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IPM Handbook: Section VII. Future Directions
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Section VII. Future Directions

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VII.1 Future Directions in Grasshopper Management - An Introduction - Jerome A. Onsager

VII.2 Dimilin®Spray for Reducing Rangeland Grasshopper Populations - R. N. Foster and K. Christian Reuter

VII.3 Impact of Dimilin® on Nontarget Arthropods and Its Efficacy Against Rangeland Grasshoppers - Michael A. Catangui, Billy W. Fuller, and Arnie W. Walz

VII.4 An Attempt at Classical Biological Control of Rangeland Grasshoppers With Entomophaga grylli, Pathotype 3 - Donald L. Hostetter

VII.5 Lab Studies and Field Trials With the Fungus Beauveria bassiana Against Grasshoppers - R. Nelson Foster, K. Christian Reuter, Jim Britton, and Cliff Bradley

VII.6 Beauveria bassiana for Mormon Crickets - D. A. Streett and S. A. Woods

VII.7 Effects of the Fungus Beauveria bassiana on Nontarget Arthropods - Mark A. Brinkman, Billy W. Fuller, and Michael B. Hildreth

VII.8 Grasshopper Viruses - D. A. Streett and S. A. Woods

VII.9 Use of an Australian Parasite of Grasshopper Eggs as a Biological Control Agent - Richard J. Dysart

VII.10 Ongoing Environmental Concerns - L. C. McEwen

VII.11 Implications of Ecosystem Management and Information-Processing Technologies - W. P. Kemp, D. McNeal, and M. M. Cigliano

VII.12 Rangeland Environmental Amenities and Grasshopper Management Programs - Melvin D. Skold and Andrew W. Kitts

VII.13 Grasshopper Communities and Methodology - Anthony Joern

VII.14 Grasshopper Population Regulation - G. E. Belovsky

VII.15 Grasshopper Habitat Manipulation - G. E. Belovsky, M. A. Brusven, D. J. Fielding, and L. Manske

VII.16 Grasshoppers-Plus and Minus: The Grasshopper Problem on a Regional Basis and a Look at Beneficial Effects of Grasshoppers - G. E. Belovsky, A. Joern, and J. Lockwood