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Guava Collection
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Psidium, Acca, Syzgium

Family: Myrataceae

Maintained as field plantings. 51 accessions in GRIN, 63 accessions locally.


Psidium acutangulum DC

Psidium cattleianum Sabine

Psidium cattleianum f. lucidum O. Deg., known as yellow strawberry guava

Psidium friedrichsthalianum (O. Berg) Nied, known as Costa Rican guava

Psidium guajava L., known as guava

Eugenia stipitata McVaugh, known as araz

Acca sellowiana, known as feijoa

Syzygium aqueum

Syzygium samarangense, known as Java apple


Whole fruit and half fruit

Guava fruit 







PRIMARY I.D.              GENUS SPECIES                              NAME


HPSI 3                            Psidium guajava                        'Indonesian Seedless'


HPSI 5                            Psidium guajava                         Hong Kong White


HPSI 6                            Psidium guajava                        'Patillo'


HPSI 7                            Psidium guajava                        'Pink Acid'


HPSI 8                             Psidium guajava                        'Thailand Seedless'  


HPSI 10                          Psidium acutangulum                         


HPSI 12                          Psidium guajava                        'Golden'


HPSI 13                          Psidium guajava                        'Pear'


HPSI 14                          Psidium guajava                        'Ruby X Supreme'


HPSI 15                          Psidium guajava                        'Hong Kong Pink'


HPSI 16                          Psidium guajava                        'Puerto Rico 2'


HPSI 17                          Psidium guajava                        138-T


HPSI 18                          Psidium guajava                        507


HPSI 19                          Psidium guajava                        Kona 1


HPSI 20                          Psidium guajava                        'Waiakea'


HPSI 21                          Psidium guajava                        270


HPSI 26                          Psidium guajava                        Gushiken Sweet


HPSI 27                          Psidium guajava                        J.B. White


HPSI 32                          Psidium guajava                        'Lucknow 49'


HPSI 33                          Psidium guajava                        'Allahabad Safeda'


HPSI 34                          Psidium guajava                        'Fan Retief'


HPSI 35                          Psidium guajava                        'Ka Hua Kula'


HPSI 37                          Psidium guajava                        'Beaumont'


HPSI 38                          Psidium guajava                        Poamoho Pink


HPSI 41                          Psidium guajava                        'Thai Maroon'


HPSI 42                          Psidium guajava                        N90-53


HPSI 43                          Psidium guajava                        N89-29


HPSI 44                          Psidium guajava                        'Bon Dov'


HPSI 47                          Psidium guajava                        'Uma'


HPSI 48                          Psidium guajava                        'Indian Red'


HPSI 49                          Psidium guajava                        'Lucknow'


HPSI 51                          Psidium guajava                        'Khao Niyom'


HPSI 52                           Psidium guajava                        'Klom Amporn'


HPSI 53                           Psidium guajava                        'Klom Sa Lee'


HPSI 54                           Psidium guajava                        'Bangkok Apple'


HPSI 55                          Psidium guajava                        'Khao Sawaive'


HPSI 56                          Psidium guajava                        'Red Indian'


HPSI 57                          Psidium guajava                        'Holmberg'


HPSI 58                          Psidium guajava                        '157'


HPSI 59                           Psidium friedrichsthalianum      N95-20


HPSI 60                          Psidium guajava                        'Klom Toonklao'


HPSI 61                          Psidium guajava                        Pearl Guava


HPSI 62                          Psidium guajava                        Less Seed Guava


HPSI 64                           Psidium guajava                        'Pearl'


HPSI 65                          Psidium guajava                        'Thailand'


HPSI 67                          Psidium guajava                        'Rica'


HPSI 68                          Psidium guajava                        'Gema de Doro'


HPSI 69                            Acca sellowiana                       N04-12 


HPSI 70                           Psidium guajava                        Semilla de Guayaba


HPSI 71                           Psidium guajava                        N06-11


HPSI 72                           Psidium microphyllum              N06-12


HPSI 80                           Psidium sartorianum                  Arrayan


HPSI 81                           Psidium guajava                         Colombiam Red Guava


HPSI 82                           Psidium guajava                         Vietnamese White


HEUG 1                            Eugenia stipitata


HSYZ 1                             Syzygium samarangense         N97-36


HSYZ 2                              Syzygium aquem


HSYZ 3                              Syzygium samarangense