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Soil quality indices as affected by long-term burn, irrigation, tillage, and residue management practice combinations (Mar 2021)
The impact of alpha-glucosidases on mashing and the production of fermentable sugars (Mar 2021)
Controlling the colonization of Clostridium perfringens in broiler chickens by an electron-beam-killed vaccine (Mar 2021)
Serotonin modulates Campylobacter jejuni physiology and in vitro interaction with the gut epithelium (Mar 2021)
Lessons learned from implementing of garden education program in early child care (Mar 2021)
Internal organ colonization and horizontal transmission of experimental Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Kentucky infection in vaccinated laying hens in indoor cage-free housing. (Mar 2021)
On the joint role of non-Hispanic Black race/ethnicity and weight status in predicting postmenopausal weight gain (Mar 2021)
Butyric acid generation by clostridium tyrobutyricum from low moisture anhydrous ammonia (LMAA) pretreated sweet sorghum bagasse (Mar 2021)
Slope and aspect effects on seedbed microclimate and germination timing of fall-planted seeds (Mar 2021)
Pictorial dissection guide and internal anatomy of the southern Cattle Fever Tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus (Canestrini) (Mar 2021)
Sensory characteristics and consumer segmentation of fried sweetpotato for expanded markets in Africa (Mar 2021)
Loss of COMT activity reduces lateral root formation and alters drought response in sorghum brown midrib (bmr) 12 mutant (Mar 2021)
Development of a food product profile for boiled and steamed sweetpotato in Uganda for effective breeding (Mar 2021)
Multiple origins of a single point mutation in the cotton bollworm tetraspanin gene confers dominant resistance to Bt cotton (Mar 2021)
Soil carbon dioxide and methane emissions and carbon balance with crop rotation and nitrogen fertilization (Feb 2021)
Arthropod demography, distribution, and dispersion in a novel trap-cropped cotton agroecosystem (Feb 2021)
LncMachine: a machine learning algorithm for long noncoding RNA annotation in plants (Feb 2021)
Pre-weaning ruminal administration of differentially-enriched, rumen-derived inocula shaped rumen bacterial communities and co-occurrence networks of post-weaned dairy calves (Feb 2021)
First report of Neoscytalidium dimidiatum causing stem canker on Pitahaya (Hylocereus spp.) in Puerto Rico (Feb 2021)
Complete genome sequence of Escherichia coli strain FEX669, a ColV plasmid-containing isolate from retail chicken meat (Feb 2021)
Identification of high confidence structural variants in domesticated rainbow trout using whole-genome sequencing (Feb 2021)
Genomic characterization of two Shiga toxin-converting bacteriophage induced from Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolated from produce-associated environment (Feb 2021)
Effects of inflammation and soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibition on oxylipin composition of very low density lipoproteins in isolated perfused rat livers (Feb 2021)
Population genetics and genome-wide association studies provide insights into the influence of selective breeding on genetic variation in lettuce (Feb 2021)
Coal char effects on soil chemical properties and maize yields in semi-arid region (Feb 2021)
Utility of remotely sensed evapotranspiration products on assessing an improved model structure (Feb 2021)
Registration of ‘Yellowstone’ yellow bean (Feb 2021)
Using native grass seeding and targeted spring grazing to reduce low-level Bromus tectorum invasion on the Colorado Plateau (Feb 2021)
Genetic characterization of the red colored corolla phenotype for Gossypium arboreum accession PI 529731 (Feb 2021)
Field Evaluation of Chemotherapy on HLB-affected Citrus Trees with Emphasis on Fruit Yield and Quality (Feb 2021)
RNA-seq analysis reveals different drought tolerance mechanisms in two broadly adapted wheat cultivars ‘TAM 111’ and ‘TAM 112’ (Feb 2021)
Diagnostics and updated catalogue of Oriental Pseudopostega (Opostegidae), including the matrona species group with a new, extralimital species discovered in the Mediterranean (Feb 2021)
Precision agriculture and geospatial techniques for sustainable disease control (Feb 2021)
Retina as a model to study in vivo transmission of alpha-synuclein in the A53T mouse model of Parkinson’s disease (Feb 2021)
The hidden costs of land degradation in U.S. maize agriculture (Feb 2021)
Evaluation of CD109, PCP4, and SEMA3D genes for their association with Ovine Johne’s disease in Turkish sheep (Feb 2021)
