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OBCL Research Highlights

January 2022 

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Evaluating Biological Control Agents of Australian Pine

Allium Leaf Miner: A Threat to Allium Crops in the United States

Harvesting Agriculture’s “Natural” Insect Farms: ARSX 2021 Winning Project 

Augmentorium: A Promising Pest Management Tool for Controlling the Olive Fruit Fly

Using the Sterile Insect Technique Against the Bagrada Bug

Can Non-Target Lupines Withstand A Sea of French Broom Psyllids?

Using a new diagnostic approach for screening biological control agents  

A New Mite in France in the Pipeline for Fighting Tree-of-Heaven

Trypanosomatids as Potential Biocontrol Agents for the Bagrada bug?

Saving Prickly Pear Populations from the Cactus Moth

Exploring Natural Enemies of the Invasive Yellow Floating Heart in China