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Evaluation of antigenic comparisons among BVDV isolates as it relates to humoral and cell mediated immunological measures (Jun 2021)
Essential oil and bioactivity of two juniper species from Bulgaria and Slovakia (Jun 2021)
Evaluation of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) foliar protein extracts for use in aquaculture feeds (Jun 2021)
Intersectionality between parenting styles, area of residence and gender on food group consumption among Costa Rican adolescents (Jun 2021)
3D-printed wood-polylactic acid-thermoplastic starch composites: performance features in relation to biodegradation treatment (Jun 2021)
An evaluation of biological soil health indicators in four long-term continuous agroecosystems in Canada (Jun 2021)
Bees visiting Medicago sativa differ in pollen deposition curves with consequences for gene flow (Jun 2021)
Aldoximes are precursors of auxins in Arabidopsis and maize (Jun 2021)
Molecular identification and characterization of `Candidatus Phytoplasma convolvuli'-related strains (representing a new 16SrXII-O subgroup) associated with papaya bunchy top disease in Nigeria (Jun 2021)
Can agricultural management induced changes in soil organic carbon be detected using mid-infrared spectroscopy (Jun 2021)
Optimal Conditions for Diapause Survival of Aprostocetus fukutai, an Egg Parasitoid for Biological Control of Anoplophora chinensis (Jun 2021)
Moderate grazer density stabilizes forage availability more than patch burning in low-stature grassland (Jun 2021)
Micropropagation supports reintroduction of an Apulian artichoke landrace in sustainable cropping systems (Jun 2021)
Biotic homogenization destabilizes ecosystem functioning by decreasing spatial asynchrony (Jun 2021)
The Impact of Chemical Nematicides on Entomopathogenic Nematode Survival and Infectivity (Jun 2021)
Berberis hypoxantha C.Y. Wu ex S.Y. Bao (Berberidaceae), a new record for Vietnamese flora (Jun 2021)
A new subterranean species of Anillinus Casey (Carabidae, Trechinae, Anillini) from Florida (Jun 2021)
Collapse, reorganization, and regime identity: breaking down past management paradigms in a forest-grassland ecotone (Jun 2021)
Comparing unamended and Fe-coated biochar on removal efficiency of of bacteria, microspheres, and dissolved phosphorus in sand filters (Jun 2021)
Enhanced detection of major pathogens and toxins in poultry and livestock with zoonotic risks using nanomaterials-based diagnostics (Jun 2021)
The Relationship Between Allostatic Load and Dietary Intake Varies by Season among Midlife Women: A Cohort Study (Jun 2021)
Soil CO2 evolution is driven by forage species, soil moisture, grazing pressure, poultry litter fertilization, and seasonality in silvopastures (Jun 2021)
Chemical composition and biological activities of Valeriana dioscoridis SM. Roots (Jun 2021)
Thiamine supplementation holds neurocognitive benefits for the breastfed infants during the first year of life (Jun 2021)
Effects of interspecific chromosome substitution in upland cotton on cottonseed macronutrients (Jun 2021)
Are fathers' and mothers' food parenting practices differentially associated with children's eating behaviors? (Jun 2021)
Field scale application of Brassica seed meal and anaerobic soil disinfestation for the control of replant disease (Jun 2021)
A protected complex of biofactors and antioxidants improved growth performance and modulated the immunometabolic phenotype of broiler chickens undergoing early life stress (Jun 2021)
Sublethal concentrations of clothianidin affect honey bee colony growth and hive CO2 concentration (Jun 2021)
Recent epidemiologic, clinical, and genetic diversity of Toxoplasma gondii infections in marsupials (Jun 2021)
Data from: Watershed scale nitrate-N abatement of instream wetlands: an appraisal using the soil and water assessment tool (Jun 2021)
Genetics of robustness under nitrogen- and water-deficient conditions in field-grown lettuce (Jun 2021)
Characterization of synthetic wheat line Largo for resistance to stem rust (Jun 2021)
Dissemination of IncFII plasmids carrying fosA3 and blaCTX-M-55 in clinical isolates of Salmonella Enteritidis (Jun 2021)
Choice of 16S ribosomal RNA primers affects the microbiome analysis (Jun 2021)
Vulnerability of coffee (Coffea) genetic resources in the United States (Jun 2021)
Cover crops differentially influenced nitrogen and phosphorus loss in tile drainage and surface runoff from agricultural fields in Ohio, USA (Jun 2021)
Bacillus subtilis expressing chicken NK-2 peptide protects against Eimeria acervulina challenge infection in broiler chickens (Jun 2021)
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Herbicidal Activity of Novel N-(aryloxy)-2-chloronicotinamides Derived from the Natural Product Niacin (Jun 2021)
Quantitative trait locus mapping for resistance to heat-induced seed degradation and low seed phytic acid in soybean (Jun 2021)
Localized induced defenses limit gall formation by eriophyid mite against invasive Lygodium microphyllum (Jun 2021)
Gene expression analysis of environmental temperature and high-fat diet-induced changes in mouse supraclavicular brown adipose tissue (Jun 2021)
Post-mating gene expression of Mexican fruit fly females: disentangling the effects of the male accessory glands (Jun 2021)
Proteome-wide analysis of Coxiella burnetii for conserved T-cell epitopes with presentation across multiple host species (Jun 2021)