Zoonotic Sarcocystis (Feb 2021)
The barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare) Respiratory Burst Oxidase Homologue (HvRBOH) gene family and their role in Reactive Oxygen Species generation during malting (Feb 2021)
Molecular mapping of water-stress responsive genomic loci in lettuce (Lactuca spp.) using kinetics chlorophyll fluorescence, hyperspectral imaging and machine learning (Feb 2021)
Impact of elevated ozone on yield and carbon-nitrogen content in soybean cultivar Jake (Feb 2021)
Persistent infection and protection against Senecavirus A in pigs previously infected with a homologous and a heterologous isolate (Feb 2021)
Water vapor density and turbulent fluxes from three generations of infrared gas analyzers (Feb 2021)
Inactivating multiple coronavirus interferon antagonists attenuates pathogenesis of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (Feb 2021)
Cranberry phenolics: a crash course (Feb 2021)
One genotype dominates a facultatively outcrossing plant invasion (Feb 2021)
Larvicidal activity of natural product repellents against the dengue vector, aedes aegypti (Feb 2021)
Effect of previous crop roots on soil compaction in 2 yr rotations under a no-tillage system (Feb 2021)
Characterization of Kazachstania slooffiae, a proposed commensal in the porcine gut (Feb 2021)
Western corn rootworm, plant and microbe interactions: A review and prospects for new management tools (Feb 2021)
Elevational and latitudinal changes in cold tolerance of nymph and adult Mormon crickets Anabrus simplex (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) (Feb 2021)
Soft durum wheat as a potential ingredient for direct expanded extruded products (Feb 2021)
Furrow-Irrigation Application Efficiency in Mid-Southern USA Conservation Tillage Systems (Feb 2021)
Susceptibility of native annual forbs to indaziflam and imazipic (Feb 2021)
Perennial grass establishment following fall and spring imazapic applications (Feb 2021)
Initial seeded perennial grass emergence following the application of rejuvra™ (Feb 2021)
Factors affecting sugar accumulation and fluxes in warm- and cool-season forages grown in a silvopastoral system (Feb 2021)
Genotypic variation of flavonols and antioxidant capacity in broccoli (Feb 2021)
Climate benchmarks and input parameters representing locations in 68 countries for a stochastic weather generator, CLIGEN (Feb 2021)
Meat goat diet supplementation with crude glycerin: ruminal fermentation metabolism, blood chemistry profile, animal performance, and carcass traits (Feb 2021)
Estimating long-term trends in population declines of two ecosystem engineering burrowing shrimps in Pacific Northwest (USA) estuaries (Feb 2021)
Water availability impacts on evapotranspiration partitioning (Feb 2021)
Race/ethnicity and gender modify the association between diet and cognition in US older adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2011-2014 (Feb 2021)
Representativeness of Eddy-Covariance flux footprints for areas surrounding AmeriFlux sites (Feb 2021)
Effect of storage temperature on chilling injury and activity of antioxidant enzymes in carambola "Arkin" fruit (Feb 2021)
Registration of 'Resilience CL+' soft white winter wheat (Feb 2021)
A sugarcane aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) 'Super-clone' remains on U.S. sorghum and johnsongrass ands feeds on giant miscanthus (Feb 2021)
Pectic Hydrocolloids from Steam Exploded Lime Pectin Peel; Effect of Temperature and Time on Macromolecular and Functional Properties (Feb 2021)
Role of human milk bioactives on infants' gut and immune health (Feb 2021)
Health-related quality of life in adults with osteogenesis imperfecta (Feb 2021)
The need to improve mule deer populations: history (Feb 2021)
Agricultural Soil Management Practices Differentially Shape the Bacterial and Fungal Microbiome of Sorghum bicolor (Feb 2021)
Community forests prepare for climate change (Feb 2021)
Adapt (or succumb) to climate change on rangelands (Feb 2021)
Soil dissipation of sugarcane billet seed treatment fungicides and insecticide using QuEChERS and HPLC (Feb 2021)
Linkage between the intestinal microbiota and residual feed intake in broiler chickens (Feb 2021)
Comparison of gene editing versus conventional breeding to introgress the POLLED allele into the tropically adapted Australian beef cattle population (Feb 2021)
Swine diets impact manure characteristics and gas emissions: Part I protein level (Feb 2021)
Simulating hydrologic effects of wildfire on a small sub-alpine watershed in New Mexico, U.S. (Feb 2021)
Conservation management practices reduce non-point source pollution from grazed pastures (Feb 2021)
