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 Episode 3: Biomass

Learn about innovations and research that ARS scientists are conducting to turn farm waste, called biomass, into environmentally friendly products.

Running Time: 20 min
Posted: March 9, 2021

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Part 1: Pallets From Almond Shells

Did you know that ARS researchers in Albany, California, have created pallets out of biomass, specifically, discarded, low value almond and walnut shells? Listen | Watch

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Part 2: Polymers Out of Cotton Gin Trash

ARS is helping the environment by developing biodegradable plastics comprised of biomass, in this case cotton gin trash. Listen | Watch

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Part 3: Break Time

Before we get to our next story, let's look at other ARS discoveries that could benefit our ecosystem. Listen | Watch

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Part 4: Bioproducts From Corn Waste

Corn is used to produce many products resulting in millions of pounds of waste but even byproducts of corn can be turned into bioproducts. Listen | Watch

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