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Overwintering and yield responses of two late-summer seeded alfalfa cultivars to phosphate supply (Jan 2022)
Genome-wide identification of genes important for growth of dickeya dadantii and dickeya dianthicola in potato (solanum tuberosum) tubers (Jan 2022)
Geotropic, hydrokinetic and random walking differ between sympatric tick species: the deer tick Ixodes scapularis and the lone star tick Ambylomma americanum (Jan 2022)
Framework for establishing a Rapid ‘Ohi‘a Death resistance program (Jan 2022)
Morphological, physiological, biochemical, and transcriptome studies reveal the importance of transporters and stress signaling pathways during salinity stress in Prunus (Jan 2022)
UAV-enabled quantification of grazing-induced changes in uniformity of green cover on semi-arid and mesic grasslands (Jan 2022)
Spatiotemporal distribution of stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in southeastern farmscapes (Jan 2022)
Deciphering molecular mechanisms involved in salinity tolerance in guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.) using transcriptome analyses (Jan 2022)
Genome-wide identification of loci associated with phenology-related traits and their adaptive variations in a highbush blueberry collection (Jan 2022)
Physico-chemical and tribological properties of isopropyl-branched chicken fat (Jan 2022)
Does intercropping carinata with loblolly pine for sustainable aviation fuel production save carbon? A case study from the southern United States (Jan 2022)
PrP-res in placental tissue following experimental transmission of atypical scrapie in ARR/ARR sheep is not infectious by Tg338 mouse bioassay (Jan 2022)
Asclepias dynamics on US rangelands: Implications for conservation of monarch butterflies and other insects (Jan 2022)
Patterns of deer ked (Diptera: Hippoboscidae) and tick (Ixodida: Ixodidae) infestation on white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in the eastern United States (Jan 2022)
Cottonseed extracts regulate gene expression in human colon cancer cells (Jan 2022)
Insights into the microbial ecology of the New World screwworm, Cochliomyia hominivorax, from wild collections and under mass-rearing for sterile insect releases (Jan 2022)
TAR30, a homolog of the canonical plant TTTAGGG telomeric repeat, is enriched in the proximal chromosome regions of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (Jan 2022)
Crustacean meal elicits expression of growth and defense-related genes in roots of lettuce and tomato (Jan 2022)
Biophysical effects of paddy rice expansion on land surface temperature in Northeastern Asia (Jan 2022)
Darwinian genomics and diversity in the tree of life (Jan 2022)
Contrasting effects of genotype and root size on the fungal and bacterial communities associated with apple rootstocks (Jan 2022)
Hydrothermal pretreatment optimization and deep eutectic solvent pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass: An integrated approach (Jan 2022)
Characterization and controlled release of pequi oil microcapsules for yogurt application (Jan 2022)
Skin carotenoid status of Black or African American college students correlates with plasma carotenoids and fruit and vegetable intake independent of skin tone (Jan 2022)
Genomic interrogation of a MAGIC population highlights genetic factors controlling fiber quality traits in cotton (Jan 2022)
AB5 Enterotoxin-Mediated Pathogenesis: Perspectives Gleaned from Shiga Toxins (Jan 2022)
Performance efficiency of conventional treatment plants and constructed wetlands towards reduction of antibiotic resistance (Jan 2022)
Observed changes in agroclimate metrics relevant for specialty crop production in California (Jan 2022)
Harnessing Mycobacterium bovis BCG trained immunity to control human and bovine babesiosis (Jan 2022)
Vibrio gazogenes inhibits aflatoxin production through downregulation of aflatoxin biosynthetic genes in Aspergillus flavus (Jan 2022)
Evaluation of A3 cytoplasmic male sterile forage sorghum lines for resistance to sugarcane aphid (Jan 2022)
Lipid profiles in preliminary germinated brown rice beverages compared to non-germinated brown and white rice beverages (Jan 2022)
Complete genome sequence of two isolates of spiraea yellow leafspot virus (genus: badnavirus) from spiraea x bumalda 'Anthony Waterer' (Jan 2022)
Sampling optimization and crop interface effects on Lygus lineolaris populations in Southeastern U.S. cotton (Jan 2022)
Food assistance use among food bank clients affected by type 2 diabetes (Jan 2022)
Utilizing an integrated taxonomy approach for the description of a new species of Gamasellodes (Mesostigmata: Ascidae) (Jan 2022)
