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Surface irrigation management for guayule rubber production in the US desert southwest (May 2017)
Plant community dynamics 25 years after juniper control (May 2017)
Recombinant human adenovirus-5 expressing capsid proteins of Indian vaccine strains of foot-and-mouth disease virus elicits effective antibody response in cattle (May 2017)
Survival of Salmonella Typhimurium on soybean sprouts after treatment with gaseous chlorine dioxide and biocontrol Pseudomonas bacteria (Apr 2017)
Relationship of the reported intakes of fat and fatty acids to body weight in US adults (Apr 2017)
Biting the bullet: revisionary notes on the Oraseminae of the Old World (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Eucharitidae) (Apr 2017)
Chemical ecology of halyomorpha halys (Apr 2017)
Fermentation of model hemicelluloses by Prevotella strains and Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens in pure culture and in ruminal enrichment cultures (Apr 2017)
Evidence of intralocus recombination at the Glu-3 loci in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (Apr 2017)
Influence of composted dairy manure and perennial forage on soil carbon and nitrogen fractions during transition into organic management (Apr 2017)
Small ruminant lentiviruses: Strain variation, viral tropism, and host genetics influence pathogenesis (Invited guest editorial) (Apr 2017)
The importance of NDF in constructing diets for dairy (Apr 2017)
Density-independent algorithm for sensing moisture content of sawdust based on reflection measurements (Apr 2017)
Appearance and overall acceptability of fresh-cut cantaloupe pieces from whole melon treated with wet steam process (Apr 2017)
Social immunity and the superorganism: Behavioral defenses protecting honey bee colonies from pathogens and parasites (Apr 2017)
Crinivirus and begomovirus detection in tomato plantlets and weeds associated to nurseries in Cartago province (Apr 2017)
Transient expression and cellular localization of recombinant proteins in cultured insect cells (Apr 2017)
Antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii and Leishmania spp. in domestic cats from Luanda, Angola (Apr 2017)
Neighborhood size of training data influences soil map disaggregation (Apr 2017)
Identification of macroscopic sarcocysts of Sarcocystis cameli from camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Iraq (Apr 2017)
The Lolium pathotype of Magnaporthe oryzae recovered from a single blasted wheat plant in the United States (Apr 2017)
Improved oxidative stability of biodiesel via alternative processing methods using cottonseed oil (Apr 2017)
A combination of sexual and ecological divergence contributes to the spread of a chromosomal rearrangement during initial stages of speciation (Apr 2017)
Surveying the maize community for their diversity and pedigree visualization needs to prioritize tool development and curation (Apr 2017)
Prevalence of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in beef cattle at slaughter and beef carcasses at retail shops in Ethiopia (Apr 2017)
Association of potato psyllid (Bactericera cockerelli; Hemiptera: Triozidae) with Lycium spp. (Solanaceae) in potato growing regions of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon (Apr 2017)
Transcriptome response to hormonal manipulation of follicle-enclosed oocytes in rainbow trout (Apr 2017)
Optimizing anaerobic soil disinfestation for fresh market tomato production: Nematode and weed control, yield, and fruit quality (Apr 2017)
High quality yarns produced via high-speed roller ginning of upland cotton (Apr 2017)
A systematic review and meta-analysis of trypanosome prevalence in tsetse flies (Apr 2017)
Aligning land use with land potential: The role of integrated agriculture (Apr 2017)
Effects on roughage inclusion and particle size on digestion and ruminal fermentation characteristics of beef steers (Apr 2017)
Critical Role of Preferential Flow on Field-Scale Pathogen Transport, Retention, and Setback Distance (Apr 2017)
Effects of dexamethasone treatment and respiratory vaccination on rectal temperature, complete blood count, and functional capacities of neutrophils in beef steers. (Apr 2017)
