricultural crops and wildland plants (Jan 2023)
Registration of ‘CP 14-1377’ sugarcane for organic soils in Florida (Jan 2023)
Amplicon sequencing of plant material links cotton fleahopper to host plants (Jan 2023)
Parasitoid-mediated horizontal transmission of Rickettsia between whiteflies (Jan 2023)
CRISPR/Cas9-editing of KISS1 to generate pigs with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism as a castration free trait and a mosaic parental line (Jan 2023)
Effects of two categorically differing emergent wetland plants on evapotranspiration (Jan 2023)
Intensity of supplemental greenhouse lighting affects strawberry plant growth, response to anthracnose infection, and growth of Colletotrichum pathogens in culture. (Jan 2023)
Cheatgrass management: past and current paradigms (Jan 2023)
Consumption of a high-fat diet alters transcriptional rhythmicity in liver from pube pubertal mice (Jan 2023)
Using whole genome sequence to compare variant callers and breed differences of US sheep (Jan 2023)
Florida Pearl® ‘FL 16.78-109’ Pineberry (Jan 2023)
Spodoptera frugiperda: ecology, evolution and management options of an invasive species (Jan 2023)
Identification of candidate genes and SNPs related to cattle temperament using a GWAS analysis coupled with an interacting network analysis (Jan 2023)
A labor-saving marking and sampling technique for mark-release-recapture research (Jan 2023)
Mineralogy drives physical and chemical properties in the manganiferous soils and concretions of Graskop, South Africa (Jan 2023)
Spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi) is attracted to vittatalactone, the pheromone of striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma vittatum) (Jan 2023)
Genome size, flowering, and breeding compatibility in Osmanthus (Jan 2023)
Safeguarding and using fruit and vegetable biodiversity (Jan 2023)
Field evaluation of promising entomopathogenic fungal isolates against red palm weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Coleoptera: /Dryophthoridae) (Jan 2023)
Preventing trunk diseases with fungicide applications to pruning wounds in Washington winegrapes (Jan 2023)
AccuCalc: a python package for accuracy calculation in GWAS (Jan 2023)
Effects of a novel combination of gallic acid, hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid on pathogen inactivation and shelf-life of baby spinach (Jan 2023)
Association of two Bactericera species (Hemiptera: Triozidae) with native Lycium spp. (Solanales: Solanaceae) in the potato growing regions of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas (Dec 2022)
From agricultural wastes to fermentation nutrients: a case study of 2,3-butanediol production (Dec 2022)
Dynamic prediction of fruit quality traits as a function of environmental and genetic factors (Dec 2022)
King Ranch: Ranching on the edge (Dec 2022)
Ishtarella thailandica new genus and species (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) of aphid parasitoid from Thailand, with a country checklist of Aphidiinae (Dec 2022)
Serotype Screening of Salmonella enterica subspecies I by Intergenic Sequence Ribotyping (ISR): Critical Updates (Dec 2022)
Salmonella in eggs and egg-laying chickens (Dec 2022)
Playa dynamics and salinity: A study of Yellow Lake on the High Plains of Texas (Dec 2022)
Effect of animal protein intake on meeting recommendations for nutrient intake among US adults, What We Eat in America, NHANES 2015-2018 (Dec 2022)
Wounding and cold stress increase resin and rubber production of Parthenium argentatum cultivar G711 (Dec 2022)
Fruit and vegetable shopping behavior and intake among low-income minority households with elementary-aged children (Dec 2022)
An intranasal recombinant NDV-RSV F opt vaccine is safe and reduces lesion severity in a colostrum-deprived calf model of BRSV infection (Dec 2022)
Feasibility and effectiveness of a worksite-weight-loss program for cancer prevention among school-district employees with overweight and obesity (Dec 2022)
Production of an odor-reducing, low-dust, clumping cat litter from soybean hulls and soybean hull biochar (Dec 2022)
Spray drift potential of dicamba plus S-metolachlor formulations (Dec 2022)
Effects of electrode materials and dimensions of an electrostatic spray scrubber on water droplet charging for dust removal (Dec 2022)
Market potential and value-added opportunities of cold-hardy berries and small fruits in the Intermountain West, USA (Dec 2022)
Bicarbonates and carbonates as antioxidants in vegetable oils at frying temperatures (Dec 2022)
Drone imagery protocols to map vegetation are transferable between dryland sites across an elevational gradient (Dec 2022)
Protect horticultural crops and ecosystems with sustainable intelligent variable-rate sprayers (Dec 2022)
Amending woodchip bioreactors with corncobs reduces nitrogen removal cost (Dec 2022)
Effect of dietary ß-glucan on intestinal microbiota diversity and Salmonella vaccine immunogenicity and efficacy in pigs (Dec 2022)
Comprehension of PWM solenoid valves to control hollow-cone nozzles for precision variable-rate orchard sprayers (Dec 2022)
Disease-induced assemblage of the rhizosphere fungal community in successive plantings of wheat (Dec 2022)
How much phosphorus uptake is required for achieving maximum maize grain yield? Part 1: Luxury consumption and implications for yield (Dec 2022)
A new Kayfunavirus-like Escherichia phage vB_EcoP-Ro45lw with antimicrobial potential of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O45 strain (Dec 2022)
TaqMan PCR detection of Xylella taiwanensis in Taiwan (Dec 2022)
Planting aman rice at monsoon onset could mitigate the impact of temperature stress on rice-wheat systems of Bihar, India (Dec 2022)
Fuel connectivity, burn severity, and seedbank survivorship drive ecosystem transformation in a semiarid shrubland (Dec 2022)
Molecular epidemiology of cotton leafroll dwarf virus in southeastern United States (Dec 2022)
Bile acids and their receptors in regulation of gut health and diseases (Dec 2022)
A novel trichothecene toxin phenotype associated with horizontal gene transfer and a change in gene function in Fusarium (Dec 2022)
Efficacy evaluation of medium-chain fatty acids as skin and spatial repellents against Aedes aegypti (diptera:culicidae) mosquitoes (Dec 2022)
Indicators of water use efficiency across diverse agroecosystems and spatiotemporal scales (Dec 2022)
Buffered peptone water formulation does not influence growth of pESI-positive Salmonella serovar Infantis (Dec 2022)
Evaluation of partitioned evaporation and transpiration estimates within the DisALEXI modeling framework over irrigated crops in California (Dec 2022)
Tick pheromones (Dec 2022)
Cotton fiber elongation – A review (Dec 2022)
Registration of ‘CP 14-1490’ sugarcane (Dec 2022)
A review of restoration techniques and outcomes for rangelands affected by oil and gas production in North America (Dec 2022)
Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli outbreaks in California’s leafy greens production continuum (Dec 2022)
Western U.S. multistate research project on “water movement in soils”: A retrospective (Dec 2022)
Population dynamics and parasitism of the kudzu bug, Megacopta cribraria by egg parasitoids, Paratelenomus saccharalis and Ooencyrtus nezarae in southeastern USA (Dec 2022)
A chemical-free pretreatment for biosynthesis of bioethanol and lipids from lignocellulosic biomass: an industrially relevant 2G biorefinery approach (Dec 2022)
Role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone-II and its receptor in swine reproduction (Dec 2022)
Exploring potential induction of grapevine (Vitis spp.) root phenolic compounds by ring nematodes, Mesocriconema xenoplax (Dec 2022)
Impact of COVID-19 on a worksite weight loss program for employees with overweight and obesity (Dec 2022)
Synthesis and pesticidal activity of new niacinamide derivatives containing a flexible, chiral chain (Dec 2022)
Evaluation of a subset of Ethiopia sorghum collection germplasm from the National Genetic Resources Program of the United States Department of Agriculture for anthracnose resistance (Dec 2022)
Comparative amine-catalyzed thia-Michael reactions of primary and secondary thiols with maleic and itaconic anhydrides and esters (Dec 2022)
Effect of subcritical water flash release processing on buckwheat flour properties (Dec 2022)
Bactericidal properties of Proline-Rich Aedes aegypti Trypsin Modulating Oostatic Factor (AeaTMOF) (Dec 2022)
Relating soil physical properties to other soil properties and crop yields (Dec 2022)
The oriental armyworm genome yields insights into the long-distance migration of noctuid moths (Dec 2022)
Understanding egg quality (Dec 2022)
Gossypol and related compounds are produced and accumulate in the aboveground parts of the cotton plant, independent of roots as the source (Dec 2022)
smot: a python package and CLI tool for contextual phylogenetic subsampling (Dec 2022)
A revised checklist of South Dakota bumble bees (Hymenoptera, Apidae) (Dec 2022)
1D and 2D NMR Datasets, Resonance Assignments and Coupling Constant Analysis of Red Beet Fiber and Pectin (Dec 2022)
Integrative approach resolves the taxonomy of Eulaema cingulata (Hymenoptera, Apidae), an important pollinator in the Neotropics (Dec 2022)
Effect of dietary urea in gestating beef cows: Circulating metabolites, morphometrics, and mammary secretions (Dec 2022)
Potential effects of RNA interference of Asian longhorned beetle on its parasitoid (Dec 2022)
High genetic diversity in the landscape suggests frequent seedling recruitment by Euphorbia virgata Waldst. & Kit. (leafy spurge) in the northern U.S. (Dec 2022)
Field evaluation of glutathione and glutamic acid as host marking pheromones for control of tephritid fruit flies in a mango orchard in Kenya (Dec 2022)
Food toxicology and food safety: report of the 3rd international electronic conference on foods: food, microbiome, and health - a celebration of the 10th anniversary of foods' impact on our wellbeing (Dec 2022)
Genetic mapping of a pollinator preference trait: Nectar volume in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (Dec 2022)
Microbial community dynamics responding to nutrient allocation associatedwith soybean cultivar ‘Jake’ ozone adaptation (Dec 2022)
Smallholder farms have and can store more carbon than previously estimated (Dec 2022)
Comparison of high throughput RNA sequences between Babesia bigemina and Babesia bovis revealed consistent differential gene expression that is required for Babesia life cycle in the vertebrate and invertebrate hosts (Dec 2022)
Survival and feeding behavior of Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Liviidae) adults on common cover crops in citrus (Dec 2022)
A single amino acid substitution in porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus glycoprotein 2 significantly impairs its infectivity in macrophages (Dec 2022)
Insights into the genetic landscape and presence of Cochliomyia hominivorax in the Caribbean. (Dec 2022)
Evaluating agronomic onset definitions in Senegal through crop simulation modeling (Dec 2022)
Use of a rapid tandem mass spectrometry multi-residue method to analyze veterinary drugs and their metabolites in hog saliva and cattle urine (Dec 2022)
The impact of vegetation removal by oil and gas development on wind erosion and dust emission in the Upper Colorado River Basin (Dec 2022)
Using the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera L.) Cell Line, AmE-711, to Evaluate Pesticide Toxicity (Dec 2022)
Southeast Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC) drainage research data, 1984-2020 (Dec 2022)
Evaluation of soybean germplasm for resistance to Fusarium virguliforme, the major pathogen causing sudden death syndrome of soybean in the United States (Dec 2022)
Growth performance, survival, blood chemistry, and immune gene expression of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) fed probiotic-supplemented diets (Dec 2022)
Experimental Senecavirus A infection of bovine cell lines and colostrum-deprived calves (Dec 2022)
Visualizing PVS2 component permeation into Oryza sativa callus cells by coherent Raman scattering microscopy (Dec 2022)
Machine learning and analysis of genomic diversity of “Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus” strains in Mexico (Dec 2022)
First report of root and crown rot caused by Armillaria gallica on Cannabis sativa in California, U.S.A. (Dec 2022)
Sexual dimorphic innate immune response to a viral-bacterial respiratory disease challenge in beef calves (Dec 2022)
A multi-modal analysis of Mentha x piperita shoot tip response to cryoprotective agents (Dec 2022)
A vaccine targeting ovine herpesvirus 2 glycoprotein B protects against sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever (Dec 2022)
Long-term trends in vegetation on Bureau of Land Management rangelands in the Western United States. (Dec 2022)
Mutation in Endo-ß-1,4-Glucanase (KORRIGAN) is responsible for thick leaf phenotype in sorghum (Dec 2022)
Crop phenology and floral induction in different Artemisia annua L. genotypes (Dec 2022)
Characterization of a stress-enhanced promoter from the grass halophyte, Spartina alterniflora L. (Dec 2022)
Detecting volunteer cotton plants in a corn field with deep learning on UAV remote-sensing imagery (Dec 2022)
Temporal dynamics of the chicken mycobiome (Dec 2022)
Heterologous expression and functional characterization of Drosophila suzukii OR69a transcript variants unveiled response to kairomones and to a candidate pheromone (Dec 2022)
Ancient origin and conserved gene function in terpene pheromone evolution of stink bugs and hemipteran insects (Dec 2022)
Homology-based identification of candidate genes for male sterility editing in Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) (Dec 2022)
The Spodoptera frugiperda host strains: What they are and why they matter for understanding and controlling this global agricultural pest (Dec 2022)
Spatiotemporal variability of saturated hydraulic conductivity evident across agricultural management strategies (Dec 2022)
Improved cryopreservation media formulation reduces costs of maintenance while preserving function of genetically modified insect cells (Dec 2022)
