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Lester O Pordesimo

Lester Pordesimo    

Dr. Lester Pordesimo
Research Agricultural Engineer

ATTN: Lester Pordesimo
1515 College Avenue
Manhattan, KS  66502
Telephone: 785.776.2727


Lester received his Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University with specialization in food engineering. His research focuses on developing a basic understanding of the engineering properties of raw biomaterials (particularly grains) and products as well as characteristics of processes to design efficient processes and minimize undesirable changes due to processing. His research thrusts are in 1) understanding the effects of genetics, agronomic factors, and postharvest processing on engineering and functional properties of biomaterials, 2) improving process efficiencies and product quality through understanding of biomaterial physical and chemical properties, and 3) utilizing agricultural and food processing by-products in animal feed and industrial products. He was previously Senior Process Scientist with Archer Daniels Midland Company and Environmental Compliance/Regulatory Specialist with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

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