Fertilization of P. taeda L. on an acidic oxisol in southern Brazil: growth, litter accumulation, and root exploration (Jun 2021)
Quantifying high-temperature stress on soybean canopy photosynthesis: The unique role of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (Jun 2021)
Comparative analyses of transcriptional responses of Dectes texanus LeConte (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) larvae fed on three different host plants and artificial diet (Jun 2021)
Experimental evidence pointing to rain as a reservoir of tomato phyllosphere microbiota (Jun 2021)
Target product profiles for a micronutrient assessment tool and associated blood collection device for use in population-based surveys: An expert consensus (Jun 2021)
The status of Florida pompano, Trachinotus carolinus as a commercially ready species for U.S. Marine Aquaculture (Jun 2021)
Inherent and stress-induced responses of fine root morphology and anatomy in commercial grapevine rootstocks with contrasting drought resistance (Jun 2021)
Cattle grazing improves sagebrush restoration success by promoting growth and decreasing fire probability (Jun 2021)
Effects of farrowing stall layout and number of heat lamps on sow and piglet behavior (Jun 2021)
Influence of seasonal changes and salinity on spinach phyllosphere bacterial functional assemblage (Jun 2021)
Occurrence of two races of Puccinia kuehnii causing orange rust of sugarcane in Florida (May 2021)
A rapid fabrication methodology for payload modules, piloted for the observation of queen honeybee (Apis mellifera) in microgravity (May 2021)
Integrating beef cattle on cropland affects net global warming potential (May 2021)
First record of Blankaartia sinnamaryi (Floch & Fauran, 1956) (Trombidiformes: Trombiculidae) parasitizing the striped owl, Pseudoscops clamator (Vieillot, 1808) (Strigiformes: Strigidae) in Northeastern Brazil (May 2021)
DROP: Molecular voucher database for identification of Drosophila parasitoids (May 2021)
Re-description and systematic re-appraisal of the genus Kokkocynips Pujade-Villar & Melika, (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini), including new combinations of Nearctic species and the description of a new species from Panama (May 2021)
Warm perches: A novel approach for reducing cold stress effect on production, plasma hormones, and immunity in laying hens (May 2021)
Yield response of canola as a biofuel feedstock and soil quality changes under treated urban wastewater irrigation and soil amendment application (May 2021)
First description of the sexual stage of Venturia effusa, causal agent of pecan scab (May 2021)
Quantification of acyl-acyl carrier proteins for fatty acid synthesis using LC-MS/MS (May 2021)
ANOVA for unbalanced data with missing cells: using spreadsheets to evaluate SAS Type IV sums of squares (May 2021)
A spreadsheet to evaluate SAS Type IV sums of squares (May 2021)
An Assessment of Steinernema Rarum as a Biocontrol Agent in Sugarcane with Focus on Sphenophorus Levels, Host-Finding Ability, Compatibility with Vinasse and Field Efficacy. (May 2021)
Reference gene selection for RT-qPCR analysis in maize kernels inoculated with Aspergillus flavus (May 2021)
Intense agricultural irrigation induced contrasting precipitation changes in Saudi Arabia (May 2021)
Survivorship of soybean aphid biotypes (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on winter hosts, common and glossy buckthorn (May 2021)
Pre-harvest UV-B applications increases glucosinolate contents and enhances the postharvest quality of broccoli microgreen (May 2021)
Daily development of nutritional composition of canola sprouts followed by solid-state fungal fermentation (May 2021)
Quantification of leaf wax and cutin monomer composition in Pima (Gossypium barbadense) and upland (G. hirsutum L.) cotton (May 2021)
Ruminal protozoal populations of Angus steers differing in feed efficiency (May 2021)
Impacts of large-scale teleconnection indices on chill accumulations for specialty crops in California (May 2021)
Contrasting responses of guar genotypes shed light on multiple component traits of salinity tolerance mechanisms (May 2021)
Nutritive value, silage fermentation characteristics, and aerobic stability of three round-baled, perennial-grass forages ensiled with or without a propionic-acid-based preservative (May 2021)
High-resolution genomic comparisons within Salmonella enterica serotypes derived from beef feedlot cattle: Parsing the roles of cattle source, pen, animal, sample type and production period (May 2021)
UV radiation increases mortality and decreases the antioxidant activity in a tephritid fly (May 2021)
A case study of using an efficient CRISPR/Cas9 system to develop variegated lettuce (May 2021)
Satellite-detected ammonia changes in the United States: natural or anthropogenic impacts (May 2021)
Cacao Rootstock Effects Outweigh Scion Effects on Nutrient Acquisition and the Rhizobiome (May 2021)
QTL mapping and pyramiding resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum (races 1 and 2) and potyviruses in watermelon (May 2021)
Second-generation phosphorus: recovery from wastes towards the sustainability of production chains (May 2021)
Biocontrol of wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridae) using entomopathogenic nematodes: The impact of infected host cadaver application and soil characteristics (May 2021)
