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Deficit irrigation practices may alter Vitis vinifera L. resistance to cold injury: Empirical evidence from the field (Jun 2017)
First report of Rose rosette virus associated with rose rosette disease in Rosa hybrida in Minnesota (Jun 2017)
Adhesive strength of pilot-scale-produced water-washed cottonseed meal in comparison with a synthetic glue for non-structural interior application (Jun 2017)
Extraction and identification of mixed pesticides’ Raman signal and establishment of their prediction models (Jun 2017)
Data from the Arizona FACE (Free-Air CO2 Enrichment) experiments on wheat at ample and limiting levels of water and nitrogen (Jun 2017)
Bovine trophectoderm cell lines induced from bovine fibroblasts with reprogramming factors (Jun 2017)
Campylobacter pinnipediorum sp. nov., isolated from pinnipeds, comprising Campylobacter pinnipediorum subsp. pinnipediorum subsp. nov. and Campylobacter pinnipediorum subsp. caledonicus subsp. nov. (Jun 2017)
Linkage disequilibrium among commonly genotyped SNP and variants detected from bull sequence (Jun 2017)
Mating disruption of the navel orangeworm (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) using widely spaced, aerosol dispensers: is the Pheromone blend the most efficacious disruptant? (Jun 2017)
Metabolic composition of apple rootstock rhizodeposits differs in a genotype-specific manner and affects growth of subsequent plantings (Jun 2017)
Use of liquid/supercritical CO2 extraction process for butanol recovery from fermentation broth (Jun 2017)
Identification of SNPs, QTLs, and dominant markers associatied with wheat flavor preference using genotyping-by-sequencing (Jun 2017)
Biochar as a tool to reduce the agricultural greenhouse-gas burden-knowns, unknowns, and future research needs (Jun 2017)
End-use quality of CIMMYT-derived soft kernel durum wheat germplasm. II. Dough strength and pan bread quality (Jun 2017)
Accelerating Silphium domestication: an opportunity to develop new crop ideotypes and breeding strategies informed by multiple disciplines (Jun 2017)
Hygienic and grooming behaviors in African and European honeybees-New damage categories in Varroa destructor (Jun 2017)
Profile soil property estimation using a VIS-NIR-EC-force probe (Jun 2017)
Timing of transcriptomic and proteomic changes in the bovine placentome after parturition (Jun 2017)
Improving genomic prediction for pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in wheat by weighting large-effect quantitative trait loci (Jun 2017)
End-use quality of CIMMYT-derived soft kernel durum wheat germplasm: I. Grain, milling, and soft wheat quality (Jun 2017)
Using small RNA deep sequencing data to detect siRNA duplexes induced by plant viruses (Jun 2017)
Complete genome sequence of the Campylobacter cuniculorum type strain LMG 24588 (Jun 2017)
The geometric framework for nutrition reveals interactions between protein and carbohydrate during larval growth in honey bees (Jun 2017)
Root biomass, root/shoot ratio, and soil water content under perennial grasses with different nitrogen rates (Jun 2017)
Nutritive value and fermentation characteristics of alfalfa-mixed grass forage wrapped with minimal stretch film layers and stored for different lengths of time (Jun 2017)
Linking managed and natural ecosystems through evapotranspiration and NASAs upcoming ECOSTRESS mission (Jun 2017)
a-Copaene is an attractant, synergistic with quercivorol, for improved detection of Euwallacea nr. fornicatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) (Jun 2017)
Chemical degradation of TMR multi-lure dispensers for fruit fly detection weathered under California climatic conditions (Jun 2017)
Recovery of Phytophthora ramorum in plant tissue with mixed infections (Jun 2017)
Sensitivity of Rhizoctonia isolates from the Inland Pacific Northwest of the United States to phenazine-1-carboxylic acid and biological control by phenazine-producing Pseudomonas spp. (Jun 2017)
The addition of corn fiber gum improves the long-term stability and retrogradation properties of corn starch (Jun 2017)
Analysis of the photophysical properties of zearalenone using density functional theory (Jun 2017)
Fidelity of a simple Liberty leaf-painting assay to validate transgenic maize plants expressing the selectable marker gene, bar (Jun 2017)
MGIS: Managing banana (Musa spp.) genetic resources information and high-throughput genotyping data (Jun 2017)
Octopamine and tyramine modulate the thermoregulatory fanning response in honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) (Jun 2017)
Hormonal pleiotropy helps maintain queen signal honesty in a highly eusocial wasp (Jun 2017)
Suppression of the vacuolar invertase gene delays senescent sweetening in chipping potatoes (Jun 2017)
Infectivity, transmission and pathogenicity of H5 highly pathogenic avian influenza clade (H5N8 and H5N2) United States index viruses in Pekin ducks and Chinese geese (Jun 2017)
Long-read sequencing improves assembly of Trichinella genomes 10-fold, revealing substantial synteny between lineages diverged over seven million years (Jun 2017)
Succinic acid: technology development and commercialization (Jun 2017)
Cranberry plant and pest degree-days: June 8, 2017 (Jun 2017)
Characterization of a combined batch-continuous procedure for the culture of anammox biomass (Jun 2017)
Phosphate removal from agricultural drainage water using an iron oxyhydroxide filter material (Jun 2017)
Rate of cooling alters chip color, sugar contents, and gene expression profiles in stored potato tubers (Jun 2017)
A Study on the Effects of Combining Genes from LONREN and BARBREN on Reniform Resistance (Jun 2017)
Assessment of five cold chilling tolerance traits and GWAS mapping in rice using the USDA mini-core collection (Jun 2017)
Fabrication, optimization and characterization of noble silver nanoparticles from sugarcane leaves (Saccharum officinarum) extract for antifungal application (Jun 2017)
Potassium starvation limits soybean growth more than the photosynthetic processes across CO2 levels (Jun 2017)
Vaginal and uterine bacterial communities in postpartum lactating cows (Jun 2017)
N2 fixation of common and hairy vetches when intercropped into switchgrass (Jun 2017)
Adapting HYDRUS-1D to simulate overland flow and reactive transport during sheet flow deviations (Jun 2017)
