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Environmental Microbial & Food Safety Laboratory
Kim, Moon
Research Leader
BLDG. 173, RM. 102A, BARC-EAST
Beltsville, MD 20705

The mission of the Environmental Microbial and Food Safety Laboratory (EMFSL) is to: • characterize protozoan parasites (utilizing biological, chemical and molecular techniques) found in livestock manures and assess their transmission on and off of the farm; • characterize pathogenic enteric bacteria on dairy farms, their ecology, and routes of transmission within the dairy herd and to milk; • investigate the transport of pathogens from manure/feces via water and animal/insect vectors; • assess the introduction, dissemination, persistence and survival of saprophytic vs. pathogenic enteric bacteria during growth (including organic and conventional growing practices), harvest, postharvest handling and processing of fresh fruits and produce; and • develop rapid and sensitive methods for the identification of specific food-borne pathogens as well as rapid nondestructive sensing methods for the detection of biological and chemical contaminants on fresh fruits and produce and on food processing surfaces. • assess potential of plant-derived bioactive compounds in mitigating pathogen dissemination and virulence. These research areas are essential to understanding how pathogens are disseminated on farms, in the environment, and to food products, and to developing methods to detect, characterize and mitigate contamination to prevent foodborne illnesses.

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      Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
      Environmental Microbial & Food Safety Laboratory
Baek, Insuck
(301) 504-9815

Research Mechanical Engineer
Boomer, Ashley
(301) 504-8989

Student Assistant
Chan, Diane
(301) 504-9460

Agricultural Engineer
Chao, Kuanglin Kevin Chao
(301) 504-8863

Research Agricultural Engineer
Chen, Chihung
(301) 504-8989

Visiting Scientist
Del Collo, Laura
(301) 504-5452

Delgado, Melanie
(301) 504-5607

East, Cheryl Roberts
(301) 504-8996

George, Nadja
(301) 504-5841

Gu, Ganyu
(301) 504-8992

Post Doc (Microbiologist)
Haley, Bradd
(301) 504-8960

Research Microbiologist
Hwang, Chansong
(301) 504-9492

Visiting Scientist
Kim, Moon
(301) 504-8462

Research Leader
Kim, Seonwoo
(301) 504-6026

Post Doc (Microbiologist)
Luo, Yaguang Sunny
(301) 504-6186

Research Food Technologist
Maloney, Jenny
(301) 504-8750

Research Microbiologist
Millner, Patricia
(301) 504-5631

Research Microbiologist
Molokin, Aleksey
(301) 504-8496

Morgan, Billie
(301) 504-5971

Support Scientist
Nou, Xiangwu
(301) 504-8991

Research Microbiologist
Pachepsky, Yakov
(301) 504-6084

Research Soil Scientist
Patel, Jitu
(301) 504-7003

Research Food Technologist
Prabhukhot, Grishma
(301) 504-8989

Graduate Student
Qin, Jianwei Tony Qin
(301) 504-6040

Research Agricultural Engineer
Santin-Duran, Monica
(301) 504-6774

Research Microbiologist
Sharma, Manan
(301) 504-9198

Research Microbiologist
Smith, Jaclyn
(609) 204-3742

Research Associate
Sonnier, Jakeitha Jackie
(301) 504-9264

Stocker (ctr), Matthew
(301) 602-9138

Research Associate
Van Kessel, Jo Ann
(301) 504-8287

Research Animal Scientist
Yan, Xianghe
(301) 504-9292

Computational Biologist
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