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Historical Stored Product Images
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Old Manhattan stored-product entomology pictures
Manhattan staff: Likely was taken about 1940, and shows the house in downtown Manhattan that housed the lab and the staff. The address is 520 North Juliette Avenue.Grain trucks: 'Line of trucks waiting to be weighed and unloaded at a country elevator during the harvest rush.'Gas mask fumigation: 'HCN fumigation' (hydrogen cyanide)Hays grain bins: 'Experimental grain bins at Hays Station, September 1939.'Hutchinson grain bins: 'Experimental grain bins at Hutchinson, June 1941.'Dodge City elevator: 'A modern terminal-type country elevator with concrete, silo-type tanks having a capacity of 250,000 bushels.'Walkden fumigating: 'H.H. Walden, USDA entomologist, demonstrates the fumigation of stored grain by means of a power compressor. The fumigation tank is filled with the liquid fumigant from a supply drum. May 1942.'
Illustrations by Paul Boles
life cycle confused flour beetle (Tribolium confusum)life cycle of Angoumois grain moth (Sitotroga cerealella)life cycle of black carpet beetle (Attagenus unicolor=Attagenus piceus)life cycle of flat grain beetle (Cryptolestes pusillus)life cycle of Indianmeal moth (Plodia interpunctella)life cycle of lesser grain borer (Rhyzopertha dominica)life cycle of Mediterranean flour moth (Ephestia kuehniella=Anagasta kuehniella)life cycle of sawtoothed grain beetle (Oryzaephilus surinamensis)man and insectsmidwest grain insects investigationspoints of attack by stored-product insects on corn from harvest to final usepoints of attack by stored-product insects on grain sorghum from harvest to millpoints of attack by stored-product insects on wheat and wheat products from mill to consumerpoints of attack by stored-product insects on wheat from harvest to millstored-product insectstypes of insect mouth partsvariable factors affecting the successful application of fumigants
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