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Pili Nut Collection
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Family: Burseraceae.

Maintained in field plantings. 17 accessions in GRIN and 30 accessions locally.


Canarium album (Lour.) Raeusch, known as Chinese white olive

Canarium decumanum Gaertn

Canarium harveyi, known as galip or galip nut

Canarium indicum L.

Canarium ovatum Engl., known as pili nut

Canarium species

Canarium strictum Roxb., known as black dammar

Canarium tramdenum C.D. Dai & Yakolev, known as Chinese black olive

 Pili nut in husk, shell and nut




PRIMARY I.D.                        GENUS SPECIES                    NAME


HCAN 1                                    Canarium specie                        895-121


HCAN 2                                    Canarium album                        N89-28


HCAN 3                                    Canarium ovatum                      N90-93


HCAN 4                                    Canarium ovatum                      N90-94


HCAN 5                                    Canarium ovatum                      N90-95


HCAN 6                                    Canarium decumanum               N90-155


HCAN 7                                    Canarium ovatum                      N91-26


HCAN 8                                    Canarium specie                        N91-22


HCAN 9                                    Canarium ovatum                      N92-11


HCAN 10                                  Canarium ovatum                      N92-12


HCAN 11                                  Canarium ovatum                      N92-13


HCAN 12                                  Canarium ovatum                      N92-14


HCAN 13                                  Canarium ovatum                      N92-15


HCAN 14                                  Canarium ovatum                      N92-16


HCAN 15                                  Canarium ovatum                      N92-17


HCAN 16                                  Canarium harveyi                      N92-30


HCAN 18                                  Canarium indicum                    


HCAN 19                                  Canarium mehenbethene


HCAN 20                                  Canarium ovatum                      'Poamoho'


HCAN 21                                  Canarium specie                        N97-01


HCAN 22                                  Canarium strictum                     N97-02


HCAN 23                                  Canarium tramdenum                N97-04


HCAN 24                                  Canarium album                        N98-18


HCAN 25                                  Canarium bengalense                 N98-19


HCAN 26                                  Canarium ovatum                      N06-25

HCAN 27                                  Canarium ovatum                      N17-08