Prevalence of mastitis and antibiotic resistance of bacterial isolates from cmt positive milk samples obtained from dairy cows, camels, and goats in two pastoral districts in southern Ethiopia (May 2021)
The status of striped bass Morone saxatilis as a commercially ready species for U.S. marine aquaculture (May 2021)
Preference of Conioscinella nuda (Diptera: Chloropidae) among four native grass species (May 2021)
Identification of antibacterial immunity proteins in Escherichia coli using MALDI-TOF-TOF-MS/MS and top-down proteomic analysis (May 2021)
Latest developments in insect sex pheromone research and its application in agricultural pest management (May 2021)
Potential of quercetin to reduce herbivory without disrupting natural enemies and pollinators (May 2021)
Characterization of diversity in Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in Parana, Brazil, suggest breeding strategies for anthracnose resistance in common bean (May 2021)
Endophytic halotolerant Bacillus velezensis FMH2 alleviates salt stress on tomato plants by improving plant growth and altering physiological and antioxidant responses (May 2021)
Varietal differences in carotenoid composition and their bioaccessibility from papaya cultivars in Hawaii (May 2021)
Hypertrophy of adipose tissues in quail embryos by in ovo all-trans retinoic acid injection (May 2021)
Bacillus subtilis-based probiotic improves skeletal health and immunity in broiler chickens exposed to heat stress: An updated review (May 2021)
Seasonal precipitation pattern analysis for decision support of agricultural irrigation management in Louisiana, USA (May 2021)
The perspectives of Black and Hispanic families on socioecological factors influencing dietary behaviors (May 2021)
The perspectives of Hispanic mothers on factors influencing dietary choices in their families and communities (May 2021)
Responses of two introduced larval parasitoids to the invasive emerald ash borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) infesting a novel host plant, white fringe tree: implication for biological control (May 2021)
Effects of dietary maltol on innate immunity, gut health and growth performance of broiler chicken challenged with Eimeria maxima (May 2021)
Vegetation canopy gap size and height: critical indicators for wind erosion monitoring and management (May 2021)
Improving landsat predictions of rangeland fractional cover with multitask learning and uncertainty (May 2021)
Screening of chemicals migrating from plastic food contact materials for oven and microwave applications by LC- and GC-Orbitrap MS (May 2021)
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in market hogs collected from United States slaugherhouses (May 2021)
Outbreaks of clinical toxoplasmosis in humans: 50-years of personal experience, prospective, and lessons learned (May 2021)
Cycling phosphorus and nitrogen through cropping systems in an intensive dairy production region (May 2021)
Improving whitefly management (May 2021)
Vegetation and Residence Time Interact to Influence Metabolism and Net Nutrient Uptake in Experimental Agricultural Drainage Systems (May 2021)
Essential fatty acid requirements in tropical and cold-water marine fish larvae and juveniles (May 2021)
Color of pan trap influences sampling of bees in livestock pasture ecosystem (May 2021)
Vector surveillance, host species richness, and demographic factors as neuroinvasive West Nile Disease risk factors. (May 2021)
Perceptions of family-level social factors that influence health behaviors in Latinx adolescents and young adults at high risk for type 2 diabetes (May 2021)
Molecular Identification of Trissolcus japonicus, Parasitoid of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, by Species-Specific PCR (May 2021)
Mosquito sound communication: are male swarms loud enough to attract females? (May 2021)
Effect of irrigation and planting geometry on soybean seed nutrition in humid climates (May 2021)
The sporicidal activity of chlorine dioxide gas on Paenibacillus larvae spores (May 2021)
Hermetic storage of shelled peanut using the purdue improved crop storage bags (May 2021)
Field interviewer–administered dietary recalls in participants' homes: A feasibility study using the US Department of Agriculture’s Automated Multiple-Pass Method (May 2021)
Genetic variation in a radish (Raphanus sativus L.) geodiversity collection (May 2021)
Beyond denitrification: The role of microbial diversity in controlling nitrous oxide reduction and soil nitrous oxide emissions (May 2021)
CRISPR-mediated mutations in the ABC transporter gene ABCA2 confer pink bollworm resistance to Bt toxin Cry2Ab (May 2021)
Bacillus subtilis GB519 promotes rice growth and reduces the damages caused by rice blast fungus magnaporthe oryzae (May 2021)
Challenges in feeding children posed by the COVID-19 pandemic: A systematic review of changes in dietary intake combined with a dietitian's perspective (May 2021)
Representativeness of Eddy-Covariance flux footprints for areas surrounding AmeriFlux sites (May 2021)
Combined Effect of Entomopathogens Against Thrips Tabaci Lindeman (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) Under Laboratory, Greenhouse and Field Conditions (May 2021)
Plant traits related to precipitation sensitivity of species and communities in semi-arid shortgrass prairie (May 2021)