Influence of temperature on the reproductive and developmental biology of Ontsira mellipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a potential biological control agent of Anoplophora glabripennis (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) (Jun 2017)
Early transcriptome responses of the bovine midcycle corpus luteum to prostaglandin F2a includes cytokine signaling (Jun 2017)
Rainfall erosivity: An historical review (Jun 2017)
Species limits, phylogeography and reproductive mode in the Metarhizium anisopliae complex (Jun 2017)
USDA Northeast climate hub greenhouse gas mitigation workshop technical report (Jun 2017)
Loci associated with resistance to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) in a core collection of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum) (Jun 2017)
Swainsonine biosynthesis genes in diverse symbiotic and pathogenic fungi (Jun 2017)
Biochar research activities and their relation to development and environmental quality: A meta-analysis (Jun 2017)
Comparative transcriptomics of genetically divergent lines of chickens in response to Marek’s disease virus challenge at cytolytic phase (Jun 2017)
Feeding toxicity and impact of imidacloprid formulation and mixtures with six representative pesticides at residue concentrations on honey bee (Apis mellifera) (Jun 2017)
New records of Rhagoletis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Colombia, with discussion on the morphological variations of some species (Jun 2017)
Synergistic interaction of ten essential oils against Haemonchus contortus in vitro (Jun 2017)
Parasitic nematode Meloidogyne incognita interactions with different Capsicum annum cultivars reveal the chemical constituents modulating root herbiovry (Jun 2017)
Techniques of remote sensing and GIS as tools for visualizing impact of climate change-induced flood in the southern African region. (Jun 2017)
The identity of three South American “smiliine” treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae) and related taxonomic changes, including description of a new genus in Thuridini (Jun 2017)
Factitious prey and artificial diets for predatory lady beetles: current situation, obstacles, and approaches for improvement (Jun 2017)
The fungus Raffaelea lauricola modifies behavior of its symbiont and vector, the redbay ambrosia beetle (Xyleborus glabratus), by altering host plant volatile production (Jun 2017)
A new source of resistance to 2-furaldehyde from Scheffersomyces (Pichia) stipitis for sustainable lignocellulose-to-biofuel conversion (Jun 2017)
Whole-genome resequencing identifies the molecular genetic cause for the absence of a Gy5 glycinin protein in soybean PI 603408 (Jun 2017)
An Arabidopsis lipid flippase is required for timely recruitment of defenses to the host-pathogen interface at the plant cell surface (Jun 2017)
Plant community composition after 75 years of sustained grazing intensity treatments in shortgrass steppe (Jun 2017)
Cryopreserved storage of clonal germplasm in the USDA National Plant Germplasm System (Jun 2017)
Effects of heat treatment on antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of orange by-products (Jun 2017)
Parents' qualitative perspectives on child asking for fruit and vegetables (Jun 2017)
Potato psyllid vector of zebra chip disease in Pacific Northwest (Jun 2017)
Rhizosphere microorganisms affected by soil solarization and cover cropping in Capsicum annuum and Phaseolus lunatus agroecosystems (Jun 2017)
Using polyfurfuryl alcohol to improve the hydrothermal stability of mesoporous oxides for reactions in the aqueous phase (Jun 2017)
Closed genomes and phenotypes of seven Histophilus somni isolates from beef calves with bovine respiratory disease complex (Jun 2017)
First Report of Root Rot of Cowpea Caused by Fusarium equiseti in Georgia in the United States (Jun 2017)
Rhizoctonia resistance conferred by a sugar beet polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein gene (Jun 2017)
Determining pomegranate water and nitrogen requirements with drip irrigation (Jun 2017)
Improving models for describing phosphorus cycling in agricultural soils (Jun 2017)
Identification, transmission and genomic characterization of a new member of the family Caulimoviridae causing a flower distortion disease of Rudbeckia hirta (Jun 2017)
Agriculture and water quality, developments and challenges in science, management and policy in 2013-2017: Examples from a few countries (Jun 2017)
Fine mapping and introgressing qFIS1-2, a major QTL for kernel fissure resistance in rice (Oryza sativa L.) (Jun 2017)
Evolutionary changes in symbiont community structure in ticks (Jun 2017)
Mating behavior and intraspecific vibrational mimicry in the glassy-winged sharpshooter, homalodisca vitripennis (hemiptera: cicadellidae) (Jun 2017)
Economic considerations of breeding for polled dairy cows versus dehorning in the United States (Jun 2017)
Phosphorus, iron, and aluminum losses in runoff from a rotationally-grazed pasture in Georgia, USA (Jun 2017)
Cover cropping frequency is the main driver of soil microbial changes during six years of organic vegetable production (Jun 2017)
Understanding and improving global crop response to ozone pollution (Jun 2017)
Preventative disease management and grower decision making: A case study of California wine-grape growers (Jun 2017)
Population densities of lepidopteran pests in selected cranberry cultivars in Wisconsin (Jun 2017)
Evaluation of hyperspectral reflectance for estimating dry matter and sugar concentration in processing potatoes (Jun 2017)
Solanum jamesii - new traits and hybrids (Jun 2017)
Discovery of new sources of disease resistance using wild potato germplasm (Jun 2017)
Artificial diet sandwiches reveal sub-social behavior in the coffee berry borer Hypothenemus hampei (Coleoptera: Scolytinae) (Jun 2017)
Screening the CIP potato collection for response to in-season calcium application (Jun 2017)
Supplemental calcium nutrition improves tuber yield and quality of native potatoes in the Peruvian highlands (Jun 2017)
Consequential life cycle assessment captures the legacy effects of crop rotations (Jun 2017)
A review of the latest concepts in molecular plant pathology and applications to potato breeding (Jun 2017)
Biofuel production from Jerusalem artichoke tuber inulins (Jun 2017)
