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Personal Property and Fleet Oversight Branch
Dawdy, Elisa
Property Management Specialist
5601 Sunnyside Ave

Beltsville, MD 20705

The Purchase Card Program and Oversight Branch (PCPOB) manages the GSA SmartPay Program for Government-wide commercial purchase cards use for the Research, Education, and Economics Mission Area (REE) agencies. PCPOB monitors purchase card activity to ensure the REE purchase card program participants maintain compliance with all purchase card-related Federal, Department, and agency regulations, policies, and procedures. The Branch Chief of PCPOB also services as the REE Purchase Card Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC).

  Administrative and Financial Management
    Acquisition and Property Division
      Personal Property and Fleet Oversight Branch
Akerley, Edward
(202) 720-2686

Mail Clerk
Ballard, Marvin
(301) 504-1130

Property Disposition Technician
Dawdy, Elisa
(970) 492-7093

Property Management Specialist
Guerrero, Karen
(979) 260-9479

Property Management Specialist
Perrillioux, Corey
(225) 494-3637

Property Management Specialist
Williams, Perry
(301) 504-1047

Property Management Specialist
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