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ODEO EEO Resources
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 Office of Outreach, Diversity, and Equal Opportunity (ODEO)

ODEO EEO Resources

Please Click the Following Links to Download Any of These .PDF Resources:

ODEO Brochure

About ODEO Poster

Steps in the EEO Process

Policy Statements

- USDA Civil Rights Policy Statement

- USDA Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

- USDA Anti-Harassment Policy Statement

- ARS 2017 Sexual Harassment Policy Statement

- USDA 2016 Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy Statement

Administrator's Annual EEO Policy Statement Issuance (2023)

ADA Amendments Act 2008

ARS Video Library Catalog

EEO Poster


"And Justice For All" Posters

ADR Mediation Poster

Roles and Responsibilities of Responding Management Officials

Guidelines for Use of Official Time and Agency Resources


Civil Rights Accountability Policy and Procedures


Civil Rights Policy for the Department of Agriculture


Anti-Harassment Program Departmental Regulation


DM 4200-003 Anti-Harassment Procedure Manual