Intercomparison of bias-correction data sources and their influence on watershed-specific downscaling climate projections (Feb 2021)
Chromosome-level genome assembly of the American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait) and its wild relative Vaccinium microcarpum. (Feb 2021)
Early Intervention Against Desert Locusts: Current Proactive Approach and the Prospect of Sustainable Outbreak Prevention (Feb 2021)
Electrostatic method to remove particulate organic matter from soil (Feb 2021)
Blue Tansy Oil: Chemical Composition, Repellent Activity against Aedes aegypti and Attractant Activity for Ceratitis capitata (Feb 2021)
Discovery of three loci increasing resistance to charcoal rot caused by Macrophomina phaseolina in octoploid strawberry (Feb 2021)
Elucidating the involvement of apoptosis in postmortem proteolysis in porcine muscles from two production cycles using metabolomics approach (Feb 2021)
Nano- and Micro- Carnauba Wax Emulsions Versus Shellac Protective Coatings on Postharvest Citrus Quality (Feb 2021)
Regulation of Photosystem II heterogeneity and photochemistry in two cultivars of C4 crop sugarcane under chilling stress (Feb 2021)
Wheat Quality Council, Hard Spring Wheat Technical Committee, 2020 Crop (Feb 2021)
Simulated dryland cotton yield response to selected abiotic soil properties associated with soil health (Feb 2021)
Prevalence, Antimicrobial Resistance, and Molecular Characterization of Salmonella in Cattle, Beef, and Diarrheic Patients in Bishoftu, Ethiopia (Feb 2021)
New leaf-mining Nepticulidae: potential pests of aromatic Lamiaceae plants from equatorial Andes (Feb 2021)
Human milk-fed piglets have a distinct small intestine and circulatory metabolome profile relative to that of milk formula-fed piglets (Feb 2021)
Insecticidal activity and free radical scavenging properties of isolated phytoconstituents from the Saudi Plant Nuxia oppositifolia (Hochst.) (Feb 2021)
Sensitivity of productivity to precipitation amount and pattern varies by topographic position in a semiarid grassland (Feb 2021)
Contactless Video-Based Heart Rate Monitoring of a Resting and an Anesthetized Pig (Feb 2021)
Associations between objective physical activity and emotional eating among adiposity-discordant siblings using ecological momentary assessment and accelerometers (Feb 2021)
Genetic variation among 481 diverse soybean accessions, inferred from genomic re-sequencing (Feb 2021)
Soil bacterial diversity based on management and topography in a silvopastoral system (Feb 2021)
Soil carbon dioxide emissions in a sorghum field: Row position and growth stage effects (Feb 2021)
Advances in application of a process-based crop model to wetland plants and ecosystems (Feb 2021)
First report of quinoa anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum nigrum and C. truncatum in the United States (Feb 2021)
Metabolomics intervention towards better understanding plant traits (Feb 2021)
Cloning and characterization of three sugar metabolism genes (LBGAE, LBGALA, and LBMS) regulated in response to elevated CO2 in goji berry (Lycium barbarum L.) (Feb 2021)
Agricultural crop change in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, from 2004 to 2017 (Feb 2021)
Raw Pacific Biosciences and Illumina sequencing reads and assembled genome data for the cattle ticks Rhipicephalus microplus and Rhipicephalus annulatus (Feb 2021)
FINDER: An automated software package to annotate eukaryotic genes from RNA-Seq data and associated protein sequences (Feb 2021)
Efficient gene stacking in rice using the GAANTRY system (Feb 2021)
Soil water flow due to surface topography in research drainage plots (Feb 2021)
Honey bee hives decrease the conservation value and pollination services of on-farm pollinator refuges (Feb 2021)
Characterization of a mild isolate of papaya ringspot virus type-P (PRSV-P) and assessment of its cross-protection potential (Feb 2021)
Evaluating accuracy of DNA pool construction based on white blood cell counts (Feb 2021)
Impact of ceftiufor administration in steers on prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of Campylobacter (Feb 2021)
The legume information system and associated online genomic resources (Feb 2021)
Sorption and desorption of bicyclopyrone on soils (Feb 2021)
Fungal and bacterial communities of ‘Pinot noir’ must: effects of vintage, growing region, climate, and basic must chemistry (Feb 2021)
N-3 PUFA improved post-menopausal depression induced by maternal separation and chronic mild stress through serotonergic pathway – effect associated with lipid mediators (Feb 2021)
