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Linkages between the microbial component and organic matter pools in semiarid-sandy soils (Nov 2019)
Soil microbial community dynamics under urban turfgrass in a semiarid climate (Nov 2019)
Soil microbial response to long-term management practices in cotton systems of the texas southern high plains (Nov 2019)
Soil microbial ecosystem dynamics of semi-arid wetlands under differing land-use (Nov 2019)
Environmental and sex effects on bacterial carriage by adult house flies (Musca domestica) (Nov 2019)
Effects of Habitat on the Bacterial Community Composition and Diversity in the Gut of Female House Flies (Musca domestica) (Nov 2019)
What role can soil stewardship play in improving water use efficiency and help with climate change mitigation? (Nov 2019)
Soil microbial community response to long-term cover crop use in dryland systems of the central great plains (Nov 2019)
Assessing spatial pattern of soil microbial community at landscape scale for precision soil management (Nov 2019)
Establishing an on-farm model to build soil health and productivity and sustain local food production systems in west texas (Nov 2019)
Nitrogen fertilization management of switchgrass, miscanthus and giant reed: a review (Nov 2019)
Mycotoxins that chelate: a tool for probing toxin/metal interactions (Nov 2019)
Culturally adapting Healthy Dads Healthy Kids for Hispanic families: Results from formative studies (Nov 2019)
Stomatal openings on boxwood leaves yield entry portals for leaf infection by Calonectria pseudonaviculata (Nov 2019)
Tick bite risk and tick-borne disease perceptions of school district administrators in the Mid-Atlantic United States (Nov 2019)
Cleanup and conversion of biomass liquefaction aqueous phase to C3-C5 olefins over ZnxZryOz catalyst (Nov 2019)
Infant formula feeding changes the proliferative status in piglet neonatal mammary glands independently of estrogen signaling (Nov 2019)
Amino acid composition and digestible amino acid content in animal protein by-product meals fed to growing pigs (Nov 2019)
The use of native and introduced seed mixes in rangeland rehabilitation (Nov 2019)
Corn biomass, uptake and fractionation of soil phosphorus in five soils amended with organic wastes as P fertilizers (Nov 2019)
Estimating unit production cost, carbon intensity, and carbon abatement cost of electricity generation from bioenergy feedstocks in Georgia, United States (Nov 2019)
Shifting cattle producer beliefs on stocking and invasive forage: Implications for grassland conservation (Nov 2019)
Phenomic and physiological analysis of salinity effects on lettuce (Nov 2019)
Educating the next generation of genebank workers (Nov 2019)
Anti-inflammatory effects of flavonoids (Nov 2019)
Nitrogen balance in response to irrigation practice and cropping system (Nov 2019)
Fermented vegetables as a vector for the relocation of microbial diversity from the environment to the human gut (Nov 2019)
Nitrogen fertigation interval for sugarbeet grown on soils with a high leaching potential (Nov 2019)
The efficacy of three diatomaceous earth sources for removing tylosin from aqueous systems (Nov 2019)
Genomic comparison of diverse Salmonella serovars isolated from swine (Nov 2019)
Alternative SNP weighting for single-step genomic best linear unbiased predictor evaluation of stature in US Holsteins in the presence of selected sequence variants (Nov 2019)
Genomic survey of RNA recognition motif (RRM) containing RNA binding proteins from barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare) (Nov 2019)
Risk and toxicity assessment of a potential natural insecticide, methyl benzoate, in honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) (Nov 2019)
Survey of intact and non-intact raw pork collected at retail stores in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States for the seven regulated serogroups of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (Nov 2019)
Plasma processing effect on cashew nuts composition and allergenicity (Nov 2019)
Biochar, manure, and sawdust alter long-term water retention dynamics in degraded soil (Oct 2019)
The role and use of genetically engineered insect-resistant crops in IPM systems (Oct 2019)
