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Rice Diversity Panel 1
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The Rice Diversity Panel 1 (RDP1) is a collection of 421 purified, homozygous rice (Oryza sativa L.) accessions (GSOR 301001 through GSOR 301421; GSOR 312001 through 312020) representing the broad range of genetic variation within O. sativa.


The accessions include both landraces and elite rice cultivars, which were classified into five subpopulation groups, including indica (95 accessions) and aus (60), which belong to the Indica varietal group, and tropical japonica (106), temperate japonica (111), and aromatic (Group V) (16) which comprise the Japonica varietal group. Thirty-three accessions are classified as admixtures because they shared <60% ancestry with a single group.


Accessions in the Diversity Panel

Click here to download a list of this diversity panel and to see information on the individual entries, including accession names, panicle pictures and phenotypic and SSR marker data.


Order accessions from the Diversity Panel

To order the entire set or selected entries from the set, you may send your request to the GSOR at The general distribution amount is twenty seeds (~1/2 gram) per sample for each accession.


Recent publications


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Last Modified: 8/18/2017
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