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IPM Handbook: Section I. Biological Control
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Section I: Biological Control

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I.1 Biological Control: An Introduction - D. A. Streett

I.2 Nosema locustae - D. A. Streett

I.3 Laboratory Bioassays of Nosema locustae - Michael B. Hildreth, Chris W. Brey, Billy W. Fuller, and R. Nelson Foster

I.4 Utility of Nosema locustae in the Suppression of Rangeland Grasshoppers - James L. Vaughn, Wayne M. Brooks, John L. Capinera, Terry L. Couch, and Joe V. Maddox

I.5 Identification of Fungal Pathogens of Grasshoppers - Michael J. Bidochka and Donald W. Roberts

I.6 Grasshopper Pathogens and Integrated Pest Management - Donald L. Hostetter and Douglas A. Streett

I.7 Insect Predators and Parasites of Grasshopper Eggs - Richard J. Dysart

I.8 Natural Enemies Attacking Grasshopper Nymphs and Adults - D. L. Hostetter

I.9 Mites and Nematode Parasites of Grasshoppers - G. E. Belovsky, D. Branson, J. Chase, J. Barker, and G. Hammond

I.10 Birds and Wildlife as Grasshopper Predators - L. C. McEwen, B. E. Petersen, and C. M. Althouse

I.11 Enhancing Biological Control of Grasshoppers by Construction and Placement of Bird Nest Boxes - B. E. Petersen, L. C. McEwen, and C. M. Althouse

I.12 The Biological Control Potential of Parasites, Predators, and Fungal Pathogens - D. L. Hostetter and R. J. Dysart