New species and records of Metatarsonemus (Acari: Tarsonemidae) from Central and South Americas (Jan 2022)
Global analysis of differential gene expression within the porcine conceptus transcriptome as it transitions through spherical, ovoid, and tubular morphologies during the initiation of elongation (Jan 2022)
Chinese oak silkworm Antherae pernyi egg, a suitable factitious host for rearing eupelmid egg parasitoids (Jan 2022)
Increasing temperature reduces cuticular melanism and immunity to fungal infection in a migratory insect (Jan 2022)
Pea proteins: variation, composition, genetics, and functional properties (Jan 2022)
Impact of diuron applications to commercial catfish ponds on musty-odor cyanobacteria, musty off-flavor compound concentrations, and channel catfish fillet flavor quality (Jan 2022)
A novel approach: Supercritical carbon dioxide + ethanol extraction to improve techno-functionalities of pea protein isolate (Jan 2022)
Microbial enzymes induce colitis by reactivating triclosan in the mouse gastrointestinal tract (Jan 2022)
‘Cordial’ strawberry (Jan 2022)
The fish pathogen Flavobacterium columnare represents four distinct species: Flavobacterium columnare, Flavobacterium covae sp. nov., Flavobacterium davisii sp. nov. and Flavobacterium oreochromis sp. nov. (Jan 2022)
From specialized to primary metabolism: Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q) biosynthesis from flavonoids in plants (Jan 2022)
A genome wide association study in a North American oat breeding population (Jan 2022)
Regulatory roles of small non-coding RNAs in sugar beet resistance against beet curly top virus (Jan 2022)
Map-based cloning of the Liguleless 1 gene regulating architecture in barley (Jan 2022)
Organ fat in Latino youth at risk for type 2 diabetes (Jan 2022)
Plant tissue culture media preparation (Jan 2022)
Preparing plant vitrification solution 2 (Jan 2022)
Did the Parastagonospora nodorum necrotrophic effector SnTox3 evolved from SnTox5? (Jan 2022)
Classification of daily crop phenology in PhenoCams using deep learning and hidden markov models (Jan 2022)
SSR-based molecular identification and population structure analysis for the Yunrui-series sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrids) genotypes (Jan 2022)
Registration of ‘CP 12-1417’ sugarcane for organic soils in Florida (Jan 2022)
Registration of tropical populations of maize selected in parallel for early flowering time across the United States (Jan 2022)
Registration of CP 13-4100 sugarcane (Jan 2022)
Registration of ‘CP 13-1223’ sugarcane for Florida organic soils (Jan 2022)
Parastagonospora nodorum necrotrophic effector SnTox5 facilitates the colonization of leaf mesophyll in the presence and absence of Snn5 (Jan 2022)
Desorption kinetics of legacy soil phosphorus: Implications for non-point transport and plant uptake (Jan 2022)
Rift Valley Fever virus Gn V5-epitope tagged virus enables identification of UBR4 as a Gn interacting protein that facilitates Rift Valley Fever virus production (Jan 2022)
Volatile Emissions and Relative Attraction of the Fungal Symbionts of Tea Shot Hole Borer (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) (Jan 2022)
Notes on the presence of Brevipalpus recki and Cenopalpus longirostris [Tetranychoidea: Tenuipalpidae] associated with Quercus pubescens in southern Italy (Jan 2022)
Iodine in Foods and Dietary Supplements: A Collaborative Tool by ODS-NIH, FDA and USDA (Jan 2022)
Multivariate analysis of butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea L.) genotypes with potentially healthy nutraceuticals and uses (Jan 2022)
Carbon black replacement in natural rubber composites using dry-milled calcium carbonate, soy protein, and biochar (Jan 2022)
Non-invasive metabolomics biomarkers of production efficiency and beef carcass quality traits (Jan 2022)
A global-scale assessment of water resources and vegetation cover dynamics in relation with the earth climate gradient (Jan 2022)
Differential responses of abomasal transcriptome to Haemonchus contortus infection between Haemonchus-selected and Trichostrongylus-selected merino sheep (Jan 2022)
Bacterial Detection and Recovery from Poultry Litter. (Jan 2022)
Cell wall degrading enzymes associated with Rhizoctonia solani can increase sugar beet root damage in the presence of Leuconostoc mesenteroides (Jan 2022)
Circulating long-chain acylcarnitine concentrations are not affected by exercise training in pregnant women with obesity (Jan 2022)
Alfalfa-bermundagrass management guide (Jan 2022)
Rainfall interception by mountain big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata spp. vaseyana): dryland shrub canopy cover affects net precipitation (Jan 2022)