Vulnerability of southern plains agriculture to climate change (Apr 2017)
Divergent and convergent modes of host-pathogen interaction revealed by the comparative gene co-expression network and genome analyses of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici isolates on a susceptible wheat host. (Apr 2017)
Survey Results of the Research Needs and Requirements of the Ginning Industries in Australia and the United States (Apr 2017)
Tracking cotton fiber quality and foreign matter through a stripper harvester (Apr 2017)
Saw gin stands (Apr 2017)
Seed cotton unloading systems (Apr 2017)
Harvesting (Apr 2017)
Assessing integrity of insect RNA (Apr 2017)
The woody breast condition affects texture characteristics of both raw and cooked chicken breast meat (Apr 2017)
How well do we understand nitrous oxide emissions from open-lot cattle systems? (Apr 2017)
Flooding in ephemeral streams: incorporating transmission losses (Apr 2017)
Frequency and persistence of fecal shedding of Salmonella Enteritidis by experimentally infected laying hens housed in enriched colony cages at different stocking densities (Apr 2017)
Plant materials and methodologies for Great Basin rangelands (Apr 2017)
The transcription factor relish controls anaplasma marginale infection in the bovine tick rhipicephalus microplus (Apr 2017)
Inhibition of the in vitro growth of babesia bigemina, babesia caballi and theileria equi parasites by trifluralin analogues (Apr 2017)
Characterization of Volatile and Polar Compounds of Jiaogulan Tea [Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.) Makino] by Hyphenated Analytical Techniques (Apr 2017)
Isolation and characterization of Flavobacterium columnare strains infecting fishes inhabiting the Laurentian Great Lakes basin (Apr 2017)
Groundwater recharge decrease with increased vegetation density in the Brazilian cerrado (Apr 2017)
Performance of five surface energy balance models for estimatng daily evapotranspiration in high biomass sorghum (Apr 2017)
Low rate of initiation and short duration of breastfeeding in a maternal and infant home visiting project targeting rural Southern, African American women (Apr 2017)
SOFIA: an R package for enhancing genetic visualization with Circos (Apr 2017)
Comparative physical and chemical analyses of cotton fibers from two near isogenic upland lines differing in fiber wall thickness. (Apr 2017)
Mapping San Joaquin Valley soil salinity using multi-year canopy reflectance (Apr 2017)
Lexicon development, consumer acceptance, and drivers of liking of quinoa varieties (Apr 2017)
Using mass spectrometry and small molecule reagents to detect distinctive structural features of different prion conformations (strains) (Apr 2017)
Vegetation indices from active optical sensors in irrigated Durum Wheat: nitrogen and water effects (Apr 2017)
Life cycle water footprint analysis for rapeseed derived jet fuel in North Dakota (Apr 2017)
Application of beta-resorcylic acid as potential antimicrobial feed additive to reduce campylobacter colonization in broiler chickens (Apr 2017)
Detecting and distinguishing among type 1 and type 2 Shiga toxins in human serum (Apr 2017)
Bovine leukemia virus seroprevalence among cattle presented for slaughter in the United States (Apr 2017)
Prediction of canola residue characteristics using near-infrared spectroscopy (Apr 2017)
Double strand RNA-mediated RNA interference through feeding in larval gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) (Apr 2017)
Kentucky bluegrass invasion alters soil carbon and vegetation structure on northern mixed-grass prairie of the United States (Apr 2017)
Quantifying the relative amounts of PrP polymorphisms present in prions isolated from heterozygous prion-infected animals (Apr 2017)
Neosporosis of animals (Apr 2017)
Recovery plan for laurel wilt of avocado, caused by Raffaelea lauricola. (Apr 2017)
Wildflower plantings do not compete with neighboring almond orchards for pollinator visits (Apr 2017)
Signatures of adaptation in the weedy rice genome (Apr 2017)
Determination of succession of rumen bacterial species in nursing beef calves (Apr 2017)
ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Dicistroviridae (Apr 2017)
The native bee fauna of the Palouse Prairie (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) (Apr 2017)
Fitness of tetraconazole-resistant isolates of Cercospora beticola after exposure to different temperature/time regimes (Apr 2017)
Complete genome sequence of Spiroplasma citri strain R8-A2T, causal agent of stubborn disease in Citrus spp. (Apr 2017)
Cotton fibre cross-section properties (Apr 2017)
Mapping of SnTox3-Snn3 as a major determinant of field susceptibility to Septoria nodorum leaf blotch in the SHA3/CBRD x Naxos population (Apr 2017)
Characterization of leaf cuticular waxes and cutin monomers of Camelina sativa and closely-related Camelina species (Apr 2017)
Presence and prevalence of Raffaelea lauricola, cause of laurel wilt, in different species of ambrosia beetle in Florida USA (Apr 2017)
Evaluation of various combinations of alternative protein feedstuffs to replace soybean meal in diets for pond-raised channel catfish (Apr 2017)
SMAP radiometer-based soil moisture products status and validation (Apr 2017)
Runoff, erosion, and nutrient loss from improved or unimproved urban areas (Apr 2017)
Effect of sole or combined administration of nitrate and 3-nitro-1-propionic acid on fermentation and Salmonella survivability in alfalfa-fed rumen cultures in vitro (Apr 2017)
Formulating a natural colorant containing wax for a one-step color-add application for fresh citrus (Apr 2017)
Nitrogen-mediated effects of elevated CO2 on intra-aggregate soil pore structure (Apr 2017)
Partitioning the effects of mating and nuptial feeding on the microbiome in gift-giving insects (Apr 2017)
Streptococcus iniae and Streptococcus agalactiae (Apr 2017)
Non-random food-web assembly at habitat edges increases connectivity and functional redundancy (Apr 2017)
Surface soil moisture retrieval using the L-band synthetic aperture radar onboard the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite and evaluation at core validation site (Apr 2017)
Validation of SMAP surface soil moisture products with core validation sites (Apr 2017)
Time interval between cover crop termination and planting influences corn seedling disease, plant growth, and yield (Apr 2017)
Evaporator fouling tendencies of thin stillage and concentrates from the dry grind process (Apr 2017)
Evaluation of genetic components in traits related to superovulation, in vitro fertilization, and embryo transfer in Holstein cattle (Apr 2017)
Rootstock effects on fruit quality among 'Ray Ruby' grapefruit trees grown in the Indian River district of Florida (Apr 2017)
Nitrogen source and concentration affect utilization of glucose by mixed ruminal microbes in vitro (Apr 2017)
Construction of a high-density American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.) composite map using genotyping-by-sequencing for multi-pedigree linkage mapping (Apr 2017)
Evaluation of individual and combined management practices to reduce the off-site transport of pesticides from golf course turf (Apr 2017)
Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals a preformed defense system in apple root of a resistant genotype of G.935 in the absence of pathogen (Mar 2017)
Challenges in measuring feed efficiency (Mar 2017)
Two-year study: Effect of backgrounding system on growing and finishing performance and carcass characteristics of beef steers (Mar 2017)
Cows with follicular fluid androgen excess exhibit anovulation and have altered circulating sex hormone binding globulin, gonadotropin secretion and plasma and follicular fluid composition (Mar 2017)
Impact of estrus expression and conceptus presence on plasma and uterine glucose concentrations up until maternal recognition of pregnancy in beef cattle (Mar 2017)
Characterization of proteins in the bovine epididymal and seminal fluid and proteins attached to epididymal and ejaculated sperm (Mar 2017)
Investigation of ovarian reserve parameters in Bos indicus cows (Mar 2017)
Methods for detecting pathogens in the beef food chain: an overview (Mar 2017)
Purification of high molecular weight genomic DNA from powdery mildew for long-read sequencing (Mar 2017)
