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Administrative and Financial Management

The Administrative and Financial Management (AFM) also known as the REE Business Center is a centralized Business Center that provides premier customer service and business administration to the Research, Education, and Economics (REE) Mission Area.  The primary responsibilities of the Business Center include supporting mission-critical operation, streamlining key business functions, and reducing costs through team-based and cross-functional approaches.  The REE Business Center is comprised of six core functions:

Office of the Deputy Administrator

Lorna Drennen, Director (Acting)

Acquisition and Property Division

Michael Barnes, Director

Facilities Division

Nino Fleri, Director

Financial Management and Agreements Division

Robert Magill, Chief Financial Officer

Linnette Williams, Deputy Director

Homeland Security Division

Jeff Hayes, Director

Human Resources Division

Willis Collie, Director

Information Technology Services Division

Lorna Drennen, Assistant Chief Information Officer

Stan Kosecki, ARS Deputy Assistant Chief Information Officer