Drought-induced root pressure in Sorghum bicolor (Feb 2021)
Effect of transglutaminase crosslinking on solubility property and mechanical strength of gelatin-zein nanocomposite films (Feb 2021)
Irrigation management - Determining crop water requirements (Feb 2021)
Unraveling the Sclerotinia basal stalk rot resistance derived from wild Helianthus argophyllus using a high-density SNP linkage map (Feb 2021)
Registration of ‘KS Silverado’ hard white winter wheat (Feb 2021)
Assessing remote sensing vegetation index sensitivities for tall fescue (Schedonorus arundinaceus) plant health with varying endophyte and fertilizer Ttypes: A case for improving poultry manuresheds (Feb 2021)
Infection, Dissemination, and Transmission Potential of North American Culex quinquefasciatus, Culex tarsalis, and Culicoides sonorensis for Oropouche Virus (Feb 2021)
Influence of yeast products on modulating metabolism and immunity in cattle and swine (Feb 2021)
Yield and biomass quality of shrub willow hybrids in differing rotation lengths and spacing designs (Feb 2021)
Use of the volatile trichodiene to reduce Fusarium head blight and trichothecene contamination in wheat (Feb 2021)
Mechanistically-based model development for space radiation risk assessment: Modeling space radiation induced cognitive dysfunction using targeted and non-targeted effects (Feb 2021)
Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) as a novel model to study the relationship between the avian microbiome and microbial endocrinology-based host-microbe interactions (Feb 2021)
Cerebrum, liver, and muscle regulatory networks uncover maternal nutrition effects in developmental programming of beef cattle during early pregnancy (Feb 2021)
Comparing the use of handheld and benchtop NIR spectrometers in predicting nutritional value of forage (Feb 2021)
Unique contributions of chlorophyll and nitrogen to predict crop photosynthetic capacity from leaf spectroscopy (Feb 2021)
Rapid estimation of Salmonella enterica contamination level in ground beef – application of the time-to-positivity method using a combination of molecular detection and direct plating (Feb 2021)
R2R3-MYB transcription factors, StmiR858 and sucrose mediate potato flavonol biosynthesis (Feb 2021)
The effects of feeding ferric citrate on ruminal bacteria, methanogenic archaea, and methane production in growing beef steers (Feb 2021)
An open-sourced web application for aerial applicators to avoid spray drift caused by temperature inversion (Feb 2021)
Effects of Aversive Conditioning on Expression of Physiological Stress in Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) (Feb 2021)
Disinfectant and antimicrobial susceptibility studies of the foodborne pathogen Campylobacter jejuni isolated from the litter of broiler chicken houses (Feb 2021)
Effects of preexposure to 4He particles on the alteration of cognitive performance produced by exposure to 56Fe particles in male and female rats (Feb 2021)
Parasitism and predation on sentinel egg masses of three stink bug species (Heteroptera: pentatomidae) in native and exotic ornamental landscapes (Feb 2021)
Eicosanoid signaling in insect immunology: New genes and unresolved issues (Feb 2021)
Feeding oxidized chicken by-product meal impacts digestibility more than performance and oxidative status in nursery pigs (Feb 2021)
Reforestation tool for tree mortality in postfire reforestation framework for national forests in California (Feb 2021)
Cross talk of cancer signaling pathways by cyclic hexapeptides and anthraquinones from Rubia cordifolia (Jan 2021)
Temporarily downscaling precipitation intensity factors for KÖPPEN Climate Regions in the U.S. (Jan 2021)
Distributions of nutrients and avenanthramides within oat grain and effects on pearled kernel composition (Jan 2021)
Genetic variation of Ascosphaera apis and colony attributes do not explain chalkbrood disease outbreaks in Australian honey bees (Jan 2021)
Synonymy of Guyanymphula Heppner with Cryptosoma Lederer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) and transfer to the Glaphyriinae: a case of “Jumping the Shark” in pyraloid taxonomy (Jan 2021)
Non-fimbrial adhesin mutants reveal divergent Escherichia coli O157:H7 adherence mechanisms on human and cattle epithelial cells (Jan 2021)
Key Points Using WWEIA, NHANES 2017-2018 (Jan 2021)
Total Usual Nutrient Intake from Food, Beverages, and Dietary Supplements, by Gender and Age, What We Eat In America, NHANES 2015-2018 (Jan 2021)
Usual Nutrient Intake from Food and Beverages, What We Eat In America, NHANES 2015-2018 (Jan 2021)
