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Research Projects Subjects of Investigation at this Location

Each ARS research project has related subjects of investigation.  Listed below are the subjects of investigation currently conducted at this location.

Clicking on a subject of investigation will list the research projects within that  subject of investigation.

Subjects of Investigation
Corn (for sweetcorn use 1480)
Cross-commodity research--multiple crops
Dairy cattle, general/other
Dairy cattle, live animal
Domestic and community water supply facilities and systems
Forage legumes, other
Microorganisms, general/other
Other dairy cattle products
Pasture and forage crops, general/other
Red clover
Water resources
Research Projects within Dairy cattle, live animal
item Action Area No. 2 (AA2) – Greenhouse Gas Research Network – Initial Equipment Needs (Madison, WI)
item Advancing Hmong Farmers in Soil Health Practices through Outreach and Education
item Assembly and Annotation of Rumen Protist Genomes to Determine Their Metabolic Contribution and Environmental Presence
item Assembly and Annotation of Rumen Protist Genomes to Determine their Metabolic Contribution and Environmental Presence
item Bringing Interseeding of Alfalfa into Corn to the Farm through On-Farm Research, Demonstration, and Outreach
item Catalyzing a Billion Dollar Cover Crop Seed Industry - Madison
item Climate Resilient Intensification Strategies for Forage Production with Small Grains and Millets
item Comparisons of Grass-Based and Alfalfa/Corn Silage Forage Systems for Dairy Cows in Central Wisconsin
item Comprehensive Soil Health: Conservation & Remediation Practices for Urban Agriculture
item Developing a Collaborative Epicenter for Automated Milking System Research
item Developing Strategies to Improve Dairy Cow Performance and Nutrient Use Efficiency with Nutrition, Genetics, and Microbiology
item Developing Sustainable Forage and Cover Crop Systems for Dairy Farms
item Diversifying Ecosystem Services in Dairy Forage Systems
item Enabling Tools for Microbiome-based Trait Selection in Dairy Cows
item Enhancing On-Farm Demonstration and Outreach Efforts for Alfalfa and Dual Purpose Cover Cropping Systems
item Evaluating Alfalfa Bred for Intercropping in a Corn Alfalfa Intercropping System
item Evaluating Genotype by Environment Interactions in Intermediate Wheatgrass for Forage and Grain Production in Dairy Forage Systems
item Evaluating, Educating, and Communicating the Value of Cover Crop in WI Crop Rotations, for Enhanced Productivity, Water, and Soil Quality Protection
item Evaluation of Nitrous Oxide Emissions, Carbon Balance, and Profitability of Dairy Forage Systems Along a Gradient of Cropping System Diversity...
item Evaluation the potential of the silvopastoral cattle production system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Peruvian tropics.
item Expanding Regional Grainshed Asset Mapping and Resource Development
item Financial Health Workshop Series for BIPOC Farmers and Landowners
item Forage and Feed Characteristics on Performance, Feed Efficiency, Environmental Impact, and Farm Nutrient Cycling of Dairy Production Systems
item Forage and Fiber Utilization in Dairy Cow Diets
item Fostering Resilience and Ecosystem Services in Landscapes by Integrating Diverse Perennial Circular Systems
item Identification and Culture of Californian Marine Macroalgae Capable of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Production from Ruminant Livestock
item Identifying and Developing Strategies to Enhance Sustainability and Efficiency in Dairy Forage Production Systems
item Integrating Genomic, Nutritional, and Microbial Strategies to Mitigate Enteric Methane Emissions From Dairy Cattle
item International Grassland Congress and NIRS Consortium Conference
item Machinery Traffic Impacts on the Alfalfa-Corn Intercropping System
item Managing Alfalfa for Climate Smart Agriculture (DFRU)
item Measuring and Monitoring Environmental Variables that Impact Agroecosystem Resilience
item Measuring Field-scale Changes in Soil Ecosystem Services and Crop Production with the Integration of Conservation Practices in Dairy Forage Systems
item Modeling and Synthesis for the Pasture Ecological Vulnerability Index
item Native American Soil Health Collaborative: Strengthening Soil Health Efforts among Indigenous Communities
item Outreach and Promotion of Regenerative Grazing Practices to Support Soil Health and Economic Resilience
item Precision Interseeding of Cover Crops Using Autonomous Robotic Technology
item Researching and Developing Cover Cropping in Midwestern Agricultural Systems
item Silvopasture Research and Demonstration at the US Dairy Forage Research Center
item Soil Health Collaborative: Evaluating the Social, Economic, Policy, and Biophysical Drivers and Barriers to Greater Use of Soil Health Practices
item Soil Health Collaborative: Evaluating the Social, Economic, Policy, and Biophysical Drivers and Barriers to Greater Use of Soil Health Practices
item Soil Health Collaborative: Nutrient and Pest Management Program Outreach
item Standardization Set Rescan on Near-infrared Spectroscopy
item Statistical Design and Methods
item Strategic Integration of Perennials in Annual Crop Production Systems
item Supporting Soil Health Practices through Study of Labor Management on Midwest Diversified Farms
item Targeted Depletion of Cattle Host Transcripts for High-resolution, Metatranscriptomics Analysis of Tissue-embedded Microbial Communities
item Using Metatranscriptomics to Investigate the Liver and Blood Microbiome in the Young Calf and Mid-lactation Cows with Feed-induced Acidosis
item Utility of Mechanical Processing to Decouple Alfalfa Yield from Digestibility
item Utilizing the University of Wisconsin Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee