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Macadamia Collection
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Family: Proteaceae

Maintained as field plantings.

29 accessions in GRIN, 44 accessions locally.


Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia F. Muell, known as rednut or monkey nut

Macadamia hildebrandii Steenis

Macadamia hybrid

Macadamia integrifolia Maiden & Betche, known as macadamia nut (shown below)

Macadamia ternifolia F. Muell, known as gympie nut

Macadamia tetraphylla L.A.S. Johnson, known as rough shell macadamia nut


Macadamia in husk, shell and nut

Macadamia in husk, shell, nut


Macadamia tetraphylla flower

Macadamia tetraphylla flower





PRIMARY ID                          GENUS  SPECIES                  NAME


HMAC 1                          Macadamia integrifolia                       'Kau'


HMAC 2                          Macadamia integrifolia                       'Keaau'


HMAC 3                          Macadamia integrifolia                       'Keauhou'


HMAC 4                          Macadamia integrifolia                       'Makai'


HMAC 5                          Macadamia integrifolia                       'Mauka'


HMAC 6                          Macadamia integrifolia                       'Pahala'


HMAC 7                          Macadamia integrifolia                       'Purvis'


HMAC 9                          Macadamia integrifolia                       'Kakea'


HMAC 10                        Macadamia integrifolia                       'Faulkner'


HMAC 14                        Macadamia tetraphylla                       'Burdick'


HMAC 17                        Macadamia tetraphylla                       'Probert 2'


HMAC 18                        Macadamia hybrid                             'Beaumont'


HMAC 19                        Macadamia hybrid                             'A 16'


HMAC 21                        Macadamia hybrid                            'Greber Hybrid'


HMAC 22                        Macadamia hybrid                            'Probert 1'


HMAC 23                        Macadamia integrifolia                    'Mc Cormack'


HMAC 24                        Macadamia integrifolia                     N90-32


HMAC 25                        Macadamia integrifolia                     IAC-CAMP-A


HMAC 26                        Macadamia integrifolia                     IAC-2-23


HMAC 27                        Macadamia integrifolia                     IAC-CAMP-F


HMAC 29                        Macadamia integrifolia                     IAC-CAMP H


HMAC 32                        Macadamia integrifolia                     Kaukor #3


HMAC 34                        Macadamia integrifolia                     D4


HMAC 36                        Macadamia ternifolia


HMAC 37                        Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia


HMAC 38                        Macadamia integrifolia                    'James'


HMAC 39                        Macadamia integrifolia                    Select X 344


HMAC 40                        Macadamia integrifolia                    Select #16


HMAC 41                        Macadamia integrifolia                    Select #59


HMAC 43                        Macadamia integrifolia                    889

HMAC 44                        Macadamia integrifolia                    857

HMAC 45                        Macadamia integrifolia                    856

HMAC 47                        Macadamia integrifolia                    Honokaa Special

HMAC 48                        Macadamia integrifolia                     892

HMAC 49                        Macadamia integrifolia                     842

HMAC 50                        Macadamia hybrid                             900

HMAC 51                        Macadamia integrifolia                      816

HMAC 52                        Macadamia integrifolia                      791