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Genetic analysis of new maize hybrids for yield and resistance to aflatoxin accumulation (Sep 2021)
The agricultural conservation planning framework: opportunities and challenges in the eastern United States (Sep 2021)
A catalog of natural products occurring in watermelon - Citrullus lanatus (Sep 2021)
Mitochondrial loci enable specific qPCR detection of the pathogen causing contemporary impatiens downy mildew epidemics (Sep 2021)
Sensory characterization of two California-grown avocados (Persea americana Mill.) over the harvest season by descriptive analysis and consumer tests (Sep 2021)
Experimental evaluation of genomic selection prediction for rust resistance in sugarcane (Sep 2021)
Contamination of eggs by Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhimurium in experimentally infected laying hens in indoor cage-free housing. (Sep 2021)
Comprehensive transcriptome and methylome analysis delineates the biological basis of hair follicle development and wool-related traits in Merino sheep (Sep 2021)
Genomic evaluation of crossbred dairy cattle in the United States – an update (Sep 2021)
National index correlations and actual vs. expected use of foreign sires (Sep 2021)
Biology, ecology, and pest management of the tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois) in southern row crops (Sep 2021)
Implementation of feed saved evaluations in the U.S. (Sep 2021)
Improved genomic validation including extra regressions (Sep 2021)
Mammary tumorigenesis and metabolome in adipose specific monocyte chemotactic protein-1 deficient male MMTV-PyMT mice fed a high-fat diet (Sep 2021)
Development of a non-diapausing strain of northern corn rootworm with rearing techniques for both diapausing and non-diapausing strains (Sep 2021)
Convenience Stores: Source of Food/Beverages among Children, What We Eat In America, NHANES 2015-2018 (Sep 2021)
Serosurveillance and risk factors for Neospora caninum infection in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) from central and southern Mexico (Sep 2021)
Use of an immersion adjuvant with a Flavobacterium columnare recombinant protein vaccine in channel catfish (Sep 2021)
Registration of three soybean germplasms with novel cyst nematode resistance from PI 567516C (Sep 2021)
Benefits of alfalfa interseeding include reduced residual soil nitrate pools following corn production (Sep 2021)
Breaking the cheatgrass fire cycle (Sep 2021)
Genotype, environment, year, and harvest effects on fruit quality traits of five blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) cultivars (Sep 2021)
Neofusicoccum batangarum causing dieback of mango in Florida (Sep 2021)
Who’s the boss? Assessing convergent validity of dominance measures in male laboratory mice, Mus musculus (Sep 2021)
Postharvest intervention technologies to enhance microbial safety of fresh and fresh-cut produce (Sep 2021)
Toxicity and mode of action of the aporphine plant alkaloid liriodenine on the insect GABA receptor (Sep 2021)
Assisted gene flow using cryopreserved sperm in critically endangered coral (Sep 2021)
Laccase directed lignification is one of the major processes associated with the defense response against Pythium ultimum infection in apple roots (Sep 2021)
Holistic Management of Pollinators and Pests: Integrating Semiochemicals with On-Farm Pesticides (Sep 2021)
Bioassay-guided Isolation of phytotoxins from three Salvia species (Sep 2021)
Juice chemical properties of sweet sorghum cultivars under varying levels of sugarcane aphids (Melanaphis sacchari) infestation (Sep 2021)
Effect of soy protein products and gum inclusion in feed on fecal particle size profile of rainbow trout (Sep 2021)
The Gossypium anomalum genome as a resource for cotton improvement and evolutionary analysis of hybrid incompatibility (Sep 2021)
Association of plasma and CSF cytochrome P450, soluble epoxide hydrolase and ethanolamides metabolism with Alzheimer’s disease (Sep 2021)
High-efficiency plastome base-editing in rice with TAL cytosine deaminase (Sep 2021)
Current state of enteric methane and the carbon footprint of beef and dairy cattle in the United States (Sep 2021)
Prevalence of antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in wild birds in Portugal (Sep 2021)
Specialty crop retention reservoir performance and design considertions to secure quality water and mitigate non-point source runoff (Sep 2021)
Performance of xylose-fermenting yeasts in oat and soybean hulls hydrolysate and improvement of ethanol production using immobilized cell systems (Sep 2021)
Plant defense compound triggers mycotoxin synthesis by regulating H2B ub1 and H3K4 me2/3 deposition (Sep 2021)
Micropropagation of Hibiscus moscheutos L. ‘Luna White’: Effect of growth regulators and explants on nuclear DNA content and ploidy stability of regenerants (Sep 2021)
Microbial control agents for fungus gnats (Diptera: Sciaridae: Lycoriella) affecting the production of oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus spp (Sep 2021)
Consequences of coupled barriers to gene flow for the build-up of genomic differentiation: Reproductive barriers and coupling in corn borers (Sep 2021)
Tillage and liquid dairy manure effects on overland flow nitrogen and phosphorus loss potential in an upper Midwest corn silage-winter triticale cropping system (Sep 2021)