Modeling the dispersal of wind-borne pests: Sensitivity of infestation forecasts to uncertainty in parameterization of long-distance airborne dispersal (May 2021)
Diversity and origins of Butomus umbellatus (flowering rush) invasion in North America (May 2021)
Near-complete genome sequences of five sicinivirus from North America (May 2021)
Long live the data! Embedded data management at a long-term ecological research site (May 2021)
The membrane-localized protein kinase MAP4K4/TOT3 regulates thermomorphogenesis (May 2021)
Development and validation of time-domain 1H-NMR relaxometry correlation for high-throughput phenotyping method for lipid contents of lignocellulosic feedstocks (May 2021)
Alternative strategies for multi-stress tolerance and yield improvement in millets (May 2021)
Flea beetles of the West Indies: new combinations and new species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini) (May 2021)
Genome and evolutionary analysis of Nosema ceranae: a microsporidian parasite of honey bees (May 2021)
Development of Nested PCR for detection of Cacao mild mosaic virus in Theobroma cacao (May 2021)
The recent evolutionary rescue of a staple crop depended on over half a century of global germplasm exchange (May 2021)
Predation landscapes influence migratory prey ecology and evolution (May 2021)
Hepatic transcriptional profiles reveals the role of diet and genetic variation on cardio-metabolic traits in progenitor strains of the CC/DO (May 2021)
Towards developing areawide semiochemical-mediated, behaviorally-based integrated pest management programs for stored product insects (May 2021)
Determining the effect of pretreatments on freeze resistance and survival of cryopreserved temperate fruit tree dormant buds (May 2021)
Diversity of Plasmids and Genes Encoding Resistance to Extended-Spectrum ß-Lactamase in Escherichia coli from Different Animal Sources (May 2021)
Adaptation of an artificial bait to an automated aerial delivery system for landscape-scale brown treesnake suppression (May 2021)
Halotolerant Bacillus spizizenii FMH45 promoting growth, physiological, and antioxidant parameters of tomato plants exposed to salt stress (May 2021)
Evaluation of agricultural byproducts and cover crops as anaerobic soil disinfestation carbon sources for managing a soilborne disease complex in high tunnel tomatoes (May 2021)
The use of Roller Swabs for Salmonella Detection in Poultry Litter (May 2021)
Antimicrobial resistance in escherichia coli and enterococcal isolates from irrigation return flows in a high-desert watershed (May 2021)
Transformation of long-lived albino epipremnum aureum ‘golden pothos’ and restoring chloroplast development (May 2021)
Sediment nutrient flux rates in a shallow, turbid lake are more dependent on water quality than lake depth (May 2021)
Novel models for chronic intestinal inflammation in chickens: Intestinal inflammation pattern and biomarkers (May 2021)
Safeguarding and using fruit and vegetable biodiversity (May 2021)
Rap1 in the VMH regulates glucose homeostasis (May 2021)
Digestive gene expression profiles in the salivary glands and gut of tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris (Hemiptera: Miridae) (May 2021)
High aqueous salinity does not preclude germination of invasive Iris pseudacorus from estuarine populations (May 2021)
High protein gluten free snack foods based on whole grain flour and vegetables (May 2021)
Detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing and carbapenem-resistant bacteria from mink feces and feed in the United States (May 2021)
Natural genetic diversity in the potato resistance gene RB confers suppression avoidance from Phytophthora effector IPI-O4 (May 2021)
Influence of grapevine red blotch virus (GRBV) on Idaho ‘syrah’ grape composition (May 2021)
Sponge cake baking quality – An 18-year retrospective (May 2021)
Susceptibility of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) to SARS-CoV-2 (May 2021)
Metabolic physiology and skeletal muscle phenotypes in male and female myoglobin knockout mice (May 2021)
On the potential role of globins in brown adipose tissue: A novel conceptual model and studies in myoglobin knockout mice (May 2021)
Polymer blends involving cottonseed protein and cottonseed meal (May 2021)
Phoretic and internal transport of Raffaelea lauricola by different species of ambrosia beetle associated with avocado trees (May 2021)
Use of bedding materials in beef bedded manure packs at hot and cold ambient temperatures: Effects on odorous volatile organic compounds and odor activity values (May 2021)
Application of biochar in estrogen hormone-contaminated and manure-affected soils: Impact on soil respiration, microbial community and enzyme activity (May 2021)
Greenhouse automation using wireless sensors and IoT instruments integrated with artificial intelligence (May 2021)
Corn grain and stover nutrient uptake responses from sandy soil treated with designer biochars and compost (May 2021)
Investigation of genotype by environment interactions for seed zinc and iron concentration and iron bioavailability in common bean (May 2021)
Herbage responses and nitrogen agronomic efficiency of bermudagrass-legume mixtures (May 2021)
‘Snowstorm’ forage kochia shows improved seed viability: seed size matters! (May 2021)
Roller milling performance of dry yellow split peas: mill stream composition and functional characteristics (May 2021)