Managing the plant microbiome for biocontrol fungi: Examples from Hypocreales (Jun 2017)
Perennial plan establishment and productivity can be influenced by previous annual crops (Jun 2017)
Survey for selected pathogens in wild pigs (Sus scrofa) from Guam, Marianna Islands, USA (Jun 2017)
Evaluation of nematicides for southern root-knot nematode management in lima bean (Jun 2017)
Steam explosion and fermentation of sugar beets from Southern Florida and the Midwestern United States (Jun 2017)
Complete Genome Sequences of Four Avian Paramyxoviruses of Serotype 10 Isolated from Rockhopper Penguins on the Falkland Islands (Jun 2017)
Pseudomonas piscicida kills vibrios by two distinct mechanisms (Jun 2017)
Mechanisms for Pseudoalteromonas piscicida-induced Killing of Vibrios and Other Bacterial Pathogens (Jun 2017)
Effect of foliar application of Xxpire on Bemisisa tabaci (MED whitefly) and Amblyseius swirskii, 2016 (Jun 2017)
Predictor variable resolution governs modeled soil types (Jun 2017)
Enhancing genomic prediction with genome-wide association studies in multiparental maize populations (Jun 2017)
Utility of the summation chromatographic peak integration function to avoid manual reintegrations in the analysis of targeted analytes (Jun 2017)
Mixed dishes are a top contributor to phylloquinone intake in U.S. adults: data from the 2011-2012 NHANES (May 2017)
Tobacco Rattle Virus (TRV) Based Silencing of Cotton Enoyl-CoA reductase (ECR) Gene and the Role of Very Long Chain Fatty Acids in Normal Leaf Development and Resistance to Wilt Disease (May 2017)
Convergence in the ovipositor system of platygastroid wasps (Hymenoptera) (May 2017)
A droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) assay to detect Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in bulk trap samples (May 2017)
Arabidopsis glutaredoxin s17 contributes to vegetative growth, mineral accumulation, and redox balance during iron deficiency (May 2017)
The defensive aphid symbiont Hamiltonella defensa affects host quality differently for Aphelinus glycinis versus Aphelinus atriplicis (May 2017)
Release and recovery of pectic hydrocolloids and phenolics from culled citrus fruits (May 2017)
A photographic catalog of Platygastroidea (Hymenoptera) in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution (May 2017)
Photographic catalog of Platygastroidea (Hymenoptera) in the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (Hanoi, Vietnam) (May 2017)
Revision of Palearctic Trissolcus (Ashmead) (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) (May 2017)
Archaeoteleia Masner in the Cretaceous and a new species of Proteroscelio Brues (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea) (May 2017)
Inducible versus constitutive immunity: Examining effects of colony infection on glucose oxidase and Defensin-1 production in honey bees (May 2017)
Two new species of Parandrinae (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in genera Parandra and Acutandra from South America (May 2017)
Transcriptional response of turkeys to MDR Salmonella enterica serovar heidelberg (May 2017)
Evaluation of an inactivated whole-cell vaccine-adjuvant preparation for reducing fecal shedding of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in cattle (May 2017)
Herbivore species identity and composition affect soil enzymatic activity through altered plant composition in a coastal tallgrass prairie (May 2017)
Evaluating the effectiveness of agricultural mulches for reducing post-wildfire wind erosion (May 2017)
Alfalfa virus S, a new species in the family Alhapflexiviridae (May 2017)
Current status and future trends of precision agricultural aviation technologies (May 2017)
Characterization of polymorphic chloroplast microsatellites in Prunus species and maternal lineages in peach genotypes (May 2017)
Dissection of additive, dominance, and imprinting effects for production and reproductive traits in Holstein cattle (May 2017)
Allantoin crystal formation in Bagrada hilaris (Burmeister) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) females (May 2017)
Impact of climate change adaptation strategies on winter wheat and cropping system performance across precipitation gradients in the inland Pacific Northwest, USA (May 2017)
Sensor data fusion for soil health assessment (May 2017)
Determination of virulence contribution from Phytophthora infestans effector IPI-O4 in a resistant potato host contaning the RB gene (May 2017)
Environmental impact assessment of double- and relay-cropping with winter camelina in the northern Great Plains, USA (May 2017)
Monitoring nitrogen status of potatoes using small unmanned aircraft system (May 2017)
Comparison of phytohormone levels and transcript profiles during seasonal dormancy transitions in underground adventitious buds of leafy spurge (May 2017)
Morphological characterization of Amaranthus palmeri x A. spinosus hybrids (May 2017)
Spatial assessment of soluble solid contents on apple slices using hyperspectral imaging (May 2017)
Dietary intake of fiber and risk of knee osteoarthritis in two U.S. prospective cohorts (May 2017)
Added Sugars Intake of Americans: What We Eat in America, NHANES 2013-2014 (May 2017)
Cranberry plant and pest degree-days: May 25, 2017 (May 2017)
Variability of furrow infiltration and irrigation performance in a macroporous soil (May 2017)
Food Patterns Equivalents Database 2013-14: Methodology and User Guide (May 2017)
Food Patterns Equivalent Intakes from Food: Mean Amounts Consumed per Individual, What We Eat in America, NHANES 2013-14; Tables 1-4 (May 2017)
Food Patterns Equivalents Intakes by Americans: What We Eat in America, NHANES 2003-2004 and 2013-2014 (May 2017)
A comprehensive guide to the Argentinian case-bearer bettle fauna (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae:Camptosomata) (May 2017)
Alcelaphine gammaherpesvirus 1-induced malignant catarrhal fever in a Watusi (bos taurus africanus) steer in a North American game park (May 2017)
Interactions between water activity and temperature on the Aspergillus flavus transcriptome and aflatoxin B1 production (May 2017)
Efficacy testing of 35-year-old commercially-produced ERM bacterin reveals the remarkable stability of this product (May 2017)
Molecular characterization of a novel Luteovirus from peach identified by high-throughput sequencing (May 2017)