Adaption and validation of a voxel based energy transport model for conifer species (Sep 2021)
Discovery of the REN11 locus from Vitis aestivalis for stable resistance to grapevine powdery mildew in a family segregating for several unstable and tissue-specific quantitative resistance loci (Sep 2021)
Identification of anti-horn fly vaccine antigen candidates using a reverse vaccinology approach (Sep 2021)
Sustainable management of insect-resistant crops (Sep 2021)
Effects of GE crops on non-target organisms (Sep 2021)
Seasonality in aerodynamic resistance across a range of North American ecosystems (Sep 2021)
Crop water and nitrogen productivity in response to long-term diversified crop rotations and management systems (Sep 2021)
Nest architecture of an endangered Hawaiian yellow-faced bee, Hylaeus anthracinus (Hymenoptera: Colletidae) and potential nest-site competition from three introduced solitary bees (Sep 2021)
Climbing bean breeding for disease resistance and grain quality traits (Sep 2021)
Early warning of resistance to Bt toxin Vip3Aa in Helicoverpa zea (Sep 2021)
The diversification of downy mildew species was not driven by the loss of mycorrhizal associations or the evolution of C4 photosynthesis (Sep 2021)
Detection of vesicular stomatitis virus Indiana from insects collected during the 2020 outbreak in Kansas, USA (Sep 2021)
Changes in Total Fruit and Fruit Juice Intakes of Individuals: WWEIA, NHANES 2005-2006 to 2017-2018 (Sep 2021)
Registration of 'Driver' hard red spring wheat (Sep 2021)
Horticultural characterization of wild Hydrangea quercifolia seedlings collected throughout the species native range (Sep 2021)
Collaborative adaptive rangeland management, multi-paddock rotational grazing, and the story of the regrazed grass plant (Sep 2021)
15 years of cereal-grain forage research in Marshfield (Sep 2021)
Regional ensemble modeling reduces uncertainty for digital soil mapping (Sep 2021)
Description and functional analysis of the transcriptome from malting barley (Sep 2021)
Molecular Characterization of Wheat Stripe Rust Pathogen (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) Collections from Nine Countries (Aug 2021)
Genomic methods for improving abiotic stress tolerance in field crops (Aug 2021)
An overview of the Delta Region Areawide Aquatic Weed Project for improved control of invasive aquatic weeds in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Aug 2021)
2021 Taxonomic update of phylum Negarnaviricota (Riboviria: Orthornavirae), including the large orders Bunyavirales and Mononegavirales (Aug 2021)
Agricultural cybernetics (Aug 2021)
Genetic variation in methane emissions in rice alters seasonal profiles of methanogenic microbial communities in anaerobic soils (Aug 2021)
Pseudomonas viridiflava: An internal outsider of the Pseudomonas syringae species complex (Aug 2021)
Geneva series rootstocks for apple trees under extreme replanting conditions in southern Brazil (Aug 2021)
Campylobacter jejuni genotypes associated with post-infection irritable bowel syndrome. (Aug 2021)
Double Strand RNA Absorption in Citrus Trees for Delivery to Asian Citrus Psyllids, Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Liviidae). (Aug 2021)
Botany, taxonomy, and origins of the apple (Aug 2021)
Apple genetic resources: Diversity and conservation (Aug 2021)
Identification of QTLs for seed dormancy in cultivated peanut using a recombinant inbred line mapping population (Aug 2021)
Detecting the conspecific: herbivory induced olfactory cues in the fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) (Aug 2021)
Effects of charcoal rot on soybean seed composition in soybean genotypes that differ in charcoal rot resistance under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions (Aug 2021)
An Illumina MiSeq based amplicon sequencing method for the detection of mixed parasite infections using the Blastocystis SSU rRNA gene as an example (Aug 2021)
Mapping daily evapotranspiration at field scale using the Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 dataset, with sharpened VIIRS as a Sentinel-2 thermal proxy (Aug 2021)
Wheat leaf rust in the United States in 2020 (Aug 2021)
Dose response of coconut rhinoceros beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) to 92 kV x-ray irradiation (Aug 2021)
Ozone fumigation under vacuum to control potential infestation of coffee berry borer and coffee leaf rust in green coffee beans imported into Hawaii (Aug 2021)
Optimizing Efficient RNAi-mediated Control of Hemipteran Pests (Psyllids, Leafhoppers, Whitefly): Modified Pyrimidines in dsRNA Triggers (Aug 2021)
Draft Genome Sequences of Kazachstania slooffiae, isolated from post-weaning piglet feces (Aug 2021)
Evidence for the role of CYP51A and xenobiotic detoxification in differential sensitivity to azole fungicides in boxwood blight pathogens (Aug 2021)
Pan-transcriptome identifying master genes and regulation network in response to drought and salt stresses in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) (Aug 2021)
Conserved oligomeric Golgi (COG) complex genes functioning in defense are expressed in root cells undergoing a defense response to a pathogenic infection and exhibit regulation my MAPKs (Aug 2021)
