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Research Project: Genomic, Epidemiological and Biological Characterization of Newcastle Disease Virus Isolates from Ukraine

Location: Exotic & Emerging Avian Viral Diseases Research

Project Number: 6040-32000-072-03-I
Project Type: Interagency Reimbursable Agreement

Start Date: Jan 16, 2014
End Date: Jun 30, 2017

1. To improve disease surveillance by enhancing partner capability to detect, diagnose, and report select agents, potential pandemics, and emerging/re-emerging pathogens of security interest employing state-of-the-art analytical methods. 2. To facilitate partner country/region’s research engagement through robust research collaborations. 3. To enhance the host country capabilities in support of OIE reporting requirements. 4. To train Ukrainian scientist on biosecurity and biosafety practices.

With the purpose of understanding the molecular-and-epidemiological characteristics of NDV in Ukraine and to study the process of virus spread and evolution we will conduct investigation on NSC IECVM collection of isolates to determine their genotypes and structure and identification of pathogenicity characteristics. In addition we will evaluate the genetic and biological characteristics of the viruses that are presently circulating in poultry and in wild birds in Ukraine to develop epidemiological databases or rapid diagnostic tests that are capable of detecting all strains of NDV. We will also combine our surveillance with current programs to detect avian influenza in birds. Finally we will implement a training program on Biosecurity Practices, standard operation procedures for BSL3 labs for one additional visiting scientist that will perform similar role upon return to Ukraine. A specially designed one year training program for one scientist will be developed that will involve the learning and supporting diverse SEPRL activities related to biosafety, biosecurity and BSL2 and BSL3 laboratory practices.

Last Modified: 10/20/2017
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