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Conflict Management Training
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Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training Overview
The Conflict Management Training focuses on communication skills and self-awareness that are integral in improving the quality of our work environment. Communication breakdowns resulting from misperceptions, and the differences in working styles and approaches often predominantly occupy our attention.

Phase 1. Improve Communication/Active Listening Skills. The initial phase involves the development/improvement of communication and active listening skills. The benefits of different communication techniques such as paraphrasing, empathizing will be discussed.

Phase 2. Identify Different Working Styles. One source of conflict in the workplace has been our different working styles. If we look at these differences as assets, not as barriers, the composite enhances our abilities to achieve even more. We generally fall into one of four working styles. You will identify your personal working style and practical approaches on how you can best relate to the other styles.

Phase 3. Identify and Develop Your Own Conflict Management Style. It only follows, that if there is a variety of different working styles, that we also have varied styles or strategies for addressing conflict. You will identify your dominant conflict management strategy. We will also explore the five different conflict management strategies describing the corresponding trade-offs, and their appropriate usage in different situations.

Feedback from Attendees
Of the more than 400 respondents who attended our Conflict Management Training course in Fiscal Year 2004, almost half would highly recommend the training to their coworkers. Here are some of their comments:

"Excellent! By far, the best, most instructive training I've received from the ARS! Thank you."

"Presentation was excellent - in content & presenters - (despite the fact that this was a requirement I really wanted to get out of)"

"I really enjoyed this workshop & I feel like I learned about myself as well as others."

"One of the best training classes I have taken. Both instructors very polished & knowledgeable. Great job!!"

"I felt this was extremely good training. I will try to use the info I heard back in my position, as well as personal life, because I feel it will make me a better person and allow me to perform my job much better."

"At first thought was waste of working time but, was very pleased with the course."

"This course has pushed me to deal with a situation now instead of avoiding and getting more upset. I am glad I came and got a reality check of how I am dealing with a conflict. The instructors were wonderful and know what they are talking about."

"I enjoyed the course very much. I learned a lot about myself."