Optimizing Efficient RNAi-mediated Control of Hemipteran Pests (Psyllids, Leafhoppers, Whitefly): Modified Pyrimidines in dsRNA Triggers (Aug 2021)
Multiple gene segments are associated with enhanced virulence of clade H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in mallards (Aug 2021)
Unveiling the gut microbiota and resistome of the wild cotton-mice, Peromyscus gossypinus, from heavy metal and radionuclide-contaminated sites in the Southeastern US (Aug 2021)
Impact of drought and changing water sources on water use and soil salinity of almond and pistachio orchards: 1. observations (Aug 2021)
Exploring adaptation to changing environments (E) and mitigation strategies through genetics (G) and management (M) for crop improvement (Aug 2021)
Metabolite analysis of Arabidopsis CYP79A2 overexpression lines reveals turnover of benzyl glucosinolate and an additive effect of different aldoximes on phenylpropanoid repression (Aug 2021)
Dynamic global vegetation models underestimate net CO2 flux mean and inter-annual variability in dryland ecosystems (Aug 2021)
Improving Suppression of Hemipteran Vectors and Bacterial Pathogens of Citrus and Potatoes: Advances in Antisense Oligonucleotide (FANA) (Aug 2021)
Horizontal gene transfer is the main driver of antimicrobial resistance in broiler chicks infected with Salmonella enterica Serovar Heidelberg (Aug 2021)
Identification of multiple Blastocystis subtypes in domestic animals from Colombia using amplicon-based next generation sequencing (Aug 2021)
Semiochemical-mediated host selection by Xylosandrus spp. ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) attacking horticultural tree crops: A review of basic and applied science (Aug 2021)
Key challenges in breeding durable disease-resistant cereals: North America (Aug 2021)
Infection and transmission SARS-CoV-2 and its alpha variant in pregnant white-tailed deer (Aug 2021)
Dairy cows with different milk urea nitrogen breeding values display different grazing behaviours (Aug 2021)
Genetics of partial resistance against Verticillium dahliae race 2 in wild and cultivated lettuce (Aug 2021)
Microwave nondestructive sensing of moisture content and water activity of almonds (Aug 2021)
Richard Bradley’s “A Short Historical Account of Coffee” (1715) and “The Virtue and Use of Coffee” (1721) (Aug 2021)
Alteration of desert soil microbial community structure in response to agricultural reclamation and abandonment (Aug 2021)
Nitrous oxide and methane emissions from beef cattle feedyard pens following large rainfall events (Aug 2021)
Nitric oxide fumigation for postharvest control of pests and pathogens (Aug 2021)
A 2020 vision of subsurface drip irrigation in the USA (Aug 2021)
Chemical Composition of Essential Oil From Tetradenia riparia and Its Attractant Activity for Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis capitata (Aug 2021)
Chemical Characterization and Biological Activity of the Mastic Gum Essential Oils of Pistacia lentiscus var. chia from Turkey (Aug 2021)
Nitrogen balance of dairy cows divergent for milk urea nitrogen consuming either plantain or perennial ryegrass (Aug 2021)
Identification of microbial populations in blends of worm castings or sugarcane filter mud compost with biochar (Aug 2021)
Detection of spores of causal fungi of dieback-type trunk diseases in young, asymptomatic vineyards and mature, symptomatic vineyards (Aug 2021)
Pathogen and drought stress affect cell wall and phytohormone signaling to shape host responses in a sorghum COMT bmr12 mutant (Aug 2021)
High-throughput phenotyping approach for the evaluation of heat stress in Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng Meyer) using hyperspectral reference image (Aug 2021)
Effect of tempering conditions on white sorghum milling, flour, and bread properties (Aug 2021)
DNA-based detection of grapevine trunk diseases from environmental spore samples (Aug 2021)
Soilless substrate science: A north american needs assessment to steer soilless substrate research into the future (Aug 2021)
The Breeding Information Management System (BIMS): an online resource for crop breeding (Aug 2021)
A pan-genomic approach to genome databases using maize as a model system (Aug 2021)
Plastic contamination: what is being done at the cotton gin to address the issue? (Aug 2021)
"We are a family with diabetes": Parent perspectives on siblings of youth with type 1 diabetes (Aug 2021)
A systematic review of the use of dietary self-monitoring in behavioral weight-loss interventions: Delivery, intensity and effectiveness (Aug 2021)
RNA and sugars, unique properties of bacteriophages infecting multidrug resistant Acinetobacter radioresistens strain LH6 (Aug 2021)
HPE1, an effector from zebra chip pathogen interacts with tomato proteins and perturbs ubiquitinated protein accumulation (Aug 2021)
Sampling of volatiles in closed systems: a controlled comparison of three solventless volatile collection methods (Aug 2021)
Soil health assessment for agricultural lands (Aug 2021)
Pasture conservation management effects on soil surface infiltration in hay and grazed systems (Aug 2021)
Reducing pesticide transport in surface and subsurface irrigation return flow in specialty crop production (Aug 2021)
Three-dimensional culture of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus BmVIII-SCC cells on multiple synthetic scaffold systems and in rotating bioreactors (Aug 2021)