Complete genome sequence of the Arcobacter canalis type strain LMG 29148 (Oct 2019)
First discovery of adventive populations of Trissolcus japonicus (Ashmead) in Europe (Oct 2019)
Assessing planting date effects on seasonal water use of full and short season maize using SWAT in the southern Ogallala Aquifer region (Oct 2019)
Liming potential of poultry litter in a long-term tillage comparison (Oct 2019)
Managing tallgrass prairies for productivity and ecological function: A long-term grazing experiment in the Southern Great Plains, USA (Oct 2019)
Complete genomic sequence of tea-oil camellia associated deltapartitivirus, a novel virus from Camellia oleifera (Oct 2019)
Cross-infectivity of Vorticella across genera of mosquitoes for development of biological mosquito control strategies (Oct 2019)
Genetic dissection of snow mold tolerance in US Pacific Northwest winter wheat through genome-wide association study and genomic selection (Oct 2019)
Effect of in-feed tylosin use in feedlot cattle on dynamics of antibiotic resistant enterococci and resistance genes (Oct 2019)
Effect of in-feed tylosin use in feedlot cattle on dynamics of antibiotic resistant enterococci and resistance genes (Oct 2019)
Expression profiles of cell-wall related genes vary broadly between two common maize inbreds during stem development (Oct 2019)
First record of Trissolcus basalis (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) parasitizing Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in the United States (Oct 2019)
Prediction of soil carbon fractions using a field spectroradiometer equipped with an illuminating contact probe (Oct 2019)
Economic analysis of anaerobic soil disinfestation for open-field fresh-market tomato production in Southwest and North Florida (Oct 2019)
A model-based real-time decision support system for irrigation scheduling to improve water productivity (Oct 2019)
"Chicken novel leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor subfamilies B1 and B3 are transcriptional regulators of MHC class I genes and signaling pathways" (Oct 2019)
Survey of bacteria associated with western corn rootworm life stages reveals no difference between insects reared in different soils (Oct 2019)
Top-down proteomic identification of Shiga toxin 1 and 2 from pathogenic Escherichia coli using MALDI-TOF-TOF tandem mass spectrometry (Oct 2019)
Zinc and Iron Agronomic Biofortification of Selected Brassicaceae Microgreens (Oct 2019)
Seedling emergence from seed banks in Ludwigia hexapetala invaded wetlands: Implications for restoration (Oct 2019)
Pretreatment of sweet sorghum bagasse for ethanol production using Na2CO3 obtained by NaOH absorption of CO2 generated in sweet sorghum juice ethanol fermentation (Oct 2019)
Nutrient source and tillage effects on maize: II. Yield, soil carbon and carbon dioxide emissions (Oct 2019)
Water-deficit responsive microRNAs in the primary root growth zone of maize (Oct 2019)
Acclimation and endogenous abscisic acid in the moss Physcomitrella patens during acquisition of desiccation tolerance (Oct 2019)
Modeling urban hydrology and green infrastructure using the AGWA urban tool and the KINEROS2 model (Oct 2019)
Seed germination and early seedling growth of barley at negative water potentials (Oct 2019)
Greenhouse gas mitigation strategies for agronomic and grazing lands of the US Southern Great Plains (Oct 2019)
North American hard yellow liver disease: an old problem readdressed (Oct 2019)
Variation in responses of photosynthesis and apparent rubisco kinetics to temperature in three soybean cultivars. (Oct 2019)
Phenotypic and molecular characterization of Hessian fly resistance in diploid wheat, Aegilops tauschii (Oct 2019)
Nitrous oxide emissions from an open-lot beef cattle feedyard in Texas (Oct 2019)
Targeted, precision irrigation for moving platforms: Selected papers from a center pivot technology transfer effort (Oct 2019)
Response of drought tolerant corn to varying irrigation levels in the Texas High Plains (Oct 2019)
Corn and sorghum ET, E, yield and CWP affected by irrigation application method: SDI versus mid-elevation spray irrigation (Oct 2019)