Transcript analysis of two spinach cultivars reveals the complexity of salt tolerance mechanisms (Jan 2021)
Practical considerations will ensure the continued success of pre-harvest biocontrol using non-aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus strains (Jan 2021)
High-throughput phenotyping data from a proximal sensing cart (Jan 2021)
Surveillance of ticks and tick-borne pathogens in suburban natural habitats of central Maryland (Jan 2021)
Coinfections in ixodes scapularis from white-tailed deer compared to questing ixodes infer facultative mutualism across sites in Maryland, USA (Jan 2021)
Stability and transferability assessment of the cotton fiber strength QTL qFS-c7-1 on chromosome A07 (Jan 2021)
Blood meal source and mixed blood-feeding influence gut bacterial community composition in Aedes aegypti (Jan 2021)
New insights and enhanced human norovirus cultivation in human intestinal enteroids (Jan 2021)
Gene expression responses to sequential nutrient deficiency stresses in soybean. (Jan 2021)
Residual activity of Acaricides for controlling spider mites in watermelon and their impacts on resident predatory mites (Jan 2021)
Water quality of an integrated crop–livestock system in the northern Great Plains (Jan 2021)
Genetic changes in beef cow traits following selection for calving ease (Jan 2021)
Teosinte introgression modulates phosphatidylcholine levels and induces early maize flowering time (Jan 2021)
OvHV-2 glycoprotein B delivered by a recombinant BoHV-4 is immunogenic and induces partial protection against sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever in a rabbit model (Jan 2021)
A live attenuated-vaccine model confers cross-protective immunity against different species of the Leptospira genus (Jan 2021)
Modeling maize production under growth-stage based deficit irrigation management with RZQWM2 (Jan 2021)
Comparative virulence and genomic analysis of streptococcus suis isolates (Jan 2021)
Univariate and multivariate QTL analyses reveal covariance among elements in the rice ionome that is affected by production environment and tissue type. (Jan 2021)
Grain inorganic arsenic content in rice managed through targeted introgressions and irrigation management (Jan 2021)
Foliar and tuber symptoms of U.S. potato varieties to multiple strains and isolates of Potato virus Y (Jan 2021)
Epigenetic evolution of ACE2 and IL-6 genes as non-canonical interferon-stimulated genes correlate to COVID-19 susceptibility in vertebrates (Jan 2021)
Maize plants chimeric for an autoactive resistance gene display a cell autonomous hypersensitive response but non-cell autonomous defense signaling (Jan 2021)
Aflatoxin accumulation in corn (Zea may L.) influenced by cultural production practices in the U.S. Mid-South (Jan 2021)
A real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction for the specific detection of Hammondia hammondi and its differentiation from Toxoplasma gondii (Jan 2021)
A reporting format for leaf-level gas exchange data and metadata (Jan 2021)
Tomato seed germination and transplant growth in a commercial potting substrate amended with nutrient-preconditioned Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana L.) wood biochar (Jan 2021)
Anti-parasitic activity of cherry tomato peel powders (Jan 2021)
Composition of canola seed sprouts fermented by Aureobasidium pullulans, Neurospora crassa, and Trichoderma reesei under submerged-state fermentation (Jan 2021)
Optimizing irrigation water (Jan 2021)
DataMan: A global dataset of nitrous oxide and ammonia emission factors for excreta deposited by livestock and land-applied manure (Jan 2021)
Insect-derived extra-oral GH32 plays a role in susceptibility of wheat to Hessian fly. (Jan 2021)
Loss of physical seed dormancy, a major domestication trait in common bean, is likely caused by a single loss-of-function mutation (Jan 2021)
Drivers of mosquito mating (Jan 2021)
Use of taxonomic and trait-based approaches to evaluate the effect of Bt maize expressing the Cry1Ie protein on non-target collembola: A case study in Northeast China (Jan 2021)
Nitrogen overload: environmental degradation, ramifications, and economic costs (review) (Jan 2021)
Influence of grain and protein characteristics on in vitro protein digestibility of modern and ancient wheat species (Jan 2021)
Milk production, body weight, body condition score, activity and rumination of organic dairy cattle grazing two different pasture systems incorporating cool- and warm season-forages (Jan 2021)
Environmental trade-offs of relay-cropping winter cover crops with soybean in a maize-soybean system (Jan 2021)