Estimation of ecological water supplement for typical bird protection in the Yellow River Delta wetland (May 2021)
Opportunities for US Marine Finfish Aquaculture (May 2021)
Final thoughts as Editor-in-Chief (May 2021)
Color biogenesis data of tomatoes treated with hot-water and high temperature ethylene treatments (May 2021)
Net merit as a measure of lifetime profit: 2021 revision (May 2021)
Economic dimensions of soil health practices that sequester carbon: promising research directions (May 2021)
Sensitivity of reference evapotranspiration to weather variables across seven regions of Turkey (May 2021)
Reduced tissue colonization of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in neonatal calves vaccinated with a cocktail of recombinant proteins (May 2021)
Can we developmentally program the epigenome to improve traits relevant to production in cattle? (May 2021)
Body weight and growth in normal cyclic and acyclic gilts (May 2021)
Direct and indirect effects of heat stress on the hepatic and ovarian proteome in gilts (May 2021)
Ovarian follicular profiling of high- and low-immunocrit gilts on postnatal day 14 (May 2021)
Methyl donor supplementation alters cytosine methylation and biological processes of cells cultured in divergent glucose media reflecting improvements in mitochondrial respiration and cell growth rate (May 2021)
Consumer sensory evaluation and quality of sorghum-peanut meal-okra snacks (May 2021)
Biobased disulfide additive based on soybean oil (May 2021)
Evolution of the sheep industry and genetic research in the United States: Opportunities for convergence in the 21st century (May 2021)
Genetic characterization of Flavobacterium columnare isolates from the Pacific Northwest, USA (May 2021)
Native yeast and non-yeast fungal communities of Cabernet Sauvignon berries from two Washington State vineyards, and persistence in spontaneous fermentation (May 2021)
Comparison of a mycobacterial phage assay to detect viable Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis with standard diagnostic modalities in cattle with naturally infected Johne disease (May 2021)
Assessment of the gut bacterial microbiome and metabolome of girls and women with Rett Syndrome (May 2021)
Validation of the Family Health Behavior Scale for the Brazilian population (May 2021)
Theoretical mediators of diabetes risk and quality of life following a diabetes prevention program for Latino youth with obesity (May 2021)
Registration of USDA-N6005 germplasm combining high yield, elevated protein and 25% pedigree from Japanese cultivar Tamahikari (May 2021)
Strain and host-cell type dependent role of type 1 fimbriae genes in the adherence phenotype of super-shedder strains of Escherichia coli O157:H7 (May 2021)
Phomopsis seed decay of soybean (Glycine max L.) is endemic in the United States, but new fungi are involved (May 2021)
Effects of protein supplementation to steers consuming low-quality forages on greenhouse gas emissions (May 2021)
Assimilation of satellite soil moisture products for river flow prediction: An extensive experiment in over 700 catchments throughout Europe (May 2021)
Use of Protein Pegylation to prolong the antiviral effect of IFN against FMDV (May 2021)
Antibiotic resistance, antimicrobial residues and bacterial community diversity in pasture-raised poultry, swine and beef cattle manures (May 2021)
The hop downy mildew pathogen Pseudoperonospora humuli (May 2021)
One size does not fit all: towards regional conservation practice guidance to reduce phosphorus loss risk in the lake Erie watershed (May 2021)
Genomic characterization of the fruity aroma gene, FaFAD1, reveals a gene dosage effect on ¿-decalactone production in strawberry (Fragaria ×ananassa) (May 2021)
GapAnalysis: an R package to calculate conservation indicators using spatial information (May 2021)
Measurement challenges for childhood obesity research within and between Latin America and the United States (May 2021)
Module feeder inspection system for plastic contamination: Design update (May 2021)
Identification of miRNAs and their targets involved in flower and fruit development across domesticated and wild capsicum species (May 2021)
Cover crops for Louisiana sugarcane production (May 2021)
Matrimony Vine: Friend or Foe in the Battle Against Potato Psyllid (May 2021)
Natural malaria infection in anophelines vectors and their incrimination in local malaria transmission in Darien, Panama (May 2021)
Drought Resistance and resilience: The role of moisture-plant interactions and legacies in a dryland ecosystem (May 2021)
Towards a Stable Global Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) Taxonomy (May 2021)
Tradeoffs and synergies in management of two co-occurring specialist squash pests (May 2021)
Saturated chain factors as indices for correlating the cold flow properties of biodiesel (May 2021)
Determination of estolide molecular weight distribution via gel permeation chromatography (May 2021)
Synthesis and properties of renewable, aliphatic polyesters from thiol-ene and acyclic diene metathesis polymerization of alpha, omega-unsaturated dienes derived from fatty acids (May 2021)
Soluble phenolic compounds of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.): potential effects on animal performance, and challenges in determining profiles and concentrations (May 2021)