Effects of fertilizer placement on greenhouse gas emissions from a sun and shade grown ornamental crop (Oct 2019)
Generalized linear mixed model approach to time-to-event data with censored observations (Oct 2019)
Restricted water allocations: landscape-scale energy balance simulations and adjustments in agricultural water applications (Oct 2019)
Antagonism of Trichoderma-based biofungicides against Brazilian and North American isolates of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and growth promotion of soybean (Oct 2019)
Aphid vectors impose a major bottleneck on Soybean dwarf virus populations for horizontal transmission in soybean (Oct 2019)
High salinity exposure does not preclude germination of invasive Iris pseudacorus from populations along a Delta – San Francisco Estuary salinity gradient [ (Oct 2019)
Exploring the germination ecology of Iris pseudacorus populations invading California wetlands [abstract] (Oct 2019)
Effects of silica based CimeXa and Drione dusts against lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum (L.)(Ixodida: Ixodidae), on cattle (Oct 2019)
Fruit development in blackberry types and cultivars – Impact of days and temperature from bloom to stages of ripening (Oct 2019)
Native and introduced seed mix performances on Cheatgrass Rangelands (Oct 2019)
Do conservation practices bring quick changes to key soil properties for resource-limited farmers (Oct 2019)
The extracellular surface hydrocarbon metabolome on maize silks is affected by genotype, husk encasement and growth environment (Oct 2019)
HPLC Quantification and MS/NMR confirmation of Javamide-I/-II in Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from different regions for finding better bean sources for Javamide-I/-II (Oct 2019)
Identification of Meloidogyne enterolobii infecting root-knot nematode resistant sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) in South Carolina (Oct 2019)
Geographic and genetic variation in susceptibility of Butomus umbellatus to foliar fungal pathogens (Oct 2019)
Fluorescence polarization immunoassays for the determination of trichothecenes and their modified forms in wheat (Oct 2019)
Development of antibodies for the mycotoxin citreoviridin (Oct 2019)
Identification of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii genes involved in the toxicity of trichothecene mycotoxins (Oct 2019)
Characterization of species composition, chemotype, and in vivo and in vitro fungicide sensitivity of Fusarium from wheat and corn in Michigan, USA (Oct 2019)
Analysis of the uterine lumen in fertility-classified heifers: I. glucose, prostaglandins and lipids (Oct 2019)
Analysis of the uterine lumen in fertility-classified heifers: II. Proteins and metabolites (Oct 2019)
Euthanasia for Broiler Chickens: Manual and Mechanical Cervical Dislocation Methods, Publication APSC-161P (Oct 2019)
Genome-wide association mapping of date palm fruit traits (Oct 2019)
Swine diets impact manure characteristics and gas emissions: Part I sulfur level (Oct 2019)
Temporal dynamics of the soil metabolome and microbiome during simulated anaerobic soil disinfestation (Oct 2019)
Management of high-residue cover crops in a conservation tillage organic vegetable on-farm setting in Alabama (Oct 2019)
Development of a genomic resource and identification of nucleotide diversity of yellow perch by RAD sequencing (Oct 2019)
Identification and CRISPR validation of a CPR5 ortholog necessary for proper growth and DNA endoreduplication in soybean trichomes (Oct 2019)
Autoxidized Oleic Acid Bifunctional Macro Peroxide Initiators for Free Radical and Condensation Polymerization. Synthesis and Characterization of Multiblock Copolymers (Oct 2019)
Comparison of feeding diets diluted with sorghum-sudangrass silage or low-quality grass on nutrient intake and digestibility and growth performance of Holstein dairy heifers (Oct 2019)
Winter wheat yield and nitrous oxide emissions in response to cowpea-based green manure and nitrogen fertilization (Oct 2019)
A portable and mobile rainfall simulator (Oct 2019)
Amylose inclusion complexes as emulsifiers for garlic and asafoetida essential oils for mosquito control (Oct 2019)
Potassium requirements for Pinot noir grapevines (Oct 2019)
