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Office of The Area Director
Tucker, Archie
Area Director
Southeast Area
141 Experiment Station Road
Stoneville, MS 38776

The Mission of the Southeast Area is to support and direct quality research programs that solve the problems of our customers and stakeholders in the most efficient and effective way possible. We do this by: • Providing quality and safe research facilities; • Recruiting and employing the best scientific talent and support positions; • Embracing a culture of diversity and inclusiveness; • Monitoring the progress of funded research projects and making adjustments as needed to ensure successful outcomes; • Transferring research outcomes to end users utilizing a variety of methods to ensure research accomplishments are shared and available to the public.

  Southeast Area
    Office of The Area Director
Boykin, Deborah Debbie
(662) 686-5274

Statistician General
Gowda, Prasanna
(662) 686-5266

Associate Director
Horton, Ri'Carya
(662) 686-5338

Jett, Sharon
(706) 546-3221

Program Analyst
Loggins, Jessica
(706) 546-3614

Program Analyst
McAlpine, Jimmy
(662) 686-3634

Equal Employment Manager
McGee, Ann
(662) 686-5265

Management Analyst
Pacheco, Jessica
(662) 686-5414

Contract Specialist
Sluder, Mary
(662) 686-5266

Thomson, Jessica
(225) 892-3662

Research Epidemiologist
Tucker, Archie
(662) 686-5266

Area Director
Walker, Kevin
(662) 686-3633

Program Analyst
Walls, Tameka
(662) 686-3637

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