Hecatera dysodea (Denis and Schiffermüller) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) new to the state of Idaho (Mar 2017)
Effects of plant density on boll retention and yield of cotton (Mar 2017)
Influence of limiting and regulating factors on populations of Asian citrus psyllid and the risk of insect and disease outbreaks (Mar 2017)
Methods for detecting pathogens in the beef food chain: detecting particular pathogens (Mar 2017)
Ecology, life history and management of tropilaelaps mites (Mar 2017)
Identification and validation of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR studies in long yellow daylily, Hemerocallis citrina Borani (Mar 2017)
A transdisciplinary approach to the initial validation of a single cell protein as an alternative protein source for use in aquafeeds (Mar 2017)
Vaginal and uterine bacterial communities in postpartum lactating cows (Mar 2017)
Characterization of atypical Flavobacterium columnare and identification of a new genomovar (Mar 2017)
Multiplex PCR for rapid genotyping of Flavobacterium columnare (Mar 2017)
Genomovars and genomes: Deciphering the genetic diversity of Flavobacterium columnare (Mar 2017)
Complete genome sequences of two genotype A2 small ruminant lentiviruses isolated from infected U.S. sheep (Mar 2017)
Effect of a biocide treatment on microbes in sweet sorghum juice (Mar 2017)
The effect of nest box distribution on sustainable propagation of Osmia lignaria (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae) in commercial tart cherry orchards (Mar 2017)
Elicitors of Host Plant Defenses Partially Suppress Pear Psylla (Cacopsylla pyricola, Hemiptera: Psyllidae) Populations under Field Conditions (Mar 2017)
Sporobolus stapfianus: Insights into desiccation tolerance in the resurrection grasses from linking transcriptomics to metabolomics (Mar 2017)
Identification of conditions for successful aphid control by ladybirds in greenhouses (Mar 2017)
Time trends and patterns of reported egg consumption in the U.S. by sociodemographic characteristics (Mar 2017)
Enhancement of lake sturgeon conservation through feeding management (Mar 2017)
Daily mapping of 30m LAI, NDVI for grape yield prediction in California vineyard (Mar 2017)
Weather radar data correlate to hail-induced mortality in grassland birds (Mar 2017)
Crop evapotranspiration calculation using infrared thermometers aboard center pivots (Mar 2017)
Catalytic cracking of fast and tail gas reactive pyrolysis bio-oils over HZSM-5 (Mar 2017)
Monitoring land surface albedo and vegetation dynamics using high spatial and temporal resolution synthetic data from Landsat and MODIS BRDF/albedo product (Mar 2017)
Use of pheromones for monitoring phytophagous stink bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) populations (Mar 2017)
Integration of biological control and transgenic insect protection for mitigation of mycotoxins in corn (Mar 2017)
Yeast cell wall supplementation alters the performance and health of beef heifers during the receiving period (Mar 2017)
Growing season variability in carbon dioxide exchange of irrigated and rainfed soybean in the southern United States (Mar 2017)
Seasonal occurrence and interspecific interactions of egg parasitoids of Megacopta cribraria (Heteroptera: Plataspidae) in Japan (Mar 2017)
Comparative study of different stochastic weather generators for long-term climate data simulation (Mar 2017)
Utilization of inulin-containing waste in industrial fermentations to produce biofuels and bio-based chemicals (Mar 2017)
Prevalence and genetic characterization of Toxoplasma gondii in free-range chickens from grocery stores and farms (Mar 2017)
Bacterial exopolysaccharides for corrosion resistance on low carbon steel (Mar 2017)
Cranberry SSR multiplexing panels for DNA horticultural fingerprinting and genetic studies (Mar 2017)
Real-time monitoring of peanut drying parameters in semitrailers (Mar 2017)
Allometric method to estimate leaf area index for row crops (Mar 2017)
Registration of ‘CP 06-2425’, ‘CP 06-2495’, ‘CP 06-2964’, ‘CP 06-3103’, and ‘CP 07-1313’ Sugarcane for Sand Soils in Florida (Mar 2017)
Acculturation and weight change in Asian-American children: Evidence from the ECLS-K:2011 (Mar 2017)