Associative effects of wet distiller's grains, plus solubles and tannin-rich peanut skin supplementation on in vitro rumen fermentation, greenhouse gas emissions, and microbial changes (Oct 2019)
Land rolling does not influence productivity of subsequent year spring wheat (Oct 2019)
Should upper limit of available water be based on field capacity? (Oct 2019)
Effect of spray-drying temperature on physicochemical, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of pectin/sodium alginate microencapsulated carvacrol (Oct 2019)
First report of Albifimbria verrucaria causing leaf spot on Glycine latifolia (Oct 2019)
Evaluation of soybean genotypes for reaction to natural field infection by Cercospora species causing purple seed stain (Oct 2019)
Eutrombicula tinami (Oudemans, 1910) (Trombidiformes; Trombiculidae) in Brazil:: A neglected ectoparasite of several animals including humans (Oct 2019)
Influence of contrasting soil moisture conditions on carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions from terminated green manures (Oct 2019)
Interaction of rhizoctonia solani and leuconostoc spp. causing sugar beet root rot and tissue pH changes in Idaho (Oct 2019)
Genomic basis of circannual rhythm in the European corn borer moth (Oct 2019)
Meiotic crossovers characterized by haplotype-specific chromosome painting in maize (Oct 2019)
Rapid detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin-B (SEB) by lateral flow assay (Oct 2019)
A review of the genus Pelodiaetus Jeannel (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Anillini) of New Zealand, with re-description of the genus, description of a new species and notes on the evolutionary history (Oct 2019)
Extracting maize canopy temperature based on unmanned aerial vehicle thermal and RGB imagery and its application to water stress monitoring (Oct 2019)
Anthropogenic noise does not surpass land cover in explaining habitat selection of Greater Prairie-Chicken (Tympanichus cupido) (Oct 2019)
Delayed access to feed alters expression of genes associated with carbohydrate and amino acid utilization in newly hatched broiler chicks (Oct 2019)
Immune signaling pathways in the endoparasitoid, Pteromalus puparum (Oct 2019)
Genome-wide identification and analysis of genes encoding cuticular proteins in the endoparasitoid wasp Pteromalus puparum (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) (Oct 2019)
Towards a mechanistic understanding of the synergistic response induced by bivalent Marek’s disease vaccines to prevent lymphomas (Oct 2019)
Full-length infectious clones of two new isolates of tomato mosaic virus induce distinct symptoms associated with two differential amino acid residues in 128 kDa protein (Oct 2019)
Assessing precipitation, evapotranspiration, and NDVI as controls of Great Plains plant production (Oct 2019)
Kinetics of winter deacclimation in response to temperature determines dormancy status in grapevines (Vitis spp.) (Oct 2019)
Genetic characterization of antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli isolated from a mixed-use watershed in northeast Georgia, USA (Oct 2019)
Toxicity of peracetic acid (PAA) products: impact of water quality, product composition and fish species (Oct 2019)
A retrospective of our international research collaboration on the use of peracetic acid in aquaculture (Oct 2019)
Investigating the use of peracetic acid to reduce saprolegniasis in Atlantic salmon RAS culture (Oct 2019)
Functional responses of three candidate Asian larval parasitoids evaluated for classical biological control of Drosophila suzukii (Oct 2019)
Identification and characerization of miRNAs in an endoparasitoid wasp, Pteromalus puparum (Oct 2019)
Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of glutathione S-transferases in an endoparasitoid wasp, Pteromalus puparum (Oct 2019)
Olfactometric comparison of the volatile insecticide,metofluthrin, through behavioral responses of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) (Oct 2019)
Enhanced vs standard Parents as Teacher curriculum on factors related to infant feeding among African American women (Oct 2019)
Evaluation of a multi-parent advanced generation inter-cross (MAGIC) introgressed line population for Verticillium wilt resistance in Upland cotton (Oct 2019)
