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The mission of the Agricultural Systems Research Unit (ASRU) is to develop diversified irrigated and dryland cropping systems that enhance soil and water quality, conserve natural resources, and reduce dependence on agrochemicals in the Upper Missouri River Basin and the nation; to develop and transfer innovative technologies that improve the economic and environmental viability of traditional and non-traditional agricultural enterprises; and to provide leadership for interdisciplinary teams and collaborative partnerships.

ASRU Research Projects
   ASRU Short Term Research Projects
   ND Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN)
NPARL Home Page
ASRU Scientists:
   Bart Stevens
      Agronomist/Research Leader

   Brett Allen

   Bill Iversen
      Physical Scientist

   Jay Jabro
      Soil Scientist

   Upendra Sainju
      Soil Scientist

   Sadikshya Rana-Dangi
      Soil Scientist

PMRU Scientists:
   David Branson
      Entomologist/Research Leader (Acting)

   Joshua Campbell
   John Gaskin

   Tatyana Rand

   Robert Srygley

   Natalie West

The Agricultural Systems Research is located in Sidney, MT and is part of the Plains Area.
The Research Leader is William Stevens.
Phone: (406)433-9476
Fax: (406)433-5038
USDA-ARS-PA, Agricultural Systems Research Unit
1500 North Central Avenue
Sidney, MT 59270