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Recent publications using GSOR germplasm:

Kyndt, T., K. Nahar, A. Haeck, R. Verbeek, K. Demeestere, and G. Gheysen. 2017. Interplay between Carotenoids, Abscisic Acid and Jasmonate Guides the Compatible Rice-Meloidogyne gramnicola Interaction. Front Pl Sci 8:951. doi:10.3389/fpls.2017.00951

Kyndt, T., H.Y. Zemene, A. Haeck, R. Singh, D.De Vleesschauwer, S. Denil, T. De Meyer, M. Hofte, K. Demeestere, and G. Gheysen. 2017. Below-ground attack by the root knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola predisposes rice to blast disease. Mol Pl-Microb Inter . doi:10.1094/MPMI-11-16-0225-R

Ashfaq, M., M.S. Haider, M. Ali, S. Shaheen, F. Khan and U. Mubashar. 2017. Molecular Diversity and Heterosis Analysis for Rice Grain Discoloration. Pak J Agric Sci 54(3) 579-587. doi:10.21162/PAKJAS/17.5036

Chen, M.-H., McClung, A.M., Bergman, C.J. 2017. Phenolic content, anthocyanins and antiradical capacity of diverse purple bran rice genotypes as compared to other bran colors. J. Cereal Sci. 77, 110-119.  see more...

Chen, M.-H., Bergman, C.J., McClung, A.M., Everette, J.D., Tabien, R.E. 2017. Resistant starch: variation among high amylose rice varieties and its relationship with apparent amylose content, pasting properties and cooking methods. Food Chem. 234, 180-189.  see more...

New USA Rice Pedigree Panel added to GSOR.  Click here for information.

GSOR informational poster. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required.)

See poster here which describes how the GSOR is one of 29 germplasm locations in the National Plant Germplasm System. (pdf format; Adobe Acrobat reader required.)



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Since 2004 over 78,000 rice genetic stocks have been distributed to researchers worldwide.


Please contact the GSOR by telephone at 870-672-6128 or by email at


Last Modified: 9/27/2017
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