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Rice Genomics & Bioinformatics-project page
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Discovery of the genes and the genetic architecture underlying critical traits provides insights for crop improvement.  This research aims to identify genes and quantitative trait loci (QTL) that will enhance rice yield, quality, and stress tolerance in a wide range of environments.  Unravelling the complex interactions between multiple genes and the environment will be accomplished with a systems genetic approach that requires integrating and organizing large diverse sets of molecular and phenotypic (trait) information in a unified database framework.


Genetic maps help to locate genes and provide molecular markers for selection.


Gene discovery provides knowledge of genetic mechanisms and interactions.



Databases provided (barcoded) sample tracking and breeding history (pedigrees).


Phenotypes (trait measurements) are stored with experimental design and environmental data and can be connected to individual and genotype (marker).

See additional information at the Genomics Core Facility project page here.