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Yield Editor 2.0.7

Welcome to the software download area! Please contact us if you have problems or questions.

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Yield Editor is a tool which allows the user to select, apply and analyze a variety of automated filters and editing techniques used to process and clean yield data.  The software imports either AgLeader advanced or Greenstar text file formats, and exports data in a delimited ASCII format.

Yield Editor 2.0.7 includes some of the improvements and updates that users of the software have asked to be included.  It provides three major improvements over version 1.0.2.  The most important of these is the inclusion of a module for automated selection of many yield filter values, as well as a couple of additional automated filter types.  A legend tool has been added which allows for the viewing of multiple data streams. Finally, a command line interface language under development allows for automated batch mode processing of large yield datasets.

Yield Editor v.1.02 (Stable version) is available here.

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