Cropping management in a livestock-pasture-crop integration modifies microbial communities, activity and soil health score (Jan 2022)
Potato improvement through genetic engineering (Jan 2022)
Recent advances in genetics, genomics, and breeding for nutritional quality in groundnut (Jan 2022)
Chromosome-scale assembly of the highly heterozygous genome of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.), an allogamous forage crop species (Jan 2022)
The rumen liquid meta-transcriptome of post-weaned dairy calves differed by pre-weaning ruminal administration of differentially-enriched, rumen-derived inocula (Jan 2022)
Chemical composition and thermogravimetric behaviors of glanded and glandless cottonseed kernels (Jan 2022)
Effectiveness of cover crop termination methods on no-till cantaloupe (Jan 2022)
Correlation-Based Network Analysis of the Influence of Bemisia tabaci Feeding on Photosynthesis and Foliar Sugar and Starch Composition in Soybean (Jan 2022)
Desert locust episode in Pakistan 2018-2021 and the current status of integrated desert locust management (Jan 2022)
Satellite solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and near-infrared reflectance capture complementary aspects of dryland vegetation dynamics (Jan 2022)
Gene expression in the amygdala and hippocampus of cyclic and acyclic gilts (Jan 2022)
Biomass production, metal and nutrient content in sorghum plants grown on soils amended with sewage sludge (Jan 2022)
Directed sequencing of plant specific DNA identifies the dietary history of four species of Auchenorrhyncha (Hemiptera) (Jan 2022)
Long-term permanent quadrat sampling project at the Jornada Experimental Range, New Mexico (Jan 2022)
A novel mechanism to simulate intercropping and relay cropping using the DayCent model (Jan 2022)
Areawide management of fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), using selected cover crop plants (Jan 2022)
Movement, activity, and landscape use patterns of heritage and commercial beef cows grazing Chihuahuan Desert rangeland (Jan 2022)
Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes and Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in "soupie", a homemade soppressata (Jan 2022)
Generating lineage-resolved, complete metagenome-assembled genomes from complex microbial communities (Jan 2022)
Grazing cool-season cover crops in North Florida (Jan 2022)
The effect of piscidin antimicrobial peptides on the formation of Gram-negative bacterial biofilms (Jan 2022)
Metabolic flux analysis of the non-transitory starch tradeoff for lipid production in mature tobacco leaves (Jan 2022)
Analyzing aggregate environmental monitoring data for Listeria spp. in frozen food manufacturing environments (Jan 2022)
Long-Term Agroecosystem Research Network Regions, 2018 version (Dec 2021)
History, changes, impacts, and perspectives of the National Cotton Variety Test (NCVT): Sixty years of the program (Dec 2021)
Fly odorant-binding protein with high-histidine N-terminal extension binds to transition metals (Dec 2021)
Increased expression of the fluorescent reporter protein ymNeonGreen in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by reducing RNA secondary structure near the start codon (Dec 2021)
Seasonal, Landscape, and Attractant Effects on Lesser Grain Borer, Rhyzopertha dominica (F.), Captures in Northeast Kansas (Dec 2021)
Phytochemical investigation and reproductive capacity of the Bulgarian endemic plant species Marrubium friwaldskyanum Boiss. (Lamiaceae) (Dec 2021)
Characterizing hyperspectral microscope imagery for classification of blueberry firmness with deep learning methods (Dec 2021)
Evaluation of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes for tolerance to frost in controlled environment (Dec 2021)
dsRNAs targeted to the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens: assessing risk to a non-target, beneficial predator, Cytorhinus lividipennis (Dec 2021)
Spread of citrus tristeza virus in central California (Dec 2021)
High resistant starch rice: variation in starch related SNPs, and functional, and sensory properties (Dec 2021)
A smart cotton module tracking and monitoring system for handling logistics and cover damage (Dec 2021)
Antimicrobial usage for the management of mastitis in the USA: Impacts on antimicrobial resistance and potential alternative approaches (Dec 2021)
Beta-carotene oxygenase 2 genotype modulates the impact of dietary lycopene on gen expression during early TRAMP prostate carcinogenesis (Dec 2021)
Development of an SNP assay for marker-assisted selection of soil-borne Rhizoctonia solani AG-2-2-IIIB resistance in sugar beet (Dec 2021)