Association of Bactericera cockerelli (Hemiptera: Triozidae) with the perennial weed Physalis longifolia (Solanales: Solanaceae) in the potato growing regions of western Idaho (Aug 2021)
Identification of an intestinal microbiota signature associated with the severity of necrotic enteritis (Aug 2021)
New approaches to an old problem: Dollar spot of turfgrass (Aug 2021)
Land use and land cover changes and its impact on soil erosion in Stung Sangkae catchment of Cambodia (Aug 2021)
Influence of curly leaf trait on cottonseed micro-nutrient status in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) lines (Aug 2021)
Effect of short-term high tryptophan diet fed to sows on their subsequent piglet behavior (Aug 2021)
A new species of the genus Amberophytum Yu, Slipinski et Pang, 2019 (Coleoptera: Cerophytidae) from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber (Aug 2021)
Exploring environmental and storage factors affecting sensory, physical and chemical attributes of six southern highbush blueberry cultivars (Aug 2021)
qTeller: A tool for comparative multi-genomic gene expression analysis (Aug 2021)
Complexity of modulating anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway by deficit irrigation in table grapes (Aug 2021)
Studying drought-induced forest mortality using high spatiotemporal resolution evapotranspiration data from thermal satellite imaging (Aug 2021)
Local plants, not soils, are the primary source of foliar fungal community assembly in a C4 grass (Aug 2021)
Diets of Erythritol, Xylitol and Sucrose affect the digestive activity and gut bacterial community in adult house flies (Aug 2021)
Recognition of genital coevolution in mites using multi-microscopy technologies (Aug 2021)
Sexual dimorphism in the dioecious willow Salix purpurea (Aug 2021)
SNP discovery and SSR mining from Carya illinoinensis - RAD sequences (Aug 2021)
Economic and GHG emissions changes of aeration and gypsum application (Aug 2021)
Effect of a dietary and exercise intervention in women with overweight and obesity undergoing fertility treatments: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial (Aug 2021)
Model prediction capacity of ephemeral gully evolution in conservation tillage systems (Aug 2021)
Cryopreservation of various Ribes species by dormant winter buds (Aug 2021)
Soil quality assessment of an agroforestry system following long-term management in the Ozark Highlands (Aug 2021)
Fusarium: more than a node or a foot-shaped basal cell (Aug 2021)
Insights into the impact of geography and genetics on the microbiome of Carya illinoinensis (Aug 2021)
Genotype-driven soil microbial profile associated with methane emissions (Aug 2021)
Fargo sugar beet germplasm evaluated for rhizomania and storage rot resistance in Idaho, 2020 (Aug 2021)
Kimberly sugar beet germplasm evaluated for rhizomania and storage rot resistance in Idaho, 2020 (Aug 2021)
Elevated [CO2]-induced changes prevented peanut plants from photosynthetic acclimation to water deficit (Aug 2021)
Interspecific competition between idiobiont larval parasitoids of emerald ash borer (Aug 2021)
Long-term ecosystem carbon losses from silage maize-based forage cropping systems (Aug 2021)
Elucidation of the low resistant starch phenotype in Phaseolus vulgaris exhibited in the yellow bean Cebo Cela (Aug 2021)
Water-stable soil aggregate assessment (Aug 2021)
Seed size, ginning rate, and net ginning energy requirements in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) (Aug 2021)
Calcium-alginate beads as a formulation for the application of entomopathogenic nematodes to control rootworms (Aug 2021)
Soil health: An overview and goals for these volumes (Aug 2021)
Beliefs of women of childbearing age on healthy sleep habits: A reasoned action approach elicitation study (Aug 2021)
Using isotopic characterization to identify the authenticity of Ilex paraguariensis brands marketed in southern Brazil (Aug 2021)
High-fat diet–induced colonocyte dysfunction escalates microbiota-derived trimethylamine N-oxide (Aug 2021)
Role of metal complexation on the solubility and enzymatic hydrolysis of phytate (Aug 2021)
Egg carton and eggshell: is there a possibility of Salmonella cross-contamination (Aug 2021)
Effects of condensed tannins supplementation on animal performance, phylogenetic microbial changes and in vitro methane emissions in steers grazing winter wheat (Aug 2021)
First Report of Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) Infecting Tomato in Florida, U.S.A. (Aug 2021)
Development of antigen-capture ELISA to analyze the immunological functions of chicken interferon-kappa using specific monoclonal antibodies (Aug 2021)
Does differential receptor distribution underlie variable responses to a neuropeptide in the lobster cardiac system? (Aug 2021)
Genetic diversity of MHC-BF/BL region in 21 chicken populations (Aug 2021)
Plant species richness in multiyear wet and dry periods in the Chihuahuan Desert (Aug 2021)
Resistance-breaking insecticidal activity of new spatial insecticides against Aedes aegypti (Aug 2021)
Pilot-scale H2S and swine odor removal system using commercially available biochar (Aug 2021)
A roadmap to durable BCTV resistance using long-read genome assembly of genetic stock KDH13 (Aug 2021)
