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2014 News Summaries
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Other Oils in North Dakota

We are all aware of the economic impact that the Bakken oil has had on our state and country. But how many know about the other oil produced here? This oil is the kind you eat (more ...)

Start Young to be Healthy

Did you know that children can have risk factors for heart disease? And for type 2 diabetes? (more ...)

Emerald Oases in the Red River Valley

Outdoor parks are great resources and serve many community needs from restoration to recreation. Accordingly, they can play important roles in public health.(more ...)

Blueberries and Health

The blueberry, named for its velvety, deep-blue color, is one of the few fruits native to North America. Native Americans used the berries, leaves and roots for medicine and used the fruit as a fabric dye. Blueberries originally are found in the wild, and now they can grow in many regions of the United States. (more ...)

A Healthy Diet: Good in More than One way

Did you know that you are never really alone? That is, that you spend every moment in the company of microorganisms in and on your body? (more ...)