Vaccination management of beef cattle: Delayed vaccination and endotoxin stacking (Oct 2019)
Evolution of the cell walls of grasses (Oct 2019)
Incidence and characterization of Salmonella from raw meat products sold at small markets in Hubei province China (Oct 2019)
Progress report on a plains bison-Simmental interspecies cross for genome assembly by trio binning (Oct 2019)
Variation in pickleweed root-associated microbial communities at different locations of a saline solid waste management unit contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons (Oct 2019)
Soil phosphorus testing on alkaline calcareous soils (Oct 2019)
Evaluation of TsHARP utility for thermal sharpening of Sentinel-3 satellite images using Sentinel-2 visual imagery (Oct 2019)
Quantifying effects of root systems of planted and natural vegetation on rill detachment and erodibility of a loessial soil (Oct 2019)
RNA Sequencing revealed differentially expressed genes functionally associated with immunity and tumor suppression during latent phase infection of a vv+MDV in chickens (Oct 2019)
Application of associated particle neutron techniques for soil carbon analysis (Oct 2019)
A new species of Phyllotreta Chevrolat 1836 (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini) from Omsk region of Russia with comments of Phyllotreta species diversity in Northeastern Palearctic (Oct 2019)
Effect of lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) essential oil on the survival of multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Heidelberg in contaminated poultry drinking water (Oct 2019)
Introductory chapter: Protecting rice grains in the post-genomic era- are we there yet? (Oct 2019)
Prevalence of Eimeria species in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) from Egypt and first report of Eimeria bareillyi oocysts (Oct 2019)
PREVIEW: Changing views on the role of the uterus in post-partum reproductive function in beef cows (Oct 2019)
To acclimate or not to acclimate? Simultaneous positive and negative effects of acclimation on susceptibility of Tribolium confusum and Oryzaephilus surinamensis to low temperatures (Oct 2019)
Intrauterine position and adjacent fetal sex affects fetal and placental growth throughout gestation, but not embryonic viability, in pigs selected for component traits of litter size (Oct 2019)
Assessing Toxoplasma gondii oocyst infectivity using a sporocyst-based cell-culture assay combined with qPCR for environmental application (Oct 2019)
A rapid and sensitive method for Toxoplasma gondii oocyst detection in soil (Oct 2019)
Windborne long-distance migration of malaria mosquitoes in the Sahel (Oct 2019)
Food service pork chops from three U.S. regions harbor similar levels of antimicrobial resistance regardless of antibiotic use claims (Oct 2019)
Soil bacterial biodiversity is driven by long-term pasture management, poultry litter, and cattle manure inputs (Oct 2019)
Littermate cats rescued from a shelter succumbed to acute, primary toxoplasmosis associated with TOXO DB genotype #4, generally circulating in wildlife (Oct 2019)
Comparison of sustained deficit and pre- and postveraison regulated deficit irrigation on Malbec and Syrah grapevines (Oct 2019)
Comparison of two insect-collecting devices for trapping stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) (Oct 2019)
Pre-weaning plane of nutrition and Mannheimia haemolytica dose influence inflammatory responses to a bovine herpesvirus-1 and Mannheimia haemolytica challenge in post-weaned Holstein calves (Oct 2019)
Evaluation of SMAP freeze/thaw retrieval accuracy at core validation sites in the contiguous United States (Oct 2019)
Ranking sires using genetic selection indices based on financial investment methods versus lifetime net merit (Oct 2019)
Comparative assessment of einkorn and emmer wheat phenomes: II. Phenotypic integration (Oct 2019)
Host Response to Black Leaf Streak and Agronomic Performance of Banana Genotypes in Puerto Rico (Oct 2019)
Reconciliation of the D/z model and the arrhenius model: the effect of temperature on thermal inactivation of microorganisms (Oct 2019)