Report on hard red spring wheat varieties grown in cooperative plot and nursery experiments in the spring wheat region in 2020 (Jan 2021)
Plant-to-plant biomass and yield variability in corn–soybean rotations under three tillage regimes (Jan 2021)
A model-based exploratory study of sulfur dioxide dispersions from concentrated animal feeding operations in the Southeastern United States (Jan 2021)
Gene assembly in agrobacterium via nucleic acid transfer using recombinase technology (GAANTRY) (Jan 2021)
Multivariate analysis of 31 phenotypic traits among major parental lines of sugarcane breeding programs in China (Jan 2021)
Development and evaluation of an optical sensing system for detection of herbicide spray droplets (Jan 2021)
Functional assessment of biodegradable cotton nonwoven substrates permeated with spatial insect repellents for disposable applications (Jan 2021)
Pomegranate water requirements and responses to irrigation restrictions (Jan 2021)
Plant functional groups and species contribute to ecological resilience a decade after woodland expansion treatments (Jan 2021)
Research updates with baled silages (Jan 2021)
Vitamin A and SARS-CoV2 infection: roles in host resistance and recovery from infection (Jan 2021)
Detecting biophysical characteristics and nitrogen status of finger millet at hyperspectral and multispectral resolutions (Jan 2021)
Association of TLR2 haplotypes encoding Q650 with reduced susceptibility to ovine Johne’s disease in Turkish sheep (Jan 2021)
Four reference quality genome assemblies of Pyrenophora teres f. maculata: A resource for studying the barley-spot form net blotch interaction (Jan 2021)
A wheat cysteine-rich receptor-like kinase confers broad-spectrum resistance against Septoria tritici blotch (Jan 2021)
Approaches for assessing the impact of Zea mays (Poaceae) on the behavior of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and its parasitoid Cotesia marginiventris (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) (Jan 2021)
Wild berries are more attractive to an invasive vinegar fly, spotted-wing drosophila (Diptera: drosophilidae), than cultivated berries (Jan 2021)
Cattle grazing distribution patterns related to topography across diverse rangeland ecosystems of North America (Jan 2021)
Petunia (Petunia ×hybrida) cultivars vary in silicon accumulation and distribution (Jan 2021)
Genetic manipulation of pathogenic Leptospira: CRISPR interference (CRISPRi)-mediated gene silencing and rapid mutant recovery at 37C (Jan 2021)
Using research to support transformative impacts on complex "wicked problems" with pastoral peoples in rangelands (Jan 2021)
Desorption temperature, SPME and natural product analyses, how low can we go? (Jan 2021)
Utilizing consumer perception of Edamame to guide new variety development (Jan 2021)
Continuous calcination of biocoke/petcoke blends in a rotary tube furnace (Jan 2021)
Biology, ecology and management of key sorghum insect pests (Jan 2021)
Synthesis and characterization of hydrophobically modified xylans (Jan 2021)
Data from: Climate-driven prediction of land water storage anomalies: an outlook for water resources monitoring across the conterminous United States (Jan 2021)
Morphological and molecular characterization of Pratylenchus dakotiensis n. sp.(Nematoda: Pratylenchidae), a new root-lesion nematode species on soybean in North Dakota, USA (Jan 2021)
Integrating rangeland health and stream stability in assessments of rangeland watersheds (Jan 2021)
Effects of late miticide treatments on foraging and colony productivity of European honey bees (Apis mellifera) (Jan 2021)
Meta-analysis: higher plant richness supports higher pollinator richness across many land use types (Jan 2021)
Long-term evaluation of restoring understories in Wyoming big sagebrush communities with mowing and seeding native bunchgrasses (Jan 2021)
Biases in open-path carbon dioxide flux measurements: Roles of instrument surface heat exchange and analyzer temperature sensitivity (Jan 2021)
Comparative evolutionary genetics of deleterious load in sorghum and maize (Jan 2021)
Glycine max NNL1 restricts symbiotic compatibility with widely distributed bradyrhizobia via root hair infection (Jan 2021)
Effects of feed removal during acute heat stress on the cytokine (Jan 2021)
Catch me if you can: novel foraging behavior of an egg parasitoid, Gryon gonikopalense (Hym. Scelionidae), against the stinkbug pest, Bagrada hilaris (Hem. Pentatomidae) (Jan 2021)
Fourier transform infrared and solid state 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic characterization of defatted cottonseed meal-based biochars (Jan 2021)
