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Research Project: Improving Current Tools and Diagnostics for Vector Surveillance and Control

Location: European Biological Control Laboratory

Project Number: 0212-22000-030-012-N
Project Type: Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Sep 30, 2022
End Date: Sep 29, 2027

To improve current tools and strategies for surveying and controlling vector populations (including but not limited to mosquitoes, sand flies, ticks) of medical and veterinary importance.

Each group of researchers (Cooperator's and ARS-EBCL group) will independently but in parallel perform research for collection of arthropod vectors, assessment of pathogen presence and insecticide resistance status and evaluation of surveillance and vector control tools. As needed information will be shared among the groups for comparing and assessing findings. If needed students will be shared and trained that will mutually benefit research conducted by cooperator and ARS-EBCL. Biological material or other may be shared among the two groups. In the case of exchange of material the appropriate MTAs will be signed in advance.