Impact of water stress under ambient and elevated carbon dioxide across three temperature regimes on soybean canopy gas exchange and productivity. (Aug 2021)
Soil health indicators and crop yield in response to long-term cropping sequence and nitrogen fertilization (Aug 2021)
Arsenic speciation in rice bran: agronomic practices, postharvest fermentation, and human health risk assessment across the lifespan (Aug 2021)
Select phytochemicals reduce Campylobacter jejuni in postharvest poultry and modulate the virulence attributes of C. jejuni (Aug 2021)
Technical note: using an automated head chamber system to administer an external marker to estimate fecal output by grazing beef cattle (Aug 2021)
Assessing Mitigative Properties of Vegetation in Northeast Arkansas Agricultural Ditches Using Physiochemical Water Quality Characteristics (Aug 2021)
Feeding laying hens a diet containing high-oleic peanuts or oleic acid enriches yolk color and beta-carotene while reducing the saturated fatty acid content in eggs (Aug 2021)
Phosphorus fertilization and enhanced efficiency products effects on sugarbeet (Aug 2021)
Competing sexual-asexual generic names in the Agaricomycotina (Basidiomycota), with recommendations for use (Aug 2021)
Effect of wheat quality traits and glutenin composition on tortilla quality from the USDA Southern Regional Performance Nursery (Aug 2021)
Production of yellow poplar interior plywood with cottonseed-based protein adhesives (Aug 2021)
Comparable discrimination of soil constituents using spectral reflectance data (400-1000 nm) acquired with hyperspectral radiometry (Aug 2021)
Evapotranspiration and water stress coefficient for deficit-irrigated maize (Aug 2021)
Linking genetic determinants with salinity tolerance and ion relationships in eggplant, tomato and pepper (Aug 2021)
The USDA-Agricultural Research Service's Long Term Agro-ecosystems Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed (WGEW), Arizona, USA (Aug 2021)
Evaluation of sugarcane genotypes with respect to sucrose yield across three crop cycles using AMMI and GGE biplot analysis (Aug 2021)
Investigation of reflectance, fluorescence, and Raman hyperspectral imaging techniques for rapid detection of aflatoxins in ground maize (Aug 2021)
Wheat stubble height effects on soil water capture and retention during long fallow (Aug 2021)
Limoniic acid and its analogue as trap lures for pest Limonius species (Coleoptera: Elateridae) in North America (Aug 2021)
Juice Preservation Using Combined Nonthermal Processing and Antimicrobial Packaging (Aug 2021)
Differential expression of calcium-dependent protein kinase 4, tubulin tyrosine ligase, and methyltransferase by xanthurenic acid-induced Babesia bovis sexual stages (Aug 2021)
Variability and seasonal dynamics of evapo-transiration of Giant Reed (Arundo donax) along the Rio Grande River in Texas (Aug 2021)
Nonlinear carbon cycling responses to precipitation variability in a semiarid grassland (Aug 2021)
Identification of the viral determinant of hypovirulence and host range in Sclerotiniaceae of a genomovirus reconstructed from the plant metagenome (Aug 2021)
Evaluating unoccupied aerial systems (UAS) imagery as an alternative tool towards cotton-based management zones (Aug 2021)
Seedling defoliation may enhance survival of dominant wheatgrasses but not Poa secunda seeded for restoration in the sagebrush steppe of the Northern Great Basin (Aug 2021)
Identification and molecular mapping of Rps14, a gene conferring broad-spectrum resistance to Phytophthora sojae in soybean (Aug 2021)
The spatial-temporal relationship of blue-winged teal to domestic poultry: Movement state modeling of a highly mobile avian influenza host (Aug 2021)
Field evaluation of seven products to control cyanobacterial blooms in aquaculture (Aug 2021)
Simple energy balance or microbiome for childhood obesity prevention? (Aug 2021)
Modeling nitrous oxide mitigation potential of enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers from agricultural systems (Aug 2021)
Phenotypic and genetic characterization of stem and rib browning in romaine lettuce (Aug 2021)
Dual transcriptome analysis of the susceptible interaction between basil and Peronospora belbahrii (Aug 2021)
Review of the 2019 and 2020 Vesicular Stomatitis Outbreaks in the United States (Aug 2021)
Resistance to lettuce drop (Sclerotinia spp.): cell wall composition analysis to determine biological basis (Aug 2021)
De novo assembly, annotation, and comparative analysis of 26 diverse maize genomes (Aug 2021)
Impacts of low disturbance liquid dairy manure incorporation on alfalfa yield and fluxes of ammonia, nitrous oxide, and methane (Aug 2021)
Evaluation of diverse biochemical stimulants to enhance growth, lipid and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) production of aurantiochytrium Sp. ATCC PRA-276 (Aug 2021)
Registration of “ARS Crescent” Soft White Winter Club Wheat (Aug 2021)
Registration of Castella Soft White Winter Club Wheat (Aug 2021)
Mining QTL for elevated protein and other major seed composition traits from diverse soybean germplasm (Aug 2021)
Simplification of interior latex paint using biopolymer to replace rheological additives and calcium carbonate extender (Aug 2021)
Post-digestate composting shifts microbial composition and degrades antimicrobial resistance genes (Aug 2021)
