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The Corn, Soybean and Wheat Quality Research has a long and productive history of collaborative research involving stakeholders.

Current collaborators and projects:

  • Institutional Biological Safety Committee (IBC) Agreement - Ohio State University
  • Pleiotropy of SCMV Resistance Genes and the Influence of SCMV Resistance and MCMV Tolerance on Viral Accumulation in Maize
  • Cooperative Research on the Identification of Grain Traits affecting the Food Product Quality and Extended Uses of Eastern Soft Wheat
  • Associations of Wheat Protein Quantity and Quality with Dough Mixing, Sheeting and Cracker Baking Quality
  • Protein and Kernel Hardness Profiles of Eastern Soft Wheat Desirable for Making Noodles and Tortilla
  • Detection of Maize Viruses by Remote Sensing
  • Institutional Bio-Safety Committee
  • Development of Pre-Harvest Sprouting (PHS) Resistant Germplasms for Eastern U.S. Soft Winter (ESW) Wheat
  • Locating Pre-Harvest Sprouting Resistance in Elite Wheat Breeding Lines
  • Effects of Growing Conditions and Harvesting Time on Milling and Baking Quality of Wheat Varieties Grown in Ohio
  • In Planta Movement Dynamics of Maize-Infecting Potyviruses from the Subcellular to Organismal Level