Optimization of an mHealth lifestyle intervention for families with hereditary cancer syndromes: Study protocol for a multiphase optimization strategy feasibility study (Dec 2021)
Utilization of a sugarcane100K Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms microarray-derived high-density genetic map in Quantitative Trait Loci mapping and function role prediction of genes related to chlorophyll content in sugarcane (Dec 2021)
An allelic variant of the broad-spectrum blast resistance gene Ptr in weedy rice is associated with resistance to the most virulent blast race IB-33 (Dec 2021)
Avian genomics (Dec 2021)
Sodium and potassium intake, the sodium to potassium ratio, and associated characteristics in older adults, NHANES 2011-2016 (Dec 2021)
Printed organic electrochemical transistors with internal ion reservoirs for detecting macronutrients in whole plant sap (Dec 2021)
Distinct C4 sub-types and C3 bundle sheath isolation in the Paniceae grasses (Dec 2021)
Incidence of zonate leaf spot on sorghum accessions under disease-conducive growing conditions Burleson County, Texas (Dec 2021)
Is flavored milk really a bad beverage choice? The nutritional benefits of flavored milk outweigh the added sugars content (Dec 2021)
Selecting SNP Markers Reflecting Population Origin for Cacao (Theobroma Cacao L.) Germplasm Identification (Dec 2021)
Participation in the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children and dietary intake in children: Associations with race and ethnicity (Dec 2021)
Towards smart farming solutions in the U.S. and South Korea: A comparison of the current status (Dec 2021)
Harnessing genetic diversity in the USDA pea (Pisum sativum L.) germplasm collection through genomic prediction (Dec 2021)
Isolation of infectious Theileria parva sporozoites secreted by infected Rhipicephalus appendiculatus ticks into an in vitro tick feeding system (Dec 2021)
Analysis of Camelina sativa transcriptomes identified specific transcription factors and processes associated with freezing tolerance in a winter biotype (Dec 2021)
B-vitamins and choline in human milk are not impacted by a preconception lipid-based nutrient supplement (LNS), but differ among three low-to-middle income settings – Findings from the women first trial (Dec 2021)
Influence of prolonged serotonin and ergovaline pre-exposure on vasoconstriction ex vivo (Dec 2021)
Rapid Spread of an Introduced Parasitoid for Biological Control of Emerald Ash Borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) in Maryland (Dec 2021)
Regionalizing crop types to enhance global ecosystem modeling of maize production (Dec 2021)
Selection and use of vegetable parenting practices did not vary by parent feeding styles: Mixed methods investigation (Dec 2021)
Biology of Anthonomus testaceosquamosus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): a new pest of tropical hibiscus (Dec 2021)
The relationship between drone speed and number of flights in RFID tag reading for plant inventory (Dec 2021)
Metabolic engineering of bacillus subtilis with an endopolygalacturonase gene isolated from pectobacterium carotovorum, a plant pathogenic bacterial strain (Dec 2021)
Evaluation of settling chamber hydraulic retention time in a Sunshine bass biofloc production system (Dec 2021)
Transcriptome analysis of transgenic apple fruit overexpressing microRNA172 reveals candidate transcription factors regulating apple fruit development at early stages (Dec 2021)
A single-walled carbon nanotubes-based electrochemical impedance immunosensor for on-site detection of Listeria monocytogenes (Dec 2021)
Forest management handbook for small-parcel landowners in the Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascade Range (Dec 2021)
Biochar alters hydraulic conductivity and inhibits nutrient leaching in two agricultural soils (Dec 2021)
Volatile organic compound profile fingerprints using DART–MS shows species-specific patterns in Fusarium mycotoxin producing fungi (Dec 2021)
Monitoring climate impacts on annual forage production across U.S. semi-arid grasslands (Dec 2021)
Effect of residual pesticides in recycled nursery runoff on growth and physiology of six ornamental shrubs (Dec 2021)
Five rootstocks for ‘Emperor’ mandarin under subtropical climate in Southern Brazil (Dec 2021)
Hybridization Potential of Two Invasive Asian Longhorn Beetles (Dec 2021)
Seasonal phenology of Coffee Berry Borer (Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari) in Hawaii and the influence of weather on flight activity (Dec 2021)
Seasonality, shelf life and storage atmosphere are main drivers of the microbiome and E. coli O157:H7 colonization of post-harvest lettuce cultivated in a major production area in California (Dec 2021)
