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Franklin H Arthur (Frank)

Research Entomologist

Dr. Frank Arthur    

Dr. Frank Arthur
Research Entomologist

ATTN: Frank Arthur
1515 College Avenue
Manhattan, KS  66502
Telephone: 785.776.2783
Fax: 785.537.5584

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Frank Arthur received his Ph.D. in Entomology from North Carolina State University in December 1985. He joined the staff of the Stored Product Insects Research and Development Laboratory at Savannah, GA in March 1986, and was transferred to the Center for Grain and Animal Health Research upon closure of the Savannah Laboratory in November 1994. He is responsible for developing applied research programs for insect pest management in stored cereal grains and processed food warehouses. Previous studies have included pesticide degradation on stored commodities, residual efficacy of insecticides applied to different substrates, evaluation of new chemicals for use in post-harvest environments, and expanded use of aeration to control insect pests in stored grains. Current research interests are the development of aeration management strategies for crops stored in different geographic regions, evaluation of microbial pathogens for use in raw grains or on surface substrates, identification of physical and environmental factors that affect the efficacy of residual insecticides, and simulated field studies involving chemical and non-chemical controls. Research projects often involve cooperative efforts with private industry, other entomologists at the Manhattan laboratory, research and extension entomologists at various state universities, and biologists associated with the U. S. Military.

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Arthur, F. H. 2019. Efficacy of combinations of methoprene and deltamethrin as long-term commodity protectants. Insects 10: 50.
Arthur, F. H., B. A. Hale, L. A. Starkus, A. R. Gerken, J. F. Campbell, and T. McKay. 2019. Development of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) on rice milling components and by-products: Effects of diet and temperature. J. Stored Prod. Res. 80: 85-92.
Arthur, F. H., D. S. Scheff, D. Brabec, and J. Bindel. 2019. Aerosol concentration, deposition, particle size, and exposure interval as mortality factors Tribolium confusum Jacquelin du Val (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae). J. Stored Prod. Res. 83: 191-199.
Arthur, F. H., J. J. Domingue, D. S. Scheff., and S. W. Myers. 2019. Bioassays and methodologies for insecticide tests with larvae of Trogoderma granarium (Everts), the khapra beetle. Insects 10: E145.
Arthur, F. H., L. A. Starkus, A. R. Gerken, J. F. Campbell, and T. McKay. 2019. Growth and development of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) on rice flour and brown rice as affected by time and temperature. J. Stored Prod. Res. 83: 73-77.
Athanassiou, C. G., F. H. Arthur, J. F. Campbell and J. E. Donaldson. 2019. Particle size matters: Efficacy of aerosols for the control of stored product size. J. Stored Prod. Res. 83: 148-152.
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