Land use change affects soil organic carbon: An indicator of soil health (Jan 2021)
The barley HvWRKY6 transcription factor is required for resistance against Pyrenophora teres f. teres (Jan 2021)
Sublethal exposure of Trogoderma granarium Everts (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) to insecticide-treated netting alters thigmotactic arrestment and olfactory-mediated anemotaxis (Jan 2021)
Impacts of Storicide II on internal feeders of brown rice (Jan 2021)
Improvement of physicochemical properties of reduced-cholesterol butter by the addition of beta-sitosteryl oleate (Jan 2021)
Phenotypic evaluation of fire blight outbreak in the USDA Malus collection (Jan 2021)
Genome evolution during bread wheat formation unveiled by the distribution dynamics of SSR sequences on chromosomes using FISH (Jan 2021)
Phenotypic selection on flower color and floral display size by three bee species (Jan 2021)
Markers of branched-chain amino acid catabolism are not affected by exercise training in pregnant women with obesity (Jan 2021)
Engineering alfalfa to produce 2-O-caffeoyl-L-malate (phaselic acid) for preventing post-harvest protein loss via oxidation by polyphenol oxidase (Jan 2021)
Registration of 'CP 11-1314' sugarcane (Jan 2021)
Novel alginate-cellulose nanofiber–poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels for carrying and delivering nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium chemicals (Jan 2021)
Characterization of the spatial distribution of alfalfa weevil, Hypera postica, and its natural enemies, using geospatial models (Jan 2021)
Comparison of new and conventional processing methods for their effects on physical properties of fish feed (Jan 2021)
Development of a multiplex real-time PCR assay for predicting macrolide and tetracycline resistance associated with bacterial pathogens of bovine respiratory disease (Jan 2021)
Data management in excel and R using national ecological observatory network's (NEON) small mammal data (Jan 2021)
Parenteral fish-oil containing lipid emulsions limit initial lipopolysaccharide-induced host immune responses in preterm pigs (Jan 2021)
Improving restoration success through a precision restoration framework (Jan 2021)
Multiple constraints cause positive and negative feedbacks limiting grassland soil CO2 efflux under CO2 enrichment (Jan 2021)
Direct and indirect effects of an ecosystem engineer on a shrubland-prairie food web (Jan 2021)
Non-targeted screening of chemicals migrating from paper-based food packaging by GC-Orbitrap mass spectrometry (Jan 2021)
Map and sequence-based chromosome walking towards cloning of the male fertility restoration gene Rf5 linked to R11 in sunflower (Jan 2021)
Fermentation and aerobic stability of rain-damaged alfalfa/grass baled silages treated with a propionic-acid-based preservative (Jan 2021)
Broad-range and effective detection of human noroviruses by colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay based on the shell domain of the major capsid protein (Jan 2021)
Energy imbalance and evapotranspiration hysteresis under an advective environment: Evidence from lysimeter, eddy covariance, and energy balance modeling (Jan 2021)
On the molecular identity of Paratylenchus nanus Cobb, 1923 (Nematoda: Tylenchida) (Jan 2021)
Cross-reactivity of contemporary US swine H1NX viruses to current seasonal and candidate vaccine viruses as a measure of risk to humans (Jan 2021)
Genistein reduces the risk of local mammary cancer recurrence and ameliorates alterations in the gut microbiota in the offspring of obese dams (Jan 2021)
Increased H3 Cluster IV-A influenza A virus detection in US swine is associated with reassortment and antigenic drift (Jan 2021)
Whole-genome sequencing and phenotyping revealed structural variants and varied level of resistance against leaf crumple disease in diverse lines of snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) (Jan 2021)
Conservation and loss of a putative iron utilization gene cluster among genotypes of aspergillus flavus (Jan 2021)
Incidence and Ramifications of Armed Conflict in Countries with Major Desert Locust Breeding Areas (Jan 2021)
First report of Mycoleptodiscus terrestris causing crown and root rot of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in Minnesota (Jan 2021)
Use of mathematic models to describe the microbial inactivation on baby carrots by gaseous chlorine dioxide (Jan 2021)
Functional and taxonomic diversity of grasshoppers differentially shape above- and below-ground communities and their function (Jan 2021)
Rangeland health: perspectives on landscapes (Jan 2021)