Development of a screening assay for Red Leaf Blotch of soybean caused by Coniothyrium glycines (May 2017)
Metabolomic Profiling of Soybeans (Glycine Max L.) Reveals Importance of Sugar and Nitogen Metabolisms under Drought and Heat Stress (May 2017)
A novel multiplexed, probe-based quantitative PCR assay for the soybean root-rot pathogen Phytophthora sojae utilizes its transposable element (May 2017)
Tillage and cover cropping effects on soil properties and crop production in Illinois (May 2017)
Validation of laser-guided variable-rate sprayer for managing insects in ornamental nurseries (May 2017)
Lack of transgene and glyphosate effects on mineral nutrition and amino acid content of glyphosate-resistant soybean (May 2017)
Complete genome sequence of the Campylobacter helveticus type strain ATCC 51209T (May 2017)
Metagenomic-based impact study of transgenic grapevine rootstock on its associated virome and soil microbiome (May 2017)
TAL effector driven induction of a SWEET gene confers susceptibility to bacterial blight of cotton (May 2017)
Detoxification of fusaric acid by the soil microbe Mucor rouxii (May 2017)
A New In Vitro Bioassay System for Discovery and Quantitative Evaluation of Mosquito Repellents (May 2017)
Early protection events in swine immunized with an experimental live attenuated classical swine fever marker vaccine, FlagT4G (May 2017)
Glycolysis is dynamic and relates closely to respiration rate in stored sugarbeet roots (May 2017)
Exploiting trait correlations for next-generation grain yield and end-use quality improvement of U.S. hard winter wheat (May 2017)
Genetic mapping of flavor loci in wheat (May 2017)
End-use quality of soft kernel durum wheat (May 2017)
Spinach biomass yield and physiological response to interactive salinity and water stress (May 2017)
Differential aggressiveness of Bipolaris microstegii and B. drechsleri on Japanese Stiltgrass (May 2017)
Neutron-stimulated gamma ray analysis of soil (May 2017)
Invited review: Matching forage systems with cow size and environment for sustainable cow-calf production in the southern region of the United States (May 2017)
Draft genome of spinach and transcriptome diversity of 120 Spinacia accessions (May 2017)
Estimating the ratio of pond size to irrigated soybeans land in Mississippi: A case study (May 2017)
Chemical, physical and tribolotical investigation of polymercaptanized soybean oil (May 2017)
Shifting migration patterns without genetic erosion: evidence from the Zamia pumila complex (Cycadales: Zamiaceae) at the northern of the Caribbean island biodiversity hotspot (May 2017)
Meta-analysis to define a core microbiota in the swine gut (May 2017)
Vulnerability of crops and croplands in the U.S. Northern Plains to predicted climate change (May 2017)
Fourier-transform imaging of cotton and botanical and field trash mixtures (May 2017)
Technical Note: Daily variation in intake of a salt-limited supplement by grazing steers (May 2017)
Proteome dynamics of cold-acclimating Rhododendron species contrasting in their freezing tolerance and thermonasty response (May 2017)
IGF1 stimulates greater muscle hypertrophy in the absence of myostatin in male mice (May 2017)
Incorporating biological control into IPM decision making (May 2017)
ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Iflaviridae (May 2017)
Timing of short-day exposure influences diapause response of western tarnished plant bug (May 2017)
Seasonal switchgrass ecotype contributions to soil organic carbon, deep soil microbial community composition and rhizodeposit uptake during an extreme drought (May 2017)
Relative partitioning of N from alfalfa silage, corn silage, corn grain and soybean meal into milk, urine, and feces, using stable 15N isotope (May 2017)
Effect of chemical ratios of a microbial-based feeding attractant on trap catch of spotted wing drosophila (Diptera: Drosophilidae) (May 2017)
Proteomic analysis of Pigeonpea (cajanus cajan) seeds reveals the accumulation of numerous stress-related proteins (May 2017)
Floral traits influencing plant attractiveness to three bee species: Consequences for plant reproductive success (May 2017)
Winterization strategies for bulk storage of pickles (May 2017)
Role of xyloglucan in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fiber elongation of the short fiber mutant Ligon-lintless-2 (Li2) (May 2017)
Phylogenetic relationships of the tribe Toxotrypanini (Diptera: Tephritidae) based on molecular characters (May 2017)
Gene expression profiling describes the genetic regulation of Meloidogyne arenaria resistance in Arachis hypogaea and reveals a candidate gene for resistance (May 2017)
Whole genome sequencing may not be adequate to determine genome relatedness for surveillance and outbreak investigation of foodborne pathogens (May 2017)
Physical and metabolic consequences of Hessian fly infestation are more severe on nonhost Brachypodium distachyon than on host-plant resistant wheat (May 2017)
Joseph (Josy) M. Bové Dedication (May 2017)
Field Guide for the Biological Control of Weeds in Eastern North America (May 2017)
Phased genotyping-by-sequencing enhances analysis of genetic diversity and reveals divergent copy number variants in maize (May 2017)
Design of a candidate vibrational signal for mating disruption against the glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca Vitripennis (May 2017)
Water in agriculture (May 2017)
Attraction and electroantennographic responses of male mediterranean fruit fly (diptera: tephritidae) to six plant essential oils (May 2017)
Mapping genes for resistance to stripe rust in spring wheat landrace PI 480035 (May 2017)
Coal-bed methane water: effects on soil properties and camelina productivity (May 2017)
Salmonella DIVA vaccine reduces disease, colonization and shedding due to virulent S. Typhimurium in swine (May 2017)
Switchgrass growth and effects on biomass accumulation, moisture content, and nutrient removal (May 2017)
Parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera: Apocrita) associated with Sagittaria latifolia Willd. and Sagittaria platyphylla (Engelm.) J. G. Sm. (Alismatales: Alismataceae) in the Nearctic Region (May 2017)
Nutritional modulation of the immune response in poultry (May 2017)