Breeding with Major and Minor Genes: Genomic Selection for Quantitative Disease Resistance (Aug 2021)
Complete Genome Sequence of Enterobacter asburiae Strain AEB30, determined using Illumina and PacBio Sequencing (Aug 2021)
Quercetin ameliorates insulin resistance and restores gut microbiome in mice on high fat diets (Aug 2021)
Plasticity of body growth and development in two cosmopolitan pupal parasitoids (Aug 2021)
Plant invasion alters latitudinal patterns of plant-defense syndromes (Aug 2021)
Investigation of diets associated with dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs using foodomics analysis (Aug 2021)
Evaluation of Streptococcus uberis surface proteins as vaccine antigens to control S. uberis mastitis in dairy cows (Aug 2021)
An analogy-based crop yield forecast scheme assessing similarity of the time series of leaf area index (Aug 2021)
Characterization of a source of resistance to aflatoxin accumulation in maize (Aug 2021)
Importance of parameter and climate data uncertainty for future changes in boreal hydrology (Aug 2021)
Differences between predicted outer membrane proteins of Pasteurella multocida, Histophilus somni, and genotype 1 and 2 Mannheimia haemolytica strains isolated from cattle (Aug 2021)
Characterizing the relationship between western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) larval survival on Cry3Bb1-expressing corn and larval developmental factors (Aug 2021)
Organic agriculture effect on water use, tile flow, and crop yield (Aug 2021)
Capture efficiency of four chamber designs for measuring ammonia emissions (Aug 2021)
Yield and economic performance of crop rotation systems in South Dakota (Aug 2021)
Zea mays volatiles that influence oviposition and feeding behaviors of Spodoptera frugiperda. (Aug 2021)
Cottonseed-derived gossypol and ethanol extracts differentially regulate cell viability and VEGF gene expression in mouse macrophages (Aug 2021)
Mechanical properties of rubber reinforced with silica and hydrolyzed carbohydrate/protein fillers (Aug 2021)
Family-based obesity prevention interventions among Hispanic children and families: A scoping review (Aug 2021)
Highlights in Veterinary Entomology, 2020: The Importance of the Contributions of Government Scientists to Research in Veterinary Entomology (Aug 2021)
Evaluation of 13-Tetradecenyl Acetate Pheromone for Melanotus communis (Coleoptera: Elateridae) detection in North Carolina row crop agroecosystems (Aug 2021)
Using Chemical Ecology to Enhance Weed Biological Control (Aug 2021)
Genetic variablity of Hapalaxius crudus, based on the 5' region of the cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 gene shed light on epidemology of palm lethal decline phytoplasmas (Aug 2021)
Adipocyte iron levels impinge on a fat-gut crosstalk to regulate intestinal lipid absorption and mediate protection from obesity (Aug 2021)
Seed Transmission of a Cacao Virus From the Americas and the Implication on Crop Cultivation and Movement of Germplasm (Aug 2021)
Parasitism and suitability of Aprostocetus brevipedicellus on Chinese oak silkworm, Antheraea pernyi, a dominant factitious host (Aug 2021)
Trichothecene NX-3 is required for Fusarium graminearum initial infection and disease spread (Aug 2021)
Poultry manureshed management: Opportunities and challenges for a vertically integrated industry (Aug 2021)
Molecular regulation and genetic manipulation of alkaloid accumulation in tobacco plants (Aug 2021)
Influence of estradiol on bovine trophectoderm and uterine gene transcripts around maternal recognition of pregnancy (Aug 2021)
Effects of cover crops on beetle assemblages in tea plantations (Aug 2021)
Super absorbent polymers mitigate drought stress in corn (Zea mays L.) grown under rainfed conditions (Aug 2021)
Integrative genomics reveals paths to sex dimorphism in Salix purpurea L. (Aug 2021)
Landscape-level variation in Bt crops predict Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) resistance in cotton agroecosystems (Aug 2021)
Rhizosphere microbial communities explain positive effects of diverse crop rotations on maize and soybean performance (Aug 2021)
Genomic evaluation of dairy heifer livability (Aug 2021)
Identification of efficacious vaccines against contemporary North American H7 avian influenza viruses (Aug 2021)
Review of the American Society of Sugarcane Technologists Annual Joint Meeting 2021 (Aug 2021)
Registration of two Oryza sativa tropical japonica germplasm lines selected for panicle architecture and grain size traits (Jul 2021)
Soil indicators and management strategies for agroecosystem sustainability (Jul 2021)
Analysis of environmental variables and carbon input on soil microbiome, metabolome and disease control efficacy in strawberry attributable to anaerobic soil disinfestation (Jul 2021)
Advances in genomics approaches shed light on crop domestication (Jul 2021)
Biological control of waterhyacinth in California: release and re-distribution of biological control agents 1987-2006 (Jul 2021)
Optimization of liposomes encapsulating unsaponifiable matter as a source of squalene from Amaranthus hypo-chondriacus oil using supercritical fluid extraction (Jul 2021)
Asian Citrus Psyllid Feeding Behavior in Citrus Treated with Specific and Non-Specific dsRNA (Jul 2021)
High-resolution comparative genomics of Salmonella Kentucky aids source tracing and detection of ST198 and ST152 lineage-specific mutations (Jul 2021)