Modeling ammonia volatilization from urea applied to agricultural soils in the DayCent model (May 2021)
Fluctuating thermal regimes extend longevity and maintain fecundity to increase colony shelf-life of Drosophila melanogaster (May 2021)
Ecological theory and practice in arid and semiarid ecosystems: a tale of two LTER sites (May 2021)
A comparative quantitative assessment of human exposure to various antimicrobial-resistant bacteria among U.S. ground beef consumers (May 2021)
Alfalfa research: Still growing strong after 65 years (May 2021)
Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) for disease and pest management and automating UV-C delivery technology for strawberry (May 2021)
Antimicrobial resistance in U.S. retail ground beef with and without label claims regarding antibiotic use (May 2021)
Bioethanol fermentation of clarified sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) syrups sealed and stored under vegetable oil (May 2021)
Evaluation of Thiobencarb runoff from rice farming practices in a California watershed using an integrated RiceWQ-AnnAGNPS system (May 2021)
Genomic predictions for yield traits in US Holsteins with unknown parent groups (May 2021)
Invited review: The future of selection decisions and breeding programs: What are we breeding for, and who decides? (May 2021)
Relationships between isolated sweetpotato starch properties and textural attributes of sweetpotato French fries (May 2021)
Genomic analysis of a second rainbow trout line (Arlee) leads to an extended description of the IGH VDJ gene repertoire (May 2021)
mirMachine: a one-stop shop for plant miRNA annotation (May 2021)
Advancements and further research trends for microbial biosurfactants in the petroleum industry (May 2021)
Screening potential insect vectors in a museum biorepository reveals undiscovered diversity of plant pathogens in natural areas (May 2021)
Impacts of Alternate Wetting and Drying and Delayed Flood Rice Irrigation on Growing Season Evapotranspiration (May 2021)
Simulated effects of residue removal and tillage on CO2 and N2O emissions in continuous corn systems with RZWQM2 (May 2021)
Crop rotation, cover crop, and poultry litter effects on no-tillage cotton profitability (Apr 2021)
Prevalence and genetic analysis of chromosomal mcr-3/7 in Aeromonas from U.S. animal-derived samples (Apr 2021)
Biochar: an alternative to activated carbon for the establishment of Perennial Ryegrass (Apr 2021)
Multi-elemental analysis and health risk assessment of commercial yerba mate from Brazil (Apr 2021)
Nitrous oxide emissions, N uptake, biomass, and rubber yield in N-fertilized, surface-irrigated guayule (Apr 2021)
Transcriptome profiling reveals a novel mechanism of antiviral immunity upon Sacbrood virus infection in honey bee larvae (Apis cerana) (Apr 2021)
Making hybrids with the wild potato Solanum jamesii (Apr 2021)
Delayed early season irrigation: impacts on hop yield and quality (Apr 2021)
Phytosanitary and regulatory issues in the movement of plant genetic resources (Apr 2021)
Potential Impact of Climate Change on Sugarcane Production and Mitigation Strategies (Apr 2021)
Transcriptome profile reveals drought induced genes preferentially expressed in response to water deficit in cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (Apr 2021)
Evaluating the sensitivity of water stressed maize chlorophyll and structure based on UAV derived vegetation indices (Apr 2021)
SNP markers associated with resistance to Frosty Pod and Black Pod diseases in a F1 population of Theobroma cacao L. (Apr 2021)
'S13-1955C': A high-yielding conventional soybean with high oil content, multiple disease resistance, and broad adaptation (Apr 2021)
Impact of dietary phytase on tilapia performance and biofloc water quality (Apr 2021)
A new soft red winter wheat cultivar, 'GA 07353-14E19', adapted to Georgia and the US south east environments (Apr 2021)
Genetic dissection of end-use quality traits in two widely adapted wheat cultivars ‘TAM 111’ and ‘TAM 112’ (Apr 2021)
Theileria equi claudin like apicomplexan microneme protein contains neutralization-sensitive epitopes and interacts with components of the equine erythrocyte membrane skeleton (Apr 2021)
Phytoene desaturase-silenced citrus as a trap crop with multiple cues to attract Diaphorina citri, the vector of Huanglongbing (Apr 2021)
Detoxification and excretion of trichothecenes in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana expressing Fusarium graminearum trichothecene 3-O-acetyltransferase (Apr 2021)
Semi-Field evaluation of ultra-low volume (ULV) ground spray of Aqalure® 20-20 against irradiated Aedes aegypti (Apr 2021)
Why should scientists be on YouTube? It’s all about bamboo, oil and ice cream (Apr 2021)
Single-cell transcriptomic analyses of cattle ruminal epithelial cells before and after weaning (Apr 2021)
Extended haplotype-phasing of long-read de novo genome assemblies using Hi-C (Apr 2021)
Vicilin and legumin storage proteins are abundant in water and alkali soluble protein fractions of glandless cottonseed (Apr 2021)
Anthocyanins in wild relatives of strawberry (Fragaria L.) (Apr 2021)
Reemergency of Salmonellosis in hog farms: outbreak and bacteriological characterization (Apr 2021)
Baleage fermentation is complicated (Apr 2021)
Trials for gathering information on an unknown peak in the GC-MS spectra of horse and pony hair extracts (Apr 2021)
