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Publications at this Location

ARS scientists publish results of their research projects in many formats. Listed below are the publications from research projects conducted at this location.

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2020 Publications
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Optimization of xylitol production from xylose by a novel arabitol limited co-producing Barnettozyma populi NRRL Y-12728 Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Optimization of lignocellulose-based production of biocontrol agents as biorefinery coproducts
(Abstract Only)
Abatement of inhibitors in recycled process water from biomass fermentations relieves inhibition of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae penthose phosphate pathway mutant Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Impact of stress-response related transcription factor overexpression on lignocellulosic inhibitor tolerance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae environmental isolates Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Application of isomelezitose as an osmoprotectant for biological control agent preservation during drying and storage Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Production of xylitol from mixed sugars of xylose and arabinose without co-producing arabitol Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
High solids loading biorefinery for the production of cellulosic sugars from bioenergy sorghum Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Evaluation of biological control agents and conventional products for post-harvest application on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) to manage leak Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Effect of using a nitrogen atmosphere on enzyme hydrolysis at high corn stover loadings in an agitated reactor Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
A glimpse of potential transposable element impact on adaptation of the industrial yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Postharvest control of fusarium dry rot using biological control and chemical combinations
(Abstract Only)
Development and characterization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains genetically modified to over-express the pentose phosphate pathway regulating transcription factor STB5 in the presence of xylose Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Global view of biofuel butanol and economics of its production by fermentation from sweet sorghum bagasse, food waste, and yellow top presscake: Application of novel technologies Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Production of xylose enriched hydrolysate from bioenergy sorghum and its conversion to ß-carotene using an engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Efficient bioconversion of waste bread into 2-keto-D-gluconic acid by Pseudomonas reptilivora NRRL B-6 Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Pathway-based signature transcriptional profiles as tolerant phenotypes for the adapted industrial yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae resistant to furfural and HMF Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)
Recent advances in bioconversion of lignocellulose to biofuels and value added chemicals within the biorefinery concept preface Reprint Icon
(Book / Chapter)
Field productivities of Napier grass for production of sugars and ethanol Reprint Icon
(Peer Reviewed Journal)