Field performance of Valencia trees on US-942 and US-812 rootstocks in trials challenged by HLB (Mar 2017)
Laboratory microwave measurement of the moisture content in seed cotton and ginned cotton fiber (Mar 2017)
Row crops production practices effects on greenhouse gas emissions (Mar 2017)
Low input and intensified crop production systems effects on soil health and environment (Mar 2017)
Intra-trophic isotopic discrimination of 15N/14N for amino acids in autotrophs: Implications for nitrogen dynamics in ecological studies (Mar 2017)
The Knight Stick Trap and Knight Stick Sticky Wraps: New Tools for Stable Fly (Diptera: Muscidae) Management (Mar 2017)
Concurrence in the ability for lipid synthesis between life stages in insects (Mar 2017)
Differential susceptibility of bighorn sheep (Ovis Canadensis)and domestic sheep (Ovis Aries) neutrophils to Mannheimia Haemolytica Leukotoxin is not due to differential expression of cell surface CD18 (Mar 2017)
Which morel is this? (Mar 2017)
Single nucleotide variants and indels identified from whole-genome re-sequencing of Guzerat, Gyr, Girolando and Holstein cattle breeds (Mar 2017)
Optimizing preplant irrigation for maize under limited water in the High Plains (Mar 2017)
Introgression of Clearfield(TM) rice crop traits into weedy red rice outcrosses (Mar 2017)
The Capacity-Building Stewardship Model: Assessment of an agricultural network as a mechanism for improving regional agroecosystem sustainability (Mar 2017)
Advancing our understanding of charcoal rot in soybeans (Mar 2017)
Compost improves urban soil and water quality (Mar 2017)
Upscaling soil saturated hydraulic conductivity from pore throat characteristics (Mar 2017)
Potential adherence of flue gas desulfurization gypsum to forage as a consideration for excessive ingestion by ruminants (Mar 2017)
Temporal variations in baseflow for the Little River Experimental Watershed in South Georgia, USA (Mar 2017)
Total leaf crude protein, amino acid composition and elemental content in the USDA-ARS bamboo germplasm collection (Mar 2017)
Lake nutrient responses to integrated conservation practices in an agricultural watershed (Mar 2017)
Biochars reduce mine land soil bioavailable metals (Mar 2017)
Intensifying a semi-arid dryland crop rotation by replacing fallow with pea (Mar 2017)
Impacts of terrain attributes on economics and the environment: Costs of reducing potential nitrogen pollution in wheat production (Mar 2017)
The DinJ/RelE toxin-antitoxin system suppresses bacterial proliferation and virulence of Xylella fastidiosa in grapevine (Mar 2017)
Evaluation of rectoanal mucosal swab sampling for molecular detection of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli in beef cattle (Mar 2017)
Selection and application of strand displacement probes for a fumonisin B1 aptamer (Mar 2017)
The baseline characteristics of parents and African American girls in an online obesity prevention program: A feasibility study (Mar 2017)
Solid state fermentation of carinata (Brassica carinata) meal using various fungal strains to produce a protein-rich product for feed application (Mar 2017)
Intra- and interspecific hybridization in invasive Siberian elm (Mar 2017)
Comparison of supplemental cobalt form on fibre digestion and cobalamin concentrations in cattle (Mar 2017)
Available nutrients in biochar (Mar 2017)
A tale of two pectins: Diverse fine structures can result from identical processive PME treatments on similar high DM subtrates (Mar 2017)
Definition of the low molecular weight glutenin subunit gene family members in a set of standard bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties (Mar 2017)
Variation for Nitrogen Use Efficiency Traits in Current and Historical Great Plains Hard Winter Wheat (Mar 2017)
Irrigation initiation timing in soybean grown on sandy soils in Northeast Arkansas (Mar 2017)
Soil moisture remote sensing: State of the science (Mar 2017)
Foodborne Salmonella control (Mar 2017)
Genome-wide identification of horizontal gene transfer in Fusarium verticillioides (Mar 2017)
StuA is a key regulator of fumonisin production and virulence in Fusarium verticillioides (Mar 2017)