A new species of Chrysotus Meigen (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) from soybean fields in South Dakota, USA (Dec 2022)
Disinfectants useful to manage the emerging tomato brown rugose fruit virus in greenhouse tomato production (Dec 2022)
Intermittency on soil movement: The role of landscape macro/microtopography (Dec 2022)
Insect feeding on sorghum bicolor pollen and Hymenoptera attraction to aphid-produced honeydew (Dec 2022)
Examination of a characteristic scale unit for sediment flux prediction (Dec 2022)
High-throughput sequencing reveals the presence of novel and known viruses in diseased Paris yunnanensis (Dec 2022)
Data from: Implied climate warming contributions of enteric methane emissions are dependent on the estimate source and accounting methodology (Dec 2022)
An all-in-one concept of a mobile system for on-farm swine depopulation, pathogen inactivation, off-site carcass disposal, and biosecure cleanup (Dec 2022)
Gene Editing Profiles in 94 CRISPR-Cas9 Expressing T0 Transgenic Tobacco Lines Reveal High Frequencies of Chimeric Editing of the Target Gene (Dec 2022)
Calculation of daily distance walked by grazing cattle using real-time activity and position data collected by LoRa-WAN sensors (Dec 2022)
Registration of ‘CP 14-1934’ sugarcane for Florida organic soils (Dec 2022)
Selective hydroxyalkoxylation of epoxidized methyl oleate by an amphiphilic ionic liquid catalyst (Dec 2022)
A benchmark dataset of food photos with food records for evaluation of computer vision algorithms in the context of dietary assessment (Dec 2022)
The use of winter forage crops and dairy manure to improve soil water storage in continuous corn in Southern Idaho (Dec 2022)
A novel Synthetic phenotype association study approach reveals the landscape of association for genomic variants and phenotypes (Dec 2022)
Paired Medicago receptors mediate broad-spectrum resistance to nodulation by Sinorhizobium meliloti carrying a species-specific gene (Dec 2022)
Guayule growth and yield responses to deficit irrigation strategies in the U.S. desert (Dec 2022)
Can perennialization of a crop rotation increase soil water available to the following crop? (Dec 2022)
Removal of tylosin from aqueous media via octaethylporphyrin photocatalyst (Dec 2022)
Chapter 12: Soil water management and climate fluctuations: modelling approach (Dec 2022)
Developing radiation-based sterile insect technique for controlling Aedes aegypti: identification of a sterilizing dose (Dec 2022)
Performance of Chouioia cunea reared from a coleopteran alternative host as a biocontrol agent against the invasive lepidopteran pest, Hyphantria cunea (Dec 2022)
Integrated modeling for simulating sediment production and transport in agricultural landscapes (Dec 2022)
Proof-of-Concept study of ion-exchange method for the recycling of LiFePO4 cathode (Dec 2022)
Complex crop rotations improve organic nitrogen cycling (Dec 2022)
Effect of pectin coatings containing trans-cinnamaldehyde on the postharvest quality of rambutan (Dec 2022)
Long-term nitrogen and phosphorus outflow from an instream constructed wetland under precipitation variability (Dec 2022)
Invited Review: Ecosystem services provided by grasslands in the Southeast United Stataes (Dec 2022)
Evaluation of phosphorus runoff from sandy soils under conservation tillage with surface broadcasted recovered phosphates (Dec 2022)
Combating an Invasive Boxwood Pathogen – Calonectria pseudonaviculata – in the United States by Shifting Production to Less Susceptible Cultivars (Dec 2022)
Maize inbred Mp708 is highly susceptible to western corn rootworm, diabrotica virgifera virgifera (coleoptera: chrysomelidae), in field and greenhouse assays (Dec 2022)
Retrospection of century-long peach chill, yield and other production data and implications for breeding programs (Dec 2022)
Genotype classification of Moraxella bovis using MALDI-TOF MS profiles (Dec 2022)
Implied climate warming contributions of enteric methane emissions are dependent on the estimate source and accounting methodology (Dec 2022)
Management and environmental factors influence the prevalence and abundance of food-borne pathogens and commensal bacteria in peanut hull-based broiler litter (Dec 2022)
Inheritance of the rough skin character in peach (Dec 2022)
Growth of Coniochaeta species on acetate in biomass sugars (Dec 2022)
Intraepithelial lymphocytes in the pig intestine: T cell and innate lymphoid cell contributions to intestinal barrier immunity (Dec 2022)
Evaluating a surface energy balance model for partially wetted surfaces: Drip and micro-sprinkler systems in hazelnut orchards (Corylus avellana L.) (Dec 2022)