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Research Project: Development of Soybeans with High Yield and Higher Seed Protein with Improved Amino Acid Composition and Low Phytate

Location: Soybean and Nitrogen Fixation Research

2012 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
To improve selection methods for high-yielding protein soybean varieties, populations for northern and southern varieties with higher protein and lower phytic acid, and improve the amino acid composition of seed proteins.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Continuation of breeding programs to combine or introduce genes that enable development of agronomic soybean germplasm with superior meal attributes that include increased total metabolizable energy, improved essential amino acid balance, and enhanced digestibility for feed applications. Research involving DNA marker methodology will be subcontracted through SCA to cooperators at UT, UGA, and NCSU.

3. Progress Report:
This project is related to Objective 2 of the in-house project: To discover novel genes/alleles in soybean for seed composition, determine their inheritance, determine genomic location, transfer to adapted germplasm, and release. In 2011, the best high protein lines from the preliminary yield trials in 2010 were tested in replicated yield trials at two locations. The tests were designated LPPRO1 (18 entries from the population N6202 x G98-SF114) and LPPRO2 (15 entries from the N6202 x G98-SF114 population, 21 entries from the Young x N6202 population, and 3 entries from Benning x Danbaekong). Our best yielding high protein lines in MG V, VI and VII were comparable to the yield checks. The data combined from the 2010 and 2011 field seasons was used to select two lines, NLM09-77(MG V) and NLM09-52 (MGVII), to enter in the USDA Uniform Preliminary Yield Trials in 2012. Our low phyate line 04-05N31 has been tested over 9 environments in North Carolina and had an average yield equivalent to 93% of the yield check NC-Roy. All of these results were presented at the soybean breeder’s workshop.

4. Accomplishments

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