Functional and molecular characterization of genes involved in antagonisms between two maize endophytes, Fusarium verticillioides and Sarocladium zeae (Mar 2017)
Interaction of bale size and preservative rate for large-round bales of alfalfa hay (Mar 2017)
Adoption and validation of Ribonucleotide Reductase (RNR)-based real-time assays for detection of HLB ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ (CLas) (Mar 2017)
Whole genome sequence analyses revealed that strains of “Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus” recently found in two California locations were different (Mar 2017)
Beet curly top resistance in USDA-ARS plant introduction lines, 2016 (Mar 2017)
Beet curly top resistance in USDA-ARS Kimberly sugar beet germplasm lines, 2016 (Mar 2017)
Host-associated differentiation in a pecan and water hickory Aphidomorpha community (Mar 2017)
Effectiveness of integrated best management practices on mitigation of atrazine and metolachlor in an agricultural lake watershed (Mar 2017)
Immunization of bighorn sheep against mannheimia haemolytica with a bovine herpesvirus 1-vectored vaccine (Mar 2017)
Bio-control and plant growth promotion potential of Salicaceae endophytes (Mar 2017)
Influence of thermally peroxidized soybean oil on growth performance and oxidative status in growing pigs (Mar 2017)
Population structure and phylogenetic relationships in a diverse panel of Brassica rapa L. (Mar 2017)
Host boring preferences of the tea shot-hole borer Euwallacea fornicatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) (Mar 2017)
Rapid measurement of the three-dimensional distribution of leaf orientation and the leaf angle probability density function using terrestrial LiDAR scanning (Mar 2017)
Physical mapping of DNA markers linked to stem rust resistance gene Sr47 in durum wheat (Mar 2017)
A combination of a-copaene and quercivorol results in improved detection of Euwallacea nr. fornicatus in Florida (Mar 2017)
Genotyping-by-sequencing of waxy and glossy near-isogenic broccoli lines (Mar 2017)
Mapping and identification of fruit rot resistance QTL in American cranberry using GBS (Mar 2017)
It takes a combination of biosecurity, testing, and vaccination to keep bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) under control (Mar 2017)
The influence of legacy P on lake water quality in a Midwestern agricultural watershed (Mar 2017)
The CIOA (Carrot Improvement for Organic Agriculture) project: location, cropping system and genetic background influence carrot performance including top height and flavour (Mar 2017)
The next generation of carotenoid studies in carrot (Daucus carota L.) (Mar 2017)
Recent advance in carrot genomics (Mar 2017)
Using population matrix models to reduce the spread of wild carrot (Mar 2017)
Cold Plasma-activated hydrogen peroxide aerosol inactivates Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Salmonella Typhimurium, and Listeria innocua and maintains quality of grape tomato, spinach and cantaloupe (Mar 2017)
Natural resistance of raw cotton fiber to heat evidenced by the suppressed depolymerization of cellulose (Mar 2017)
Host ranges of Penicillium species causing blue mold of bulb crops in Washington State and Idaho (Mar 2017)
Genetic Architecture of Cold Tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa) Determined through High Resolution Genome-Wide Analysis (Mar 2017)
Assessment of Mycotoxins in Vitis vinifera Wines of the Southeastern United States (Mar 2017)
Utility of alfalfa stemlage for feeding dairy heifers (Mar 2017)
Impact of crop rotation and soil amendments on long-term no-tilled soybean yields (Mar 2017)
Forage production of grass-legume binary mixtures on Intermountain Western USA irrigated pastures (Mar 2017)
The influence of soft kernel texture on the flour and baking quality of soft durum wheat (Mar 2017)
Crop yield and soil organic carbon in conventional and no-till organic systems on a claypan soil (Mar 2017)
Evaluation of a quantitative phosphorus transport model for potential improvement of southern phosphorus indices (Mar 2017)
Peanut residue carbon and nitrogen mineralization under simulated conventional and conservation tillage (Mar 2017)
