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Office of The Director
Bentley, Christopher
Senior Communications Advisor
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
GWCC 1-2250
Beltsville, MD 20705

The mission of the ARS Office of Communications is to inform the Nation of the nature and progress of ARS research through a coordinated, multi-media approach. The Staff creates and disseminates materials to both the mass media and diverse user groups representing consumers, farmers, industry, government, scientists, and educators. The Staff responds promptly and effectively to changing demands for information, so as to inform Congress and taxpayers of the benefits derived from Agency research and speed the flow of new technology to the public and private sectors.

  Research Operations and Management
    Ars Office of Communications
      Office of The Director
Burgess, Susan Sue
(301) 504-4885

Program Analyst
Kaplan, Janet Kim
(301) 504-1637

Public Affairs Specialist
Moore, Candace
(301) 504-1638

Program Assistant