The impact of historical gin stand technologies on cotton fiber and seed quality (Oct 2019)
Impact of storage on sugar loss in sorghum stalks (Oct 2019)
Larval pheromone disrupts pre-excavation aggregation of Cactoblastis cactorum (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) neonates precipitating colony collapse (Sep 2019)
First report of range expansion of the cactus webworm, Loxomorpha flavidissimalis (Grote) (Pyraloidea: Crambidae) to Central Mexico and Central Texas, USA (Sep 2019)
A serosurvey for bovine Influenza D virus exposure from cattle in the United States, 2014-2015 (Sep 2019)
Integrated management of Aspergillus species and aflatoxin production in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) through application of farm yard manure and seed treatments with fungicides and Trichoderma species (Sep 2019)
Draft genome sequence of fastidious pathogen Ceratobasidium theobromae, which causes vascular-streak dieback (VSD) in Theobroma cacao (Sep 2019)
Vegetation, rainfall simulation, and overland flow experiments before and after tree removal in woodland-encroached sagebrush steppe: the SageSTEP hydrology study (Sep 2019)
Chip and fry processing evaluations among advanced breeding clones in storage (2018 Crop) (Sep 2019)
Insecticidal and repellent activities of cinnamates against mosquitoes and ticks (Sep 2019)
Genome-wide characterization and transcriptomic analyses of neuropeptides and their receptors in an endoparasitoid wasp, Pteromalus puparum (Sep 2019)
Integrating activated sludge membrane biological reactors with freshwater RAS: Preliminary evaluation of water use, water quality, and rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss performance (Sep 2019)
Differential distributions of trafficking and signaling proteins of the maize ER-Golgi apparatus (Sep 2019)
Remote sensing of evapotranspiration (ET) (Sep 2019)
Detection of swainsonine-producing endophytes in Patagonian Astragalus species (Sep 2019)
Understanding activation effects on low-temperature biochar for optimization of herbicide sorption (Sep 2019)
Mosquito midgut prostaglandin release establishes systemic immune priming (Sep 2019)
The fecal resistome of dairy cattle is associated with diet during nursing (Sep 2019)
Desert Locust Control: The effectiveness of proactive interventions and the goal of outbreak prevention (Sep 2019)
Diesel exhaust particles dysregulate multiple immunological pathways in murine macrophages: Lessons from microarray and scRNA-seq technologies (Sep 2019)
Insect damage influences expression of heat and drought stress resistance genes in maize (Sep 2019)
A review of toxoplasmosis in humans and animals in Turkey (Sep 2019)
Biology, chemical ecology, and sexual dimorphism of the weevil Myllocerus undecimpustulatus undatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) (Sep 2019)
Turning a burden into an opportunity: Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.) a new oilseed crop for biofuel production (Sep 2019)
Dolomite and micronutrient fertilizer effect on phosphorus fate in pine bark I: fallow column study (Sep 2019)
Seed and floret size parameters of sunflower are determined by partially overlapping sets of quantitative trait loci with epistatic interactions (Sep 2019)
Cereal cover crop response to N fertilizer (Sep 2019)
Registration of oilseed sunflower germplasms HA 482, RHA 483, and RHA 484, selected for resistance to Sclerotinia and Phomopsis (Sep 2019)
Use of flowering plants to enhance parasitism and predation rates on two squash bug species Anasa tristis and Anasa armigera (Hemiptera: Coreidae (Sep 2019)
Comparative assessment of einkorn and emmer wheat phenomes: III. Phenology (Sep 2019)
Peanut allergen reduction and functional property improvement by means of enzymatic hydrolysis and transglutaminase crosslinking (Sep 2019)
Comprehensive analysis of the internal structure and firmness in American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon L.) fruit (Sep 2019)
Differential effects of increasing salinity on germination and seedling growth of native and exotic invasive cordgrasses (Sep 2019)
Use of flowering plants to enhance parasitism and predation rates on two squash bug species Anasa tristis and Anasa armigera (Hemiptera: coreidae) (Sep 2019)
