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The scientists and staff at the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center have contributed to many of the key reference that inform the dairy forage, nutrition, and environment sciences and textbooks that help train the next generation of those scientists. They have led or shared authorship or editorial leadership in a large number of such books over the years. This page presents a short list of just some of those contributions. Links are provided to the publisher/source solely for the user’s convenience and does not imply endorsement.[1]


Alfalfa Science and Technology (1988)

Animal Agriculture: Sustainability, Challenges, and Innovations (2019)

Applied Statistics in Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Sciences (2018)

Clover Science and Technology (1985)

Cool-Season Forage Grasses (1996)

Corn Silage Production, Management, and Feeding (1995)

Dietary Sugars (2012)

Environmental Chemistry of Animal Manure (2011)

Forage Cell Wall Structure and Digestibility (1993)

Forage Quality, Evaluation, and Utilization (1994)

Forages – Volume 1: An Introduction to Grassland Agriculture (2017, along with previous editions)

Forages – Volume 2: The Science of Grassland Agriculture (2020, along with previous editions)

Genetics, Genomics, and Breeding of Forage Crops (2014)

Grass for Dairy Cattle (1998)

Grassland Quietness and Strength for a New American Agriculture (2009)

Molecular Breeding of Forage and Turf (2003)

Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle, 7th Edition (2001, along with previous editions)

Persistence of Forage Legumes (1989)

Phosphorus: Agriculture and the Environment (2005)

Quantitative Aspects of Ruminant Digestion and Metabolism (2005)

Rumen Microbiology (2002)

Ruminant Nitrogen Usage (1985)

Silage Science and Technology (2003)

Warm-Season (C4) Grasses (2004)

Yield Gains in Major U.S. Field Crops (2014)


Other Reference Books:

Agrobacterium Protocols Vol. 1 - 2nd Edition (2015)

Biological Conversion of Biomass for Fuels and Chemicals (2013)

Cellulosome (2006)

Encyclopedia of Animal Science, 2nd Edition (2011)

Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences, 2nd Edition (2011)

Handbook of Bioenergy Crop Plants (2012)

Plants and BioEnergy (2014)

Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research Vol. 6 (2019)

Switchgrass: A Valuable Biomass Crop for Energy (2012)

The Science and Lore of the Plant Cell Wall (2006)

Trefoil: The Science and Technology of Lotus (1999)


[1] Mention of trade names or commercial products in this webpage is solely for the purpose of providing specific information and does not imply recommendation or endorsement by the US Department of Agriculture.