Lima bean growth, leaf stomatal and nonstomatal limitations to photosynthesis, and 13C discrimination in responses to saline irrigation (Dec 2021)
Ecological intensification of food production by integrating forages (Dec 2021)
SmartFeeding4Kids, an online self-guided parenting intervention to promote positive feeding practices and healthy diet in young children: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (Dec 2021)
The red flower wintersweet genome provides insights into the evolution of magnoliids and the molecular mechanism for tepal color development (Dec 2021)
Susceptibility of some corylus avellana L. cultivars to xanthomonas arboricola pv. corylina (Dec 2021)
Introduced plants induce outbreaks of a native pest and facilitate invasion in the plants' native range: Evidence from the emerald ash borer (Dec 2021)
Tropical milkweed herbivore and predator dynamics in suburban South Texas (Dec 2021)
Photochemical performance of reproductive structures in Great Basin bunchgrasses in response to soil-water availability (Dec 2021)
Mixture design methodology and predictive modeling for developing active formulations using essential oils and citrus extract against foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms in rice (Dec 2021)
Unique transcriptomic changes underlie hormonal interactions during mammary histomorphogenesis in female pigs (Dec 2021)
Food safety issues and mitigation of prosopis flour (Dec 2021)
Evaluation of 29 natural and synthetic aromatic compounds provides insight into structure-function relationships of attractants for Mediterranean fruit fly (Dec 2021)
Stability of nuclear and mitochondrial reference genes in selected tissues of the ambrosia beetle Xylosandrus germanus (Dec 2021)
The synergy between water conservation and economic profitability of adopting alternative irrigation systems for cotton production in the Texas High Plains (Dec 2021)
Omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid biomarkers and sleep: A pooled analysis of cohort studies (Dec 2021)
Mixed-methods assessment of a guided imagery therapy mobile app prototype for treating childhood functional abdominal pain disorders (Dec 2021)
A quantitative review of irrigation development in the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta from 1991 to 2020 (Dec 2021)
Cold conditioned: Discovery of novel alleles for low temperature tolerance in the vavilov barley collection (Dec 2021)
A rapid screening method for ß-adrenergic agonist residues incurred in animal urine using direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS) (Dec 2021)
Male ants fire ant neurotransmitter precursors trigger reproductive deveopment in females after mating (Dec 2021)
Immunocapture-reverse transcriptase loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for detection of plant RNA viruses (Dec 2021)
Evaluation of AnnAGNPS model for runoff simulation on watersheds from glaciated landscape of USA midwest and northeast (Dec 2021)
One-step coassembled nanocoatings on paper for potential packaging applications (Dec 2021)
House Fly Larval Grazing Alters Dairy Cattle Manure Microbial Communities (Dec 2021)
A module feeder inspection system for plastic contamination – updated system design (Dec 2021)
The accuracy of genomic predictions for bacterial cold water disease resistance remains higher than the pedigree-based model one generation after model training in a commercial rainbow trout breeding population (Dec 2021)
Relationship between soil organic matter, soil properties, and dryland crop yields (Dec 2021)
Integrated tick management in Guilford, CT: Fipronil-based rodent-targeted bait box deployment configuration and Peromyscus leucopus (Rodentia: cricetidae) abundance drive reduction in tick burdens (Dec 2021)
Cellulosic butanol biorefinery: production of biobutanol from high solid loadings of sweet sorghum bagasse - simultaneous saccharification, fermentation, and product recovery (Dec 2021)
Genetic analysis of the Asiatic cotton (Gossypium arboreum) petal spot phenotypes (Dec 2021)
Development of a soil test correlation and calibration database for the USA (Dec 2021)
Envisaging an effective global long-term agrobiodiversity conservation system that promotes and facilitates use (Dec 2021)
Gender differences in nutritional quality and consumption of lunches brought from home to school (Dec 2021)
Beet leafhopper populations and beet curly top virus strains in southern Idaho (Dec 2021)
Parameterizing an aeolian erosion (AERO) model for rangelands (Dec 2021)
Optimizing the choice of test locations for multi-trait genotypic evaluation (Dec 2021)