Assessment of nitric oxide production in mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes syndrome with the use of a stable isotope tracer infusion technique (May 2017)
Label-free biosensing of Salmonella enterica serovars at single-cell level (May 2017)
Detecting peanuts inoculated with toxigenic and atoxienic Aspergillus flavus strains with fluorescence hyperspectral imagery (May 2017)
The Team Up for School Nutrition Success workshop evaluation study: 3-month results (May 2017)
Use of ATR FT-IR spectroscopy in non-destructive and rapid assessment of developmental cotton fibers (May 2017)
Short term impacts provide a management window for minimizing invasions from bioenergy crops (May 2017)
Northwest Ohio crop yield benefits of water capture and subirrigation based on future climate change projections (May 2017)
Beekeeper-relevant metrics and continuous monitoring of hive-level physiology during indoor overwintering reveals landscape-related differences in a large US migratory beekeeping operation (May 2017)
Quantitative trait loci associated with drought tolerance in brachypodium distachyon (May 2017)
Identification of novel seroreactive antigens in Johne’s disease cattle using the Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein array (May 2017)
A mutant in the CsDET2 gene leads to a systemic brassinosteriod deficiency and super compact phenotype in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) (May 2017)
Chemical and nutritional properties of channel and hybrid catfish by-products (May 2017)
Nutrient cycling and soil biology in row crop systems under intensive tillage (May 2017)
Aflatoxin contamination of groundnut and maize in Zambia: observed and potential concentrations (May 2017)
Agreement between quantitative microbial risk assessment and epidemiology at low doses during waterborne outbreaks of protozoan disease (May 2017)
Evolution of interleukin-1 receptor-like 1 and its role in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) resistance to Flavobacterium psychrophilum (May 2017)
Cattle Fever Tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, (Acari: Ixodidae): potential control on pastures by the application of urea fertilizer (May 2017)
Diabetes care provider perceptions on family challenges of pediatric type 1 diabetes (May 2017)
Exome sequencing reveals novel genetic loci influencing obesity-related traits in Hispanic children (May 2017)
Aflatoxin contamination of dried red chilies: Contrasts between the United States and Nigeria, two markets differing in regulation enforcement (May 2017)
Nutrient, pH, Alkalinity, and Ionic Property Levels in Run-off Containment Basins in Alabama, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi and Virginia Ornamental Plant Nurseries (May 2017)
Above ground drip application practices alter water productivity of Malbec grapevines under sustained deficit (May 2017)
Morphological and molecular characterization of Sarcocystis arctica-like sarcocysts from the Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus)from Alaska, USA (May 2017)
Effect of precooking and polyphosphate treatment on the quality of catfish fillets cooked in pouch in boiling water (May 2017)
Impact of prolonged absence of low temperature on adult eclosion patterns of western cherry fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) (May 2017)
Detection and prediction of Sitophilus oryzae infestations in triticale via near infrared spectral signatures (May 2017)
Effectiveness of emergent and submergent aquatic plants in mitigating a nitrogen-permethrin mixture (May 2017)
Rosette (Double Blossom) (May 2017)
Botryosphaeria Cane Canker (May 2017)
Crops in silico: Generating virtual crops using an integrative and multi-scale modeling platform (May 2017)
Creosote bush, an arid zone survivor in southwestern U.S.: 1. Identification of morphological and environmental factors that affect its growth and development (May 2017)
Soil: the forgotten piece of the water, food, energy nexus (May 2017)
Comparison of 10 Adjuvants for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) Vaccines in Chickens (May 2017)
Comparison of the chemical compositions of the cuticle and the Dufour's gland of two solitary bee species from laboratory and field conditions (May 2017)
A nano particle vector comprised of poly lactic-co-glycolic acid and monophosphoryl lipid A and recombinant Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis peptides stimulate a pro-immune profile in bovine macrophages (May 2017)
Molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of Citrus viroid VI variants from citrus in China (May 2017)
Characterization of ash in algae and other materials by determination of wet acid indigestible ash and microscopic examination (May 2017)
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of tung tree (Vernicia fordii): Organization and phylogenetic relationships with other angiosperms (May 2017)
Spatial structure of the Mormon cricket gut microbiome and its predicted contribution to nutrition and immune function (May 2017)
Modification of cellulose with succinic anhydride in TBAA/DMSO mixed solvent under catalyst-free conditions (May 2017)
First report of citrus leaf blotch virus in lemon in China (May 2017)
Cranberry plant and pest degree-days: May 11, 2017 (May 2017)
A workflow for extracting plot-level biophysical indicators from aerially acquired multispectral imagery (May 2017)
Spatial and temporal variation of biological control agents associated with Eichhornia crassipes in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, California (May 2017)
Denitrifying woodchip bioreactor and phosphorus filter pairing to minimize pollution swapping (May 2017)
2017 Update of the field evaluation of new and underutilized fig cultivars for fresh and dried markets (May 2017)
Using white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in infectious disease research (May 2017)
Transcriptome analysis of the whitefly, Bemisia tabaci MEAM1 on tomato infected with the crinivirus, Tomato chlorosis virus, identifies a temporal shift in gene expression and differential regulation of novel orphan genes (May 2017)
Rapid, high-resolution measurement of leaf area and leaf orientation using terrestrial LiDAR scanning data (May 2017)
Reinforcement effect of soy protein nanoparticles in amine-modified natural rubber latex (May 2017)
