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Educational Resources
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We offer online educational materials for students, educators and anyone interested in the agricultural sciences.

Outreach Activities
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ARS employees and locations offer outreach activities to specific groups as well as to the general public.

National Agricultural Library
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The National Agricultural Library (NAL) is a unique part of ARS and hosts a wealth of online information.

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You can access archives of several years of searchable news stories, Agricultural Research magazine articles, and other materials for nonspecialists.

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We provide links to documents, NAL, and other resources to help you find publications on agriculture and related sciences.

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You can search our huge manuscript database (TEKTRAN) of brief pre-publication notices of recent ARS research results.

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Mainly of interest to other researchers, we offer certain software and models for use in predicting erosion, pest migration, crops growth, analyze watersheds, and more.

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We provide collections of online data, mainly of interest to scientists and other specialists, on chemistry, biochemistry, food and nutrition, genetics, germplasm, natural resources and systematics.

Freedom of Information Act
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Here we explain how to request documents - other than those online or otherwise publically available - from ARS and the other agencies that make up USDA's Research, Education, and Economics mission area through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).