Bacillus thuringiensis and Chlorantraniliprole Trigger the Expression of Detoxification-Related Genes in the Larval Midgut of Plutella xylostella (Dec 2021)
Evidence for thermosensitivity of the cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) immature fiber (im) mutant via hypersensitive stomatal activity (Dec 2021)
Comparison of field emergence and thermal gradient table germination rates of seed from high oleic and low oleic near isogenic peanut lines (Dec 2021)
Development and comparison of loop-mediated isothermal amplification with quantitative PCR for the specific detection of Saprolegnia spp (Dec 2021)
Species complex of mosquitos captured by mechanical traps and an equine host (Dec 2021)
Registration of ‘USDA Lori’ soft white spring waxy wheat (Dec 2021)
First record of Cenopalpus officinalis Papaioannou-Souliotis for Italy and Mexico (Dec 2021)
Both male and female-produced pheromones influence Colorado potato movement in the field (Dec 2021)
Interaction between Rag genes results in a unique synergistic transcriptional response that enhances soybean resistance to soybean aphids (Dec 2021)
Characterization of the molecular mechanisms of resistance against DMI fungicides in Cercospora beticola populations from the Czech Republic (Dec 2021)
Chemical Composition of Essential Oils From Leaves and Fruits of Juniperus Foetidissima and Their Attractancy and Toxicity to Two Economically Important Tephritid Fruit Fly Species, Ceratitis Capitata and Anastrepha Suspensa (Dec 2021)
Use of a fluorophore to tag arthropods for mark-release-recapture type research (Dec 2021)
Vegetable parenting practices vary by feeding styles among middle class mothers of young children (Dec 2021)
Impact of long-term storage on alfalfa leaf and stem silage characteristics (Dec 2021)
USDA’s FoodData Central: What is it? and Why is it needed today? (Dec 2021)
The benefits of the no-till system on soil health and crop yields in dryland cropping systems (Dec 2021)
‘NDOLA-2’, a high-yielding open-pollinated conventional spring type canola in North Dakota (Dec 2021)
Immunization against a conserved surface polysaccharide stimulates bovine antibodies with opsonic killing activity but does not protect against Babesia bovis challenge (Dec 2021)
A review: Gaseous interventions for Listeria monocytogenes control in fresh apple cold storage (Dec 2021)
Identification of repellents from four non-host Asteraceae plants for the root knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita (Dec 2021)
New records of Quadraseta spp. (Trombidiformes: Trombiculidae) in South America (Dec 2021)
Development of an enzyme cocktail to bioconvert untapped starch in sweet sorghum processing by-products: Part II. Application and economic potential (Dec 2021)
B cells do not play a role in vaccine-mediated immunity against Marek's disease (Dec 2021)
Phytosanitary irradiation using X-rays prevents reproduction in the semi-slug Parmarion martensi(Stylommatophora:Ariophantidae),a host of the human pathogenic nematode Angiostrongylus cantonensis(Rhabditida:Angiostrongylidae) (Dec 2021)
A micrometeorological flux perspective on brush management in a shrub-encroached Sonoran desert grassland (Dec 2021)
Registration of two rice mapping populations using weedy rice ecotypes as a novel germplasm resource (Dec 2021)
Evidence of western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte) field-evolved resistance to Cry3Bb1 + Cry34/35Ab1 maize in Nebraska (Dec 2021)
Phenotyping seedlings for selection of root system architecture in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) (Dec 2021)
Steam Explosion (STEX) of Citrus x Poncirus Hybrids with Exceptional Tolerance to Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus (CLas) as Useful Sources of Volatiles and Other Commercial Products (Dec 2021)
Eighty Years of Nutritional Sciences, and Counting (Dec 2021)
Molecular Mechanism & Structure — Zooming in on Plant Immunity (Dec 2021)
Unraveling the diversity of Helopinina Latreille (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Blaptinae): an illustrated catalogue of the subtribe with emphasis on the type specimens deposited in Ditsong National Museum of Natural History (Dec 2021)
"I don't sleep through the night": Qualitative study of sleep in type 1 diabetes (Dec 2021)
Placement of the orphan genus Asiopus Sharp (Tenebrionidae: Adelini/Platynotini) and the synonymy of Alaetrinus Iwan, 1995 (Dec 2021)
Use of natural spoken language with automated mapping of self-reported food intake to food composition data for low-burden real-time dietary assessment: method comparison study (Dec 2021)