Binary and ternary toxicological interactions of clothianidin and eight commonly used pesticides on honey bees (Apis mellifera) (Jul 2021)
Does soybean yield and seed nutrient content change due to broiler litter application? (Jul 2021)
Teasing apart silvopasture system components using machine learning for optimization (Jul 2021)
Intravenous, intratracheal, and intranasal inoculation of swine with SARS-CoV-2 (Jul 2021)
Agronomic Evaluation of the Results of Selection within Early Maturing Dactylis glomerata Germplasm (Jul 2021)
Integrated control of the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus australis, in New Caledonia through the Pasture and Cattle Management method (Jul 2021)
Expanded ethical principles for research partnership and transdisciplinary natural resource management science (Jul 2021)
Comparing two days of dietary intake in What We Eat In America (WWEIA), NHANES, 2013-2016 (Jul 2021)
Informative and corrective responsive packaging: Advances in farm-to-fork monitoring and remediation of food quality and safety (Jul 2021)
Effects of increasing inclusion of camelina press cake in diets fed to growing-finishing pigs on pork quality (Jul 2021)
Long-term effects of black-tailed prairie dogs on livestock grazing distribution and mass gain (Jul 2021)
Impact of Amerind ancestry and FADS genetic variation on omega-3 deficiency and cardiometabolic traits in Hispanic populations (Jul 2021)
Application of SNPViz v2.0 using next-generation sequencing data sets in the discovery of potential causative mutations in candidate genes associated with phenotypes (Jul 2021)
Prospects of conservation agriculture for food security and climate resilience in nepal (Jul 2021)
Effects of managed fire on a swale grassland in the Chihuahuan Desert (Jul 2021)
Effects of harvest maturity and exposure to refrigeration and blanching of ripe fruit on volatile profiles of ‘Tasti-Lee’ tomatoes (Jul 2021)
Up-regulation of gasdermin C in mouse small intestine is associated with lytic cell death in enterocytes in worm-induced type 2 immunity (Jul 2021)
Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration and Water Regime on Rice Yield, Water Use Efficiency, and Arsenic and Cadmium Accumulation in Grain (Jul 2021)
Molecular methods for identifying and diagnosing Trichinella; from historical perspectives to the ‘-omics’ revolution (Jul 2021)
Agronomic performance of high oleic, low linolenic soybean in Tennessee (Jul 2021)
Taxonomy of the Trichinella genus (Jul 2021)
The genetics of Trichinella populations: a study in contrasts (Jul 2021)
A meta-analysis on cover crop impact on soil water storage, succeeding crop yield, and water-use efficiency (Jul 2021)
History of USDA-ARS Cotton Host Resistance and Breeding Research at Mississippi State, MS (Jul 2021)
Effect of Nanocellulose on the Properties of Cottonseed Protein Isolate as a Paper Strength Agent (Jul 2021)
Closing nutrient cycles for animal production - current and future agroecological and socio-economic issues (Jul 2021)
Early-acting competitive superiority in opiine parasitoids of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae): implications for biological control of invasive tephritid pests (Jul 2021)
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Current knowledge and challenges on the development of a dietary glucosinolate database in the U.S. (Jul 2021)
Identical viral genetic sequence found in black flies (Simulium bivittatum) and the equine index case of the 2006 U.S. vesicular stomatitis outbreak (Jul 2021)
A diagnostic guide for Phytophthora capsici infecting vegetable crops (Jul 2021)
Tropidogyne euthystyla sp. nov., a new small-flowered addition to the genus from mid-Cretaceous Myanmar amber (Jul 2021)
A new species of Hannemania Oudemans, 1911 (Trombidiformes: Leeuwenhoekiidae) from Brazil (Jul 2021)
Drivers of seedling establishment success in dryland restoration efforts (Jul 2021)
Protodioscin levels in Brachiaria spp. in a sheep production system and a brief review of the literature of Brachiaria spp. poisoning in ruminants (Jul 2021)
Population Diversity, Dynamics, and Differentiation of Wheat Stripe Rust Pathogen Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici from 2010 to 2017 and Comparison with 1968 to 2009 in the United State (Jul 2021)
Implication of the type III effector RipS1 in the cool-virulence of Ralstonia solanacearum strain UW551 (Jul 2021)
Noseband sensor validation and behavioural indicators for assessing beef cattle grazing on extensive pastures (Jul 2021)
The participation of a Malignant Catarrhal Fever virus and Mycoplasma bovis in the development of single and mixed infections in beef and dairy cattle with bovine respiratory disease (Jul 2021)
Noseband sensor validation and behavioural indicators for assessing beef cattle grazing on extensive pastures (Jul 2021)
Cooked black turtle beans ameliorate insulin resistance and restore gut microbiota in C57BL/6J mice on high-fat diets (Jul 2021)
Drivers in seedling establishment success in dryland restoration efforts (Jul 2021)
Impact of a biorational pesticide on the pecan aphid complex and its natural enemies (Jul 2021)
Substrate stratification: layering unique substrates within a container increases resource efficiency without impacting growth of shrub rose (Jul 2021)
