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Legislative Affairs Staff
Jamie L. Whitten Building
14th & Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20250

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The ARS Legislative Affairs Office (LAO) coordinates the Agency's legislative program, serves as the focal point for the exchange of information with the Congress, advises on the implementation of congressional directives, and provides the ARS leadership with information on congressional activities and legislation of interest or affecting the Agency. In addition, LAO helps ARS locations plan events involving participation of their elected officials, and is the point of contact for the Secretary's Office of Congressional Relations and the Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics for ARS information requested by Congress.

  Administrator and Immediate Staffs
    Office of The Administrator
      Legislative Affairs Staff
Bell, Benjamin
(202) 690-3386

Legislative Affairs Analyst
Lyons, Corey
(202) 720-2810

Budget Analyst
Medley, Kristen
(202) 720-2833

Student Trainee (Budget)
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