Efficacy of synthetic food-based lures for detection of Anastrepha suspensa in three hosts in Florida, USA (Apr 2021)
Long term crop rotation effect on subsequent soybean yield explained by soil- and root-associated microbiome and soil health indicators (Apr 2021)
Prodecatoma diospyri Muesebeck (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) reported in Mexico; new distribution records and damage description on black sapote fruits (Apr 2021)
Gestational long-term hypoxia induces metabolomic reprogramming and phenotypic transformations in fetal sheep pulmonary arteries (Apr 2021)
Host finding behavior of the egg parasitoid, Gryon pennsylvanicum Ashmead (Hymenoptera: scelionidae) (Apr 2021)
Mapping maize crop coefficient Kc using random forest algorithm based on leaf area index and UAV-based multispectral vegetation indices (Apr 2021)
Exotic psyllids and exotic hosts: accumulation of non-native Psylloidea in North America (Hemiptera) (Apr 2021)
Evaluation of a novel poultry litter amendment on greenhouse gas emissions (Apr 2021)
First records of Lepidoptera damaging Macadamia integrifolia (Proteaceae) fruits in Guatemala (Apr 2021)
Effectiveness of cheatgrass suppression using perennial grasses as a biological control method (Apr 2021)
Sodium butyrate modulates chicken macrophages proteins essential for Salmonella Enteritidis invasion (Apr 2021)
Bioeconomics of Flavobacterium columnare Vaccine Pond Trials with Channel Catfish Ictalurus punctatus (Apr 2021)
Evaluation of water use efficiency algorithms for flux variance similarity-based evapotranspiration partitioning in C3 and C4 grain crops (Apr 2021)
Genomic characterization of Salmonella typhimurium DT104 strains associated with cattle and beef products (Apr 2021)
Variants in the mitochondrial genome sequence of Rhyzopertha dominica (Fabricius)(Coleoptera: Bostrycidae) (Apr 2021)
Phytophthora palmivora Causing Disease on Theobroma cacao in Hawaii (Apr 2021)
Nonhost Kitaake rice displays phenotypic characteristics of host resistant wheat and molecular biomarkers of both resistant and susceptible wheat in response to feeding by Hessian fly larvae (Apr 2021)
Evaluation of SDS and GRAS liquid disinfectants for mitigation of potential HAV contamination of berries (Apr 2021)
Variation in grain protein and leaf nitrogen in diverse spring barley genotypes (Apr 2021)
Bacteriophages against Vibrio coralliilyticus and Vibrio tubiashii: Isolation, characterization and remediation of larval oyster mortalities (Apr 2021)
Suitability of food resources for Proprioseiopsis mexicanus (Garman), a potentially important natural enemy in eastern U.S. agroecosystems (Apr 2021)
Male Impact on Female Reproductive Performance of the Larval Tephritid Parasitoid Diachasmimorpha tryoni (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) (Apr 2021)
Health-related quality of life in parents and partners of people with type 1 diabetes: Development and validation of Type 1 Diabetes and Life (T1DAL) measures (Apr 2021)
Methyl salicylate fails to enhance arthropod predator abundance or predator to pest ratios in cotton (Apr 2021)
Complete genome sequences for three new discovered Cacao mild mosaic virus isolates from Theobroma cacao L. in Brazil and Puerto Rico and evidence for recombination (Apr 2021)
Long-term performance of three mesophilic anaerobic digesters to convert animal and agro-industrial wastes into organic fertilizer (Apr 2021)
Patch selection by bumble bees navigating discontinuous landscapes (Apr 2021)
Comparative transcriptome analysis identified candidate genes for late leaf spot resistance and cause of defoliation in groundnut (Apr 2021)
Water availability modifies effects of biodiversity and nitrogen addition on plant productivity in long-term experiments in a mesic grassland (Apr 2021)
Characterizing short and long term iron stress responses in iron deficiency tolerant and susceptible soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) (Apr 2021)
Correlation and co-localization of QTL for stomatal density and canopy temperature under drought stress in Setaria (Apr 2021)
A comparison of approaches to regional land use capability analysis for agricultural land planning (Apr 2021)
Selective pre-enrichment method to lessen time needed to recover Salmonella from commercial poultry processing samples (Apr 2021)
Mid-rotation fertilization and liming of Pinus taeda L.: litter, fine root mass, and elemental composition (Apr 2021)
Challenges and potential solutions in statistical downscaling of precipitation (Apr 2021)
Phylogenomics of Ichneumoninae (Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae) reveals pervasive morphological convergence and the shortcomings of previous classifications (Apr 2021)
Effect of chromosome substitution from alien tetraploid cotton species in Upland cotton on (+) and (-)gossypol enantiomer levels in cottonseed (Apr 2021)
Biosecurity plan for invasive ants in the Pacific Region (Apr 2021)
Unexpected distribution of the 4-formylaminooxyvinylglycine (FVG) biosynthetic pathway in Pseudomonas and beyond (Apr 2021)
Human leukemia T-cell lines as alternative to animal use for detecting biologically active staphylococcal enterotoxin type B (Apr 2021)
Simulating the feasibility of dual use switchgrass on cow-calf operations (Apr 2021)
Identification of immunogenic epitopes of the soybean a and ß unit of ß -conglycinin in chickens (Apr 2021)
