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Research Project: Great Basin Research and Management Partnership Memorandum of Understanding

Location: Watershed Management Research

2011 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
Goals and Desired Outcomes: The Great Basin Research and Management Partnership promotes comprehensive and complementary research and management collaborations to sustain ecosystems, resources and communities across the Great Basin. The specific goals of the GBRMP are to: 1. Maximize integration of science and management through partnerships and technology transfer. 2. Provide leadership and commitment to an integrated organizational framework linking science and management to address priority natural-resource and socio-economic issues in the Great Basin. 3. Expand and facilitate inter-disciplinary, multi-organizational teams focused on problem solving through collaborative management and research. 4. Identify opportunities to leverage limited resources, minimize duplication, and pursue additional support and resources toward shared goals. 5. Implement communication and information sharing that enhances problem solving, demonstrates measurable results, and increases public support for Great Basin sustainability. 6. Produce measurable and meaningful outcomes in support of its mission and goals.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
These parties hereby agree to support development of The Great Basin Research and Management Partnership (GBRMP). GBRMP coordinates interdisciplinary, multi-organizational, research and management teams to develop solutions to ecological and socio-economic problems in the Great Basin. Documents MOU with USFS.

3. Progress Report
The Great Basin Research and Management Partnership (GBRMP) supports multi-disciplinary, multi-organizational teams to address critical land-management issues currently affecting the Great Basin region of the western United States, through science and management partnerships, enhancement of science delivery to stakeholders and managers, and communication and information sharing. In 2011, GBRMP expanded its web site to include sub-sites for the following two working groups: the Great Basin Science Delivery Project; and the Bromus REENET Project. The Great Basin Science Delivery Project was a GBRMP initiated proposal that was funded under the Joint Fire Science Program in support of technology transfer objectives between scientists and managers working with fire, fuels, and post-fire vegetation management issues. The Bromus REENET was a GBRMP initiated proposal that was funded by NIFA to support collaboration among scientists and managers working on the issue of Bromus invasion in the western United States. GBRMP sponsored an all-day symposium and workshop at the Society for Range Management’s annual meeting in Billings, MT on February 8, 2011 titled: “New Paradigms for Collaborative Research and Management in the Great Basin”. Research progress and status was reported via one meeting of the GBRMP Coordinating and Executive Committee in November 2010, and a project teleconference call for the same group in March 2011. The Coordinating Committee had two additional project teleconference call meetings during the year and the GBRMP web-committee has met twice and had numerous conference calls to coordinate the web site. This agreement was established in support of Objectives 1-4 of the in-house project, the goals being to improve scientific understanding and to transfer technology related to assessing and mitigating the impacts of ecological disturbances by invasive weeds, fire and predation on rangeland water, vegetation and animal resources within sagebrush ecosystems of the Intermountain West.

4. Accomplishments

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