Spotlight on the positive effects of the ladybird Harmonia axyridis on agriculture (May 2017)
Genome characterization and genetic diversity of sweet potato symptomless virus 1: a mastrevirus with an unusual nonanucleotide (May 2017)
Neuropeptides predicted from the transcriptome analysis of the gray garden slug Deroceras reticulatum (May 2017)
Validation of molecular markers associated with perpetual flowering in Octoploid Fragaria fermplasm (May 2017)
Local genes for local bacteria: evidence of allopatry in the genomes of transatlantic Campylobacter populations (May 2017)
Raman spectroscopy (May 2017)
Co-localization of major quantitative trait loci for pod size and weight to a 3.7 cM interval on chromosome A05 in cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (May 2017)
Functional data analysis of sleeping energy expenditure (May 2017)
Comparative genomic analysis identifies a Campylobacter clade deficient in selenium metabolism (May 2017)
Applying new technologies to transform blueberry harvesting (May 2017)
Potential for increased use of cereal grain forages on dairy operations (May 2017)
Involvement of a gut-retina axis in protection against dietary glycemia induced age-related macular degeneration (May 2017)
Microbiota-derived short-chain fatty acids modulate expression of Campylobacter jejuni determinants required for commensalism and virulence (May 2017)
Cluster analysis of historical and modern hard red spring wheat cultivars based on parentage and HPLC analysis of gluten forming proteins (May 2017)
Low doses of glyphosate enhance growth, CO2 assimilation, stomatal conductance and transpiration in sugarcane and eucalyptus (May 2017)
Characterization of copy number variation's potential Role in Marek’s disease (May 2017)
Discriminating oat and groat kernels from other grains using near infrared spectroscopy (May 2017)
Characterization of Cytospora isolates from wood cankers of declining grapevine in North America, with the descriptions of two new Cytospora species (May 2017)
Impact of harvest time and switchgrass cultivar on sugar release through enzymatic hydrolysis (May 2017)
Impact of harvest time and cultivar on conversion of switchgrass to fast pyrolysis bio-oils (May 2017)
Colonization of internal organs by Salmonella serovars Heidelberg and Typhimurium in experimentally infected laying hens housed in enriched colony cages at different stocking densities (May 2017)
Genome sequencing and population genomic analyses provide insights into the adaptive landscape of silver birch (May 2017)
Cranberry plant and pest degree-days: May 8th 2017 (May 2017)
The pathogenesis of H7N8 low and highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses from the Indiana 2016 outbreak in chickens, turkeys and mallards (May 2017)
Effect of foliar application of pymetrozine on Bemisia tabaci (MED whitefly) and Amblyseius swirskii, 2016 (May 2017)
A survey of single nucleotide polymorphisms identified from whole-genome sequencing and their functional effect in the porcine genome (May 2017)
Interactions of organic acids with Salmonella strains from feedlot water-sprinkled cattle (May 2017)
My Road to the Nevada High School Youth Forum (May 2017)
Impact of drench application of cyantraniliprole on Bemisia tabaci (MED whitefly) and Amblyseius swirskii, 2016 (May 2017)
Natural biological control of Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) by native egg parasitoids – a multi-year survey in northern Delaware (May 2017)
Anagyrine desensitization of peripheral nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. A potential biomarker of quinolizidine alkaloid teratogenesis in cattle. (May 2017)
A cell-based fluorescent assay to detect the activity of AB toxins that inhibit protein synthesis (May 2017)
Attenuation of foot-and-mouth disease virus by engineered viral polymerase fidelity (May 2017)
Derivatization of castor oil based estolide esters: Preparation of epoxides and cyclic carbonates (May 2017)
Recovery of ammonia and production of high-grade phosphates from side-stream digester effluents using gas-permeable membranes (May 2017)
Changes in the rumen bacterial microbiome of cattle exposed to ponderosa pine needles (May 2017)
Sediment and PM10 flux from no-tillage cropping systems in the Pacific Northwest (May 2017)
Successful introgression of abiotic stress tolerance from wild tepary bean to common bean (May 2017)
Topsoil thickness effects on corn, soybean, and switchgrass production on claypan soils (May 2017)
The distribution and biology of potential vectors of Xylella fastidiosa on coffee and citrus in Puerto Rico (May 2017)
Hourly methane production in finishing steers fed at different levels of dry matter intake (May 2017)
Topsoil thickness and harvest management influence switchgrass production and profitability (May 2017)
Identifying Physiological and Yield Related Traits in Sugarcane and Energy Cane (May 2017)
Phenotypic and ionome profiling of Triticum aestivum x Aegilops tauschii introgression lines (May 2017)
Disinfectant and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of Salmonella strains from feedlot water-sprinkled cattle: hides and feces (May 2017)
Culicoides-virus interactions: infection barriers and possible factors underlying vector competence (May 2017)
Hijacked: Co-option of host behavior by entomophthoralean fungi (May 2017)
Effect of environmental stresses on the survival and cytotoxicity of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (May 2017)
Organ-specific transcriptome profiling of metabolic and pigment biosynthesis pathways in the floral ornamental progenitor species Anthurium amnicola Dressler (May 2017)
Recombinant Newcastle disease virus expressing human TRAIL as a potential candidate for hepatoma therapy (May 2017)
Positive yield response of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) to inoculation with AM fungi produced on-farm (May 2017)
Serum toxicokinetics after intravenous and oral dosing of larkspur toxins in goats (May 2017)
Proposals to conserve the names Chaetomium piluliferum (Botryotrichum piluliferum) against ……and Gnomonia intermedia (Ophiognomonia intermedia) against Gloeosporium betulae (Discula betulae) (Ascomycota: Sordariomycetes) (May 2017)
