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The Foundation for the Study of Invasive Species (FuEDEI) was established in 2012 with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries of Argentina. FuEDEI replaced the South American Biological Control Laboratory which had 50 years of experience in classical biological control. FuEDEI carries out entomological, botanical, ecological, taxonomic, and genetic studies in order to develop classical biological control strategies which are sustainable and beneficial to agriculture and to the environment. Its facilities include 2,100 square meters of offices, laboratories, library-meeting room, and service areas as well as two greenhouses, a walk-in rearing chamber with photophase and controlled for temperature and humidity, and ten walk-in cages for testing insects and rearing plants outdoors. Additionally, FuEDEI has fully equipped vehicles for field trips. FuEDEI is equipped with full PCR equipment, freezers, refrigerators, balances, plant growth chambers, digital and light dissecting microscopes, phase contrast microscopes, refrigerated centrifuge, a microfuge, and laminar flow hood. They maintain a collection of 6,000 insects and 2,300 plants on-site.

In addition to their research responsibilities, FuEDEI hosts and arranges travel for foreign scientists who wish to work in southern South America and offers advice and logistical support to scientists and institutions. Results from FuEDEI’s collaborative research have been published in international and international scientific journals and congresses. Staff comprises researchers, doctorate thesis students, technicians, and administrative personnel.

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