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Publications Available Online or Free From ARS Authors

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150 Years of Research at the United States Department of Agriculture: Plant Introduction and Breeding

Agricultural Phosphorus and Eutrophication, Second Edition

Agricultural Research Magazine Reprint Collections

Agricultural Uses of Municipal, Animal, and Industrial Byproducts

Always Something New

Areawide Management of Subterranean Termites in South Mississippi Using Baits

ARS Collections-Roots of a Blossoming Science

ARS: Research for the Growing World

Atlas on Ultrastructure of Infective Juveniles of the Soybean Cyst Nematode, Heterodera glycines

Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC)

Best Management Practices To Minimize Agricultural Phosphorus Impacts on Water Quality

A Bibliography of the Pink Bollworm

Blind Seed Disease

Bt Cotton & Management of the Tobacco Budworm-Bollworm Complex

A Century and a Half of Research on the Stable Fly, Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae), 1862-2011: An Annotated Bibliography

Climate Change and Agriculture in the United States: Effects and Adaptation

Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) Bibliographies

Diagnosis of Honey Bee Diseases

Eastern Regional Research Center Research Highlights 2000-2010

Eighty Years of Vegetation and Landscape Changes in the Northern Great Plains. A Photographic Record

Evaluation of New Canal Point Sugarcane Clones

Evaluation of the USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection

Federal Entomology: Beginnings and Organizational Entities in the United States Department of Agriculture, 1854-2006, With Selected Research Highlights

Forming Partnerships With the Agricultural Research Service

Fruits and Seeds of Genera in the Subfamily Faboideae (Fabaceae)

Handbook of the Bruchidae of the United States and Canada

Insects and Other Arthropods That Feed on Aquatic and Wetland Plants

Insects on Dried Fruits

The International Journal of Poisonous Plant Research (IJPPR)

Irrigation & Drainage: A National Research Plan To Meet Competing Demands and Protect the Environment

Mid South Area Research Highlights 2006-2009

Midwest Area Research Highlights 2007-2009

Nutritive Value of Foods, Home and Garden Bulletin 72

Pearl Millet Diseases

Plants Poisonous to Livestock in the Western States

Principles and Practice of Lentil Production

Protecting Our Watersheds Through Research and Management

Research for the Growing World

Revegetation Guidelines for the Great Basin: Considering Invasive Weeds

Riparian Ecosystem Management Model: Simulator for Ecological Processes in Riparian Zones

Science in Your Shopping Cart

A Scientific Career With the Agricultural Research Service

Second International Aphanomyces Workshop, June 17-18, 2003

Silverleaf Whitefly: National Research, Action, and Technology Transfer Plan, 1997-2001

Silverleaf Whitefly: National Research, Action, and Technology Transfer Plan: Fourth Annual Review of the Second 5-Year Plan and Final Report for 1992-2002

South Atlantic Area Fiscal Year 2008 Research Highlights

South Atlantic Area Fiscal Year 2009-2011 Research Highlights

Specific Cooperative Agreements With the Agricultural Research Service. Guidelines for Partner Institutions

Sticky Cotton: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

Survey of Phenolic Compounds Produced in Citrus

Sustainable Production of Fresh Market Tomatoes and Other Summer Vegetables With Cover Crop Mulches

Systematic Collections of the Agricultural Research Service

The Taming of the Prairie: A Century of Agricultural Research at the Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, Mandan, North Dakota

USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 24

Wild Plants and Their Associated Insects in the Palearctic Region, Primarily Europe and the Middle East

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