Anaerobic digestion of livestock and poultry manures spiked with tetracycline antibiotics (Sep 2019)
Gene expression during the early stages of host perception and attachment in adult female Rhipicephalus microplus ticks (Sep 2019)
Editorial: New processes for nutrient recovery from wastes (Sep 2019)
Improving grain yield, stress resilience, and quality of bread wheat using large-scale genomics (Sep 2019)
Genome expansion by allopolyploidization in the fungal strain Coniochaeta 2T2.1 and its exceptional lignocellulolytic machinery (Sep 2019)
Effect of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (n-3 PUFA) supplementation to lactating sows on growth and indicators of stress in the post-weaned pig (Sep 2019)
Impeller blower performance in conveying broiler litter (Sep 2019)
Upslope and lateral inflow impacts on ephemeral gully erosion: contribution discrimination (Sep 2019)
Influence of topramezone plus triclopyr mixtures and application timing on bermudagrass control in sugarcane (Sep 2019)
Responses of ‘Honeycrisp’ apples to short-term controlled atmosphere storage established during temperature conditioning (Sep 2019)
Potato germplasm enhancement in the genomics era (Sep 2019)
Xylose enriched ethanol fermentation stillage from sweet sorghum for xylitol and astaxanthin production (Sep 2019)
Salmonella control in egg-laying chickens (Sep 2019)
Prediction of drying rate of nectarines (Prunus persica var. nucipersica) from real-time ambient weather factors during direct sun drying (Sep 2019)
Beliefs of childbearing age women on sleep hygiene behaviors: A Reasoned Action Approach elicitation study (Sep 2019)
Aerial nitrogen fluxes and soil nitrate in response to fall-applied manure and fertilizer applications in eastern South Dakota (Sep 2019)
A discovery of the first Nearctic moss-eating flea beetle, Distigmoptera borealis Blake, 1943 (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini) (Sep 2019)
RNAi-mediated resistance against viruses in perennial fruit plants (Sep 2019)
Bulked segregant analysis RNA-seq (BSR-Seq) validated a stem resistance locus in Aegilops umbelluata, a wild relative of wheat (Sep 2019)
Synergistic phytotoxic effects of culmorin and trichothecene mycotoxins (Sep 2019)
The microbial pecking order: utilization of intestinal microbiota for poultry health (Sep 2019)
Automated Water Supply Model (AWSM), (computer code) (Sep 2019)
Targeted amplicon sequencing of 40 nuclear genes supports a single introduction and rapid radiation of Hawaiian Metrosideros (Myrtaceae) (Sep 2019)
Spatial modeling for resources framework (computer code) (Sep 2019)
Snow and Water Model analysis and visualiztion (SNOWAV) (Sep 2019)
Minimizing bee (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) bycatch in Japanese beetle traps (Sep 2019)
Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and greenhouse gas emissions from lab-scaled manure bedpacks with and without aluminum sulfate additions (Sep 2019)
Decades of Breeding Scab Resistant Durum Wheat in North Dakota: Challenges and Successes (Sep 2019)
Realizing the benefits of food irradiation (Sep 2019)
Quantitative proteomics reveals a role for SERINE/ARGININE-Rich 45 in regulating RNA metabolism and modulating transcriptional suppression via the ASAP complex in Arabidopsis thaliana (Sep 2019)
Genomic evaluation of genotype by prenatal nutritional environment interaction for maternal traits in a composite beef cattle breed (Sep 2019)
Back to the future: Revisiting the application of an enzyme kinetic equation to maize development nearly four decades later (Sep 2019)
Response of Maize Yield Components to Growth Stage-Based Deficit Irrigation (Sep 2019)
Registration of oilseed sunflower germplasms RHA 478, RHA 479, RHA 480, and HA 481, providing diversity in resistance to necrotrophic pathogens of sunflower (Sep 2019)
First report of a Ceratobasidium sp. AG-K isolate causing lily root rot in Oregon (Sep 2019)
PFGE XbaI® Indistinguishable properties of Salmonella Kastrup and Salmonella Larochelle isolates at beef processing and distribution continuum (Sep 2019)
Iron fortification and bioavailability of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) seeds and flour (Sep 2019)
Proteome analysis reveals a role of rainbow trout lymphoid organs during the Yersinia ruckeri infection process (Sep 2019)
Rheological and emulsifying properties of arabinoxylans from various cereal brans (Sep 2019)
Dissecting the molecular basis of strain- and temperature-sensitivity to PVY conferred by the potato Nytbr resistance gene (Sep 2019)
Impact of granular carriers to improve the efficacy of entomopathogenic fungi against wireworms in spring wheat (Sep 2019)
Investigating the dispersal of antibiotic resistance associated genes from manure application to soil and drainage waters in simulated agricultural farmland systems (Sep 2019)
Allele-specific expression of CD4+ T cells in response to Marek’s disease virus infection (Sep 2019)
Grazing reduces the temporal stability of temperate grasslands in northern China (Sep 2019)
Application of grazing land models in ecosystem management: Current status and next frontiers (Sep 2019)
NOTE: A Device for the efficient detection of wheat seeds with waxy endosperm (Sep 2019)
Release of Climate Database Application 1.0 (Sep 2019)
Relationships Between Broiler Feed and Feed Efficiency and Their Gut Microbiomes. (Sep 2019)
Words matter: extensive misapplication of "non-invasive" in describing DNA sampling methods, and proposed clarifying terms (Sep 2019)
Florida citrus rootstock selection guide online tool (Sep 2019)
Recent advances to improve nitrogen efficiency of grain-finishing cattle in North American and Australian feedlots (Sep 2019)
Why is phosphorus needed on farms (Sep 2019)
Simulation of post-hurricane impact on invasive species with biological control management (Sep 2019)
Mechanistic insight into the salt tolerance of almonds (Sep 2019)
In vitro consumption patterns of pepper weevil, Anthonomus eugenii (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on two commercial pepper cultivars in Florida (Sep 2019)
Management of economically important insect pests of millet (Sep 2019)
Multiple genes recruited from hormone pathways partition maize diterpenoid defences (Sep 2019)
Taxonomic novelties in Amaryllidaceae from the Department of Ancash, Peru, and a new combination in Clinanthus (Sep 2019)
Using SNP/INDEL diversity patterns to identify a core group of genotypes from FVC11, a superior hybrid family of Fragaria virginiana and F. chiloensis (Sep 2019)
Seasonality of E. coli and enterococci concentrations in creek water, sediment, and periphyton (Sep 2019)
Satellite surface soil moisture from SMAP, SMOS, AMSR2 and ESA CCI: a comprehensive assessment using global ground-based soil moisture observations (Sep 2019)
Contamination of eggs by Salmonella Enteritidis in experimentally infected laying hens of four commercial genetic lines in conventional cages and enriched colony housing. (Sep 2019)
High-throughput field phenotyping using hyperspectral reflectance and partial least squares regression (PLSR) reveals genetic modifications to photosynthetic capacity (Sep 2019)
Experimental Infection and Transmission of Newcastle Disease Vaccine Virus in Passerines (Sep 2019)
Common statistical mistakes in entomology: ignoring interactions (Sep 2019)
Editorial for the special issue "remote sensing of evapotranspiration (ET)" (Sep 2019)
A new species of Bonfilsus Scherer 1967 (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini) from the Dominican Republic (Sep 2019)
Cross transferability analysis of SSR markers developed from the American Cranberry to other Vaccinium species of agricultural importance (Sep 2019)
A review on toxoplasmosis in humans and animals from Egypt (Sep 2019)
Characterization of natural genetic variation identifies multiple genes involved in salt tolerance in maize (Sep 2019)
Managing crop nutrients to achieve water quality goals (Sep 2019)
How management practices within a poultry house during successive flock rotations change the structure of the soil microbiome (Sep 2019)
Transcriptome divergence during leaf development in two contrasting switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) cultivars (Sep 2019)
First identification and molecular characterization of a novel cherry robigovirus (Sep 2019)