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Grasshopper Species Fact Sheets: Common Name
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Grasshopper Species Fact Sheets

Alphabetical Listing by Common Name

Grasshopper Species Fact Sheets
Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 912
Species Fact Sheets
by Robert E. Pfadt

For information on any of the 60 species listed below, just click on the desired name. The species are listed three times, once in alphabetical order by scientific name, once in alphabetical order within subfamilies, and finally alphabetically by common name. PDF versions of each fact sheet are available to download.

Alphabetical by Scientific Name | Alphabetical within Subfamily | Alphabetical by Common Name

Russianthistle grasshopper Aeoloplides turnbulli (Thomas)
Alpine grasshopper Melanoplus alpinus Scudder
Bigheaded grasshopper Aulocara elliotti (Thomas)
Bluelegged grasshopper Metator pardalinus (Saussure)
Brownspotted grasshopper Psoloessa delicatula (Scudder)
Bruner slantfaced grasshopper Bruneria brunnea (Thomas)
Bruner spurthroated grasshopper Melanoplus bruneri Scudder
Carolina grasshopper Dissosteira carolina (Linnaeus)
Clearwinged grasshopper Camnula pellucida (Scudder)
Clubhorned grasshopper Aeropedellus clavatus (Thomas)
Crenulatewinged grasshopper Cordillacris crenulata (Bruner)
Cudweed grasshopper Hypochlora alba (Dodge)
Dawson grasshopper Melanoplus dawsoni (Scudder)
Devastating grasshopper Melanoplus devastator Scudder
Differential grasshopper Melanoplus differentialis (Thomas)
Dusky grasshopper Encoptolophus costalis (Scudder)
Ebony grasshopper Boopedon nubilum (Say)
Finned grasshopper Trachyrhachys aspera Scudder
Flabellate grasshopper Melanoplus occidentalis (Thomas)
Fourspotted grasshopper Phlibostroma quadrimaculatum (Thomas)
Gladston grasshopper Melanoplus gladstoni Scudder
Greenstriped grasshopper Chortophaga viridifasciata (DeGeer)
Hayden grasshopper Derotmema haydeni (Thomas)
High Plains grasshopper Dissosteira longipennis (Thomas)
Keeler grasshopper Melanoplus keeleri (Thomas)
Kennicott grasshopper Melanoplus kennicotti Scudder
Kiowa grasshopper Trachyrhachys kiowa (Thomas)
Lakin grasshopper Melanoplus lakinus (Scudder)
Largeheaded grasshopper Phoetaliotes nebrascensis (Thomas)
Little spurthroated grasshopper Melanoplus infantilis Scudder
Meadow grasshopper Chorthippus curtipennis (Harris)
Migratory grasshopper Melanoplus sanguinipes (Fabricius)
Mormon cricket Anabrus simplex Haldeman
Mottled sand grasshopper Spharagemon collare (Scudder)
Narrowwinged sand grasshopper Melanoplus angustipennis (Dodge)
Nevada sage grasshopper Melanoplus rugglesi Gurney
Northern grasshopper Melanoplus borealis (Fieber)
Obscure grasshopper Opeia obscura (Thomas)
Orangelegged grasshopper Spharagemon equale (Say)
Packard grasshopper Melanoplus packardii Scudder
Pallidwinged grasshopper Trimerotropis pallidipennis (Burmeister)
Pasture grasshopper Melanoplus confusus Scudder
Plains lubber grasshopper Brachystola magna (Girard) 
Redlegged grasshopper Melanoplus femurrubrum (DeGeer)
Redshanked grasshopper Xanthippus corallipes (Haldeman)
Redwinged grasshopper Arphia pseudonietana (Thomas)
Sagebrush grasshopper Melanoplus bowditchi Scudder
Slantfaced pasture grasshopper Orphulella speciosa (Scudder)
Snakeweed grasshopper Hesperotettix viridis (Thomas)
Specklewinged grasshopper Arphia conspersa Scudder
Spottedwinged grasshopper Cordillacris occipitalis (Thomas)
Striped grasshopper Amphitornus coloradus (Thomas)
Striped sand grasshopper Melanoplus foedus Scudder
Threebanded grasshopper Hadrotettix trifasciatus (Say)
Twostriped grasshopper Melanoplus bivittatus (Say)
Twostriped slantfaced grasshopper Mermiria bivittata (Serville)
Valley grasshopper Oedaleonotus enigma (Scudder)
Velvetstriped grasshopper Eritettix simplex (Scudder)
Whitecrossed grasshopper Aulocara femoratum Scudder
Whitewhiskered grasshopper Ageneotettix deorum (Scudder)

Alphabetical by Scientific Name | Alphabetical within Subfamily | Alphabetical by Common Name

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