Molecular and serological detection of piroplasms in horses from Nigerian (Apr 2021)
Diagnostics of Manitisheria gen. nov., an Old-World genus of leaf-mining Tischeriidae, composed of new species and species formerly in Tischeria Zeller (Apr 2021)
Disease-Mitigating Innovations for the Pollination Service Industry: Challenges and Opportunities. (Apr 2021)
Blood n-3 fatty acid levels and total and cause-specific mortality from 17 prospective studies (Apr 2021)
Plant volatiles and oviposition behavior in the selection of barley cultivars by wheat stem sawfly (Hymenoptera: Cephidae) (Apr 2021)
Soil microbial diversity in organic and non-organic pasture systems (Apr 2021)
Campylobacter vulpis sp. nov. isolated from wild red foxes (Apr 2021)
Epidemiologic and public health signifcance of Toxoplasma gondii infections in venison: 2009-2020 (Apr 2021)
Assessment of DNA integrity from trap captured boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) for use in a new PCR-based diagnostic tool (Apr 2021)
Transcriptome analysis reveals the protective role of fructo-oligosaccharide in colonic mucosal barriers in exercise-induced stressed mice (Apr 2021)
Development of a diagnostic assays for race differentiation of Podophaera macularis (Apr 2021)
Mitochondrial genome resource of Phomopsis longicolla, a fungus causing Phomopsis seed decay in soybean (Apr 2021)
Hydrochemistry of mountain pamir: Tributaries of the transboundary pyanj river and their waters applicability for irrigation (Apr 2021)
Evaluation of bacillus seed coatings on soybean phosphorus uptake in an oxisol fertilized with 32P-labeled hydroxyapatite (Apr 2021)
Social learning lessons from collaborative adaptive rangeland management (Apr 2021)
Effects of alternate wetting and drying irrigation management and air temperature during grainfill on rice grain physicochemical and functionality traits of US inbred varieties (Apr 2021)
Two new species of chiggers (Trombidiformes: Trombiculidae) from Brazil (Apr 2021)
Identification of candidate susceptibility genes to Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici in wheat (Apr 2021)
Alternatives to antibiotics: A symposium on the challenges and solutions for animal health and production (Apr 2021)
Overexpression of a sugarcane BAHD acyltransferase alters hydroxycinnamate content in maize cell wall (Apr 2021)
Delivering the goods: Fungal secretion modulates virulence during host-pathogen interactions (Apr 2021)
A synopsis on the classification of the “tomato leafminer”, Tuta absoluta (Meyrick, 1917) (Gelechiidae, Gelechiinae, Gnorimoschemini) based on cladistic analysis of morphology (Apr 2021)
FINDER: An automated software package to annotate eukaryotic genes from RNA-Seq data and associated protein sequences (Apr 2021)
Insecticide resistance status in Anopheles gambiae (s.l.) in coastal Kenya (Apr 2021)
Epigenetic regulation of gene expression in Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli: transcriptomic data (Apr 2021)
Mechanical transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by house flies (Apr 2021)
Harlan’s crops and man 3rd edition (Apr 2021)
First report on detection of necrotic enteritis (NE) B-like toxin in biological samples from NE-afflicted chickens by capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (Apr 2021)
Breeding heat tolerant orchardgrass germplasm for perennial growth in high temperature stress environments of the southeastern U.S. (Apr 2021)
Assessment of Babesia bovis 6cys A and 6cys B as components of transmission blocking vaccines for babesiosis (Apr 2021)
Co-application of DMPSA and NBPT with urea mitigates both nitrous oxide emissions and nitrate leaching during irrigated potato production (Apr 2021)
Genetic evaluation of the brown fiber phenotype for Gossypium arboreum accession PI 615733 (Apr 2021)
Recent developments of carboxymethyl cellulose (Apr 2021)
The Dr. Seuss prescription: Enhancing maternal bonding in the NICU through shared book reading (Apr 2021)
Residue management changes soil phosphorus availability in a long-term wheat fallow rotation in the Pacific Northwest (Apr 2021)
Breeding and genetics of forages for semi-arid and arid rangelands (Apr 2021)
Coupling C-Q and lorenz inequality analyses to create a temporal targeting framework for watershed-scale decision-making (Apr 2021)
Pollen and yeast change nectar chemistry alone and in combination, but honey bee foraging reflects only the avoidance of yeast (Apr 2021)
Initiation of compatible wheat-Hessian fly interactions triggers the expression of a novel UDP-glycosyltransferase, MdesUGT1, in virulent Hessian fly larvae (Apr 2021)
Visually imperceptible mechanical damage of harvested tomatoes changes ethylene production, color, enzyme activity, and volatile compounds profile (Apr 2021)
The stocker steer quandary: The price slide (Apr 2021)
Bottom-up factors determine local, but not regional, distribution of a biological control agent against invasive Lygodium microphyllum (Apr 2021)
Residual effects of long-term biosolids application on carbon, cadmium, copper, lead and zinc in soils from two regions of the United States (Apr 2021)
Unifying community detection across scales from genomes to landscapes (Apr 2021)
Molecular phylogeny and morphology reveal three novel species of Curvularia (Pleosporales, Pleosporaceae) associated with cereal crops and weedy grass hosts (Apr 2021)