Draft Genome of Aeromonas popoffii ID682, isolated from a natural water source in Idaho (Jul 2021)
Microbial community composition, diversity, and function (Jul 2021)
Gatekeepers of transformation: private landowners evaluate invasives based on ecosystem services (Jul 2021)
Structure simplification of natural products as a lead generation approach in crop protection compound discovery (Jul 2021)
Antioxidant activity of osage orange extract in soybean oil and fish oil during storage (Jul 2021)
Rising CO2 more severely impacts FHB moderately resistant HRSW compared to susceptible cultivars (Jul 2021)
The environmental microbiology minimum information (EMMI) Guidelines: qPCR and dPCR quality and reporting for environmental microbiology (Jul 2021)
Influence of grazing season, residual herbage, and precipitation on rumen extrusa diet quality (Jul 2021)
Amino acid derivatives as natural antioxidants for frying (Jul 2021)
Capacity of plants to accumulate sulfur and improve the quality of livestock drinking water (Jul 2021)
Exploring qualities of ethnically diverse parents related to the healthy home environment of toddlers (Jul 2021)
Teen reactions to a self-representational avatar: A qualitative exploration (Jul 2021)
Virulence characterization of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici collections from six countries in 2013 to 2020 (Jul 2021)
Synthesis and antifungal activity evaluation of phloeodictine analogues (Jul 2021)
Weight gain, grazing behavior and carcass quality of desert grass-fed Rarámuri Criollo vs. crossbred steers (Jul 2021)
Failure of Phenotypic Markers to Accurately Identify Black Bass Species and Associated Hybrids in Mobile River Basin, Alabama (Jul 2021)
Environmental factors associated with physical activity in rural US counties (Jul 2021)
Addressing air quality, agriculture, and climate change across the Southwest and Southern Plains: A roadmap for research, extension, and policy (Jul 2021)
Time of day impact on mapping agricultural subsurface drainage systems with UAV thermal infrared imagery (Jul 2021)
Gamogony of Sarcocystis strixi in mammalian cell cultures (Jul 2021)
Difference in proteome response to cold acclimation in Zoysia japonica cultivars with different levels of freeze tolerance (Jul 2021)
Insecticidal activity of forty-seven marine algae species from the Mediterranean, Aegean and Sea of Marmara in connection with their cholinesterase and tyrosinase inhibitory activity (Jul 2021)
Characteriztion of a leptin receptor paralog and its response to fasting in rainbow trout(Oncorhynchus mykiss) (Jul 2021)
Genomic selection for end-use quality and processing traits in soft white winter wheat breeding program with machine and deep learning models (Jul 2021)
Biofuel benefit or bummer? A review comparing environmental effects, economics, and feasibility of North American native perennial grass and traditional annual row crops when used for biofuel (Jul 2021)
First report of barley virus G infecting corn in Greece (Jul 2021)
New species and new records of Anastrepha (Diptera: Tephritidae) from Colombia (Jul 2021)
Identifying optimal wavelengths as disease signatures using hyperspectral sensor and machine learning (Jul 2021)
First report of leaf blight of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in Minnesota, USA (Jul 2021)
An anchored chromosome-scale genome assembly of spinach (Spinacia oleracea) improves annotation and reveals extensive gene rearrangements in euasterids (Jul 2021)
Epigenetic evolution of ACE2 and IL-6 genes as non-canonical interferon-stimulated genes correlate to COVID-19 susceptibility in vertebrates (Jul 2021)
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic analysis in applied cotton fiber and cottonseed research: a review (Jul 2021)
Nonlinear turnover rates of soil carbon following cultivation of native grasslands and subsequent afforestation of croplands (Jul 2021)
Phenotypic characterization and inheritance of browning on cut surfaces of stems and leaf ribs of romaine lettuce (Jul 2021)
Data from a public–industry partnership for enhancing corn nitrogen research (Jul 2021)
Tissue colonization and egg and environmental contamination associated with experimental infection of laying hens with Salmonella Braenderup (Jul 2021)
Assessment of agro-morphological, physiological and yield traits diversity among tropical rice (Jul 2021)
Silencing of a putative alanine aminotransferase (ALT) gene influences free amino acid composition in hemolymph and fecundity of the predatory bug, Cyrtorhinus lividipennis Reuter (Jul 2021)
Carbon dioxide flush as a soil health indicator related to soil properties and crop yields (Jul 2021)
Contamination of eggs by Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhimurium in experimentally infected laying hens in indoor cage-free housing (Jul 2021)
Map-based cloning of the Gpa1 gene regulating chloroplast biogenesis in barley (Jul 2021)
Proteomic determination of low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit composition in Aroona near-isogenic lines and standard wheat cultivars (Jul 2021)
Host-induced silencing of a Fusarium graminearum effector enhances wheat resistance to Fusarium Head Blight (Jul 2021)
Quality of nectarines sun-dried under different climatic conditions and tray configurations (Jul 2021)