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Inventory code system for germplasm
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An inventory coding system indicates the source of GSOR seeds.  The six-digit code shows the location, year, season, and purity of the seeds.

Position 1 is the location:  A-Arkansas, T-Texas, P-Puerto Rico, G-Greenhouse in Arkansas;

Positions 2-3 are the year(s) of production:  for example 13 is 2013; 23 is 2012-2013 for a winter production;

Positions 4-5 are the season:  Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall;

Position 6 is the purity of the germplasm:  1=panicle, 2= plant, and 3 = bulk

Examples:  A11FA3 = Arkansas, 2011, Fall, Bulk harvest.

               G23WI2 = Greenhouse (in Arkansas), 2012-2013, Winter, Plant harvest.

Each GSOR sample that is distributed will include this inventory code on the envelope and packing slip to inform the customer of the source of the germplasm.


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