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RRSR Highlights

  • How do I make a drought plan?

Drought is inevitable. This handbook created by the Colorado Agricultural Drought Advisors team with help from USDA-ARS can help producers manage risks ahead of time.

  • Grazing management for grassland bird habitat

This CSU Extension fact sheet shows how grazing management can support grassland bird habitat. It features co-produced research from ARS scientists and rangeland stakeholders in the Collaborative Adaptive Rangeland Management study at the Central Plains Experimental Range.

  • Using long-term forecasts for stocking decisions podcast

EJ Raynor (USDA-ARS) and Retta Bruegger (Colorado State Extension) discuss an 80-year project on how long- and short-term climate and weather correlates to production on ranches, and a decision tree tool that can be used to make management decisions.

  • What does resilience mean to western ranchers? 

This story map shows results from interviews and focus groups with livestock producers across the Western U.S.

The Rangeland Resources & Systems Research is located in Cheyenne, WY and is part of the Plains Area.
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