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Briske, D.D., Archer, S.R., Burchfield, E., Burnidge, W., Derner, J.D., Gosnell, H., Hatfield, J., Kazanski, C.E., Khalil, M., Lark, T.J. and Nagler, P. 2023. Supplying ecosystem services on US rangelands. Nature Sustainability 1-9.

Kearney, S.P., Porensky, L.M., Augustine, D.J. and Pellatz, D.W. 2023. Toward broad-scale mapping and characterization of prairie dog colonies from airborne imagery using deep learning. Ecological Indicators 154: 110684.

Frost, M.D., Komatsu, K.J., Porensky, L.M., Reinhart, K.O., Wilcox, K.R. and Koerner, S.E. 2023. Consequences of rainfall manipulations for invasive annual grasses vary across grazed northern mixed-grass prairie sites. Rangeland Ecology & Management 90: 1-12.

Maxwell, T.M., Germino, M.J., Romero, S., Porensky, L.M., Blumenthal, D.M., Brown, C.S. and Adler, P.B. 2023. Experimental manipulation of soil-surface albedo alters phenology and growth of Bromus tectorum (cheatgrass). Plant and Soil 487: 325–339.

Ochoa‐Hueso, R., Delgado‐Baquerizo, M., Risch, A.C., Ashton, L., Augustine, D., Bélanger, N., Bridgham, S., Britton, A.J., Bruckman, V.J., Camarero, J.J., Cornelissen, G. … Bremer, E. 2023. Bioavailability of macro and micronutrients across global topsoils: Main drivers and global change impacts. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 37(6): e2022GB007680.

Ibáñez, I., Petri, L., Barnett, D.T., Beaury, E.M., Blumenthal, D.M., Corbin, J.D., Diez, J., Dukes, J.S., Early, R., Pearse, I.S., Sorte, C.J., Vilà, M. and Bradley, B. 2023. Combining local, landscape, and regional geographies to assess plant community vulnerability to invasion impact. Ecological Applications 33(4): e2821.

Rinella, M.J., Porensky, L.M., S. Bellows, S., Knox, J. and E.P. Metier. 2023. Establishing forbs for pollinators in agricultural landscapes of the Great Plains. Restoration Ecology 31(4): e13846.

Augustine, D.J., Kearney, S.P., Raynor, E.J., Porensky, L.M. and Derner, J.D. 2023. Adaptive, multi-paddock, rotational grazing management alters foraging behavior and spatial grazing distribution of free-ranging cattle. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 352: 108521.

Copeland, S.M., Hoover, D.L., Augustine, D.J., Bates, J.D., Boyd, C.S., Davies, K.W., Derner, J.D., Duniway, M.C., Porensky, L.M. and Vermeire, L.T. 2023. Variable effects of long-term livestock grazing across the western United States suggest diverse approaches are needed to meet global change challenges. Applied Vegetation Science 26(1):e12719.

Barrile, G.M., Augustine, D.J., Porensky, L.M., Duchardt, C.J., Shoemaker, K.T., Hartway, C.R., Derner, J.D., Hunter, E.A. and Davidson, A.D. 2023. A big data–model integration approach for predicting epizootics and population recovery in a keystone species. Ecological Applications 33(4): e2827.

Derner, J.D., Wilmer, H., Stackhouse-Lawson, K., Place, S., and Boggess, M. 2023. Practical considerations for adaptive strategies by US grazing land managers with a changing climate. Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment 6: 1–13.

Gornish, E. S., Guo, J. S., Porensky, L.M., Perryman, B. L., & Leger, E. A. 2023. Pre-fire grazing and herbicide treatments can affect post-fire vegetation in a Great Basin rangeland. Ecological Solutions and Evidence 4: e12215.

Li, L., Ma, L., Qi, Z., Fang, Q., Harmel, R.D., Schmer, M.R. and Jin, V.L. 2023. Measured and simulated effects of residue removal and amelioration practices in no-till irrigated corn (Zea mays L.)European Journal of Agronomy 146: 126807.

Pan, P., Qi, Z., Zhang, T. and Ma, L. 2023. Modeling phosphorus losses to subsurface drainage under tillage and compost management. Soil and Tillage Research 227: 105587.

Pan, P., Qi, Z., Koehn, A., Leytem, A., Bjorneberg, D. and Ma, L. 2023. Modification of the RZWQM2-P model to simulate labile and total phosphorus in an irrigated and manure-amended cropland soil. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 206: 107672.



Raynor, E.J., Derner, J.D., Augustine, D.J., Jablonski, K.E., Porensky, L.M., Ritten, J., Hoover, D.L. and Elliott, J. 2022. Balancing ecosystem service outcomes at the ranch-scale in shortgrass steppe: The role of grazing management. Rangelands 44: 391-397.

Fang, Q.X., Harmel, R.D., Ma, L., Bartling, P.N.S., Derner, J.D., Jeong, J., Williams, J.R. and Boone, R.B. 2022. Evaluating the APEX model for alternative cow-calf grazing management strategies in Central Texas. Agricultural Systems 195: 103287.

Chu, X., Flerchinger, G.N., Ma, L., Fang, Q., Malone, R.W., Yu, Q., He, J., Wang, N., Feng, H. and Zou, Y. 2022. Development of RZ-SHAW for simulating plastic mulch effects on soil water, soil temperature, and surface energy balance in a maize field. Agricultural Water Management 269: 107666.

Spiegal, S., Webb, N.P., Boughton, E.H., Boughton, R.K., Brymer, A.B., Clark, P.E., Collins, C.D.H., Hoover, D.L., Kaplan, N., McCord, S.E., Meredith, G., Porensky, L.M., Toledo, D., Wilmer, H., Wulfhorst, J.D. and Bestelmeyer, B.T. 2022. Measuring the social and ecological performance of agricultural innovations on rangelands: Progress and plans for an indicator framework in the LTAR network. Rangelands 44: 334–344.

Wilmer, H., Schulz, T., Fernández-Giménez, M.E., Derner, J.D., Porensky, L.M., Augustine, D.J., Ritten, J., Dwyer, A. and Meade, R. 2022. Social learning lessons from collaborative adaptive rangeland management. Rangelands 44(5): 316-326.

Derner, J.D., Roberts, K., Eisele, M., Wilmer, H., Mortenson, M., Freeman, P. and Lockman, R. 2022. King Ranch: Ranching on the edge. Rangelands 44(6), 411-417.

Hoover, D.L., Abendroth, L.J., Browning, D.M., Saha, A., Snyder, K., Wagle, P., Witthaus, L., Baffaut, C., Biederman, J.A., Bosch, D.D., Bracho, R., Clark, P., Ellsworth, P., Fay, P.A., Flerchinger, G., Kearney, S., Levers, L., Saliendra, N., Schmer, M., Schomberg, H., Scott, R.L. 2022. Indicators of water use efficiency across diverse agroecosystems and spatiotemporal scales. Science of The Total Environment 864, 160992.

Walsh, K.B. and Rose, J. 2022. A Review of Restoration Techniques and Outcomes for Rangelands Affected by Oil and Gas Production in North America. Ecological Restoration 40(4), 259-269.  doi: 10.3368/er.40.4.259

Pearse, I.S., Duchardt, C.J., Legg, L., and L.M. Porensky. 2021. Grasshopper Species Composition Differs Between Prairie Dog Colonies and Undisturbed Sites in a Sagebrush Grassland. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 94(3), 183-198.

Duchardt, C.J., Augustine, D.J., Porensky, L.M., Beck, J.L., Hennig, J.D., Pellatz, D.W., Scasta, J.D., Connell, L.C. and A.D. Davidson. 2022. Disease and Weather Induce Rapid Shifts in a Rangeland Ecosystem Mediated by a Keystone Species (Cynomys ludovicianus). Ecological Applications 33: e2712.

Crow, L., Porensky, L.M., Augustine, D.J., Ritten, J., Bastian, C.T., Paisley, S.I. 2022. Evaluating Prairie Dog–Cattle Competition from the Perspective of a Ranching Enterprise in the Western Great Plains: Economic Analysis of Potential Effects on Long-Term Profitability. Rangeland Ecology & Management 85, 56-65.

Elias, E., Savoy, H.M., Swanson, D.A., Cohnstaedt, L.W., Peters, D.P.C., Derner, J.D., Pelzel-McCluskey, A., Drolet, B., and L. Rodriguez. 2022. Landscape Dynamics of a Vector-Borne Disease in the Western US: How Vector–Habitat Relationships Inform Disease Hotspots. Ecosphere 13(11): e4267.

Jorns, T.R., Derner, J.D., Augustine, D.J., Briske, D.D., Porensky, L.M., Scasta, J.D., Beck, J.L., and S. Lake. 2022. Movement Dynamics and Energy Expenditure Do Not Explain Weight Gain Differences of Free-ranging Yearling Steers in Shortgrass Steppe Under Contrasting Grazing Management. Rangeland Ecology and Management 85:38-47.

Ebel, C.R., M.F. Case, C.M. Werner, L.M. Porensky, K.E. Veblen, H.B.M. Wells, D.M. Kimuyu, R.E. Langendorf, T.P. Young, and L.M. Hallett. 2022. Herbivory and drought reduce the temporal stability of herbaceous cover by increasing synchrony in a semi-arid savanna. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10:867051. doi:10.3389/fevo.2022.867051

Baldwin, T., Ritten, J.P., Derner, J.D., Augustine, D.J., Wilmer, H., Wahlert, J., Anderson, S., Irisarri, G. and Peck, D.E. 2022. Stocking rate and marketing dates for yearling steers grazing rangelands: Can producers do things differently to increase economic net benefits? Rangelands 44(4):251–257.

Stears, A.E., Adler, P.B., Blumenthal, D.M., Kray, J.A., Mueller, K.E., Ocheltree, T.W., Wilcox, K.R. and Laughlin, D.C., 2022. Water availability dictates how plant traits predict demographic rates. Ecology, p.e3799. DOI: 10.1002/ecy.3799

Price, J.N., Sitters, J., Ohlert, T., Tognetti, P.M., Brown, C.S., Seabloom, E.W., Borer, E.T., Prober, S.M., Bakker, E.S., MacDougall, A.S., Yahdjian, L., Gruner, D.S., Venterink, H.O., Barrio, I.C., Graff, P., Bagchi, S., Arnillas, C.A., Bakker, J.D., Blumenthal, D.M., ... Wardle, G.M. 2022. Evolutionary history of grazing and resources determine herbivore exclusion effects on plant diversity. Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Lopez, B.E., Allen, J.M., Dukes, J.S., Lenoir, J., Vilà, M., Blumenthal, D.M., Beaury, E.M., Fusco, E.J., Laginhas, B.B., Morelli, T.L. and O’Neill, M.W., 2022. Global environmental changes more frequently offset than intensify detrimental effects of biological invasions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(22).

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Augustine, D.J., Raynor, E.J., Kearney, S.P. and Derner, J.D. 2022. Can measurements of foraging behaviour predict variation in weight gains of free-ranging cattle? Animal Production Science.

Schnarr, C., Schipanski, M., and Tatarko, J. 2022. Crop residue cover dynamics for wind erosion control in a dryland, no-till system. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 77(3), 221-229.

Davidson, A.D., Augustine, D.J., Jacobsen, H., Pellatz, D., Porensky, L.M., McKee, G. and Duchardt, C., 2022. Boom and bust cycles of black-tailed prairie dog populations in the Thunder Basin grassland ecosystem. Journal of Mammalogy 103(5): 1112-1126.

Finger-Higgens, R., Duniway, M.C. , Ficka, S., Geigera, E.L., Hoover, D.L., Pfennigwerth, A.A., Van Scoyoc, M.W., Belnap, J. 2022. Decline in biological soil crust N-fixing lichens linked to increasing summertime temperatures. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119(16): e2120975119.

Schoenecker, K.A., Linda C. Zeigenfuss, L.C. Augustine, D.J. 2022. Can Grazing by Elk and Bison Stimulate Herbaceous Plant Productivity in Semiarid Ecosystems? Ecosphere 13(4): e4025.

Wells, H.B.M., Crego, R.D., Ekadeli, J., Namoni, M., Kimuyu, D.M., Odadi, W.O., Porensky, L.M., Dougill, A.J., Stringer, L.C. and Young, T.P. 2022. Less Is More: Lowering Cattle Stocking Rates Enhances Wild Herbivore Habitat Use and Cattle Foraging Efficiency. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10:825689. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2022.825689

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Cheng, G., Harmel, R.D., Ma, L., Derner, J.D., Augustine, D.J., Bartling, P.N.S., Fang, Q.X., Williams, J.R., Zilverberg, C.J., Boone, R.B. and Yu, Q., 2022. Evaluation of the APEX cattle weight gain component for grazing decision-support in the Western Great Plains. Rangeland Ecology & Management 82, 1-11.

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Irisarri, J.G.N., Durante, M., Derner, J.D., Oesterheld, M., Augustine, D.J. 2022. Remotely Sensed Spatiotemporal Variation in Crude Protein of Shortgrass Steppe Forage. Remote Sensing 14, 854.

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