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episode 4 berries
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Episode 4: Berries

Love eating berries? Berries are healthy and nutritional powerhouses that taste delicious whether fresh, frozen, dried, or processed. Did you know there is a very good chance that some of the berries you eat can be traced back to varieties developed by ARS scientists?

In this five part podcast series, "Berries", we'll explore four types of berries—blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries—and ARS's role in developing new varieties.

Posted June 7, 2022

Part 1: Blueberries

Learn how a USDA breeding program was responsible for the development of the blueberry growing industry in the southeastern United States and how ARS scientists have developed and are continuing to work with farmers to create new cultivars of blueberries that we all get to enjoy. 

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