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IPM Handbook: Section VI. Decision Support Tools
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Section VI. Decision Support Tools

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VI.1 The Importance of Making Correct Decisions – Jerome A. Onsager

VI.2 Hopper, Version 4.0, Users’ Guide: Decision Support System for Rangeland Grasshopper Management
– James S. Berry, William P. Kemp, and Jerome A. Onsager

VI.3 Applying Economics to Grasshopper Management – Melvin D. Skold and Robert M. Davis

VI.4 Regional Economic Thresholds in Grasshopper Management – Robert M. Davis and Melvin D. Skold

VI.5 Field Guide to Common Western Grasshoppers – R. Nelson Foster and Mike W. Sampson

VI.6 Relative Importance of Rangeland Grasshoppers in Western North America: A Numerical Ranking From the Literature – Richard J. Dysart

VI.7 Hopper Helper – Wendal Cushing

VI.8 Seasonal Occurrence of Common Western North Dakota Grasshoppers – W. J. Cushing, R. N. Foster, K. C. Reuter, and Dave Hirsch

VI.9 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Integrated Pest Management of Insects – W. P. Kemp, D. McNeal, and M. M. Cigliano

VI.10 Assessing Rangeland Grasshopper Populations – James S. Berry, Jerome A. Onsager, William P. Kemp, T. McNary, John Larsen, D. Legg, Jeffrey A. Lockwood, and R. Nelson Foster

VI.11 Major Grasshopper Species of the Western Rangeland States and Alaska – R. Nelson Foster