World Society for Virology First International Conference: Tackling Global Virus Epidemics (Dec 2021)
Theory and development of a VRI decision support system: The USDA ARS ISSCADA approach (Dec 2021)
Coherence of global hydroclimate classification systems (Dec 2021)
Effects of increasing calcium propionate in a finishing diet on dry matter intake and glucose metabolism in steers (Dec 2021)
Fusarium chaquense,sp. nov, a novel type A trichothecene-producing species isolated from native grasses in a wetland ecosystem in Argentina (Dec 2021)
Are crop coefficients for SDI different from those for sprinkler irrigation application? (Dec 2021)
Development and characterization of a bovine monocyte-derived macrophage cell line (Dec 2021)
Environment characterization and genomic prediction for end-use quality traits in soft white winter wheat. (Dec 2021)
Genetic control of kernel compositional variation in a maize diversity panel (Dec 2021)
Can cattle geolocation data yield behavior-based criteria to inform precision grazing systems on rangeland? (Dec 2021)
Comparative analysis of five salvia species using LC-DAD-QToF (Dec 2021)
Detection of viroids using reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) (Dec 2021)
Reserpine improves Enterobacteriaceae resistance in chicken intestine via neuro-immunometabolic signaling and MEK1/2 activation (Dec 2021)
Using the Behavior Change Wheel Program Planning model to design games for health: Development study (Dec 2021)
Bacterial endosymbionts of Bactericera maculipennis and three mitochondrial haplotypes of B. cockerelli (Hemiptera: Psylloidea: Triozidae) (Dec 2021)
Evaluation of diazepam as a drug treatment for water hemlock (Cicuta species) poisoning in Spanish goats (Dec 2021)
Virome Characterization in Commercial Bovine Serum Batches—A Potentially Needed Testing Strategy for Biological Products (Dec 2021)
Conserving alpha- and beta-diversity in wood production landscapes (Dec 2021)
The pour-through procedure for monitoring container substrate chemical properties: a review (Dec 2021)
Aspergillus section Flavi, need for a robust taxonomy (Dec 2021)
Improved dryland carbon flux predictions with explicit consideration of water-carbon coupling (Dec 2021)
Lessons learned: the importance of biological curation (Dec 2021)
Decreased land use intensity improves soil quality on marginal lands (Dec 2021)
Analysis of digitized herbarium records and community science observations provides a glimpse of downy mildew diversity of North America and importance of continued digitization and collecting (Dec 2021)
The biology, ecology, and management of the larger grain borer, Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) (Dec 2021)
BAITSSS model: An opportunity to integrate remote sensing and energy balance modeling for in-season crop water management (Dec 2021)
Field guide for phantasma scale (Dec 2021)
Alfalfa yield impacts of low-disturbance manure application (Dec 2021)
Molecular and morphological evidence for the first report of Seville root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne hispanica (Nematoda: Meloidogynidae) in the USA and North America (Dec 2021)
Tissue-specific mechanisms of bile acid homeostasis and activation of FXR-FGF19 signaling in preterm and term neonatal pigs (Dec 2021)
Preharvest Foliar Salicylic Acid Sprays Reduce Cracking of Fig Fruit at Harvest (Dec 2021)
Plant bioactive compounds as an intrinsic and sustainable tool to enhance the microbial safety of crops (Nov 2021)
Effects of virtual fence monitored by global positioning system on beef cattle behavior (Nov 2021)
Yield and nutrients of six cultivars of strawberries grown in five urban cropping systems (Nov 2021)
Old origin for an European-African amphitropical disjunction pattern? New insights from a case study on wingless darkling beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Dendarini) (Nov 2021)
Cloning and sequencing of viroids (Nov 2021)
Detection and characterization of viroids via biological assays on herbaceous hosts (Nov 2021)
Extraction and Purification of Viroids from Herbaceous Hosts (Nov 2021)
Seed-borne Cercospora beticola can initiate Cercospora leaf spot in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) fruit tissue (Nov 2021)
Effects of Salmonella enterica ser. Enteritidis and Heidelberg on Host CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cell Suppressive Immune Responses in Chickens (Nov 2021)
Genetic variability and population structure of Ethiopian chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) germplasm (Nov 2021)
Top-down proteomic identification of plasmid and host proteins produced by pathogenic Escherichia coli using MALDI-TOF-TOF tandem mass spectrometry (Nov 2021)