A BCWD-resistant line of rainbow trout exhibits higher abundance of IgT+ B cells and heavy chain tau transcripts compared to a susceptible line following challenge with Flavobacterium psychrophilum (May 2017)
Genome sequence of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype O lineage ind-2001d collected in Vietnam in 2015 (May 2017)
In vitro antibacterial activity of chitosan and chitosan oligosaccharide lactate against important gram negative warmwater fish pathogens (May 2017)
Senecio grisebachii Baker: Pyrrolizidine alkaloids and experimental poisoning in calves (May 2017)
Nonthermal inactivation of norovirus surrogates on blueberries using atmospheric cold plasma (May 2017)
Synergistic toxicity and physiological impact of imidacloprid alone and binary mixtures with seven representative pesticides on honey bee (Apis mellifera) (May 2017)
Characterization of starter-free Queso Fresco made with sodium-potassium salt blends over 12 weeks of 4 degrees C storage (May 2017)
Cat-rodent Toxoplasma gondii Type II-variant circulation and limited genetic diversity on the Island of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil (May 2017)
The alpha-tocopherol form of vitamin E boosts elastase activity of human PMNs and their ability to kill Streptococcus pneumoniae (May 2017)
Sediment-bound total organic carbon and total organic nitrogen losses from conventional and strip tillage cropping systems (May 2017)
Effects of drought and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on seed nutrition and 15N and 13C natural abundance isotopes in soybean under controlled environments (May 2017)
Genetic differentiation of Ganaspis brasiliensis (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) from East and Southeast Asia (May 2017)
Genotype by environment interactions and combining ability for strawberry families grown in diverse environments (May 2017)
Allometric models for predicting aboveground biomass and carbon stock of tropical perennial C4 grasses in Hawaii (May 2017)
Potential losses of soil nutrients and energy content on the complete removal of sugarcane leaf material as a biomass feedstock (May 2017)
Solving the robot-world, hand-eye(s) calibration problem with iterative methods (May 2017)
Pathogenesis of virulent and attenuated foot and mouth disease virus in cattle (May 2017)
Detection of Colorado potato beetle damage using remote sensing from small unmanned aircraft systems (May 2017)
Specialty oilseed crops provide an attractive source of pollen for beneficial insects (May 2017)
Analysis of JAK-STAT signaling pathway genes and their microRNA in the intestinal mucosa of genetically disparate chicken lines induced with necrotic enteritis (May 2017)
Various alternatives-to-antibiotics for maximizing the efficiency of growth performance and feed efficiency in poultry: a review (May 2017)
Geno- and phenotypic characteristics of a transfected babesia bovis 6-Cys-E knockout clonal line (May 2017)
Emerging avenues for utilization of exotic germplasm (May 2017)
Fine Mapping identifies CsGCN5 encoding a histone acetyltransferase as putative candidate gene for tendril-less1 mutation (td-1) in cucumber (May 2017)
Nanobody based immunoassay for human soluble epoxide hydrolase detection using polyHRP for signal enhancement—the rediscovery of polyHRP (May 2017)
Phospholipase D¿ enhances diacylglycerol flux into triacylglycerol (May 2017)
Site-specific management of cotton root rot using airborne and satellite imagery (May 2017)
Comparison of aerial imagery from manned and unmanned aircraft platforms for monitoring cotton growth (May 2017)
Adhesive strength of pilot-scale washed cottonseed meal in comparison with a synthetic adhesive for non-structural application (May 2017)
Degree days to 50% flowering for 12 cultivars of spring canola-like mustard (May 2017)
Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in candidate genes previously related to genetic variation in fertility with phenotypic measurements of reproductive function in Holstein cows (May 2017)
Campylobacter multi-locus sequence types and antimicrobial susceptibility of broiler cecal isolates: a two year study of 143 commercial flocks (May 2017)
Pulse versus continuous peracetic acid applications: effects on Rainbow trout performance, biofilm formation and water quality (May 2017)
Utilization of year round data in the estimation of genetic parameters for internal parasite resistance traits in Dorper sheep (May 2017)
Targeted and efficient transfer of multiple value-added genes into wheat varieties (May 2017)
Effects of altered seasonality of precipitation on grass production and grasshopper performance in a northern mixed prairie (May 2017)
Butanol biorefineries: Use of novel technologies to produce biofuel butanol from sweet sorghum bagasse (SSB) (May 2017)
Production of platform chemical itaconic acid from pentose sugars (May 2017)
The persistent environmental relevance of soil phosphorus sorption saturation (May 2017)
A fishmeal-free diet for post-smolt Atlantic salmon in RAS (May 2017)
Rangelands: Where anthromes meet their limits (May 2017)
Discussion of "Simple design criterion for residual energy on embankment dam stepped spillways" by Stefan Felder and Hubert Chanson (May 2017)
Phytophthora infestans effectors IPI-O1 and IPI-O4 each contribute to pathogen virulence (May 2017)
Alternative prophylaxis/disinfection in aquaculture - Adaptable stress induced by peracetic acid at low concentration and its application strategy in RAS (May 2017)
Expression of avian beta-defensins in the intestine of Eimeria-challenged chickens (May 2017)
Microwave moisture measurement of cotton fiber moisture content in the laboratory (May 2017)
Falling number sampling variation within trucks at first point of sale (May 2017)
Plant community dynamics 25 years after juniper control (May 2017)
Detection and isolation of the "Top 7" Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in ground beef: comparison of the Rapidfinder kits to the USDA microbiology laboratory guidebook method (May 2017)
Surface irrigation management for guayule rubber production in the US desert southwest (May 2017)
Dietary factors during early life program bone formation in female rats (May 2017)
Design and testing of safer more effective preservatives for consumer products (May 2017)
Fine Mapping of a Phytophthora Resistance Gene RpsWY in Soybean (Glycine max L.) by High-Throughput Genome-Wide Sequencing (May 2017)
