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Research Project: Area-wide Management of Agricultural Pests

Location: National Programs

Project Number: 0500-00044-001-000-D
Project Type: In-House Appropriated

Start Date: Nov 15, 2020
End Date: Nov 14, 2025

To establish and implement area-wide pest management IPM research and action programs for high priority agricultural pests such as insects, organisms causing plant diseases, and weeds, as a part of the USDA IPM initiative. Specific aims of the program include: a) establishment of partnerships and collaborations, b) demonstration of the positive impacts and advantages of an area-wide IPM approach, and c) achievement of an adoptable area-wide pest management system.

A rotating discretionary fund is used to support high priority research and action area-wide IPM programs as determined by Federal and State prioritization in collaboration with the USDA IPM Subcommittee. Teams are formed by Ad Hoc (Core) Committees to develop conceptual strategic implementation plans, to select demonstration sites based on established criteria, and to identify supporting components, including the integration of secondary pest management stragegies with key available suppression technologies being used in the overall programs. Suppression technologies may include biological and biologically-based control, cultural and physical control methodology, and chemical technologies that reduce the amount applied or which are safer to the environment and non-target species. Area-wide programs may be funded for as long as 5 years and documented separately in CRIS. Changed start date to 11/15/2005 and termination date to 11/14/2010. Original start date was 11/15/1995 and termination date was 11/14/2000. AMEarl