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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service


Anna M. McClung, Center Director & Research Leader

Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center

Telephone:  870-672-9300


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Anna McClung, Center Director and Research Leader Glen Beedle, Program Support Assistant
LaDuska Sells, Biological Science Technician Jackie Hughes, Office Automation Clerk
Luis Coral, Biological Science Technician  
Courtland Hemphill, Biological Science Tech CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH
Jamison Murry, USDA-NIFA Intern Jinyoung Yang Barnaby, Research Plant Physiologist 
Tim Scott, Biological Science Technician (UA) Jonathan Moser, Biological Science Technician
Rodney Suber, Biological Science Technician  Shannon Pinson, Research Geneticist 
  Eric Grunden, Biological Science Technician
GENETIC STOCKS-ORYZA (GSOR)COLLECTION Alex Humphries, Biological Science Aid
Lorie Bernhardt, Computer Assistant  
  RICE GRAIN QUALITY (project page) 
RICE & WEED PHYSIOLOGY (project page) Ming-Hsuan Chen, Research Chemist 
David Gealy, Research Plant Physiologist & Facility Manager Heather Box, Biological Science Technician
Howard Black, Plant Physiologist  Jace Everette, Biological Science Technician 
Bill Luebke, Biological Science Technician Matthew Schuckmann, Biological Science Technician
Dong-Hong Wu, Visiting Scientist PLANT STRESS TOLERANCE  
  Jai Rohila, Research Agronomist 
  Tiffany Sookaserm, Biological Science Lab Technician 
FACILITIES MANAGEMENT  Haijun Zhao, Post Doctoral Fellow 
Dylan Apple, Custodian   
Chad Bowie, Maintenance Worker  RICE PATHOLOGY (project page) 
Mark Buerkle, Maintenance Mechanic  Yulin Jia, Research Plant Pathologist
Javier Delao, Maintenance Laborer Tracy Bianco, Biological Sci Lab Technician
  Xinglong Chen, Visiting Scientist
RICE GENOMICS & BIOINFORMATICS (project page) Temesgen Mulaw, Program Technician (UA) 
Jeremy Edwards, Res Molecular Geneticist Plants Biological Science Technician (vacant) 
Aaron Jackson, Geneticist Xueyan Wang, Post Doctoral Fellow (UA) 
Melissa Jia, Geneticist-Plants Haijun Zhao, Visiting Scholar 
Brenda Lawrence, Biological Science Technician  
Trevis Huggins, Postdoctoral Research Associate GENETIC IMPROVEMENT USING DIVERSE RICE SPECIES        (project page) 
Genomics Core Facility project page Georgia Eizenga, Research Geneticist 
  Quynh Grunden, Biological Science Technician  
  Danting Li, Visiting Scientist 
  Erin Simpson, Biological Sci Aid 







Last Modified: 11/21/2016
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