Nitrogen requirement to change protein concentration of spring wheat in semiarid Pacific Northwest (Mar 2017)
Sclerenchymatous ring as a barrier to phloem feeding by Asian citrus psyllid: Evidence from electrical penetration graph and visualization of stylet pathways (Mar 2017)
Diet quality on meatless days: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2007-2012 (Mar 2017)
Impact of irrigation scheduling on pore water nitrate and phosphate in coastal plains soils with corn production (Mar 2017)
Geographic variation of Chaetosiphella stipae stipae Hille Ris Lambers, 1947 (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Chaitophorinae) and the potential impact of climate change on its habitat (Mar 2017)
The endochitinase VDECH from Verticillium dahliae inhibits spore germination and activates plant defense responses (Mar 2017)
Selecting sequence variants to improve genomic predictions for dairy cattle (Mar 2017)
Low-level hydrogen peroxide generation by unbleached cotton nonwovens: implications for wound healing applications (Mar 2017)
Barley 4H QTL confers NFNB resistance to a global set of P. teres f. teres isolates (Mar 2017)
Effects of xylem-sap composition on glassy-winged sharpshooter egg maturation on high and low quality host plants (Mar 2017)
Quantifying the effects of conservation practice implementation on predicted runoff and chemical losses under climate change (Mar 2017)
Inferring random component distributions from environmental measurements for quality assurance (Mar 2017)
Detection of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) in individual maize kernels using short wave infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral imaging (Mar 2017)
Evaluation of orthomosics and digital surface models derived from aerial imagery for crop mapping (Mar 2017)
Comparison of the diagnostic performance of bacterial culture of nasopharyngeal swab and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid samples obtained from calves with bovine respiratory disease (Mar 2017)
Bacterial endosymbionts of the psyllid Cacopsylla pyricola in the Pacific Northwestern United States (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) (Mar 2017)
Soil carbon and nitrogen in response to perennial bioenergy perennial grasses, cover crop, and nitrogen fertilization (Mar 2017)
Species composition but not diversity explains recovery from the 2011 drought in Texas grasslands (Mar 2017)
Characterization of variability in pork carcass composition and primal quality (Mar 2017)
Novel sources of leaf rust resistance in winter wheat (Mar 2017)
The effects of feeding increasing concentrations of corn oil on energy metabolism and nutrient balance in finishing beef steers (Mar 2017)
Shiga toxins: A review of structure, mechanism, and detection (Mar 2017)
Volatile organic compounds produced by antarctic strains of candida sake play a role in the control of postharvest pathogens of apples (Mar 2017)
Protein profiles of hatchery egg shell membrane (Mar 2017)
Evaluating the effects of mosquito control adulticides on honey bees (Mar 2017)
Direct transesterification of spent coffee grounds for biodiesel production (Mar 2017)
Replacing alfalfa silage with tannin-containing birdsfoot trefoil silage in total mixed rations for lactating dairy cows (Mar 2017)
Glucose oxidase production does not increase after colony infection: Testing its role in honey bee social immunity (Mar 2017)
Influence of Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) infestation levels and management practices on insecticide sensitivity in the honey bee (Apis mellifera) (Mar 2017)
A Thermal-based Two-Source Energy Balance Model for Estimating Evapotranspiration over Complex Canopies (Mar 2017)
The cytochrome P450 gene CsCYP85A1 is a putative candidate for super compact-1 (scp-1) plant architecture mutation in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) (Mar 2017)
Climate change and crop natural defenses: potential implications for food security and food safety (Mar 2017)
Effect of condensed tannin extract supplementation of performance, nitrogen, balance, gas emissions, and energetic losses of beef steers (Mar 2017)

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