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The mission of the Agricultural and Salinity Research Unit is to develop methods for evaluating, predicting and managing the movement of contaminants and solutes (e.g., water, salts, agricultural chemicals and microorganisms) in the root and vadose zones of arid-region soils; and to expand and create the necessary knowledge and management practices for sustainable and economic plant production using saline water or salt affected soils while conserving water and soil resources.

Laboratory Contacts

Acting Research Leader - Dr. Todd Skaggs

Secretary - Kailey Harahan

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The Agricultural Water Efficiency and Salinity Research Unit is located in Riverside, CA and is part of the Pacific West Area.
The Acting Research Leader is Todd Skaggs.
Phone: 951 369-4815
Fax: 951 342-4960
450 West Big Springs Road
Riverside, CA 92507