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Title: A class-wide phylogenetic assessment of Dothideomycetes

item Schoch, C.l.
item Crous, P.w.
item Groenewald, J.z.
item Barres, B.
item Boehm, E.w.a.
item Degruyter, J.
item De Hoog, G.s.
item Dixon, Linley
item Fournier, J.
item Grube, M.
item Gueidan, C.
item Harada, Y.
item Hatakeyma, S
item Hirayama, K.
item Hosoya, T.
item Hyde, K.d.
item Jones, E.b.g.
item Kohlmeyer, J.
item Lucking, R.
item Lumbsch, H.t.
item Lutzoni, F.
item Marvanova, L.
item Mbatchou, J.s.
item Miller, A.n
item Mugambi, G.k.
item Muggia, L.
item Nelson, M.p.
item Nelson, P.
item Owensby, C.a.
item Phongpaichit, S.
item Pointing, S.b.
item Pujade-renaud, V.
item Raja, H.a.
item Rivas Plata, E.
item Robbertse, B.
item Ruibal, C.
item Sakayaroj, J.
item Sano, T.
item Selbmann, L.
item Shearer, C.a
item Shirouzu, T.
item Slippers, B.
item Suetrong, S.
item Tanaka, K.
item Volkmann-kohlmeyer, B.
item Wood, A.r.
item Woudenberg, J.h.c.
item Yonezawa, H.
item Zhang, Y.
item Spatafora, J.w.

Submitted to: Studies in Mycology
Publication Type: Peer Reviewed Journal
Publication Acceptance Date: 12/15/2009
Publication Date: 12/28/2009
Citation: Schoch, C., Crous, P., Groenewald, J., Barres, B., Boehm, E., Degruyter, J., De Hoog, G., Dixon, L.J., Fournier, J., Grube, M., Gueidan, C., Harada, Y., Hatakeyama, Hirayama, K., Hosoya, T., Hyde, K., Jones, E., Kohlmeyer, J., Lucking, R., Lumbsch, H., Lutzoni, F., Marvanova, L., Mbatchou, J., Miller, A., Mugambi, G., Muggia, L., Nelson, M., Nelson, P., Owensby, C., Phongpaichit, S., Pointing, S., Pujade-Renaud, V., Raja, H., Rivas Plata, E., Robbertse, B., Ruibal, C., Sakayaroj, J., Sano, T., Selbmann, L., Shearer, C., Shirouzu, T., Slippers, B., Suetrong, S., Tanaka, K., Volkmann-Kohlmeyer, B., Wood, A., Woudenberg, J., Yonezawa, H., Zhang, Y., Spatafora, J. 2009. A class-wide phylogenetic assessment of Dothideomycetes. Studies in Mycology. 64:1-15.

Interpretive Summary: Fungi cause billions of dollars damage to agricultural crops each year. In addition, the presence of certain fungi can greatly hinder the export of agricultural commodities from the U.S. to other countries. In order to control diseases caused by fungi both in the U.S. and abroad it is necessary to identify and characterize the fungi that cause diseases of crops or other plants. In this paper the higher classification of a group of plant-associated fungi (Dothideomycetes) is determined based on the modern technique of sequencing portions of the genome. These sequences are compared in order to determine what genetic relationships exist among this group of fungi. Knowledge of the relationships of these fungi and their characteristics will be used by plant pathologists who breed for resistance to the diseases caused by fungi and quarantine officials seeking to identify fungi in this group.

Technical Abstract: We present a comprehensive phylogeny derived from 5 genes, nucSSU, nucLSU rDNA, TEF1, RPB1 and RPB2, for 355 isolates and 41 families (6 newly described in this volume) in Dothideomycetes. All currently accepted orders in the class is represented for the first time. Subclass Pleosporomycetidae is expanded to include the aquatic order Jahnulales. Ancestral reconstruction of basic nutritional modes supports numerous transitions from saprobic modes to plant associated and lichenised modes. Finally, a genomic comparison of 6 dothideomycete genomes with other fungi find a high level of unique protein associated with the class, supporting its delineation as a separate taxon.

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