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Location: Dairy Forage Research

2013 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
One objective of the CenUSA project is to conduct genomic selection on late-flowering lowland switchgrass populations. To accomplish this, we require half-sib families from diverse germplasm sources, mostly from accessions found in the southern USA. We have previously tested accessions from Mississippi and found them to have acceptable levels of winterhardiness, sufficient to be included in genomic selection protocols. The objective of this agreement is to produce seed of 100-150 half-sib families of two late-flowering lowland accessions from Mississippi (Expresso and an unnamed wild population).

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Ripe seeds will be harvested from approximately 100 to 150 parent plants representing the two accessions. At the time of seed harvest, two green leaves of each maternal parent will be collected. Seeds will be threshed, cleaned, and shipped to the ARS collaborator at Madison, WI prior to 1 January 2013. Green leaves will be freeze dried and shipped to Madison, WI. Seeds and green leaves from a maternal parent should be labeled identically so that each seed sample can be unequivocally matched to a green leaf sample.

3. Progress Report:
This is the final report for the project 3655-21000-056-02A terminated in March 2013. This research supports Objective 4 of the parent project: Improve profitability, conversion efficiency, and adaptability to climatic variation in forage and bioenergy crops. Seeds of 120 half-sib families were produced, and leaf tissue of each maternal parent was provided for DNA extraction. Leaf tissue and seed samples have all been processed and included in field nurseries and DNA sequencing queues.

4. Accomplishments

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