Potential of deficit irrigation, irrigation cut-offs, and crop thinning to maintain yield and fruit quality with less water in northern highbush blueberry (May 2017)
Composition of phenolic compounds in wild apple with multiple resistance mechanisms against postharvest blue mold decay (May 2017)
Resistant Starch: Variation among High Amylose Rice Varieties and Its Relationship with Apparent Amylose Content, Pasting Properties and Cooking Methods (May 2017)
Recombinant human adenovirus-5 expressing capsid proteins of Indian vaccine strains of foot-and-mouth disease virus elicits effective antibody response in cattle (May 2017)
Melanocortin 4 receptor is not required for estrogenic regulations on energy homeostasis and reproduction (May 2017)
Effect of drying conditions on triticale seed germination and rice weevil infestation (May 2017)
Thrips (Thysanoptera) of coffee flowers (May 2017)
Isolation, Culture and Cryopreservation of Sarcocystis species (May 2017)
American Bee Research Conference 2017: A short report (May 2017)
Wheat pests: Rodents, nematodes, insects and mites (Apr 2017)
Survival of Salmonella Typhimurium on soybean sprouts after treatment with gaseous chlorine dioxide and biocontrol Pseudomonas bacteria (Apr 2017)
Ensuring the genetic diversity of apples (Apr 2017)
Microwave-assisted maleation of tung oil for bio-based products (Apr 2017)
New bis(alkythio) fatty acid methyl esters (Apr 2017)
Analysis of heavy metals in rice bran oil by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectrometry (Apr 2017)
Pennycress protein isolate: Pilot plant production and application in films polymeric composites (Apr 2017)
SSR markers reveal the genetic diversity of Asian Cercis taxa at the U.S. National Arboretum (Apr 2017)
Identification of molecular species of acylglycerols of Philippine wild edible mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum (Apr 2017)
Synthesis and characterization of phosphonates from methyl linoleate and vegetable oils (Apr 2017)
Dynamic analysis of growth of Salmonella Enteritidis in liquid egg whites (Apr 2017)
Validation of SMAP soil moisture for the SMAPVEX15 field campaign using a hyper-resolution model (Apr 2017)
Physicochemical and sensory analysis of USA rice varieties developed for the basmati and jasmine markets (Apr 2017)
The biology, identification and management of Rhizoctonia pathogens (Apr 2017)
Optimum Returns from Greenhouse Vegetables under Water Quality and Risk Constraints in the United Arab Emirates (Apr 2017)
Development and characterization of the first infectious clone of alfalfa latent virus, a strain of Pea streak virus (Apr 2017)
The effects of climate change associated abiotic stresses on maize phytochemical defenses (Apr 2017)
Propolis counteracts some threats to honey bee health (Apr 2017)
Genes for wheat resistance ad susceptibility to Fusarium head blight and Septoria tritici blotch disease of wheat (Apr 2017)
Development of a dietary environmental index to assess nutritional quality versus environmental effect of foods and dietary patterns (Apr 2017)
Molecular sequence typing reveals genotypic diversity among Escherichia coli isolates recovered from a cantaloupe packinghouse in Northwestern Mexico (Apr 2017)
Timing fungicide application intervals based on airborne Erysiphe necator concentrations (Apr 2017)
Remote sensing evaluation of twospotted spider mite damage on greenhouse cotton (Apr 2017)
Application of polyacrylamide (PAM) through lay-flat polyethylene 1 tubing: effects on infiltration, erosion, N and P transport, and corn yield (Apr 2017)
The U.S. National Mall microbiome: A census of rhizosphere bacteria inhabiting landscape turf (Apr 2017)
Rooting and vegetative growth of hardwood cuttings of 12 pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) cultivars (Apr 2017)
Prostaglandin Actions in Established Insect Cell Lines (Apr 2017)
Biting the bullet: revisionary notes on the Oraseminae of the Old World (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Eucharitidae) (Apr 2017)
On the identity of the adventive species of Eufriesea Cockerell in the USA: systematics and potential distribution of the coerulescens species group (Hymenoptera: Apidae) (Apr 2017)
Cranberry plant and pest degree-day update: April 26, 2017 (Apr 2017)
Relationship of the reported intakes of fat and fatty acids to body weight in US adults (Apr 2017)
Mexican oregano (Lippia berlandieri Schauer) oil on turkey slaughter quality (Apr 2017)
Projected dryland cropping system shifts in the Pacific Northwest in response to climate change (Apr 2017)
The complete mitochondrial genome of the gray garden slug Deroceras reticulatum (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Stylommatophora) (Apr 2017)
Chemical ecology of halyomorpha halys (Apr 2017)
Behavioral response of the brown marmorated stink bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) to semiochemicals deployed inside and outside anthropogenic structures during the overwintering period (Apr 2017)
Registration of ‘CP 06-2425’, ‘CP 06-2495’, ‘CP 06-2964’, ‘CP 06-3103’, and ‘CP 07-1313’ Sugarcane for Sand Soils in Florida (Apr 2017)
Registration of ‘CP 08-1110’ Sugarcane (Apr 2017)
Spillover of virulent Newcastle disease viruses between poultry and non-poultry captive avian species in Pakistan (Apr 2017)
Registration of 'Mesa' Russian wheat aphid-resistant winter feed barley (Apr 2017)
Nitrate leaching from winter cereal cover crops using undisturbed soil-column lysimeters (Apr 2017)
Registration of ‘CP 06-2042’ Sugarcane (Apr 2017)
Manure and tillage use in remediation of eroded land and impacts on soil chemical properties (Apr 2017)
A feeding protocol for delivery of agents to assess development in Varroa mites (Apr 2017)
Challenges of managing disease in tall orchard trees – pecan scab, a case study (Apr 2017)
Registration of the sunflower oilseed maintainer genetic stocks HOLS1, HOLS2, HOLS3, and HOLS4, possessing genes for high oleic and low saturated fatty acids, and tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides (Apr 2017)
Registration of conventional soybean germplasm JTN-4307 with resistance to nematodes and fungal diseases (Apr 2017)
Linking soil phosphorus to dissolved phosphorus losses in the midwest (Apr 2017)

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