Synthetic promoter designs enabled by a comprehensive analysis of plant core promoters (Jan 2021)
Wearable activity tracking device use in an adolescent weight management clinic: A randomized controlled pilot trial (Jan 2021)
New virus from the family Tombusviridae infecting sugarcane (Jan 2021)
Serological evidence for historical and present-day exposure of North American bison to Mycoplasma bovis (Jan 2021)
Expression of the tomato pot-1 gene confers potato virus Y (PVY) resistance in susceptible potato varieties (Jan 2021)
Swine manure dilution with lagoon effluent impact on odor reduction and manure digestion (Jan 2021)
A 24-year-old sample contributes the complete genome sequence of fowl aviadenovirus D from the United States (Jan 2021)
Growth and survival of attached Listeria on lettuce and stainless steel varies by strain and surface type (Jan 2021)
Evaluating milling and baking quality associated with a Fusarium head blight resistance-enhancing genome deletion in wheat (Jan 2021)
Prediction of grain appearance traits as assessed by the USA rice industry using high throughput imaging systems (Jan 2021)
Comparative analysis of mitochondrial genomes of soybean cytoplasmic male sterile lines and their maintainer lines (Jan 2021)
Identification of GWA-QTLs and germplasm useful for enhancing sheath blight resistance (Jan 2021)
Curating the USDA-ARS rice germplasm collection: efficient accession management and characterization through phenotyping and genotyping (Jan 2021)
Cultivar differences in inorganic arsenic accumulation in the grain as influenced by irrigation management and soil amendments (Jan 2021)
Effect of AWD irrigation on yield components and biological responses of recurrent inbred lines from a weed-suppressive indica x tropical japonica mapping population (Jan 2021)
Estrela x NSFTV199 germplasm selected for panicle architecture traits (Jan 2021)
Genetic loci and agronomic traits impacting grain-arsenic concentrations revealed by GWA and biparental QTL analyses (Jan 2021)
QTL mapping and genomic prediction of seedling root architectural traits in a rice RIL population. (Jan 2021)
Transcriptome analysis and identification of lipid genes in Physaria lindheimeri, a genetic resource for hydroxy fatty acids in seed oil (Jan 2021)
Pest Profile: Striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma vittatum (F.)) and Western striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma trivittatum (Mannerheim)) (Coleoptera: chrysomelidae) (Jan 2021)
Prospective genomic regions with superior alleles for seedling stage salt tolerance identified via GWAS in the USDA rice mini-core collection (Jan 2021)
Exploring naturally existing genetic variation in grain chalk formation in response to temperature and carbon dioxide (Jan 2021)
Differentiating sub-population, production environment and grain chalk by hyperspectral imaging (Jan 2021)
Rice plant biomass traits influencing rhizosphere soil microbial community composition (Jan 2021)
Phlebotomus (Adlerius) simici NITZULESCU, 1931: first record in Austria and the phylogenetic relationship with other Adlerius species. (Jan 2021)
Toward understanding of rice innate immunity to rice blast fungus (Jan 2021)
A new haplotype of rice blast resistance gene Ptr in weedy rice confers resistance to the most virulent race of M. oryzae (Jan 2021)
GWA mapping of cold tolerance traits at the seedling stage and validation in two rice biparental mapping populations (Jan 2021)
Identification and characterization of rice blast resistance genes in Minghui 63- a restorer line widely used in hybrid rice production (Jan 2021)
Sensory evaluation of non-mutant rice varieties high in apparent amylose and resistant starch (Jan 2021)
Ricebase update: comparative GWAS annotation for gene discovery and marker development. (Jan 2021)
Divergence at mitochondrial and ribosomal loci indicates the split between Asian and European populations of Trichinella spiralis occurred prior to swine domestication (Jan 2021)
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Gene disruption by structural mutations drives selection in U.S. rice breeding over the last century (Jan 2021)
Transgenic cotton and sterile insect releases synergize eradication of pink bollworm a century after it invaded the United States (Jan 2021)
Association of differentially expressed R-gene candidates with leaf spot resistance in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (Jan 2021)
Diapause termination and post-diapause in lygus hesperus (heteroptera: miridae) (Jan 2021)
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