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Location: Range and Meadow Forage Management Research

2009 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
The overall ovjective is to develop and implement a comprehensive, regional Ecologically-based Invasive Plant Management (EBIPM) program to restore ecosystems threatened and dominated by cheatgrass/medusahead in Smoke Creek watershed and the Great Basin.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
University of California, Davis (UC-Davis) and USDA, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists will cooperate on a project to demonstrate the effectiveness of Plateau on the large scale control of downy brome and medusahead, and to determine its utility in sage grouse habitat restoration of desirable native species without the need for expensive re-seeding efforts. Secondly, to consider alternative methods of control with and without re-seeding efforts, and to determine the best seeding method when active restoration practices are necessary (refer to project proposal for more detailed information). Documents SCA with UC-Davis.

3. Progress Report
Three large plot sites were located in Modoc County, California, near the town of Adin. Each site consisted of two treatments (20 acres each), one treated in the fall of 2008 with 6 oz product /acre of Plateau by aerial application, and the other an untreated control plot. In June 2009, both areas were evaluated. Furthermore, three fence enclosures were established in both the treated and untreated grassland areas of one of the large-scale sites. This will be used to determine the effect of grazing on the control of medusahead and downy brome with and without the herbicide treatment. In addition, two small plot sites (5 acres each) were located within 5 miles of each other along Smoke Creek Road, just west of Nevada in Lassen County, California. Plots were treated in fall with imazapic (Plateau) at 6 oz product / acre, rimsulfuron (Matrix) at 4oz product / acre, sulfomeaturon + chlorsulfuron (Landmark XP) at 1.0 oz product / acre. Treatment with glyphosate (Roundup 4L) at 16 oz product / acre was made in April 2009. There was also an untreated control. Seeding treatments will be made in fall of 2009. ADODR monitored progress through meetings and telephone calls.

4. Accomplishments

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